The Spanking Couples Weekend Getaway
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Spanking Couples Go to a Femdom Retreat

Two weeks after the Femdom Spanking Poker Party, Marion and Debbie had been invited to a luncheon at the home of one of the ladies who was on vacation the night of the party, Sara. Attending the luncheon were all those in attendance that night (Jacki, Jenny, Beth, Marion, and Debbie, plus the two missing women, Sara and Gloria. Debbie and Marion were unsure about what the topic of the meeting would be — just that Jacki called and said the group was getting together at Sara's to discuss an interesting opportunity.

As they approached Sara's door, Marion informed Debbie that Sara was different from the rest of the group. True, she was a Femdom like the rest. But, she also was a pure dyke lesbian. Here partner in life was a lovely femme. And, they also enjoyed a full-time BDSM lifestyle. "So, be prepared for anything" Marion warned just as they rang the doorbell.

Even with that warning, Debbie was surprised by what she saw. There was a lovely blonde dressed in a French Maid's outfit. Complete with the black, ruffled dress, puffy white ruffled slip, black fishnet stockings, and 6" stiletto heels. Like most French maid uniforms, it included short-sleeves and a scoop neck opening that barely covered the shoulders. And, like most French Maid outfits, the scoop neck was designed to show cleavage. However, this one was designed to not only show cleavage, but her entire tits. It scooped down below the bottom of her breasts, exposing both tits to full view of anyone interested in staring — or feeling — or sucking -- or whatever they desire. And, like most French Maid outfits, the dress was cut short on the bottom, too. Most French Maid dresses are designed to barely cover the ass cheeks. This one was cut a little higher. In fact, the bottom of the dress stopped above the top of her bald pussy. Everything was on display. And, whenever she walked, her entire ass was also open for viewing. And, her jewelry consisted of ankle and wrist cuffs, nipple and pussy rings, and a leather collar around her throat. And the nipple rings were connected with a Y-shaped chain that also formed a leash that hung down her chest to just below her waist.

"Don't stare, or I may get you an outfit just like hers" Marion warned as Debbie stared at the blond beauty who answered the door. The sexy Maid turned to lead them into the house, and Debbie noticed that her ass was bright red and probably freshly spanked. Debbie also noticed that here pussy was tingling, too. She wasn't sure if she was jealous of the girl, or her mistress. But, something got her juices flowing.

As they entered the living room, Debbie noted that they must be the last to arrive. Everyone seemed to be there, including the two ladies that she had never met. After introductions, Sara, the hostess, told her live-in femme slave to get the drink orders and then begin preparing lunch. Again, Debbie stared as the beautiful French Maid turned and wiggled her red ass as she walked towards the kitchen.

Marion made a mental note of Debbie's reaction, and then turned her attention to Sara, who was beginning to explain the purpose of the meeting.

"I know that most of you know that Denise (her French Maid slave) and I belong to a group of bisexual partners — some with male tops, some with female tops, and all who like same gender sex. Once a year, we rent a Nudist Colony for a private retreat. Denise and I both went last year, and had a blast. I never had my pussy eaten or my ass fucked by so many people in my life." She explained.

"This year, we decided to make couples of changes in the retreat. First, there actually be two retreats -- one with a Femdom theme and one with a Maledom theme. The first one is in one month, and will have a "Sadie Hawkins" theme. All couples attending must be female dominant couples. No male tops permitted. Any male attending must be a submissive or slave. All subs will have a "safe" word for their protection. And, once the "safe" word is used, the top must stop that activity. But, other than that, it will be a Femdom "Anything Goes" weekend. Tops can expect to have their pussies eaten as much as they want, and subs can expect to have their asses whipped and assholes fucked a lot, too." And, she also explained that the highlight of the long weekend retreat would be a "Slave Auction". Every Femdom attending was expected to put her sub up for Action, with the proceeds going towards financing next year's activities. And, any guest attending could also apply for membership to the group, once they signed a pledge that they would be open all forms of bisexual contact.

She went on to explain that because of the "Sadie Hawkins" theme, some of the club's regulars have opted to pass on this retreat, or wait for the Male dominant version that will be held later in the summer. That meant that there were openings for six more couples. Therefore, it is now a member-guest retreat. All of us are allowed to invite others, as long as everyone is in agreement beforehand that it will be an "Anything Goes" weekend. She was inviting everyone in their Femdom Spanking Poker group to attend.

Jacki and the rest were delighted. Even Marion could picture Ron being lead around by a cock leash. Debbie was trilled, too, but she was not sure if she wanted to be the Leadee or the Leader. But, she definitely wanted to attend. (Debbie was soon to realize that she is not a natural Top, but a Switch). Soon the verdict was in. All six were interested in attending, but they also needed to talk with their subby partners before giving a final a commitment. "Well, I guess we will see which of you has truly "pussy whipped" your guys" Sara concluded.

Just as she was finished with the explanation, Denise, the pretty French Maid, announced that lunch was ready. As they followed Denise's bare wiggling ass into the dining room, Marion caught up with Debbie and whispered "You would look lovely in that outfit". Debbie began to blush, and her pussy lips also began to get wet. Debbie knew in her heart that she probably was jealous of Denise, and not Sara. But, she also loved the idea of leading Bill around by a cock leash during the "Sadie Hawkins" retreat. Just before the group sat down for their luncheon meal, Sara took off her skirt, revealing that she wore no panties and exposed here bald pussy. She then announced that this was a panty optional lunch, so anyone who wanted to bare her mound was permitted. And, anyone who wanted to make use of Denise's talented tongue was free to do so. As she sat down, Denise crawled under the table, and began to lick Sara's clit. Sara then told the group "Enjoy the meal. I will be with you shortly" as she closed her eyes and began to enjoy Denise's tongue action. Before the lunch was over, everyone in attendance had at least one orgasm. Only Debbie was fantasizing what it would be like to be under the table with Denise.

The next day, Marion and Debbie met for their own private lunch to discuss Sara's invitation. Debbie had explained the idea to Bill the night before. Marion had not mentioned it to Ron yet. In fact, Marion was not sure she wanted to take Ron. She was waiting to see Debbie's reaction first.

"Well, what did Bill say" Marion asked.

"He was all for the idea, until I mentioned the part about the 'Slave Auction". She answered. "He's a little bit worried about what could happen if the wrong person bought him during the auction. He knows that Jacki can be a bit sadistic at times. And, he's wondering what would happen if some of the ladies that he's never met were even more inclined."

"How about Ron?" Debbie asked.

"I haven't asked him yet." Marion explained. "I'm not sure if I want to take him, or someone else."

"Why would you consider anyone else?" Debbie asked.

"Well, I have always fantasized about what it would be like to live like Sara. Maybe not full time. But maybe for a Fantasy Weekend. I've always wondered what it would be like to be a dyke Femdom with a femme sub. This might be the time to find out." Marion explained.

"Oh, my God!" A surprised Debbie replied. "Who would do such a thing with you?"

Marion reach over and began to twirl Debbie's had with her fingers. "Maybe someone who would look great in that French Maid outfit." Debbie began to blush. She knew that Marion was referring to her.

"No Way!" Debbie yelled. But, deep down, Debbie was wondering. And, her pussy was getting wet again. "I hope you're not thinking about me. There's no way that I would do something like that in public."

"Are you're panties wet?" Marion asked. "I think you would love to do it. OK, you say no. Prove it. Stand up, take off your panties, and let me feel your pussy. I bet it's already wet thinking about it!"

Debbie knew that was a losing proposition. She could never agree to that, or she would end up as Marion's slave. She was not ready for that commitment. And, besides, she wanted to see Bill naked and on a cock lease for an entire long weekend. How humiliating! And, how interesting!

"No, I am not going to take my panties off!" She told Marion. "And, if I go to that retreat, it will be as Bill's Mistress, not as your slave. Just forget it right now. That is, unless you want to go as mine! After all, we both know that you love a good ass fucking as much as me. I'll bet that you also love to eat pussy, too. You just don't want to admit it. I bet you'd make a great French Maid." Debbie knew she was pushing her friend, but needed something to deflect the conversation away from her desires.

"I'll be right back." Marion said, and she went out to her car. When she returned to Debbie house, she was carrying a French Maid's outfit.

"OK, I'll take that bet." She replied. "Let's both take our panties off. If my panties are wetter than yours, then I'll put this outfit on and serve as your French Maid the rest of the day. But, if your pussy is wetter — and I think it is — then you put the outfit on and serve as my slave for the rest of the day. Nothing public. Just you and me, and whichever lucky husband who get to see the loser's TPA (tits, pussy, & ass) for the rest of the day."

"No Fuckin' Way!" Debbie yelled. 'I'm not going to be your slave — today, tomorrow, or ever!"

Marion knew she had pushed Debbie too far. Debbie was about to leave the room, when Marion once again knew she could be losing a kinky friend. "Ok, Ok, I apologize." Marion said. 'Please don't be mad. I'm sorry."

Debbie saw the opening. She wasn't really mad, but she knew that Marion hadn't realized that. She decided it was time for her to see how far she could push her kinky friend. "Yeah, I bet you're sorry!" she said sarcastically.

"I really am." Marion said apologetically.

"OK, prove it!" Debbie was getting bold now. "Get on your knees and eat my pussy!" Debbie then pushed her chair back, stood up and removed her skirt and panties, and sat back down with her legs spread wide open for Marion. She also knew that the panties were wet, but could blame that on the thought of Marion eating her.

Marion knew that Debbie was opening a door for the future, but she had to step back for now and take it one step at a time. And, today that step would be for her to eat Debbie. She then dropped to her knees, crawled over to Debbie's chair, and began to lick Debbie's clit with her long tongue. But, she also knew this was a sign of better things to cum. At least Debbie had forgotten about the French Maid's uniform.

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