Ki'ja Part 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Pregnancy, School,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story continues after the newlywed's honeymoon, and Joe's mother makes her first call.

Joe had actually been offered a teaching job in Desert Hot Springs California, at a private school that paid student teachers as they continued their education. It paid well enough, especially when Emily managed to get job at a bookstore in Rancho Mirage. Ki would be due in a few weeks, and Diun insisted on helping them get a house since they would normally have to wait.

"Things will be hard enough without dealing with very little space. I'll pick up the first few months payments until you get settled. I will accept nothing less. Call it a wedding gift" Diun said at the wedding reception.

The first day in their new house Ki was cooking breakfast when the phone rang. Turning off the stove she walked to the phone, her belly was already showing signs of pregnancy.

"This is the Frederickson residence. Who may I ask is calling?" Ki said pleasantly.

"This is Joe's mother Delores. May I speak with him?" Delores said, and Ki got the impression that she hadn't wanted to talk to her daughter-in-law at all.

Ki was certainly surprised to hear from her, given the fact the woman had never wanted to meet her. Ki had the sudden urge to tell the woman off given the tone she sensed from her, but she knew that was hormones so she contained it.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Frederickson, but he's still asleep I'm afraid. Would you like me... ?" Ki was replying when interrupted.

"No need to take a message dear. I'll call back in an hour." Delores said, and Ki heard the phone click the tone signaling the call was over.

"The bitch hung up on me!" Ki nearly shouted. Growling, it took ever effort not destroy the phone as she put it back in its cradle.

She heard Joe come around the corner, and turned to face him. The look he saw on her face stopped him dead in his tracks. Since he had just woken up, he was pretty sure it had nothing to do with him. The fact that Emily was still sleeping helped to narrow it down further, but he was still at a loss, and his brain had been waking up. Of course when Ki pregnant as she was, looked angry one did have to think fast or become a target.

"What I miss?" Joe said, ready to dodge an object. Harreden women could be quite unpredictable when they were angry, and the slightest thing seemed to set them off when they were already ticked. Joe could already feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins. Within seconds he was fully awake and ready to run or dodge if need be.

"Your mother called." Ki said crossing her arms over her ample breasts. In a matter of days, Ki had grown two full cup sizes.

Joe winced. He knew full well what that meant, and could guess what had happened. His mother, who had never liked Ki in particular, let alone Emily had used a disrespectful tone towards his new wife. Emily might have taken the whole thing in stride, but Ki was a totally different story all-together.

"She didn't hang up on you did she?" Joe asked, his face hopeful. Unfortunately for him, Ki fixed him with a stare that could melt the paint off a car.

'Shit! She did.' Joe said.

"I'll ... just call her. Heading down the hall, Joe came to the guest room and picked up the phone there. The house was a four bedroom with two baby rooms since both Emily and Ki were pregnant. After dealing with Ki however, dealing with Emily's occasional mood swings seemed like a breeze. Tired as she was Emily slept late a lot. Since Joe had gotten her pregnant they had awhile to wait until the babies came. That part had actually been planned so there wouldn't be total chaos in the house. Theoretically Ki could have at least four kids, and carry them to full term.

Picking up another house phone Joe dialed in the number. It took three rings before his mother picked up.

"Hello mom." Joe said.

"Hello Joseph. I called earlier." Delores replied. It was her name for him, even though no one else called him by it. Not even his birth certificate said the name. As it turns out Carl had won that argument in light of the fact that it had been the name of Carl's father. Carl for once had been adamant on that point, the only other case he had been that firm was in reference to his son's marriage. Now Delores and him were separated.

"Yes my wife told me you called." Joe said.

"Don't you mean your other wife?" Delores said, hinting at her displeasure of the current situation.

"I'm married to them both ma. Try to get along with them. None of us were happy when you didn't show up for our wedding. Even Ki's busy father managed to show up, not mention the rest of her family, as well as well as Emily's." Joe said with an exasperated sigh.

"And why wouldn't they? It's not everyday that you marry into money." Delores said, her superior tone evident.

"Perhaps you should do a little research mom. Ki's family isn't hurting for money. They are actually richer than we are, and offered to pay for the entire wedding. Emily's dad insisted on chipping in a little as well, mine too. Of course you could have helped a little, but decided not to grace us with your presence." Joe said. He had dealt with quite enough from his mother. The woman insisted on looking down on everyone she thought inferior to her.

"Well a lot of things happened so fast Joseph. I just was a little shocked when I heard you were getting married." Delores stammered. Obviously she hadn't counted on her son growing a little back bone. She was used to him bending under her influence.

"I already talked to dad mom. I know why you didn't show up. If you don't want any part of our lives that's fine, we can manage without you. Goodbye mom." Joe said hanging up.

Walking back to the kitchen he found Ki with a smile on her face. Crossing the tiled kitchen floor, she gave him a kiss.

"What gives?" Joe said confused, although happy in her change of mood.

"I heard what you said from here." Ki said hugging him. It took a moment to remember.

"Harreden women also develop excellent hearing in preparation of their first birth." Diun had told him.

"You heard everything?" Joe asked.

"Yes, and thank you." Ki said with a content sigh.

Joe was happy now that he had stood up to his mother, and now felt the better for it.

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