Notebooks of a Sick Lover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the love story of a girl seduced by a powerful man with an immense sexual appetite. She will first become his pet, then descend to his slave, and finally his portable entertainment as they travel around the world.

It was almost a year since I have moved to Boston, and I wasn't yet accustomed to the city. It is really a beautiful town and I had lots of things at hand that should have been enough to make me happy: many art galleries beside the one I was working for, museums, exhibitions, and art schools, one of which I was attending.

However, I felt something was lacking in my life, and I was quite sure it was true love. I had had a few dates with different men, and a couple of them had indeed become boyfriends for two or three months, but I couldn't find someone who made me feel really good and awake my enthusiasm.

I was now dating a handsome black guy, Vernon, who was very charming and polite, and who I found quite funny and sexy, so I was really trying not to screw things up with my silly temperament. I was quite decided to give him a chance, although I hadn't too many expectations either, maybe trying to avoid another disappointment.

One night we went together to one of his friends' classical music concerts, and after it finished, we walked to a nice restaurant to have dinner. He had a great conversation, although may be a little too intellectual for my limited understanding. Anyway, I liked to listen to him, and I had a good time enjoying his smarts. After dinner, he drove me home, and I invited him to come in. I served a couple glasses of cognac, and we sat at the sofa, talking for a while, until he finally approached and kissed me. It wasn't the first time we kissed, but we hadn't advanced further yet, although I was willing to do it, and now it seemed he was ready, too.

We kept kissing and stroking each other and he slowly began to slip his hand under my skirt. I was already pretty excited and I wished he were going a little faster, but he was a real gentleman, and surely he didn't want to risk offending me. But I let him continue, and we went slipping down over the sofa, until he finally got over me, and I shyly hugged him, attracting his body closer to mine. Our kisses were getting wetter and hotter.

He began undressing me while gently kissing my body, and soon I was just wearing my bra and panties, and he whispered to my ear if I preferred to move to my room. I was so hot that I asked him to stay there, and then he undressed carefully, revealing his sexy complexion, and a growing hard-on. He left his clothes on another coach and took a condom from his jacket which he carefully placed over his manhood.

Then he knelt on the sofa, over my legs, and slowly slipped my panties down, sweetly smiling. Then he parted my legs with care, kissed my tights, and advanced over me, kissing me again while probing around my crotch with his hand and cock. He was a bit goofy at that, but he finally fit the tip in my cunt and started to push in, making me moan. I hugged him stronger and he finally got fully inside and started to thrust inside me. I felt him grow bigger and harder, and it was fantastic. We kissed passionately and he got better and better, giving me much pleasure, and then he groaned aloud and came. I enjoyed it very much the feeling, but then he let his body come down over mine and stopped motionless, kissing me softly, and then he withdrew, getting off me. He hugged me and placed himself at my side, stroking my hair, very relaxed and satisfied, while I was yet terribly excited. I overcame my shyness and slid over his body, taking his softening cock in my hand and stroking it, then starting kissing its tip, hoping to be able to get him hot again.

But he took my shoulders and told me that I didn't need to do this, that he was not the kind of man that asked a lady to do this things, and thanked me.

I was astonished. He started talking again while he got dressed, and I just remained there, seated on the sofa, just waiting for him to go, without saying a word. But he didn't seem to notice me anyway. When he finally told me that he was very sorry but he has to go, I stood up, kissed his cheek and went to the bathroom, waiving him goodbye while asking him please to be sure the door get closed right after leaving.

I felt sick of all this. I began thinking that it was my entire fault. Why couldn't I start a normal relationship, find an ardent lover, or at least someone who could fulfill some of my expectations? Damn! Maybe I was asking for too much.

I went to bed, tried to touch myself for awhile trying to calm down, but I only reached some meager orgasm, and annoyed with myself, I tried to sleep, revolting on the bed for hours, and just able to get some scanty sleep.

Next morning I got up with a bad headache and decided that I can't go on with so much activities and so little of a real life. So I get dressed, packed some clothes in a bag, and went to the airport, decided to give myself a break and go anywhere. I had gone so mad that my only plan was to look at a map and pick any appealing place as far as possible.

Once at the airport, I went to an information counter and peered at a bunch of brochures. There was a little one with the Canadian flag that got my attention. It wasn't a bad idea to leave the country, after all. The brochure showed a beautiful place called Vancouver Island. I've never heard of it, and that alone was quite inspiring, but when I saw the pictures of towering mountains and exquisite coastal vistas, I immediately decided that this would be my destination.

I bought a ticket to Vancouver and just had to wait for a few hours that I spent there, having lunch, reading a magazine, and just walking around, leaving my mind drift in blankness. I just kept looking at the tiny pictures at the brochure, wishing that this magical place could somehow change my life.

I finally boarded the plane and once it took off and climbed to the sky, I looked at the clouds around us and felt so relaxed that I got asleep almost until we landed. I felt incredibly good after that nap, and went down the plane full of energy and curiosity.

A little unsure of what do I have expected, I got impressed with the size and modernity of the place, combined with the stunning view of the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. I was happy about selecting Canada.

Catching a bus to the provincial capital of Victoria, on the southern tip of huge Vancouver Island, I got thrilled by the magnificent scenery as a large ferry transported the bus through what seemed like a never-ending series of small islands.

Arriving in Victoria, I found it to be a quaint little taste of Britain, and an interesting little city to visit. I rented a car and headed north, exploring the Island's towns with not a single plan. I just stopped everywhere, enjoyed the sight, and took another route. I felt really free after all.

I just followed the advice of the people at the bars or shops where I rested. Someone mentioned I could make good time on the new inland highway or enjoy the sights on the older highway that winds along the east coast. I opted for the latter, and was not disappointed by the sight of the mighty Coast Mountains on the mainland to my east, across the Strait of Georgia.

After several days of breathtaking natural splendor, I reached the northern end of the Island late one afternoon. The highway ended at a quaint town on one side of a sheltered bay. I could look right out the bay over the intervening strait and see the soaring, snow-capped mountains on the mainland.

Unsure of where to go next, I noticed a sign on a building at the end of the highway identifying a newspaper. Believing that surely someone at the local newspaper should be able to answer my questions, I entered. I was asking a lady at the reception who seemed to know the surroundings pretty well, when you appeared to ask her to send a fax or something like that. She looked at you and immediately she told me that you were the newspaper editor and one of the people that better knew the whole region, and asked you if you have a minute to help me.

We shook hands while we introduced each other and you gave me a keenly appreciative look that I suspected you didn't used on every guest. After talking for a few minutes, you said that if I really want to make a good plan to travel about your land, the best would be to join you to have dinner, as it was the newspaper's closing hour.

Intrigued by the look in your penetrating brown eyes and captivated by your charm in only a few minutes of chatting, I hesitated a bit, but you smiled, saying that you were one of the local attractions, and that broad smile made me accept.

We had dinner in a restaurant with a fine view of Hardy Bay. Drinks flowed, dinner was eagerly consumed, and more drinks flowed. I couldn't recall enjoying a conversation this much as you regaled me with tales of Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, occasionally offering only fleeting glimpses into your life.

I realized it had become quite dark outside, and asked if you could recommend me a hotel. With that sly smile that I was beginning to find extremely appealing, you suggested that I could stay in your guestroom. I shyly declined at first, but somehow I didn't expected at all, I got overcome by your charm, and accepted. As we left the restaurant, your arm snaked around my waist, coming to rest on the upper flesh of my right buttock. I felt it a little weird, but I didn't objected. In fact, it felt right after awhile.

Once we arrived at the house, you let me in first, switched the light, and after closing the door, you turn me around swiftly, facing you, and before I could say anything, I felt your hands around my waist and you kissed me. I didn't reacted at first, keeping my lips shut, but the power of yours promptly opened my mouth, and feeling the heat of your mouth, I couldn't help but cross my arms around your neck and give up to your kiss.

What a wonderful kiss it was. In my memory it lasted for hours, days ... I just remember your tongue playing with mine, so sexy that I realized that I was terribly aroused and accepting what would surely follow. And then, all the while you went on kissing me, both of us breathing heavily by our noses I felt your hands rubbing my buttocks very sweetly, pressing my body against yours, and making me feel the growing bulge inside your pants. When you finally released my mouth it was to keep kissing me on my cheek, jaw, down to the neck, and up again to my ear, where you whispered: "Want to know my bed?"

I surprised myself saying yes without further thinking, but I couldn't imagine then that I wouldn't be able to deny you anything in the future ... You lifted me in your arms as a fireman saving someone, just that this time you were lighting the fire instead of killing it. I loved this gesture, and admired your strength to do it so easily, as if I were a child.

While kissing me, you walked to your room, and without turning the lights on, you slowly left me on the bed, placing yourself above me, letting your weight press my body little by little. You are so much big than I am that I felt crushed under you, but even that only contributed to my excitement. Still kissing me, your hands went down my legs, caressing them and folding my skirt up, letting me spread my legs and crossed them around yours. Then the bulge inside your trousers placed against my crotch and started rubbing my panties. I felt very wet, and as you raised your waist a bit, I slipped my hands between our bodies and struggled with your belt and zipper. You let me do it while sucking my lips without stop, and just moved your hips a little to help me throw back your pants and release your cock from your underwear.

As soon as I touched it, I noticed that your cock seemed quite big, probably more than those of my previous lovers, and that worried me a little, but not enough to stop. But then you stood up to take your shirt off and completely drop your pants, while I did the same with my clothes, and under the dim light from the window I saw your cock standing to me and realized that it was really big, even while it wasn't probably fully erect yet. I got a bit scared, but you didn't give me time to elaborate, as you took care of taking the sides of my panties and pulling them down my legs, then crouching and reaching my cunt with your lips, kissing gently the small bush above it, and then stretching your tongue to lick my pussy lips. I couldn't refrain groaning, and instinctively took your head in my hands, stroking your grey hair, encouraging you to go on.

And you excelled at it. I had never felt a man's mouth so pleasantly suck my cunt. You licked, sucked, delicately bit my lips and clit, and willingly tasted my continuous wetness. And you didn't stop until you felt my thighs pressing around your head as I reached climax for the first time. A long-lasting orgasm that you managed to keep going as far as possible, and only after I started breathing normally again you climbed above me and kissed me again, letting me taste my own juices while you placed the tip of your cock in my molten pussy.

How can I describe the sense of your first penetration? I just howled under the pressure of the biggest, hardest cock I had met. It was on the verge of making me feel pain, but you seemed to be in total control of the situation, and —as if you could read my sensations every second- you always stopped or moved back to ease the pressure. Even so, it didn't take you too long to fit your full weapon inside me, and once it had entered and retracted a few times, getting wet enough, you started fucking me with a fierce that I didn't knew it was possible.

All the while your mouth played with my ear, making my blood boil inside my veins. I couldn't do anything but crave aloud for more. I could feel your strong hips rubbing my inner thighs as you pumped your beast inside my molten cunt, making me babble of pleasure. Your sweat against mine, our bodies beating, and our skins sticking together ... all of that was too much for me, and soon I had the longer, stronger orgasm of my life. I cried of pleasure and clawed your back with my nails while you delved your cock deeper inside me, making it last what seemed an eternity.

You looked delighted with me, and as you noticed that my climax was finally passing away, you kissed me swiftly, filling my mouth with your wonderful tongue. I clasped my arms around your neck and surrendered to your kiss, enjoying the caress of your lips around mine, licking your palate and teeth. And then you moved your hard cock once more and made me moan aloud. Watching my reaction, you raised yourself up until getting on your knees over the bed, and then took my heels on your hands and made me roll over myself, getting on my knees also, making me rest on my elbows and then pushing slowly my head to the pillows, popping up my butt to you.

It was weird for me to let you treat me like that having met just a few hours ago, but I was totally under your dumb, unable to resist; indeed willing to let you do anything to me. I felt that it was a wonderful adventure and that I had to enjoy it while it lasted.

And then you placed your cock in my cunt again and started fucking me like a bitch. And it was so good ... I loved it. I moaned aloud and just could whisper a resounding "yes" from time to time. I noticed how you had snatched my buttocks tight and were shaking them back and forth while you moved your hips. It was a bit rough but, to my surprise, terribly arousing to be treated like that. I got up on my hands, raising my head, and turning to see you. And the vision of your body taking over mine drove me nuts. I felt I was about to cum again, and then you gathered my hairs on a pony tail with your hand and pulled from it, making my spine bent back to you, while you fucked me harder and I began coming again, crying of pleasure, while you slipped your hands to my tits, and holding me that way, let my head fall back over your shoulder, my arms stretching back to hold your neck. And your cock was still rock hard, moving inside me...

I calmed down after a long time, and then you kissed me again, and while I tasted your tongue once more, you took your cock out of my pussy, and made me spin again on your arms, placing me knelt in front of you, your rock solid cock against my belly so I couldn't resist the temptation of feeling it in my hands. It was so thick and stiff! I caressed it while we kept kissing, and then I surprised myself once more letting my head fall slowly, kissing your chest down to your pelvis, reaching the base of your cock and then starting to lick it. But it was taking me too much time to decide, so you held my chin with your hand and taking your own shaft, you drove it between my lips. And I eagerly opened my mouth and got your huge cockhead in, starting to suck it with my lips and tongue, delighted as never before.

I had sucked cock from some of my boyfriends before, and I liked it as much as sex in general, but had never experienced that strong desire, that worshipping that I felt now for your phallus. I found myself sucking it with desperation while I started jerking it off. Your hands took my head and started bobbing it over your pipe, and even when that was something that no one had done to me before, and I would had thought abusive in any other situation, I couldn't resist you and I let you fuck my mouth that way, even pressing my lips tighter around your venous cock. Of course all that pressing with my hands and lips finally made you approach climax, and then you warned me: "I'm about to cum, honey. Take care..." I retired a bit, but I kept jerking you off with my hand and kept my face close to the tip of your cock, eager to you watch you unloading, finally cumming after what I guessed had been a cyclopean effort to give pleasure to me first.

I closed my eyes and watched the first jets of your cum flying across the bed, and I definitively loved it. I extended a finger and let a string gush over it, then tasted it. It was so warm, silky and sour, and ... copious. You groaned aloud and trembled and your cock moved and sprayed some drops over breast and chin, and I got some more to my mouth, amazed at myself, as I had never dared to taste sperm before.

But I was still so horny about you that once you finished ejaculating, I went back to suck you clean for long minutes, savoring you silky cream. And I couldn't help but notice that your cock didn't get as soft as I had expected. Indeed, it was still quite hard and big. But you let me suck it as much as I wanted, and looking up to you I could see your satisfied face, and so, without taking my eyes off you, I assured to lick you spotless.

When I finally took my mouth away, I retired a bit and stood there looking at that magnificent pole from near me, pulling back its skin, seeing how it grew at full size once more. I looked down to the bed and to my breasts and saw the incredible amount of semen that was around, and confirmed that you had discharged an incredible amount of cum. I didn't have idea that a man could produce so much.

And as your cock was rock hard again, you made me turn back again over my knees, and this time, instinctively, it was me who popped my butt up, anxious of been fucked again. And you did it savagely, and I just couldn't stop begging for more. And you enthusiastically complied. I couldn't believe how much you can stand.

I have had another couple terrible orgasms when you finally withdrew and waited for me to turn back to face your cock, and then you fed it to me and even while I knew it was coming, I kept sucking and let you overflow my mouth with your cum. I felt like it was even more than before, but maybe it was just the sensation of having it exploding in my mouth, stuffing me. It was so big for my lips that the semen spurted out and dripped all over my face and neck, but I didn't care. I just needed to feel it.

And then, after you finished and fell down to my side on the bed, I spat the rests of cum from my mouth to the already damp sheets and snuggled to your side, tired by incredibly happy, and a moment later I fell asleep, with my hand over your balls, while you caressed my head.

I'm not sure how much time I slept; then I slowly got awake and noticed that I had your cock in my hand, quite erect and inviting again. I couldn't resist and moved a little to place my face nearer and started sucking you once more. Half asleep yet, you reacted holding my head in your powerful, handsome hands, and pushing me a little to engulf more of your cock. I sucked you for awhile, feeling your cock grow steadily between my lips. And once it was hard enough, you moved me up to you, making me seat astride your legs, and then letting me use my hands to place your cock between my legs, falling slowly over it after that, making you penetrate my cunt little by little.

And promptly I was riding you with delight, helped by your hands in my buttocks, spreading them and moving them up and down, giving me that intense pleasure once more. And then, in the middle of that terrible fucking, I felt your finger probing my ass for the fist time. It was pushing a little around the hole at first, then a bit inside it. And I didn't dare to tell you nothing. But then, you started pushing it all inside, and I started to become very nervous.

Then you slowly dropped me to the side of the bed, and place me again in all fours, but this time, quite afraid of your intentions, I asked you what did you wanted to do. You confessed that you would love to fuck my ass, and then I went mad, and with my face red of shame and rage, I shouted at you, telling you, babbling, that I was no whore for you to play with, and that you had misunderstood everything, and many more things that I scarcely could elaborate.

You looked a bit puzzled at first, and then, while I wandered around the room looking for my clothes, putting them on as fast as I could, stumbling from one place to another, you remained over the bed, looking amused. And that finished driving me mad. I shouted that you were an arrogant and dirty man, and slamming the door behind me, I rushed outside the house.

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