Rachael's Awakening
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rodger finds that his housemaid has a submissive side. Will her innocense bring out his Dominant side once again?

Things at work had been going slowly, due in large part to the almost daily late afternoon rain showers we'd been getting; that, and the fact that I had been going through a personal dry spell. Everything seemed to brighten, and change for the better, when my housemaid, Rachael, came to work for me. The day she had knocked on the door in response to the ad in the local paper, I hired her on the spot.

She had genuine warmth and a raw sexuality that just seemed to radiate from her. She was a beautiful girl, a few years younger than I, with a bubbly, but very shy, personality. I found her quite attractive, and often found myself thinking, frequently, of making her my submissive.

She was a little on the heavy side, but I didn't mind. I believe that is what attracted me to her to begin with. She had beautiful large breasts that hung heavily from her chest and swayed as she moved about the house. I found her body to be intriguing, to say the least.

You see, Rachael and I had a strict no strings ... strictly employer/employee relationship that had been fantastic for the last couple of months. I had originally hired her to clean my house, when, suddenly the business took off to such a degree, that it left little time, to almost none, to tidy up behind myself. Rachael was a fantastic housekeeper and was always very polite to me.

In the recently ended relationship of five years with my ex, who was really into bondage and being dominated sexually, I quickly fell into the role of Dominant, and Becca had proven to be an excellent sub. Everything was going well, until the day I caught her stealing from the business account behind my back.

That night, after the confrontation at work, and Becca's arrest, I had a lock smith come to the business before I left and change the locks. I then came home and packed up all our toys and restraints, and proceeded to throw out all her lingerie and clothing while I waited for the same locksmith to come change the locks on the house.

That had been four months ago. Rachael came to work for me two months later.

One day while I was home from work because of one of those sudden, early fall downpours, Rachael happened across the box of items from that previous relationship that I'd forgotten. I'd just thrown everything into a box, tossed it onto the floor of my closet and had left it.

Usually, when working at home, I had the habit of walking around in my loose jogging pants most of the time. Today, there was one minor change. In order to judge Rachael's reaction ... I deliberately forgot to wear my boxers. Lately, unknown to Rachael, I had caught her glancing at my manhood as its outline showed against the cotton fabric. I wanted to try and embarrass her, just a little, so I acted as if nothing was different.

I walked past her a couple of times as she was scrubbing baseboards, or bent low dusting. By my doing this, it brought my cock directly level with her eyes. The look on her face was priceless as my cock bobbed when I walked, mere inches from her face, and she tried not to look at it ... or me.

I was enjoying teasing her, yet had no intentions of using my authority over her, in order to advance my own sexual urges. That was a line I did not intend to cross. But, as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray."

On the afternoon of the heavy rain, I had been in my room and had stopped to take a break as the sound of the rain beating against the windowpane had drawn me over to the window to look out.

During the slow-down at the business, I had taken to working at home. The papers that were now strewn about my bed were my copies of the evidence I had needed to take to my CPA to prove that Becca had been stealing and the shortages had not been due to mismanagement of the business.

With a light knock at the door, and after not receiving an answer, Rachael peered inside and asked if she could enter. I called out for her to enter without turning from the window.

"Mr. Black? I was wondering if you'd like me to straighten your closet, and change the summer clothes to the slightly heavier winter clothes? I mean, if it won't bother you, that is." She asked softly.

Rachael had a way of asking a question so it never seemed as if what she wanted to do would be an intrusion or that she would be an interruption.

"Sure Rachael, come on in," I consented.

Not paying any attention to her, I went back to sorting through the mountain of receipts and statements. She came back and forth bringing clothes to my closet, and then putting the empty hangers into the closet in the now empty, spare bedroom.

I lost track of time as we each went about our separate tasks. Rachael was quiet as she began straightening the other things stored in the closet. After a little while, I noticed that she had become very quiet, save for the occasional rustling of cardboard. I eased off the bed and made my way over to the walk-in closet.

My sock covered feet made no noise as I slipped up behind her to take a peek at the rustling sounds. When I saw what box was in Rachael's lap, I didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or to chuckle out loud. As I continued to stand behind her, I watched her look inside the box and withdraw a set of black leather ankle restraints as her face blushed a bright red.

On the floor beside her, next to her left thigh, I noticed the other various restraints, vibrators, and assorted goodies. She sat, mesmerized, by the items she had found in the box. Not wanting to scare her, I spoke quietly.

"Umm, can I help you with something?"

"Oh god!" She half-screamed and was obviously startled.

She jumped at my soft tone, and her hand dropped the cuffs. They landed with a clink as the chain connected with the hardwood floor of the closet.

"You have been snooping!" I said in a low deep voice.

"I-I-I umm well ... I ... uh," she stammered.

"Spit it out, girl!" I shouted.

I could see fear streak across her face, and I quickly decided to ease up a bit.

"It's okay girl, I just wanted to see your reaction." I said, as my mouth curved into a soft smile

"Mr. Black. I am so sorry. The box was unmarked. What is all of this for?"

As her question showed an honest curiosity, I thought I would indulge it. Rachael was red-faced as she asked her question bashfully. I couldn't help chuckling even as I spoke sternly.

"What do you think it is for, Rachael?"

Her face flushed a bright red as she lowered her eyes in abject embarrassment, shrugged, and shook her head. I took her hand, helped her up, then bent and picked up the box that had slid from her lap when I startled her.

We crossed the carpet until we could sit on the foot of the bed as I explained my past relationship to her. She hung on every word as I described the lifestyle to her.

"I thought that stuff only happened in dirty movies!" She announced.

"Well my dear, it is often played up a little in films, but ... it is very real," I noted. I sat silent for a moment, and then decided to take a chance and lay it on the line.

"Rachael? Do these items interest you?" I asked.

For a moment, she sat very still and was disturbingly silent as she pondered her reply. Finally, she looked up from the cuffs in her hand and looked me directly in the eye as she gave me her answer.

"Uh huh. Yes, they do."

"Well then, finish your chores, and I will return later in the evening. For now, I must get these papers to my accountant."

I paused briefly from putting the papers in order and looked at Rachael, holding her gaze with mine.

"You have two hours in which to finish up for today. Now that you've found the box, go ahead and leave it out. When you've finished the closet, take the vibrators, and any other toys that appeal to you, into the bathroom and run a sink of hot, hot water. I want the toys you've chosen to be sterile when I return.

"Then ... you will shower and wash your hair. Once that's done, you are to go down and begin to prepare a light supper for us both."

I stood quickly, crossed to my desk and put the papers into my briefcase, then snapped the lid closed. I grabbed the handle and headed for the door, letting Rachael think I had forgotten she was still standing there. At the door, I turned and addressed her.

"Oh, Rachael ... one other thing, please. When you go down to start supper, you are to wear nothing except an apron. Is that clear?" I turned and walked out ... saying nothing more ... and left her to digest exactly what I meant.

As I turned the key in the ignition of my pickup, I chuckled to myself at the thought of her, sitting where I had left her, on the end of my bed, in total quiet. I felt sure her mind was racing at the thought of what was to come later and whether or not she should just leave and never return.

I was soon pulling into the parking lot of my CPA's firm, and as I parked I knew Rachael's leaving wasn't going to happen; simply because of the smile I had seen on her face as she was looking in the box.

I got the distinct impression that this was something she desperately wanted, if not something she needed. She appeared to be a very lonely girl underneath her friendly, bubbly exterior. The kind of attention I had in mind, was just what I knew she craved.

I parked my truck, and took the key out of the ignition. It was still raining, so I picked up my cell and called Ron to tell him I was outside and needed to be buzzed in. Once inside, I turned over all the papers in my briefcase and we sat down to make certain I hadn't forgotten any important ones. This meeting, when ended, had taken the better part of the two hours I had given Rachael to finish up at the house.

After leaving Ron's office, I stopped at the local wine cellar and picked up an expensive bottle of vintage 1974 Cabernet. Thinking of Rachael and the upcoming evening ahead, I realized that my wanting to have her relax, yet still able to enjoy without feeling too awkward, was paramount.

I didn't want her drunk; I just wanted something to take the edge off. I could imagine her standing there in the kitchen stark naked, being so self-conscious about her body that she would be trying to hide herself behind either the butcher top island counter or the pantry doors near the stove. Neither was going to be allowed.

I had been gone nearly three hours by the time I finally returned and was anxious to get things rolling. I opened the door to the mouth-watering aromas of Chicken Parmesan and French bread. The smell of dinner almost made me forget the plans I had.

I looked around and couldn't see Rachael anywhere. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw the pantry door ease open a crack.

"Mr. Black? Is that you?"

"Yes my dear. Come out; come out. I want to have a look at you."

"I ... I don't think you will like what you see," she announced from behind the pantry door.

"That wasn't a request!" I boomed, "I told you to come out for inspection."

Without a word, she slowly emerged, her breasts covered by her apron and her face was the color of fresh tomatoes. Silently, I circled her and raising my hand, brought it down swiftly and swatted her bare ass as I passed behind her.

"Take your apron off, Rachael. I can't see your beautiful body!" I chided.

"You really think I am pretty Mr. Black?" she asked in a surprised tone.

"Yes, My Pet. But, first things first ... you are no longer to address me as Mr. Black. From now on, I am to be addressed as Master or Sir! And, you are not to speak unless I ask for a response from you, do you understand?" I asked.

Uncovering her large breasts, she revealed her thumb-sized, dark nipples, which pointed towards the floor as she released them.

"Yes Master, I understand," she conceded.

For a moment, I continued to circle her, taking in the beauty of her breasts which hung heavily against her belly, and the slight roll of her stomach which hung over her curly brown patch of pubic hair.

When I finally stopped walking and inspecting, I stood behind her, towering over her. I hadn't realized I stood a good foot taller than she.

Reaching down, I first cupped her right buttock and then her left, kneading them roughly, then moved my fingertips down until they were wedged between her clenched thighs. Tapping against the inside of her right thigh, I motioned for her to spread her legs.

"That's it Pet, you are catching on very well," I reassured her. "Now, I want you to go retrieve the medium sized plug from the bathroom sink and return here."

I waited for a moment as I watched her bare ass wiggle up the stairs and without hesitation, she came right back clutching her prize.

"Very good, now, I want you to bend over and place your hands on the back of this chair and spread your feet to a wide stance."

"Yes Master," she answered and obeyed without question.

Kneeling behind her, I slid my thumbs between her spread legs and parted her hair-covered sex to reveal her glistening pink slit. The wonderful aroma of her dampness tickled my nose, tempting me to bend her over further, right there, and take her savagely, but I decided I would take it slow.

The sight of her pussy, spread wide open, was begging to be tasted. I could resist it no longer. Grasping her hips, I quickly turned her around to face me. Her eyes were wide as I knelt back down in front of her and again parted her hair-covered slit.

Spreading her now wet lips, I opened them wide and drove my tongue into her slit; scooping up her delicious nectar and bringing it back to my mouth. Her knees buckled and she almost fell as I plunged my tongue into her depths again and again.

"Oohh, Please!"

She gasped and whimpered as I attacked her open sex. Her head fell back as I plunged my tongue into her one more time then gently bit her swelling clit as I drew my head back.

"Rachael?" I called out to her but there was no response.

"Rachael!" I spoke her name harshly this time and smacked her ass as one movement. Her head snapped up, and I noted with pleasure that her eyes were glazed over, and the passion she kept bottled up within was riding a fine edge.

"Yes Sir?" Her blue eyes were still wide, but the passion had been replaced by confusion.

"You called?"

"Yes Pet. Yes I did. Hand me what I had you bring down then I want you to pull the lips of your pussy apart and hold them open for me. I want you to spread them so I can see inside. To do, as I demand, you will need to move your legs wider apart.

"Do it Pet ... and do it now." My voice was just short of icy, and she knew better than to disobey.

She heard the order in my tone and did as I told her. Quickly she handed me the plug then spread her legs and held her sex wide enough for me to see her pink hole. The sweet scent of her assailed my nostrils again and as I bent forward to insert the end of the plug into her, I was tempted to ram my tongue deep into the openness before me.

Taking the plug, I pushed it slowly into her tight hole, watching it enter her and begin to disappear as I turned it, coating it with her juices. I saw her thighs tense as she felt the thickness of it slide inside her, stretching her, and I halted, waiting to see if she would cry out as it entered her. She did not ... and I was pleased.

I began to push more of the plug into her and she let out a small gasp and then a groan. I looked up at her as a displeased expression crossed my face.

"Did I say you could speak or utter a sound Pet?" I kept my tone stern and my eyes remained glued to her face as I spoke.

"No Sir, You did not. But it hurts, and I am unfamiliar with what You are doing," she replied in a low tone.

"It's supposed to hurt a little Rachael. It is meant to get you used to a feeling of fullness and to stretch you open for more training later.

"I was going to get this more lubricated in your juices; but I will have to use a different method now. Let go of your pussy and stand straight. I want you to walk over to the pantry and get me the olive oil. Then, come back here and turn around presenting me with your back. Then, I want you to bend as far forward over the chair seat as you can.

"Hurry up. Don't make me bring my hand down on your ass again."

'I have other plans for your lovely ass tonight, ' I thought. 'And spanking isn't part of it ... for now, ' the thought concluded.

Rachael straightened and quickly crossed the kitchen, pausing very briefly to check on dinner, then crossed to the pantry to retrieve the oil and return to where she had been standing just moments before. When back in her spot, she handed me the oil, turned to present her back to me, and then bent forward across the seat of the kitchen table chair ... and waited. She had no idea what was going to happen next. None.

"Pet," I spoke shortly.

"I want you to interlace your fingers together, and be still. You are not to move; you are not to cry out ... no matter what. If you cry out, I will spank your ass until it is a bright pink ... but it will not stop me from your training. I want you to know this.

"Take a deep breath and hold it. As you feel the pressure increase, only then may you begin to let your breath go."

I poured some oil over the surface of the medium plug, coating it completely until it glistened; then let it drizzle down the crack of Rachael's ass; coating her puckered hole. She must have known what was coming soon, because she started moving her hips from side to side as a way to forestall what was going to happen.

I brought my hand down swiftly and suddenly against her right cheek, causing Rachael to jump at the noise from my hand striking soundly on the orb of her cheek.

"All right Pet. Since you can't stand still or be still; you leave me no choice. Bend completely forward over the seat and grab the base of the legs on the right side of the chair."

I spoke to Rachael much more sternly than I had previously and the crispness of my tone allowed for NO disobedience this time. I grabbed the bottle of oil one more time, and grabbing one of her cheeks, I pulled at it so her anus was now exposed to me.

I placed the tip of the plug against the oil-coated center of her puckered anus and began to press into the tight resistance. I pulled a little firmer against her cheek and as her dark hole opened just a little, I pushed against the base of the plug until the tip slid forward.

In spite of her trying to keep it from happening, I picked up the bottle of oil and tipped it until a few drops of the golden colored oil spilled out and coated her dark hole and then disappeared inside. I took that exact second to push more firmly against the base of the plug and more disappeared. One more good push and it was fully encased and seated in her tight ass. I brought my right hand down to connect fully with the orb of her right cheek and Rachael groaned from the contact.

"Stand up and look me full in the eyes Pet. Do it now."

Rachael stood slowly because the feeling of fullness was so new to her, but she soon stood at her full five foot five inch height. My eyes roved over her face, taking in the swollen lower lip and the red-rimmed eyes. I was sorry she was hurting or that she may feel embarrassed ... but I couldn't relent. Not now; not so soon.

"Does it feel strange to you Pet? If so, why don't you put your apron back on and walk around as you finish getting dinner ready and by the time we sit down to eat, it shouldn't hurt so badly. I'm going up to shower, then change my clothes and will return shortly. I want the table set and dinner ready to serve when I come back.

"There is a bottle of wine next to my briefcase. Get out the wine cooler and fill it with ice. The stand and the bucket are on the bottom shelf of the pantry. You'll need to get down on your knees and bend low to pull out the stand."

I saw from her expression that all that movement would cause her body to shift around the plug and I could tell by the way she stood that the fullness she was feeling was strange to her. What she didn't know is that I knew that as she moved about, bending and walking, the plug would seat itself and be immovable and the feeling of fullness would persist as she bent and walked and then when she sat down the full feeling would increase substantially.

"Walk with me into the living room Rachael. The bag is next to my case by the door." I watched her walk across the room, bend over to pick up the wine, then stand erect and walk back to me trying not to wince at the plug in her ass. She walked back toward me and headed for the kitchen when I reached out for her arm as she passed, stopping her.

"Rachael? Look at me ... please." I turned her head so she faced me. I could see the red staining her cheeks and I knew she was very embarrassed by what I had done in the kitchen.

"Pet ... I know you don't understand why I did what I did, and I know it's new and foreign to you. I can see you feel humiliated, or embarrassed. But you must trust me that what I did is all part of the first steps of your training. It is very important that you get used to wearing the plug now, tonight; for you will be required, starting tomorrow upon waking, to wear it for two hours during the day, every other day, while you do your chores around here.

"Now ... go do what you need to do in the kitchen. I'm going to head upstairs for my shower. I'll be back in about 20 minutes. This will allow the wine to chill but not get overly iced. Find the corkscrew in the utensil drawer and place it next to my plate and get two glasses out of the hutch in the formal dining room."

With that said, I let her move past me toward the kitchen and I moved toward the stairs, whistling as I climbed. I was very much aware that Rachael was going to make a good submissive when I was done with her training. As I reached the landing at the top of the stairs, and turned toward my room, I had made my decision.

At some point during dinner, I was going to tell Rachael that she would start her official training tomorrow when she arrived to start her day. When asked why, and I was fairly sure she would ask, I was going to tell her that I had decided to move forward with her training and that it was going to become intense here in the near future.

But, before the official training began, we had a shopping trip to go on during the day tomorrow and then the training would start when we got home.

I got out of my clothes, making a trail of them across the floor as I headed for the bathroom off my bedroom. After dinner, and as a way to end the training session for today, I was going to have her come upstairs and pick up my clothes and turn down my bed.

As she was bent over turning down my covers, I would hold her upper body pressed against my bed as I removed the plug that I had put into her ass before dinner. I further decided that I would remove it slowly in order to draw out her embarrassment.

Then, while she was bent in front of me, I would reach around and pinch her nipples hard to see if she would cry out again. If she didn't, then I would tell her she could she get dressed and go home. I walked into the bathroom and stepped under the running water.

I took a quick 15-minute shower, toweled dry vigorously, put on clean silk boxers, grabbed my silk bathrobe; and then went back down stairs. I didn't bother with slippers, I didn't want to make any noise as I re-entered the kitchen.

I had realized with Becca ... that the element of surprise was a very good thing. It kept the sub on her toes just a little more ... and I realized, that with Rachael ... I wanted that element of surprise ... always.

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