Instructing the Tutor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Lactation, Pregnancy, Spitting, Size, Body Modification, School, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Katherine went to teach Mike science, little did she know that he didn't need any help at all.


Day 1 Hour 1

She knocked on the door. "Mike ... are you in there? We've got a lot of work to do if you don't want to bomb the course."

He answers the door, baseball cap backwards, wearing baggy jeans and some rock band T-Shirt, "ahh, Katherine ... thanks for coming. Welcome to casa de Mike"

She looks around a little as she steps in, "Geeze Mike, feel free to clean up once in a while. I'm glad you're taking this seriously though. If you ace this exam, it could pull your grade back up."

"Almost forgot you were coming ... be glad I got dressed," Mike says.

Katherine rolled her eyes, "Ha-ha. Very funny."

"Yeah, my parents are ragging me about this grade" He then motions to the couch, "Have a seat."

"You don't still live with them do you?" Katherine asks.

"No. Roomie is on vacation" he replies

"Ahkay. You had me worried there for a second." Katherine quips.

She walked over to the couch and sat down. Then began to unpack the contents of her backpack.

"Can I get you a drink before we start?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"Sure. I could use a glass of water."

Mike moved to the kitchen, that was hidden behind a wall. Katherine began to hear lots of noise, cabinets being opened, corks popping, etc.

"Hey!" She shouted "What are you doing back there? I asked for water not a cocktail. She began to thumb through a textbook to the section I plan on going over.

"Sorry" He returns with two glasses of water, handing Katherine one of them.

"Thanks!" She says as she accepts the glass and takes drink from it.

Mike eyes her a bit too much as she sips, "the water ok?"

She takes another drink. "Not bad. It's just water." She begins to outline the material to Mike and pull out some charts and notes. During this process she takes a few more drinks.

"Good ... So ... ah, where were we?" Mike asks, coughing to disguise his smile. Mike was a bit of a chemistry freak. Studying and toiling in his laboratory trying to find those substances that would alter the mind and the body. He needed no tutor. He simply wanted to have a unknowing test subject for his experiments. Some may have called him a mad scientist, but he merely saw himself as a trailblazer ... He just happened to use his fetishes as the light to lead the way.

"Good? You're getting the material?" She points to a formula describing how energy is stored in molecules and takes another drink.

"I think I understand that part. The breakdown comes in the potential kinetic energy stuff" Mike says as the formula slowly begins working in her body

"Good! See you'll get this down in no time!" Katherine exclaims as she finishes the glass and sets it on the coffee table.

"Just let me get the next textbook out..." She reaches down into her bag to get the next book, shifting slightly on the couch as her body suddenly feels a little off.

Meanwhile, Mike stares at the empty glass, Katherine had finished off a pretty helping of his suggestibility serum. With only a slight push, she should be believing his every word and following his commands.

"Ok, I think we need a break." Mike states.

Katherine looks conflicted for a moment before she slowly sets the book down. "Yeah ... I think we could pause for a few minutes. I don't want to overload your brain."

Mike stands up to stretch, "So, Katherine. What's up with you? We don't talk a lot outside of class."

"What? I've got friends and studies to keep up with." She replies.

Mike takes the glasses to the sink, and motions with the glass to ask her if wants some more. "Sure ... I'm not sure why but I'm really thirsty ... Plus being offered extra credit if I can get you to pass is a nice bonus, as an answer to your earlier question."

"extra credit! that is a sweet deal. I was curious more about other stuff. You have a boyfriend now?" inquires Mike.

Katherine blushes for a moment. "Well, there was Craig ... but he was really bossy so I had to break up with him." A pregnant pause. "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm telling you this."

"So you don't like bossy, huh?" he comments as he fills the glass with more water. He then drops a tablet into the glass which Katherine plainly sees.

She stands up quickly, "What the hell was that! You're one of those date rape creeps aren't you?!?" She begins to back away from him

"I think you'll forget that I put anything in the glass Katherine." Mike states as he stares directly into her eyes. He put the glass of water to her, outstretched in his hand.

Katherine's eyes glaze for a moment and then she blinks. She then continues, "So yeah ... Craig was a total dick..." She takes the glass from Mike and drinks, "Thanks, that really helps out."

Mike mumbles to himself, 'I should have used more so it would be instantaneous rather than with this delay.'

"Hmm? What'd you say?"

"Nothing." Mike replies.

Katherine takes another drink and asks, "So what about you Mike ... you seem pretty smart. Why don't you do the homework?"

"Oh, it's just I get pretty busy around here with side projects."

"Well, you should probably focus on one thing really. You don't want to get to spread out."

"When you're right. You're right ... Gosh darn, I think its getting hotter in here" He says fanning his collar, hoping for a reaction.

"Yeah ... I think you're right..." Katherine rolls the neck on her shirt a little and fan myself. "Don't you have AC?"

Mike informs her, "Just window units ... not very helpful" The next phase nears completion as the solution heads to her brain. Slowly, sapping away intelligence.

Mike thinks, " Hopefully it doesn't make her a bimbo ... I just want her frustrated at not knowing the answers"

He stares inquisitively at her while she finishes the next drink. Katherine looks down at her watch after finishing off the glass and notices the time, "Look, enough chitchat. Let's get back to studying."

"I think you're right, we should get back to work on the studying. We'll take another break in a few"

They begin to resume work on the problems, Katherine sits down and pulls out the next page of notes, "See, now you can build off what we went over last time to solve this problem." Katherine points at the diagram, "You just need to ... Hmm..."

Mike interrupts, "Ok ... show me, Katherine"

Stumped she says, "How did I solve this?" She looks confused for a moment and pull her notes out. "I got it on the homework and it wasn't that hard..."

"Trouble in paradise?" interjects Mike, he smiles knowingly as she looks in the backpack.

Katherine stares at her notes from the assignment, the equations seem to spiral around out of control ... dizzying... "How did I figure that out? Give me second to work my way through it again," she pleads.

"Its okay, I know you're a smart girl Katherine." Mike tries to contain his glee.

Katherine begins to pencil out the problem on paper. However, with Mike's actual knowledge it's pretty clear she is on the wrong path. He intercedes, "Why don't we move on ... do you have the lecture notes from a couple weeks ago?"

Katherine, raising her voice, "I know I'm smart! I'm in competition for head of the class this year ... I'm just having a temporary brain fart on this problem..."

Katherine bites her lower lip and sighs slightly. "Well, there's no point in sticking on this problem. But, why do you want to go back a few weeks though? We should be moving on."

Mike answers, "It's where I started to get lost."

"Well, I guess that's the best place to start then." While Katherine rummages through her pack, Mike asks bluntly,

"So ... Katherine, I think I'd like to know what turns you on."

She continues to go through her books and notes, "What turns me on? I don't know ... I usually like smart guys I can talk with ... I started dating Craig because of his cock though ... he was great in bed..."

Katherine suddenly stands up, blushing beet red, eyes wide open, and her hand clamped tightly over her mouth, "What the hell did I just say!"

"I think I'd like you to continue" He moved closer to her. "I think I'd like to know your deepest sex fantasy."

Mike grins, knowing that at this moment every word will embarrasses her and that he has the power to make it totally acceptable behavior, with just a mere sentence. Katherine blushes even deeper and continues on, fidgeting slightly with her hands. She begins, "The way he touched me ... just made me so hot ... But he always had an eye on the more attractive girls..."

Mike encourages her, "Do tell..." He gets an idea and quickly heads to the kitchen. "Feel free to continue to spill your guts," he shouts on his way.

"Sometimes I would picture myself as some over endowed goddess as he fucked me with a gigantic cock..." Katherine covers her face with her hands, clearly embarrassed at what she's saying.

Meanwhile, Mike begins mixing together his penultimate creation. "It's okay. I think you'll feel safe in telling me these secrets"

Katherine continues, "And then I'd give him some boob sex with my fantasy body..."

Katherine calms down noticeably, "Oh my god it feels good to get that off my chest ... I don't think I know anyone else I could talk to about this."

"I'm glad you feel safe with me, Katherine. That's quite a hot little fantasy you have." He says while pouring in a large amount of a creamy white substance into a mixing bowl and then begins mixing it with a wooden spoon.

Katherine sighs, "I can't believe I told you all that ... And what are you doing in there? Shouldn't we be studying?"

Mike answers, "Just fixing us a snack for later, while you get over that brain fart."

"A snack would be nice. I should be able to finish off that problem. I did it before right?"

Stirring it under his arm, he walks into the living room and asks, "Are there things you'd change about your body Katherine?"

Katherine thinks for a moment, "About my body? Well yeah, who doesn't?"

"Well, of course Katherine... I think you should go over to that mirror and tell me everything you'd change about your body."

Katherine stands up and looks into the nearby mirror, "Well, I wish my breasts weren't so small..." She turns around in a circle, "And I've always hated this beanpole figure..." She leans forward and get a close look at her face, "And my face is to plain..." She runs her hands through her hair, "And I've always been proud of my hair ... It'd be nice if it was longer ... maybe more color."

Mike adds, "A nice round ass and fuller lips would be an excellent compliment, but those tiny cups are pathetic."

Katherine cups her B cups at his comment, "Yeah ... they are really small ... I'm almost flat you know?"

"I can see that. I think that fact disturbs you."

Katherine continues her analysis patting her ass slightly as running her fingers across her lips, "Hmm ... you're right ... they would go well together." A strange sensation comes over her, and she crosses her hands over her chest as Katherine begins to fill with feelings of inadequacy, "I ... I wish you wouldn't stare like that."

"Like what?" Mike replies.

"Like staring at my chest ... you know how I feel about it."

Mike coyly asks, "Aren't you trying to do something about that Katherine?"

"Well..." She stammers slightly, "I've thought about surgery once or twice ... but I've never been able to bring myself to it ... even if I did have the money..."

Mike walks up behind her and hands her a small cupcake. "Here, maybe it'll go straight to your breasts," he says snidely.

Katherine gives a laugh and takes a bite out of the dessert, "Thanks Mike ... like that will happen. You're so silly."

"Well that's not ... quite true." Mike mumbles.

Katherine finishes the cupcake, and licks the frosting from her lips, "That was pretty good. Did you make that?" Inside the cupcake are the receptors to Mike's remaining experiments and an arousal stimulator, it is his piece de r├ęsistance.

"Oh yeah, fresh today. Just now while we were studying."

"Well, it was a lot better then the stale ones you get in the cafeteria."

"Ha-ha thanks Katherine." Mike responds.

Katherine shifts her weight slightly between her feet as she begins to fell a little hotter, like a dish set on simmer. "Well, I think we should give that homework another try" Mike suggests. He notices her becoming more uncomfortable.

"Yeah ... we've dawdled enough haven't we?" She sits back down on the couch wiggling slightly in the seat as she pulls out the books.

"Okay, so the material from a few weeks ago..." Katherine begins to go over the easier topics with Mike. She's able to do them all, but some of them present a challenge to her. It doesn't help that she's very distracted.

Mike asks, "Are you ok, Katherine? Cause if you're not, you can tell good ol' Mike what is bothering you."

"No no ... I'm fine ... I just feel a little off today," she answers. "Probably didn't get enough sleep last night."

"Ah, yes. probably" Mike says in mock agreement. He pretends to return to the homework, but keeps coming up to glance at her chest.

I wonder how far I can push her. Mike thinks to himself. Everything is working so perfectly.

As Katherine goes over the problems with him, she notices his occasional glances at her chest. She furrows her brow slightly and worries over what he's thinking about. He's probably gawking at how flat I am ... I wish it wasn't so noticeable. I feel so awkward right now.

Katherine's thoughts wander a bit, she solves a few problems incorrectly, but Mike lets her keep going without saying anything. Mike is busy, busy staring at Katherine.

Se notices the stares again and her mind reacts. Every stare strengthens her resolve to remedy this situation. Every glance should mean another cup size, another few inches to her bust. Never again will she be looked at with such disdain. Those thoughts race through her mind as she tries to concentrate on the homework.

Katherine is in reality averaged sized, but now she feel as if she's flat as a board, bordering on concave if that was possible. She pencils in another mostly correct solution. Mike sees his opportunity. Maybe its time to see what she is willing to do for those breasts, he thinks.

Katherine's arousal level continued rising and between that and the constant thoughts of her breasts, she had become quite ... lubricated between the thighs. She shifts again on the couch, even more distracted by her increasingly wet panties. If Mike took his eyes from her chest for a moment, he may have noticed a small damp spot forming at the crotch of her pants.

She bends over and picks up the next notebook, "Okay ... it's ... uh ... time to move to the next chapter."

"Katherine" Mike says grabbing her hand..."there's obviously something on your mind. I think you should tell me what it is."

"I keep thinking about how small my breasts are..." she forlornly responds.

"And... ?" Mike encourages.

"And ... and I'm really wet." She suddenly blurts out, and then gasps as she realizes what she's saying. She can't help but blush deeply.

Mike smiles, loving every minute of her embarrassment. "Katherine, I have something to ask you."

"Y ... yes?" a timid voice says.

"What would you be willing to do for non-surgical bigger breasts?" Mike's erection begins to take form. Her struggle turning him on more than anticipated.

Before answering, Katherine thinks back to how she felt when he was looking at her and the promises she made to myself, "An ... anything."

The moment he has been waiting for arrives, "What if I told you, I had a way. A way to not only have bigger breasts ... but a way where you could actually determine the size of your tits." The word tits send a shiver straight to her moist womanhood. The word seems to strangely click in her mind, the very utterance of it sends her lower lips throbbing.

"You ... you do? What is it? Can you tell me?" she implores.

"Yes, but you may not like it. You may not even have any experience with it"

"What? What are you talking about?

Mike treasures this moment he doesn't want to persuade her ... he wants her to want to so bad, that she actually believes it. She must believe that she wanted this her whole life and nothing will stand in her way. He then adds simply, "Katherine, all you have to do ... is swallow my cum."

"What?!? Swallow your cum?" The last word sends a shock through her senses and she shudders slightly. "That's disgu..." Her mind darts back to how terrible she felt over her chest size. "That's it?"

"That's it. The more jizz of mine, the more boy-juice you put in your gullet the bigger they will grow."

Katherine's eyes dart down to the bulge in his pants as she slides closer to Mike. "Really? That can't be right..."

"Suit yourself, oh but if you are interested, I must warn you. I have no idea what happens at some of the more ... obscene sizes. You could experience lactation, hormonal imbalances, rises in libido, etc." She would be the first guinea pig. The transformation of human semen into breast tissue was bound to have some crazy side effects.

"I ... I just want bigger breasts..." Katherine stammers as she slides off the couch and sit on her knees in front of Mike. Her hands shake slightly as she undoes the zipper on his baggy jeans.

Mike tilts her head up, "Katherine, you about to enter a whole new world of possibilities" She looks up at him with a confused look on her face before her eyes fall to the cock that her hands have already freed from his pants. Katherine's thoughts snap back to the nearly magical elixir it contains.

Her soft hands grasp Mike's member, slowly stroking it, he's already crying pre-cum. Katherine massages the cock softly for a moment to stiff it up before she darts forward and takes it into her mouth, her lips sealing tightly around it.

Mike's head and neck reel back in pleasure. He basks in the warm, wet sensations she is producing on his tool. Katherine begins to greedily suck at his member, stroking its length with her tongue as she bobs her head up and down in Mike's lap.

In the midst of this great blowjob, Mike starts, "I guess I can fill you in on some of the details Katherine ... now that we are so close ... ah..." A hand running through her hair and loosing the ponytail. "You remember that delicious cupcake?"

"Mmmmhmmmmm." She mumbles as his member swells in her mouth and begins to leak more pre-cum.

"Well, it had the receptors in it that allow your body to turn my cum into breast tissue. However, I added a few other things to yours." He groan loudly as she attempts to deep throat his entire prick. "Been experimenting with the connections between mind and body. I had ... ohh ... already got the mind responding to audible input, I wanted to try the body. So, one part of that chemical cocktail is something I like to call, 'The Biggest Ass Usually has the Dirtiest Mouth'"

"hrat?" She mumbles as his member fills Katherine's entire mouth and she's forced to bob her head even more to stimulate it.

Mike says amidst her sucking, "Hold up a minute, Katherine. I want you to say the word penis." Her mind is unable to form the word and so instead she utters...

"P ... p ... cawkk!!!" Her speech is mumbled by my full mouth, but he can clearly make out what she says.

She feels it almost immediately. Its starts like a case of gas, moves to a pleasurable warmth and then BANG, the sensation spreads all over her glorious derriere as it expands slightly ... Katherine nearly coughs off the cock in surprise.

It had worked ... and it was only mid-afternoon.

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