Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, First,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - (3) Hoot, Child, and the Colonel travel on Proto to meet and explore the Alliance. This story will eventually dovetail back into 'How Hoot It Is.' Codes reflect possible content and will be added as the story continues.

Once aboard the ship, Hoot, Child, and the Colonel waited for the start of the journey. The seating provided by the Proto was very comfortable, and even had a void for Hoot's tail.

After a bit of waiting, Hoot began to wonder when they were going to begin their trip and said, When will we be starting the journey?

To which Proto replied, Several time units yours, we are.

Astonished, Hoot replied, I felt no pressure or vibration to indicate we were moving.

All systems nominal, arrival one point five Galactic Standard Units, replied Proto.

Child and the Colonel had been listening in while the discussion was in progress and both looked stunned, since any attempt to leave their Earth's atmosphere required a tremendous amount of noise, flame, and vibration with the feeling of an elephant seated on one's chest for the first part of the trip to orbit.

The Colonel said, "If I'm unable to teleport, I believe I could get used to this mode of travel."

Child and Hoot agreed.

The Colonel asked the Proto if there were any way to see out of the ship and Proto replied, Reference points visual lacking, nausea biologicals result.

Everyone quickly decided to forgo any sightseeing for the duration and requested something to eat. Proto grew a table between the semi-reclining seats and reconfigured the seating to a more upright position, conducive to the consumption of food.

Proto Scanned their minds for the desired consumables, which silently appeared on the table in front of each of them. It appeared the consensus was steak in various stages from raw for Hoot, to medium rare for Child, and medium well done for the Colonel.

All agreed the steaks were good no matter the preparation and the sides of fries with toast were excellent. Milk for Hoot, tea for Child, and coffee for the Colonel completed a meal that left them full and contented.

With full bellies, they decided that a nap was in order, and the seating reclined. In short order the three were asleep and Proto began the process of imparting the information they would need and conducting a deeper study of their thought patterns to improve communications between the biologicals and Proto.

Some time later, they awoke from a good restorative nap, and, after utilizing the facilities, regrouped in their seats.

Proto said, "Can you understand us better now?"

An astonished Hoot, Child, and Colonel reacted by looking around the interior of the craft but saw no one. Finally, the Colonel said, "I presume you have managed to study our speech patterns and reproduce the sounds in some way."

"Yes," Proto replied. "We are able to resonate the interior of the ship to simulate the sound waves familiar and acceptable to your auditory intake units."

Child looked confused. Seeing the confusion, the Colonel leaned over, and said, "Your ears Child. Your ears."

Smiling, Child said, "Are there any texts to read concerning the technology or customs of the Creators?"

"We are able to produce a virtual display for each of you on any subject you wish, but would you rather not access the information present in your cerebral cortex? I placed the knowledge there as you slept."

Each one of them checked their minds and found the information present, and after thanking Proto, they began to study the implanted data.

With no way to know how much time was passing, it wasn't until Child's stomach growled that they realized it was time to eat again, and all of them were more than ready.

Fillet of Sole, a vegetable side with yeast rolls, after which, sleep was in order. They awoke from their nap when Proto said, "Welcome to Creator Earth."

After a quick run through the freshener, the three travelers exited the craft. There to greet them were three equally different beings. They were: Hakath, a Creator, with an ivory coat and a golden breechclout; Palrooth, in red and gold feathers, a Scholar of the Patt, a species that resembled a large bird without the beak; and a Teddy Bear look alike with tawny fur and twinkling eyes, called Cheekay who was a Mediator of the Powlu Tribe.

Stepping ahead of his companions Hoot thought, Greetings, Noble Beings, from neighbors and hopefully friends.

Hakath replied, Welcome, Noble Travelers, well met, and we also hope that friendship follows. Please enter the conveyance and we will become better acquainted.

Hoot noticed a low circular platform resting on the stone path to the side with what appeared to be seats formed facing each other around the circle.

Following Hakath, Hoot, Child, and the Colonel settled into the seats, while Palrooth and Cheekay followed to take the two seats remaining.

With everyone seated, the platform rose slightly from the ground, and silently began moving rapidly toward the edge of a forest, of some type. Although they were moving they felt no air movement or vibration

Child asked, "Where live do you?"

Palrooth answered kindly, "It depends upon the species one is referring to. The Patt live in the trees, the Creator live in dens built into the sides of the hills, and the Powlu live in large caves. Many other species live in different abodes, each as their nature dictates but all are intelligent and peaceful."

The Colonel asked, "Have you no armies or police to keep order?"

Hakath answered, When all are able to communicate directly, there is little need of such as a rule. Only the Tarc have caused distress or discord and it took the total Alliance many cycles finally to decide to correct the problem.

Even then, we were required to ask for the assistance of the Mortic, a non-telepathic race that doesn't utilize the same optics that the rest of us do. That is the reason they were able to corral the Tarc without affect.

Cheekay spoke up and said, "We are interested in your species because you can fill a void we have discovered in our culture. We have been at peace for so long that none of the races posses any aggressive tendencies. Not even the mighty Creators have the fierce tendencies they once possessed."

Sadly, this is true, Hakath said. We now purchase our sustenance prepackaged, as do all the other species in the Alliance, and no longer know the thrill of the hunt in the Old Way.

Palrooth softly said, "Your species still has that aggression that will be required if we happen to meet an aggressive, technologically advanced race in our explorations. We would like an honorable selection of your race to join us as Peace Keepers."

Cheekay softly rumbled, "We can supply the knowledge of our technology, and raw materials, if you can supply the personnel. The compensation for the effort they expend on our behalf should more than meet with their approval.

Child, as the last of your species, we understand the loneliness you experience and wish to alleviate it. Would you be amenable to this?"

A stunned Child could only nod.

"There is a race that is almost identical to you and we have brought one for you to meet which, from your mind scan, should meet with your approval. She is quite interested herself," Cheekay merrily rumbled.

The platform slowed as it entered the forest and the explorers saw the many and varied citizens of the Alliance in all their confusing disparity. Rich colors caught the eye with more earth tones thickly interspaced. Each creature dashing, rolling, flying, jumping, or walking on two, four, or six appendages, as was their nature while visiting the shops or stopping to visit each other.

Since the creatures were all telepathic, the only sound was of feet, wings, or movement. A tight mental shield was a must here or one could be overwhelmed.

Arriving at the correct location, the platform stopped and began to rise. There seemed to be a section of the growth that was open specifically to allow this, and they arrived far up in the top of the trees.

"Welcome to my humble nest," Palrooth said. "The chicks have all left to establish families of their own and my mate died many cycles ago in an accident."

The platform had stooped alongside a pathway consisting of intertwined branches with flat, smooth tops. Stepping out onto the path, Palrooth led the way to a leaf-covered opening in the foliage, which opened at their approach.

Following Palrooth into the structure, they were surprised by the beautiful décor. Leaves that resembled stained glass adorned the high ceiling allowing the sunlight to enter and the floor had leaves resembling ceramic tiles in bright, vibrant colors.

Soft woven chairs suspended from the ceiling for seating and the overall effect was of uncluttered beauty.

"Wow," Child said, and the others echoed him either verbally or telepathically.

Asking them to be at home in his nest, Palrooth directed them to seats, and served them refreshments. He said, "I think you will enjoy these. Proto assured us that this is part of your cultural diet."

Taking a sip, the Colonel sat with a stunned expression but finally breathed out, "This is fantastic. What is it?"

"It is akin to your fruit juice, but is mildly intoxicating but not to the point of inebriation, and excellent for soothing the nerves and the digestive system."

Hoot and Child sipped their own beverages and agreed that if it weren't the 'Ambrosia of the Gods, ' it would do until that libations discovery.

After visiting with Palrooth, they departed on the platform once again, dropping quickly to the forest floor, and proceeded along a winding path to Cheekay's den, to meet his mate and cubs.

Arriving at a tall intricately carved double door made from some type of dark wood, set into the side of a rock wall, the platform halted and Cheekay invited them to enter his cave.

Opening the doors, Cheekay led them into a large excavation with smooth polished tile floors arranged in a restful pattern and smooth walls that appeared to be Mother of Pearl.

The seating was more of a lounge type affair and reclining on one was a very good-looking female with Silver fur. Cheekay went to her and they rubbed cheeks and noses before he turned to invite them to take seats.

"This is Cheekayla, my mate and the mother of my cubs. Speaking of which, where are they?"

Cheekayla chuckled and replied, "Waiting until you told them it was permissible to come in."

Emitting several of what sounded like a 'CHUFF, ' three younger versions of the two parents came scampering and tumbling over each other, and their own feet.

Sliding to a stop in front of Cheekay, they respectfully sat waiting for him to speak.

"Have you been good?"

"Yes, Onga," they chorused.

"Do you think should be allowed to have a Beeto (sweet sticky treat like Honey)?" Cheekay asked.

"Oh yes, Onga, please," they replied.

"Do you concur, my mate?" Cheekay asked.

"Yes, I do," she replied.

Turning to the eagerly waiting cubs, he said, "Go get your Beeto."

"Thank you, Onga. Thank you, Ongala," came the reply over the shoulders of the three scampering cubs.

When the cubs had vanished, Hoot thought, Very nice and well-mannered cubs, Cheekay. I am sure you are proud of them, as well, Cheekayla. How old are they?

"They are two Seasons," she replied. Would you like to see the rest of our Chitar now?" She inquired.

Of course, Hoot replied.

The tour revealed an extensive network of tunnels and rooms each with its own unique features. The only area not entered was that of the Cubs. Cheekayla explained that they were prone to leaving things scattered around.

Hoot laughed and thought, No matter the species, it is the same with the young. They will learn and I am sure will grow into fine, responsible adults, and be a credit to their parents.

Cheekayla laughed, turned to her husband, and said, "We will have to watch this one; I think he would charm the bark off a Clinchwood tree."

This brought a general round of chuckles from the rest of the group with a lolled tongue from Hoot.

After visiting for a bit longer, they said their goodbyes, and left for Hakath's den. As they traveled, Hoot asked, Hakath how did the transition from disparate races or species become the Alliance you have today? The background that Proto provided just gave a broad outline.

Hakath replied, "The story of the Alliance is a long and twisting tale, it is more luck than anything else. The emergence of telepathy was one of the primary factors. It allowed the various species, no matter how different, to see the good in another species, and trust them. Then when our planet was able to attain space travel, it became a trademark of the eventual Alliance.

They arrived at Hakath's den just as he finished his explanation and they followed him along a rock path, through a circular opening into the hillside, up another rising rock path to a large door that pivoted vertically on its center, and entered.

Light came in from openings sheltered under overhangs outside to illuminate a large room with quartz walls, which reflected and dispersed the light, with passages leading into the hill on the back wall, giving the area a bright and wholesome feeling.

"Your den is quite beautiful," the Colonel said.

As he was making this statement, two beautiful young females entered, approached Hakath, and licked his face. Hakath in return licked theirs. Turning Hakath introduced his Howitha (mates), Hosha and Hutana.

Hoot thought, I am very pleased to meet both of you. Hakath has excellent taste. You are quite beautiful.

Wagging tails displayed their pleasure, and Hakath's chest got noticeably larger, until Hosha and Hutana started tickling him, and then all dignity was lost in a tangle of laughing fur.

When order was restored, everyone was much more relaxed, and Hosha asked Hoot, "Where are your mates?"

I have no mate or mates, yet, Hoot replied.

As the two females quickly started talking low with their heads together, Hakath snorted in amusement, shook his head, and said, "You have done it now, my friend."

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