Grace's Journey
Chapter 1

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Historical, Pregnancy,

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - While running away from an arranged marriage, Grace finds a caring man on the Oregon Trail. As they find themselves beginning to fall for each other an unexpected Indian attack changes all their plans.

Grace gripped the side of the wagon, desperately trying to keep herself from falling off the side. The long road, if it could be called that, out west was nothing like she had imagined. Silently, she cursed herself for thinking that the west held something for her. Their journey was only half way over and already Grace felt as though they had been traveling for years. The sun was hot, the dust stifling and her traveling companions anything but mannerly. Why had she chosen this life for herself? She took a deep breath remembering what she had left: an arranged marriage to a wealthy and handsome business tycoon. While the proposed marriage promised stability, it held nothing more for her. Timothy Owen Lewis was a devil of a man, hard nosed, mean spirited, selfish and emotionally cold and nothing that Grace wanted. Life with him would be a living hell.

California held the promise of a fresh start and a teaching job in a small one room school. She reminded herself that this journey was of little sacrifice compared to what she had left. Anything was better than being with that prick, Timothy.

Grace's traveling companion looked at her from under the brim of his hat. Marcus Hucklebee was in search of gold, and was more than prepared to go find his fortune alone, until Grace showed up. He remembered the day when she walked into the general store. She took his breath away with her beauty. She couldn't have stood any taller then 5'2, and with her lips perfectly pouted and fire red hair piled on top of her head- she was a sight to behold. Marcus had felt a fire in his belly when he overheard her ask about the next wagon party heading west. He had strained to hear her, while she whispered to the store clerk, knowing immediately that he could not pass up the opportunity to have this little lass join his wagon. She was just what he needed for the long journey. Good company and a sight for sore eyes. He wasn't stupid either, Marcus fully planned on having his needs met way out there in the wilderness. Grace was the cure for his lonely nights.

But, as they sat on the wagon in the hot sun Marcus had yet to crack the little lady. He knew he was much older than her, but didn't think he was at all unattractive. Her resistance was beginning to frustrate him, Grace seemed to be the most proper lady in the west. Even now she sat with perfect posture, although he couldn't imagine how with the wagon bumping around as it did.

"You doin' okay there, Miss Grace?"

She nodded, "Yes, thank you Mr. Hucklebee."

Marcus frowned, no matter how many times he had asked her to drop the formalities, she refused. He shifted in the seat, feeling his member start to swell. It had a habit of doing that whenever he laid eyes on her pretty little body. He had become accustomed to hiding his condition until he could head out to a patch of trees to privately think of her and relive himself from the torture Grace was causing him.

As they rode on, Grace was not oblivious to Marcus's growing bulge. In fact, it delighted her that she had that effect on him. Marcus was a strong man, but gentle in spirit. When he had approached her to be his companion for the ride, she felt safe right away with him and knew he was an answer to her prayers. Often she had contemplated giving him what he wanted. He had never outright asked her to take care of his needs, but instead at hinted around at the idea. He always caused Grace to blush and turn away. But today as she watched him shift uncomfortably, she wondered if she just might give in tonight. He was kind and treated her like a lady. He might make a wonderful life partner. She wondered if he would ask her to make a home with him once they arrived at their destination. She didn't know if she could ever love him, but was sure that she would eventually learn to care for him.

Often times, Grace would watch Marcus retreat at night to go "use the bathroom." However, she knew what he was doing. And as much as it embarrassed her to admit it, Grace would sometimes pleasure herself at night while thinking of Marcus outside the wagon asleep under the stars. She would gently touch her clit and imagine Marcus's strong hands roving around her body. It was in that wagon one night that she experienced her first orgasm.

With Timothy, sex was always rough and hurtful. As soon as he released himself, Timothy would roll over and fall fast asleep. Never had Grace experienced the mind blowing experience with him like she did that night in the wagon. She knew that Marcus would be gentle with her and attentive to her needs. However, she was embarrassed by her thoughts and actions. And wondered if she had the gumption to present herself to him for the taking.

Grace and Marcus fell into a comfortable conversation for the rest of the day. When the sun went down, they set into their established routine. Grace started dinner at the fire and chatted with some of the other ladies who were on the journey. They all found Grace and Marcus's arrangement to be interesting, but never asked Grace about it directly. Instead, they chose to gossip with each other when she had returned to her wagon for the night. Tonight Grace was cooking some venison that Marcus had hunted the other night, with rice from their supplies. It was nothing like she would have cooked back east, but Grace was beginning to get the hang out making trail food tasty. Marcus seemed to like it well enough.

For awhile, they ate together in silence both of them tired from the day's travels.

"How much longer do you think we have?" Grace finally asked.

Marcus stroked his chin and thought a bit. "I reckon about another couple of weeks is all."

Grace took in a small amount of air, the end was sooner than she expected. "Really, that's all?"

Marcus smiled at her, "Yeah, I do believe so."

Suddenly, Graces heart felt lighter. The end was near and she wouldn't be spending the rest of her life on the trail as she expected. "What are your plans when we get to California Mr. Hucklebee?"

"Gold, like I said before. There's tons of it out there I hear."

"Are you going to settle down?"

"Maybe, if I find the right lady."

Grace didn't miss the meaningful look he gave her. This was her chance to let him know she was interested, yet shyness overtook her and she bowed her head. "I wish you the best finding her."

"What if I told you that I think I already did find her?"

Grace's head shot up and she looked at him. Marcus gazed into her eyes from across their small fire. Would it be presumptions of her to assume that he was talking about her? Yes, she thought, it would be. "Well, then she is a very lucky lady," she managed to say.

"Indeed." Marcus took another bite of venison. He chewed thoughtfully, thinking that he had made progress, only to be shot down by the lady again. In the firelight, her green eyes danced and her small figure looked even more enticing. He imagined his hands on her small breasts and quickly stood up. More thoughts like that would only cause his penis to grow.

"Are you finished?" Grace asked.

"Yeah, I will clean up tonight. You go ahead and retire for the night, Miss Grace."

"Thank you." She stood up and smiled at him. What a kind man he was. Prehaps she should offer to let him sleep in the wagon tonight. But again, shyness over took her. Yet there was a fire burning in her that she knew her own fingers couldn't quench. "Good night, Mr. Hucklebee. Sleep well."

"And you," Marcus said a little too gruffly. He needed her to be out of his sight now or else something would overtake him. He watched as she daintily climbed into the back of the wagon and then began to start cleaning up. He took their dishes down the river and rinsed them. He was alone down there and he contemplated jerking off yet again today. Deciding against it, he made his way back to the wagon circle. And it was a good thing he did.

Grace lay listening for him to return. The fire in her was growing hotter and she was working up the courage to invite him in. After all, it was a little chilly that night. No one deserved to sleep alone or outside. When she heard his footsteps, Grace took a deep breath and stuck her head out of the back of the wagon.

"Marcus," she whispered.

He looked at her, red hair lose and swinging over her shoulder. The fact that she used his name did not escape him. "Yes?"

"Would you care to join me in the wagon tonight? It's a bit cold to be sleeping outside."

There it went again, his cock stirring and rising up. "Are you sure, Miss Grace?"

She nodded firmly, "Positive, come in here and lay with me tonight." The last part of her sentence was barely audible, but Marcus didn't miss a word. He was climbing up the wagon faster than his brain could think about what he was doing.

Inside, Grace had removed her traveling dress and was sitting on the make shift bed in her undergarments. Marcus stifled a moan as his eyes traveled the length of her body. From the top of her glowing red hair to the bottom of her perfectly round toes and everything in between was glorious. His eyes landed on the top of her round breasts heaving from her deep breaths.

Grace's heart was hammering in her breast as she tried to calm herself. Marcus's eyes on her body was a delightful feeling. From the gleam in his warm brown eyes, he liked what he was seeing. The fire in Grace grew hotter. Pretty soon the nervousness melted away was replaced by hot desire.

Marcus moved closer to Grace, feeling the warmth of her body touch his skin. "Are you sure about this Miss Grace."

She lifted her head, "I have never been more sure about anything. Marcus, you are so kind and gentle," she closed her eyes and caught her breath, "I know what I do to you. And it is not fair for you to have to help yourself out every night. I want to do this for you." She took a breath then opened her mouth to say more, but before she could Marcus swept in and covered her mouth with his own.

Grace melted under the warmth of his lips. His lips pressed insistently against hers and Grace opened her lips, allowing his tongue to sweep in and taste her. Marcus marveled at how wonderful her honey lips tasted. Never in his wildest fantasies about her had he dreamed this up. He couldn't have, her taste was indescribable. He couldn't wait to see how other parts of her tasted. It was like her lips were just a sneak peek into everything that awaited him.

He deepened the kiss and reached for Grace's hips to pull her into his lap. Marcus wanted her to feel his throbbing manhood under her little round ass. All eight inches were ready to spring from their trap in his pants, but he wanted to take it slow for Grace. She deserved it and he was scared that she would spook if he moved to fast.

Grace moaned into Marcus' mouth when she felt what was waiting for her in his pants. He was rock solid under her and she moved against him slightly, eager to see what he had in store for her. Timothy had what Grace imagined to be the smallest penis, standing only 4 and half inches when erect. Even when he had complimented her on how tight she was, Grace felt as though he barely filled her. From what she was feeling under her, Grace knew that Marcus was a well hung man. She started to grow wet at the thought of him sliding into her.

Marcus' hands traveled up from Grace's hips to feel her nipples under the soft material of her undergarments. They grew hard at his touch, causing Grace to moan more as she pushed herself into him. He traced each one with his thumbs, not breaking their kiss. He had waited so long for this night.

Grace reached her tiny hands behind her, working to untie the strings that held her underwear up. She was shaking and when Marcus noticed he, reached back to help her. "Let me." His hands were skilled from ranch work and he swiftly untied the impending strings. The front of the material fell to reveal perfectly round breasts.

"Your breasts are beautiful," he whispered while taking one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gently rolling it. This action produced a gasp of pleasure from Grace which made Marcus smile. Yes, Grace had never been rightly pleasured by a man and Marcus fully intended to do just that. "Do you like that?"

Grace nodded and Marcus noticed, in the dim light, that she was blushing. "Gracie," he said quietly, "don't be nervous."

"I'm not," she whispered. "I trust you."

Marcus swooped in again, capturing her lips with his own and allowed his hands to keep working her breasts. Slowly, he allowed his lips to move downward, accosting her neck, collarbone and finally capturing one beautiful breast in his mouth.

"Oh-h!" Grace cried.

Marcus only lifted his head for a second to quiet her. "Ears are everywhere my darling," he warned her before moving to the next breast. Grace tilted her head back and bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out in pleasure again. Marcus was doing something absolutely wonderful to her.

As he sucked and nibbled on her, Marcus' cock threatened him. It was growing harder by the minute and needed to come out of its prison. Grace must have sensed what was going on, because she reached down to undo the buttons on his pants. As soon as she did, his member sprang forth pushing itself up between the two of them.

Marcus groaned into Grace's breasts when he felt her small hand encircle him. Her touch was like fire, arousing him even more. Without even thinking Marcus flipped Grace onto her back and shed his pants in one easy movement.

Grace's breathing grew heavier when she finally caught sight of what was waiting to pound into her. Marcus's size easily doubled Timothy and throbbed red hot. His erection pushed up to his stomach and Grace unconsciously spread her legs in anticipation. She was so wet already. Wetter than she had ever been with Timothy and she was glad. She was going to need as much juice as she could make to let Marcus slide into her. Timothy had always writhed into her dry as a bone, causing so much pain. She had found herself wishing for him to finger her a bit to get ready for the deed. But he never thought of her needs, always pounding away while she lay beneath him, helpless.

But, Marcus knew better. He leaned over Grace, taking her left nipple once more while reaching his hand up under her skirt. Although, his hands were rough, they slowly and gently made their way up her leg. Marcus was enjoying every second of his hands on her soft legs. When he reached her inner thigh, the heat from her pussy beckoned to him.

Grace shivered from his touch, opening her legs a little more and allowing him access to her most private area. She opened her eyes to meet his and gave him silent confirmation to continue what he was doing.

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