Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What could be more romantic than a walk in the woods? What could be more annoying than a sudden thunder storm during the walk? What could be more terrifying than meeting Smilodon fatalis while trying to find a place for an early morning piss?

God damn, I hate when it rains like this. No nice gentle sprinkle for us. Not even a moderate afternoon thundershower. For our sins we're getting a mother-fucking deluge. One of those big drop downpours where each fat dollop actually hurts when it hits. It reminded me of the words to an old campfire song. "Though I didn't mind when it sprinkled a bit, I cried when my house floated by."

I nearly cried when the lightning got serious. Each bolt and following thunderclap felt like a body blow. Here I was trying to impress Karen, my new girlfriend, with my romantic sensibilities by taking her for a nice walk in the woods. Then comes the storm, scaring both of us nearly shitless. Wasn't this swell?

One tiny stroke of luck finally fell our way as we were trying to run the two and a half miles back to my pickup. A closer than I cared for lightning bolt lit up the entrance of a small cave in a hillside nearby. We were in it like mice through a knothole with a cat chasing our asses. Thank God I'd put a blanket in the picnic basket I was carrying.

Our clothes were soaked and after some serious teasing I let Karen convince me we needed to shuck them so they could at least drip dry a little. I'll admit it made me feel more kindly toward the storm. Unfortunately one thing didn't lead to another until...

The biggest God damned lightning bolt and the loudest thunder on earth came, right at the cave's entrance. Karen lunged into me so hard it almost knocked us down, and then her mouth latched onto mine.

Somehow the storm made us nearly insatiable. Even though we were naked and soaked, foreplay need not apply. The next few minutes were strictly a savage game of the ever-popular in-out in-out. Civilized behavior was gone for now as Karen and I fucked like animals, over and over until we wore each other completely out.

When sunlight woke me through the small cave's entrance I was surprised, and in the light of day I couldn't put my finger on exactly what had set us on fire yesterday. Karen was still sleeping, still naked, and even though her beauty was still tempting I must have had my quota the night before.

I pulled my damp jeans off the rough ledge where they'd dripped the night away and pulled them up. Nothing could come next but a long piss, and I went outside to find a convenient tree.

The sun was bright and the freshly watered earth seemed more alive than ever. A light breeze caressed my uncovered upper body and birdsong serenaded my ears. Something was odd though.

The country path we'd been walking was gone. My sense of direction was confused since we'd been walking south from my pickup last night and now sunrise was facing me as I walked in what I thought was the same direction. Something was dreadfully wrong and I didn't even feel a deep burning pain in my side.

There it was. Proof the world had gone even crazier than Karen and I last night. As I walked into the rising sun, Smilodon fatalis, in his terrible ferocious magnificence was walking to greet me.

This is where the original short story ended.

Sometimes a slight difference of degree is vastly significant. If I'd been reading it, knowledge that saber tooth tigers were still possible would have been interesting, but practically meaningless to me. Seeing one walking toward me early in the morning and not very distant at all was a hell of a lot more than interesting. It was life or death, and for me!

To the best of my knowledge I was armed only with a Bic lighter. Going back to the cave for shelter would only put Karen on the cat's menu along with me since there was no handy door to shut in his face.

With a last ditch hope that this particular type of cat was not a good rock climber I started scrambling up the rocky hill to my left and was actually grateful for the fingernail tearing small cracks that let me make my way up.

About thirty feet from the ground there was a small ledge, if you could really call it one. It was wide enough for me to stand on if I hugged the cliff-like face behind it. Clawing at the tiny hand-hold I found there let me turn my head without falling so I could take a better look at what I was trying not to fall into; namely, the cat.

For the time being it was pacing back and forth below me, looking up and making and awful roaring racket. I was looking everywhere along my tiny ledge for anything I might find to throw down on it. I knew it would be a little like trying to chase an M1A1 tank away by throwing Blackcat firecrackers on it, but it was the only plan that came to me. When the cat put both his forepaws onto the place where I'd scrambled up I looked harder and spied a jagged looking fist sized rock, about the same size as a baseball.

Hell, I'd been a pitcher in little league and all the way through high school. I'd even had a couple of scholarship offers from smaller colleges. I picked up the impromptu missile and gave Smilodon my best fastrock, aiming for the end of his nose. With the rock's extra weight and no room for a proper windup I knew the throw was nowhere near my former fastest, eighty-eight miles per hour, but it was the best I could do at the time.

My aim was off a little too. It grazed the top of his nose, but luckily slammed into his right eye. He roared again, shook his head, and resumed his pacing.

The next time he looked like he was about to head up I had a handful of dirty loose gravel gathered up. The lick on his eye had made me think two eyes full of dirt and small rocks might make him go elsewhere.

He didn't like this trick either and I actually felt a little sorry for him in a detached sort of way. Both of his eyes were full of crap now and it wasn't like he could rub them easily with those deadly paws. He worked at it though, gently too, but he didn't go away.

The next few minutes I spent looking for something else to throw. I found a smaller rock than the first one and it was even more jagged. After waiting for a few minutes the best time came. He had his mouth wide open, roaring at me again, and I put my next pitch right down his throat.

I didn't have any hope it would be fatal, but it must have been annoying. I think I remembered reading somewhere that Smilodon might not exactly be a cat - or not a real tiger anyway. Whatever he truly was, he was now making exactly the same type of coughing noise housecats made when they were trying to get a fur-ball up. It sounded a little like he was strangling backwards.

Whatever he was doing he decided he didn't want to play anymore. All I wanted to do was run like hell for the pickup and I would have if I thought I could find the path again. I was nearly past the cave's opening before I remembered Karen was still in there. I turned back and entered the cave to get one more big surprise.

Karen had dressed while I was gone, and even though the cat, or whatever the fuck it really was, had raised a lot of hell not very far away she didn't seem distressed or frightened in the least.

She was standing in almost the exact center of the little cave when I came back in. She looked at me, smiled slightly, and then dissolved into thin air as they say. I mean she was just gone in seconds. Talk about leaving a guy in a lurch. At least she left the picnic basket and the blanket.

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