Curse of the House of Incest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic, Paranormal, Were animal, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, Transformation,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Extremely attractive family falls prey to an ancient incest curse and corrupts others.

The Lexus SUV pulled up to the old, Victorian era mansion on the hill as lightning danced across the mountains in the late evening background. A collector's classic BMW was already parked by the long row of folding garage doors. A stocky, well attired man stood in the double doorway of the house, stroking his trimmed, graying beard.

"Who is that guy, Dad?" Amber Stevens asked quietly from the back set of the Lexus as they pulled up to the smiling man.

"That's the Attorney for the Estate," John said with his mouth nearly closed, not looking back at his teenage daughter as he sat in the front passenger seat.

"He looks like a perv," Brad smirked, sitting behind the wheel.

"He does look perverted," Susan commented from the backseat, agreeing with her teenage son.

"So nice to finally meet all of you," the bearded man smiled broadly, extending his hand as the Stevens' exited the Lexus. "I'm the Attorney for the Marsven Estate, Anton Blaylock."

"I'm John Stevens, and this is my wife, Susan, our son, Brad, and our daughter, Amber," John introduced, shaking Anton's hand firmly, noticing the surprisingly powerful grip the man had.

"Oh my, you are such an exceptionally attractive family," Anton commented, eyeing them all. "May I ask if you were ever a professional model, Susan?"

The tall, statuesque blonde, blushed and smiled, slightly abashed. "Why, yes I did; in college," she said, extending her hand. "That's how I met John."

Anton took her proffered hand and kissed it european style, which made Susan blush even more.

"And you simply have to play sports with a physique like your father's," Anton smiled, shaking Brad' hand vigorously.

"I play a little," Brad smiled, uncomfortably.

"He's the captain of the football team, and an honors student," Susan said proudly.

"Yeah," Brad said sheepishly.

"Brains, brawn, and looks," Anton said. "Both are sorely needed in today's business world!"

He moved to Amber. "And with such exquisite facial features and a form like your mother's you simply have got to be a cheerleader," Anton smiled, kissing Amber's proffered hand like her mother's.

Amber giggled and blushed. "Yes, I am," she said, looking at Susan.

"Okay, well, let's get this final phase finished," John said softly but firmly.

"Very well," Anton's smile softened as he looked at John. "It is time for the final paperwork. Please, follow me inside."

"Is it haunted?" Amber giggled as they walked through the spacious, immaculately maintained mansion, their footfalls sounding loudly in the uninhabited house.

"I would certainly say so," Anton chuckled, escorting them into a lavishly attired, dimly lit den where a wonderfully welcome fire was burning in the stone fireplace.

"Oh, that fire is wonderful!" Susan said gratefully, pulling her stylish, designer jacket tightly around her slender shoulders.

"It does get chilly here in the foothills, even in Summer," Anton agreed. "Now please, let us be seated."

He guided them to high backed leather chairs in front of a mahogany desk. John and Susan sitting next to each other, with Brad next to his mother, and Amber next to her father. He turned a Tiffany lamp on the desk and pulled an ancient looking scroll from the desk as he sat down heavily across from the Stevens.

John started to tense in his chair as Anton slowly unrolled the animal skin scroll.

"I just want to say one thing," John stated firmly, glaring at Anton. "I am purchasing this property because the price is nearly a steal, and this property is one helluva investment! We're not even sure if we're going to be living here yet!"

The air did not move. Through the glass of the gothic windows, lightning glanced closer to the house. Nearby thunder made the walls quiver.

"Did you prepare your family for this final signing?" Anton asked softly, kindly.

"As well as I could under these sordid circumstances," John stated harshly. "Let's get this over with, sir."

"Very well," Anton said softly, putting on a pair of reading glasses. "But I will hastily add my most sincere apologies for having to read to people of such obvious class and breeding this abominable, badly written piece of doggerel! Alexander Marsven was clearly insane, but he had the money and power to force the multi-generation legal firm I am proud to be a partner in-"

"Alexander Marsven was a european pervert who got thrown out of England!" John said abruptly, cutting off Anton's diatribe. "He practiced black magic and incest and thought that he and his followers' ghosts could live forever inside the structure of this house he built here in his final years, in order to feed on incestuous families like goddamn vampires!"

Anton smiled admiringly at John. "Well said, sir! Well spoken! I can see why you are so eminently successful in business!"

The Stevens' shifted in their seats as Anton help up the scroll and read in a clear, strong voice:

"The Family who signs this binding deed, hereafter shall the Marsven House feed, with incestuous couplings, incestuous seed!"

Amber snickered and rolled her eyes as lightning and thunder rolled closer to the house.

"Must we listen to this?" Susan asked, her face flushing deeply. "This is so obsenely wicked!"

"I am afraid we must, dear lady, in order to complete the transaction," Anton smiled, noticing how intently Brad was looking at his beautiful mother. He continued :

"The Marsven House hereby agrees, to possess the owning Family, empowering them with irresitable, incestuous need!"

Anton noticed Brad looking at his mother's shapely legs out of the corners of his eyes. He cleared his throat and continued:

"Fathers and sons, like gods shall be hung, their daughters' and mothers', womanhoods won! For all families who dwell, herein shall see, incest as normal, as natural can be!"

Thunder made the house quiver as it rolled by. Anton could see how deeply flushed the face of the hunky teenager had become.

"Please sign here," Anton said softly, laying the scroll flat on the desk, handing a quill pen to John.

John took the quill feeling a sudden warm tingling sensation though his arm as the pen seemed to quiver with energy. As his left hand touched the animal hide of the scroll to steady it, he felt a heated flush through his entire body. As he signed his name a wash of sudden lust burned within his skull and he felt himself getting an uncontrollable erection. He turned and looked intensely at Amber as if really seeing her as a young, extremely desirable woman for the first time. He passed the pen to his wife without looking at her.

Everyone was silent as they sensed this impended a momentous change in all their lives.

Susan took the pen, sensing a kind of warm, internal energy within it. She intuited something terribly corrupting was going to happen, but she did not want to appear superstitious. As her slender fingers touched the animal hide of the scroll she felt an uncontrollable wash of lubrication flow within her vaginal walls and her nipples stiffened very hard. Slowly, in elegant script she signed her name, realizing her relationship with her son was about to change forever. As she handed the pen to Brad, she deliberately licked her full lips, impulsively wanting to sexually tease him.

Brad squeezed his hand over his mother's hand tightly before taking the pen, letting her know he knew. He quickly scribbled his name and slid the pen to Amber. Susan noticed how her son's eyes kept roaming down to her shapely legs. She crossed one leg over the other to deliberately give him a better view. Her tight, dark skirt rode up past her nylons to her smooth, ivory thighs. Their eyes met hotly and they knew by signing the contact they were now being possessed by the House in order to fulfill their incestuous part of the contract.

Amber felt a warm tingle running through her arm as she took the quill. She felt a sudden sense of real power as her pussy quivered and creamed in anticipation of what they all sensed was about to come to pass.

"Just sign the scroll, honey!" Susan said impatiently, leaning forward. "I really want this contract signing out of the way!"

"Just sign it already, Sis!" Brad added, his handsome face flushed with lust.

"Your signature is all that's needed, princess," John smiled. "And then we close the deal forever," he said in a low voice.

Amber looked at her parents and brother as they looked at her impatiently, pleading with her to sign for dark reasons they did not yet dare admit openly. She could see Brad had his arm around their mother in a vain attempt to hide he was fondling one of her firm, heavy tit globes through her jacket and light blouse as she clearly stroked what had to be an enormous erection in his jeans hidden by the high arms of the cushioned, leather chair.

"I'll sign it if Daddy lets me sit in his lap while I do it!" she giggled, sensing her signature was going to release the pent up flood of incestuous lust in the room as the quill pen quivered in her slender fingers.

"Go ahead, princess!" John chuckled huskily, pointing to his crotch.

"Daddy has a huge hard-on!" Amber giggled as she wiggled teasingly onto the tightly stretched fabric.

"I'll bet he does!" Susan gasped, her gorgeous face flushed and desperate.

John gasped with barely contained lust as his daughter's firm ass cheeks tantalized his monstrous, raging pecker. He put his hand on her hips and lightly began humping her.

"Sign the fucking contract!" Brad pleaded.

Amber leaned forward and scribbled her name, arching back against her father as the full force of the incestuous energy of the house stormed through her body and mind. "Oh! Fuck me, Daddy!" she squealed, humping her ass frantically against his bloated crotch, moving his big hands over her breasts. "I need your fucking huge cock now, Daddy! Now!"

"On the couch!" John grunted, standing, carrying her over to the leather cushion sofa by the side of the fireplace as if she weighed a feather. "You can ride my fucking cock on the couch!" The incest maddened father and daughter popped buttons and tore fabric as they ripped out of their clothes, grunting and panting like animals in heat.

Susan and Brad leapt out of their chairs, glaring at one another heatedly. As they stripped out of their clothes they leaned forward so they could tongue wrestle sloppily loud, talking over each other obscenely.

"Ooohhh! Mommy's gonna-luh-luh-luh-suck and fuck-luh-luh-luh-every drop of cum from her baby's big cock!" Susan panted, peeling off her black lace bra, her firm, maternal milkers spilling lusciously into view.

"I'm gonna-luh-luh-luh-fuck you all fucking night, Mom!" Brad gasped, peeling off his boxers, his freakishly huge cock jutting proudly into the air. "And luh-luh-luh-cum all over your gorgeous fucking body!"

Mouth drool ran off their chins as they pulled further apart, Brad naked, Susan wearing only nylons and heels.

"C'mon, baby!" Susan yelled, grabbing Brad's enormous cock by the shaft hornily hard. "I wanna ride this big motherfucker in front of the fireplace!-God!" she gasped as a splurt of cum jetted out of the bloated fuckhead, splooshing against her stomach and hip. Fresh cum dripped creamily off her heated maternal body as they raced across the room.

"Let's-uh-feed the fucking house-uh-, Mom!" Brad gasped as he lay down on the thick, polar bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. His sensitive, enormous cock sprayed creamwad after creamwad onto Susan's hand, forearm and inner thighs as straddled it, guiding it to her infernally hot, maternal fuckhole.

"Ooohhh! Oh, God! Oh, fucking God!" Susan groaned as she began humping and sliding downwards onto the massively bloated meat shaft. "Incest! Incest! Hot fucking incest!" she wailed, bracing herself with her hands on her son's sinewy shoulders.

"I-uh-can't stop-uh-fucking cumming-uh-, Mom!" Brad gasped, kneading her firm, heavy tits, sucking sloppily from one stiff nipple to the other.

"Ooohhh! N-Neither can I! Oooohhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh!" Susan wailed, slamming her ass against her son's bloated sperm bag so savagely it sounded as if someone were clapping. Their commingled juices poured out of her womb, slathering over Brad's muscular thighs, puddling onto the bearskin rug.

"Ooohhh! You're bigger than all my fucking boyfriends put together, Daddy!" Amber squealed as she smashed her rounded ass against John's softball size seed makers, facing him. "Ooohhh! Fuck! It's like one big long fucking cuuummm! Ooohhh!"

"Ulmf-ulmf-ulmf-" John grunted as he sucked and pumped Amber's oversize teen tits, his unnaturally virile cock spraying seed load after seed load into the depths of his daughter's womb. The juices ran out of her love hole, over his muscular, hairy thighs and onto the soft leather of the sofa.

"Ooohhh! Ooohhh! I'm lactating!" Susan wailed lustily as she and Brad fucked with paranormal vigor. Warm milk sprayed from her stiff nipples as he sucked and squeezed her heavy, heated tit meat. "I'm in incest heaven! I'm in incest heaven!" she sobbed.

"Ulmpf-ulmpf-ulmpf," Amber and John grunted their orgasms in each other's open mouths as they continued their insanely long incestuous climax. Mouth fluids ran down their chins and onto the father's hairy chest and daughter's heaving breasts.

Anton reclined comfortably with his feet on the desk as he watched the Stevens' venting the incestuous energies raging within them. He looked at his ornate pocket watch periodically until Susan finally collapsed on top of her sinewy son, and Amber lay against her father's muscular chest, quivering. Both enormous cocks were still buried deep within the mother and daughter, no longer jetting incest cumloads. All four of them glistened with sweat and cum, panting like dogs in the desert.

"Ooohhh, my baby!" Susan moaned, looking gratefully at her son. She pressed her open mouth over his and they breathed their mutual gratitude into each other's mouth.

"Daddy, I totally fucking love you," Amber said breathlessly, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

Anton waited until their passionate kisses subsided and they became aware he was still in the room.

"Would it be safe to assume the Stevens' will be moving into the Marsven House?" he asked politely.

The temporarily spent family laughed weakly together.

"We're already there!" John chuckled.

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