Chapter 1

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The small habitable moon Magnif was established from Earth over 900 years ago. Earthers and four other alien races lived peacefully together as a blended culture. A military ship of unknown origin arrived. It was a threat to disturb the serenity.

"So what are you going to do for Edmund's birthday?" laughed Jeff while reclining back in his black swivel chair. He put his feet up on the footstool and interlaced his hands behind his head.

"I'm going to blow out his candle!" triumphantly said Kayleigh.

Jeff's dick twitched. He remembered how the 22-year old, blonde haired, dark eyed beauty had blown out his candle two weeks ago. It was during the eighth year celebration party of his election as Captain of Magnif. The position, Captain of Magnif, was a ten year term. Kayleigh joined the command crew three years ago. She had blown out his candle at many of their frequent celebrations and she proceeded to get better and better at it. Kayleigh was not only sexy but she was smart. She was an invaluable member of his staff and the first person he came to if he needed something important done though it didn't occur very often. Life on Magnif was peaceful.

"Edmund can hardly wait for tonight's party," commented Jeff.

"If he blows too fast, I may need another candle," she teased.

"So everything is ready?"

"Yes, Jeff. There are no ship arrivals and departures scheduled during that time." There were never many arrivals or departures to Magnif.

Magnif was a small habitable moon at only five hundred miles around and it orbited the unlivable planet Beltare. Magnif was colonized over 900 years ago by Earthers. Earth had maintained contact early on but communication faded into non-existence and nothing was heard of from the original home world. Over the years other races established colonies on Magnif and over time they became essentially one world though each race had its own sector.

To bring greater unity, an elected office called Captain was created. Jeff was the current Captain. The Captain ran the command station with a small crew. There wasn't a whole lot to do, but the five races living on Magnif recognized the command center's importance and the need for a Captain. Captain Jeff and his small crew protected the Earthers, the Reds, the Icilians, the Nomers, and the Wxy'n on Magnif by monitoring all space traffic around Magnif, so every living being here could live out their simple lives in tranquility.

"Good," said Jeff. There hadn't been a forgotten ship arrival or departure to interrupt their recurrent parties since Kayleigh had joined his crew. She was very efficient.

"However there is an anomaly our distant sensors have detected," said Kayleigh. "It doesn't match any ship signature and it's not a comet or a meteor."

"It is probably just a ship passing through."

"If it is, it's something completely new. It's still too far away much. We should know more in the morning, since it seems to be heading straight for us."

"I bet it will have veered away by then."

"I'm not so sure." She stared up at the viewscreen into the empty space.

"Don't get all worried before the party. Edmund will be so disappointed."

Kayleigh smiled. "Not a problem."

"Edmund was too excited," said Kayleigh, approaching Jeff at the buffet table.

"Hmmm?" Jeff said, trying to sound disinterested.

Kayleigh was the only woman he ever knew that the longer she blew a candle the more enjoyment she received from it. She had amazing stamina and that constant energy made her so valuable to his crew. She could stay awake and alert longer that anybody else on the team.

"I'm just saying," she said.

"And how's our little anomaly. I know you checked."

Kayleigh smiled. Jeff knew her well.

"It's definitely a ship," she said. "It's still heading our way."

"It would have turned if it had another destination other than Magnif," he pondered out loud.

"Yes," she agreed. "Sensors also picked up indications of weaponry. I hope it's friendly."

"I'm sure it is," said Jeff to reassure her. "Don't let it ruin a good party. I should let you know that my candle has positioned itself to be blown out. It just needs to be freed."

They headed to a couch. Jeff dropped his pants before he sat down and Kayleigh went on her knees before him. Jeff watched Kayleigh bob with tight lips on his candle. The sensations occupied his thoughts but it was impossible to completely blank out the mysterious ship from his mind and he knew the same was true for Kayleigh.

"You are so incredible!" he said. He ran his finger through her blonde tresses.

"Mmm," she responded never stopping her motion.

It was 15 minutes of steady pleasure. Jeff was breathing hard and about ready to blow his candle. She did the move he expected. She tightened her lips even greater then went steadily down the full length of his candle. With the pressure she applied, there was no place for his stick, gooey wax to go but up and out.

"Ahhh!" Jeff cried out flooding her mouth.

She swallowed quickly and expertly. When she pulled off, she wiped off a small dribble from her lower lips with the back of her hand.

"I have a bad feeling about this ship," she said, showing it was indeed on her mind.

"Whatever it is," he said. "I know we can handle it."

"My birthday is next month," she said happily, abruptly changing the subject.

I know!" he said. "Did I give you something too early?"

"I'm sure I can get more from you."

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