Chapter 1: A Decision Made

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Harem, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Violent, School, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Decision Made - A sequel to first girlfriend and part of the Conqueror's reward series

Chenosh sat naked on a wooden chair with her legs crossed, watching Luke lie there breathless. She had been working him for a good hour or two and this was his first chance to rest.

Already she sensed a strange connection between them, and she didn't like it. Unlike Sebbun, Chenosh preferred that separation. In her mind anything beyond sex was just asking for trouble. She had never been an artist like Sebbun. She had always preferred mathematics instead: cool and logical, yes this described her. Any so of passion was a means to an end.

She didn't like this warm feeling this human inspired in her, this warm that felt so odd. Everyday her thoughts seemed to drift towards him. He accepted pain like no other, even humiliation as she sought to test him. Bent over the balcony he had again taken it up the ass, allowing anyone who bothered to look up to see him. The safety railings only hid so much, so the threat of being exposed was very high in that case.

Instead of refusing like part of him wanted to, he had submitted to her whim, giving of himself and accepting his role. Chenosh had to admit she had imagined the scene from time to time as she fucked him deeply as he leaned over the top rail.

Balled she heard him try to moan, his mouth and body showing his pleasure with each thrust. His hands were handcuffed together like Chenosh liked, leaving him bound and practically helpless. Even looking down at the ground below and the possibility of him falling seemed to add to the excitement.

Both were completely naked as Chenosh fucked him with the large strap-on dildo until he came.

Pulling out Chenosh gave his pretty little ass a good smack and watched him tense. Reaching over the side she grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up.

"On your knees bitch and crawl." Chenosh said as he obeyed and she led him back in. He crawled across the soft gray carpet before they came to double bed.

Tying him up she had taken a cane to his back and buttocks making him crying out with the pure violence. Tossing the cane aside, she viewed the red bleeding welts that marked where she had struck him. Climbing onto the bed she used her tongue, finding every single one, enjoying the taste of him and how he shivered in pain and pleasure. Her saliva healed every wound as she finished, leaving no marks across his smooth skin. Luke felt a strange tingling sensation as each wound closed and the stinging pain disappeared.

Spread-eagled as he was Luke was securely bound on the bed. Leaving him like that Chenosh got dressed and went out to get something eat. Returning later she found him lying there waiting.

Untying him she secured him with a leash and a black metal studded collar. Leading him as he crawled across the carpet to the smooth linoleum floor of the bathroom she treated him like a dog.

"On your feet." She said calmly watching him stand up. Moving behind him she pinned him against the counter with them both facing the mirror. Grasping him by the neck from behind she pressed his full against her, so Luke could feel her firm nipples press against his back. She remember how he loved to suck on them. There wasn't a thing he didn't love about her body in fact. If given the opportunity, Luke would lick and touch her body forever.

"You worship me don't you my pet?" Chenosh whispered into his ear, seeing his eyes close in the mirror.

"Yes mistress." Luke said.

"And you believe I can do something to change that." Chenosh said with an evil smile. Letting her power build she forced it into Luke's body and watched him shift for a few moments before leaving Luke to finish the process.

Sitting on the bed checking her nails she heard him whimpering in agony the sheer amount of pain taking his breath away. He was actually shocked when unfamiliar sounds came out of his mouth.

Sweating and gasping Luke crawled out of the bathroom with blurry vision. Upon seeing Luke come out Chenosh called to her lovely pet.

"Come to me." She said.

Exhaust Luke crawled to her feet and collapsed with labored breath.

Helping Luke up Chenosh produced a mirror.

"Look at yourself in the mirror my pet. I want to see the hate and disgust in your eyes. Look!" Chenosh said firmly.

Looking into the hand mirror Luke saw a woman who could practically be his female twin. With a long red hair and a new trim body as a woman Luke was gorgeous.

"I am a Ki. You may have heard about it in the news, and what we can do. I just made you shift, and only I can turn you back, but I'm afraid I'm not inclined to." Chenosh said getting up and walking to the side of the bed. Reaching underneath it she tossed a gym to him that she pulled out. Luke looked down at it as it landed beside him.

"That's enough money for you find yourself a place and get a new job. I enjoyed beating your pimp up for the money. I found it quite a release." Chenosh said almost idly. The large Caucasian man had actually tried to put a good fight, and she had enjoyed toying with him. Eventually she just decided to break his jaw and he soon changed his tune. Breaking his arm wasn't completely necessary, but it was fun and would further illustrate that he shouldn't fuck with her. The man was a quivering mess by the time she left him in that alley.

"You did that for me?" Luke said, not exactly the response Chenosh expected. Looking at Luke's face, Chenosh saw that it was drenched in tears. As a Di'san it was part of her nature to alter to fit her mate, and already she could feel Luke's need working through her, until finally it one out. The transition was to an outside viewer would have been smooth and seamless as personality traits reshuffled to fit the new image. While certain core aspects remained the same, Chenosh abilities allowed her to shift into accepting her new role and iniating the final bond need to identify Luke as her mate. Luke watched in wonder as the mask of coldness and Chenosh pulled Luke into her embrace.

"Yes ... I did." Chenosh said, uncomfortable at admitting this. Luke's adoration for her was stifling at first, suffocating Chenosh. Then after a moment something changed. Chenosh sensed that Luke was comforted by her touch. Kissing away her tears Chenosh held Luke until she fell asleep.

Since Luke insisted on staying with Chenosh, her mistress decided to use the money to buy her pet some clothes along with a new black collar, with "C." etched in a metal plate at the front. Along with this new collar came Luke's new name "Lisa".

Having seen Chenosh's male form that morning, there was no very little hidden from the two. Whatever Lisa wanted to know Chenosh answered freely. While Lisa noted this change and was happy with it, she also noted another in her mate: Chenosh now mainly focused on the women and not the men as he looked around in his male form.

Lisa had seen Chenosh look at both sexes before, as if it made no difference, and that had been as a female.

"Master?" Lisa asked hesitantly.

Turning away from the current brunette he had been eyeing going into the changing rooms, Chenosh turned to Lisa with raised eyebrows.

"Yes?" He asked looking her square in the eyes.

"Why is it you only look at women now? If I may ask." Lisa said, making sure to add the last part with her eyes downcast.

Grasping her chin lightly Chenosh pushed it up so Lisa looked at him. Looking into her green eyes Chenosh kissed her in public, their lips lightly brushing.

"Because I intend to be the only male in this relationship, or any other. Take this money and go pay for the clothes we found for you. I will be waiting at the front entrance." Chenosh said stroking her cheek softly with his fingertips.

He watched her go, still stumbling in her new heels, it was her first day ever wearing any after all. Lisa had bought them at the last store when Chenosh commented that he liked them. She seemed quite determined to get the hang of them. Lisa wore a black spaghetti strap top, and a black and blue plaid miniskirt.

While Lisa didn't realize as he watched her move away his eyes were only for her. Her slim body as well as her firm tight ass inspired lustful thoughts, as he imagined what he wanted to do to her.

'I'm curious to see how she will respond to the fact that this new body of hers is a virgin one, a fact I plan to change once we head back to the room.' Chenosh thought.

School was out for the week and Sebbun had agreed to give Chenosh some time, especially since her sibling had held their body for so long because of finals. Chenosh had every intention of making the best of it, and Lisa understood.

It was times like this that Chenosh wished she could have her own body, but whether he liked to admit it or not, Chenosh might miss her near constant companion's presence, if separated. Both had become accustomed to each other and each despite the occasional reservation needed that constant contact. From time to time they would share memories of what had happened while the other slept and each marveled as they saw things through the other's point of view.

It took Sebbun only a day or two to realize his sibling had changed and it had not become a cause of contention between them. When one of them needed something the other one was willing to give them the opportunity to carry it out, as they had since the beginning. By tapping into the other's skill base they were able to do tasks they couldn't do before.

Walking to the front entrance past the displays of clothes, Chenosh wondered if it was fair to Lisa to share, for secretly Chenosh adored her so.

Lisa got a call from Ellen one of Lisa's former co-workers. Apparently after the pimp got out of the hospital he had taken the rest of the money and skipped town. This left all his still working call girls on there own with no protection. Even now a few of them were in trouble.

Apparently a few drunken frat boys wouldn't let them leave until they got something they hadn't paid for. Looking at Lisa Chenosh could sense her worry and decided that he would intervene on their behalf, besides it could be fun. While they might not recognize Lisa's voice for obvious reasons, they were desperate, which made Chenosh smile and Lisa shiver. As much as he might have change or bonded to Lisa, the old Chenosh could still bubble to the surface when others were concerned, and they didn't share Lisa practical immunity.

"Can I come with you? I promise to stay out of the way." Lisa asked in earnest. She wanted to be there when things went down. Part of her was unsure exactly why. It was just a feeling that something both good and bad was about to happen.

"As you wish, but don't put yourself in harms way understand?" Chenosh said glancing at her.

"Yes master." Lisa said and she saw him nod showing his acceptance.

The hotel was a nice one. Obviously some of these frat boys came from good money. Chenosh could not help but smile at the thought of that.

"This will be too easy." Chenosh mumbled as they headed to the elevators. The girls had already given their room numbers.

"Excuse me sir. Where do you think you are going?" The manager of the hotel said, stepping out to meet them from behind the front desk.

"I have some friends in room 402 that could use more company. I brought some more to ensure the festivities remain interesting. I'm sure I can arrange things with Mr. Havens to ensure you are more than compensated for this little show in front of your other guests." Chenosh said.

"I should really call him to confirm all this." The manager said nervously. Chenosh was putting him in an uncomfortable position.

Pulling out a wad of cash Chenosh began counting off a few hundreds before offering it to the manager who looked around unsure if they were making a scene.

"That won't be necessary. We both know how Mr. Havens and his friends love surprises. It would be a shame not to give it to them." Chenosh said only having to provide only the slightest hint of mental pressure on the balding gray haired man before he gave in and took the money.

"There now, I'm glad that's settled. We shouldn't be long and I believe we can find the room on our own. Mr. Havens and I will talk business and I have a new cell phone number. Do you have a pen?" Chenosh said before providing the Manager with the instructions needed and continuing to the elevator.

Riding it to the 4th floor Chenosh and Lisa stepped out, and headed to the room. Knocking Chenosh waited for Havens or one of the other men to answer. When a handsome twenty year old man opened the door he asked who they were.

"Are you Mr. Havens?" Chenosh said, smelling the thick stench of alcohol to his breath after already hearing his slurred speech. Even through his sluggish mind Chenosh was able to sift through and find the memory of a knife in his left pocket: a switch blade to be precise.

"I am. What's it to you?" Havens said, barely getting the words out in a coherent sentence.

Without warning Chenosh landed a vicious toe kick right to his balls as he stood open and exposed in the doorway. Hearing grunt and she grabbed him and whirled him around before fishing through the pocket in question and finding the blade. In less than a second, Chenosh had the ready blade at his throat, while Lisa moved to close the door behind them.

"I suggest you move away from the girls before I bleed your friend here." Chenosh said with a toothy grin, eyes hungry and waiting.

Both men immediately moved away from the two hookers trapped at the window. Each man was far more sober than their friend Havens and were looking to him for direction.

"Good now strip. The both of you. Let's see if you can provide a show for the ladies and I. Do it now, and no funny business or I might just make your friend a unic before I come for you next." Chenosh said with a chuckle and a smile.

Glancing at each other both men reluctantly began to undress. It took a trickle of blood from Haven's neck before they actually began moving though.

Looking them over Chenosh appraised them as they moved. Both were in good shape. Like Haven's all had the look of athletes.

"I'm guessing you boys are on vacation. Good, that means I can nice price for new talent when I get you your dates, women of course. No use making it too difficult consider only one of you will be doing this more than once." Chenosh said before shoving the well built Havens onto the table. Like the rest of them everything was happening too fast and he was as frightened as the rest.

"Since I took care of their last pimp then I guess it's my job to step in. The girls are free to go their own way if they want, but you pretty boy are going to work off this insult. If you try to run or refuse I'll find you and put you in a fucking hospital. Either way you are going to pay up for me wasting my time and having to come down here. When I say I'm done with you then you get to leave just like your friends will, but not until after you gain a new appreciation for the life of a hooker. This can go easy or it can go hard. I don't want your daddy's money, only what your bitch as is going to give me, because unlike your friends you will be taking as well as giving." Chenosh said sending a punch to one of his kidneys for emphasis.

Turning to the other two men as Havens held his side and groaned in pain falling to the ground Chenosh said, "Now does anyone want to argue this point or has everyone realized it's not a good idea to fuck with me?"

Chenosh and Lisa were fooling around when they heard the knock at the door hours later. Getting up from the bed Chenosh left his still clothed girlfriend gasping from the beginnings of an orgasm.

"Come back to bed please master." Lisa said with pouting lips.

"Business first my pet. After all we do have to pay the bills." Chenosh said before opening the door to find the three men waiting outside.

"You're late." Chenosh said showing his disapproval as he looked them noting everything.

"We had trouble finding the place." Havens said sweating on a cold winters day.

Chenosh's hand shot out, and grasped him by the throat, lifting him off the ground. The other two men froze, whatever plan they had suddenly in tatters as they watched their helpless friend.

"One, you aren't a good liar. Two, I can see the imprint of a gun in the left front pocket of your jeans. You suck at this junior so don't even try to play with the big boys. Now both your friends are going to step inside and we are going to have a fucking discussion about not fucking with me and guess who is going to play the part of example." Chenosh said, making more a statement than a question as he was looking right into Havens face which was turning blue.

Backing up while still holding the choking Havens, Chenosh let them in. It wasn't until they were safely inside that Chenosh Havens, letting him crumple to the floor. Havens sucked in great big gasps as he tried desperately to feed oxygen into his air starved body.

"I expected you to behave foolishly, despite the fact that I was being easy on you, I am a mind reader after all. Now we up the ante." Chenosh said noticing Havens was trying to crawl away. Without much of an effort Chenosh planted foot on his ass and shoved him back down, before pinning Havens under his weight. Not once did he take his eyes off the others for more than a second.

"You two will still go on your little dates, but in response to this I've already set you up with a few more adventurous women, nothing you two boys can't handle. But since Mr. Edwards here got the bright idea to cross me again, an example must be made. Stand up Eddie." Chenosh said removing his first before sending a swift kick to Eddie's ribs. If he had used any more force Eddie would have had a few broken ones. Even now he rose slowly as he held his side.

Grabbing the back of Eddie's neck, so the two of them faced Eddie's friends Chenosh sent a jolt of power into him making him shift. Both men gasped as their friend turned into a skinny little brunette who looked like she was barely eighteen. Like Lisa she had green eyes.

"Pretty isn't she? I think I'll call her Evelyn. Lisa would you be a dear and get a hand mirror so our new girl can have a look at herself.

Eddie/Evelyn already didn't like what she could see of herself already and was about ready to panic.

"What have you done to me?" Evelyn asked looking down at her hand and now loose slacks that were too long for her now.

Taking the mirror that Lisa offered Chenosh showed Evelyn her new face saying, "I've turned you into a girl, and a pretty one at that. My you do have fine genes. I think I'll make you my pretty little doll. We can even play dress up. What do you think Lisa? Perhaps some red lips and makeup, followed by a change into a blue bikini to show off her lovely body?"

"Yes master. She does look pretty indeed." Lisa agreed eyeing her.

"This can't be happening!" Evelyn said, her voice beginning to quiver.

"Of course it is. You were planning to kill me after all. In return, I believe I am being most kind by not killing you as perhaps I should. We had a deal and you broke it. Now your buddies get to leave when the job is done. You however..." Chenosh began, pausing for emphasis as he pulled Evelyn against him and let her feel the hardness of his cock, "Will not even want to leave when I'm done with you. I'll break you, and then I'll fuck you. Both should prove to be quite entertaining. Now your friends should leave now, unless of course they want to join you."

Both young men took each set of directions before scrambling for the door, Chenosh chuckled at the sight of it.

"Well I guess that just leaves the three of us. Lisa, if you would could you get the makeup and a pair of scissors. I think my new doll needs a makeover before we have some fun." Chenosh said.

"Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Please! Please! No more!" Evelyn cried out as her body managed to push out one more pain inspired orgasm. Chenosh had not even touch her once, not with his body at least.

"Just say the words and this can be all over my pretty little doll. That's all you need to say and this will be all over." Chenosh said lying on his side on top of the covers. He could sense her hesitation, and sighed.

"I can do this all night if necessary. Next we'll move on to the pleasure centers in your body. In the end I will win so it's only pride that stands in your way. I know you're tempted. Twice already you had to fight the urge. Even now it's getting stronger. Give in. I will make sure you won't regret. As much as I love breaking you, I want you open and wanton for me all the more. You are punishing us both because you won't give in." Chenosh said, the words soft and inviting.

Evelyn had to use all her will not to give in to it.

"As you wish. If you want it the hard way then I will have you beg and crawl before I'm done. I've held back until now." Chenosh said sitting up so he could look at her.

Evelyn meant to ask what he meant by that comment when the first flood hit her. Every nerve in her body sprang to life. Thousands of neurons firing all at once, and everyone of them allowing the feeling of pure ecstasy to build past anything Evelyn had ever imagined. Her voice became an unintelligible women as her brain was overload leaving her gasping like a fish out of water. Eyes dilated and muscles straining and clenching, there was no longer any conscious thought. Evelyn's brain could not process the data being sent through it and was desperately trying to stay conscious. Her entire body began to shake and sweat as her brain tried to send the information somewhere else so it wouldn't be buried in the overload. She wasn't conscious of anything but the pleasure, her body itself was acting on its own for its own self-preservation. For a brief moment Evelyn thought she would die from it, that it was too much for any human to handle. But then suddenly without warning it relented, and it took a few minutes for Evelyn to have any semblance of coherent thought.

"Oh fuck..." Was all that she could manage to get out as she just lay there totally spent. Not one exhausted muscle would answer her commands to move as she tried to get up.

"Shall we try again?" Chenosh said with a raised eyebrow.

"No ... I submit." Evelyn said, her mouth being one of the few things she still could control and even it ached. As some feeling began to come back she felt a wetness between her legs.

"Yes you made quite a mess on the floor, but that's understandable. Given the choice I think you might have preferred the pain in hindsight at least that is easier to handle. Come to me." Chenosh said, and sure enough Evelyn began to move, her body acting of its own accord. Crawling across the floor she came to the bed and managed to climb onto it.

"Here, sleep beside me." Chenosh said after finding a place at the head of the bed, directly in the middle with Lisa joining him at his back. Each girl cuddled up to him and they all fell asleep and Evelyn was able to finally rest at last.

The following morning Chenosh got the money from the two college boys, and he decided to let them go, after all they had made quite a bit of money and Chenosh was in a good mood at the moment. That night all of the former pimp's prostitutes showed up and Chenosh convinced them to pull their money. Each of them sat in fold out chair or were spread out on the beds or floor as they listened to his plans.

"You will each receive a fair percentage, the rest will go toward necessities and building towards a future. We'll all live on one estate to save money in the long run and some of you will train as submissives and dominates. If necessary I'll bring in an outsider to help in this training. The main advantage is you will not be having sex anymore, so you actually be safe, so long as you remain on the estate." Chenosh said.

"What about those of us who might have already of caught something. It is a dangerous business after all." A young looking blond who sat in the back said.

All the others turned towards her nodding in agreement. Apparently a number of them were afraid of the same problem, and they wanted to see how their new pimp was going to react.

"My blood creates antibodies naturally. For those infected I can provide a cure if provided the right equipment. If you would like we could create a small lab as an add-on to our little business. All employees will receive free help benefits as it were. Would that be agreeable?" Chenosh said looking around the room.

The woman after a quick discussion amongst themselves agreed, as did a few of the men.

"In addition if you do prefer sex, porn seems to be a legitimate option we should look into. The condition will also be an improvement on your lives on the streets and the pay is better. I will of course always receive twenty-five percent of each form of income as is my due, but I will be fair and as at least two of you can already attest, I will make anyone regret fucking with you." Chenosh said.

Lisa had been made their spokesperson; despite the fact that she was his girl they still trusted her: in the past they could always count on her to help out. Granted in the past Lisa had been a him, but outside of getting the initial shock of the physical change, she was the same person underneath.

Heading to the far corner they circled around her as they discussed these ideas. Chenosh could easily of overhead if he wanted to, but he purposely tuned out so he heard or sensed nothing. It was done out of difference to Lisa. Chenosh had no intention of making her friends and co-workers think less of her.

Stepping forward until she stood in front of her co-worker Lisa said, "We are in agreement as long as you deliver as promised."

"Excellent, then let us begin with who will volunteer for what." Chenosh said, letting the hookers separate themselves before he would address each group separately. Almost none of them wanted to work on the streets anymore. The majority simply didn't see much future in it, especially when their new employer was offering a way out.

Chenosh smiled as he saw the eagerness in their eyes, and why not? Both he and they would benefit from this relationship, and what was more, both could be rich. He would use the opportunities presented here to expand his territory and influence to become a conqueror of another kind: the business world.

Sebbun sensed a disturbance as she dreamt. Something had changed, and her consciousness reached out, trying to sense what this change was. Standing in the middle of lush rolling plains she closed her eyes to help her focus.

"Greetings my sibling, you look well." Chenosh's voice came from behind her.

Whirling around she came face to face with Chenosh in her female form, with a smile on her face. It had been some time since they had appeared as anything other than a voice to each other in this setting. Normally they merely passed each other short messages through telepathy, but their bond was strong despite the fact that they had lost much of their closeness recently.

"You've changed Chenosh. I hardly recognize you anymore." Sebbun said, looking at her sibling, a sad look on her face.

"I miss how close we once were, you and I." Sebbun said.

"Such things cannot be helped. Your mate opened the door, I merely responded. Now I am my own person, not merely a clone." Chenosh said, looking her in the eye.

Taking Chenosh's hands in hers Sebbun replied, "You were never a clone. You were always my protector. I could never be violent ... never be strong like you. How many adventures did we have as children because you pushed me to come out of my shell?"

"You had your own Sebbun, and now I must follow mine. Because of this new metamorphosis, my powers have grown far beyond our predecessors. We can finally split you and I ... at least physically." Chenosh said.

"And our bond?" Sebbun asked looking into her eyes earnestly, "What of that? We have never been separated, you and I. Who knows what will happen. Perhaps we were put together this way for a reason."

Scoffing Chenosh shook her off and stepped back saying, "And what possible reason could that be?"

"Think about it Chenosh. We are opposites, we always have been. Even before the change this was true. Even you have to admit that." Sebbun responded.

"I suppose that true. In some way I was always the aggressive one, and you the submissive. Perhaps recent changes have only enhanced that part of our nature." Chenosh said.

"And affected how we look at the world." Sebbun added.

"What's your point?" Chenosh asked.

"My point is, that what if we were never meant to be split up? What if on some level we balance each other? Maybe even keep the other from going to far. If that is the case, splitting up would be a very bad idea." Sebbun answered.

"Or perhaps we will become what we were truly meant to be, without the other holding back. If we stay this way then both will suffer. My wishes and yours don't coincide. You want to become everything your girlfriends want. I on the other hand want it to be on my terms. I want to be control: that is my nature now. I want to be free, and you can be that way too. Live your life, Sebbun and let me live mine." Chenosh said, grabbing a hold of her sibling.

"What are you doing? Aaaaah!" Sebbun cried out as pain and nausea overcame her. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself alone back in her dorm room.

"Chenosh?" Sebbun said, suddenly afraid as she couldn't feel her twin for the first time in her life. Not one stray thought came to her, not one sensation, or any other inkling that her twin might be nearby.

Enjoying her new freedom Chenosh returned to her hotel to finish packing. Every one else had already moved out, and she had wanted to spend the last night alone. Laying on her bed in her black and white plaid shirt and gray pants, she reveled in the feeling of unchecked power flowing through her body. She was so focused on this feeling that she almost didn't notice the house keeping maid enter her room by mistake.

Chenosh opened her eyes and turned to find a cute little Latin maid. Small and slender she was definitely eye catching. Chenosh saw that her name tag said Estelle as the door closed behind her.

"Sorry miss, I didn't know anyone was still in here. I'll leave and come back later." Estelle said.

Turning the doorknob, Estelle tried to leave, only to find the door wouldn't budge. Looking around for the cause she saw a feminine hand holding the door closed. Turning around she came face with the sexist woman she had ever seen.

"Hello beautiful. Where do you think you are going?" Chenosh said, using her free hand to reach up and finger Estelle's necklace, which was attached to a silver crucifix.

"I ... I ... I should be going. I could get into a lot of trouble." Estelle said, her nipples growing stiff against the blue cotton maid uniform she was wearing. There was a hunger in this woman's eyes that made her breath quicken.

When Chenosh pushed up against her, pressing her body against Estelle's, the maid gasped and Chenosh smiled.

"You're not going anywhere. I plan to use your pretty of yours." Chenosh said, backing away. Estelle's eyes widened in shock and she found she had trouble breathing as Chenosh began unbuttoning her shirt. Estelle couldn't speak, no matter how hard she tried. Her voice was simply gone as she couldn't form a single word. Her body was tense and nervous. She felt hot and sweaty, and could feel herself getting wet.

When Chenosh let her shirt slip, all Estelle could do was stare. Before her were two lovely breasts, dark and inviting.

"My name is Chenosh." She said before ripping open the front of Estelle's uniform, sending buttons flying and revealing her white bra and panties, "And before I'm done, trouble with your bosses will be the last thing on your mind."

Estelle's clothes were strewn across the floor, and she still found herself pinned across the floor. Of course the difference was that her feet were nowhere close to the floor. She was in fact straddling Chenosh face as the powerful female held her up without any trouble. Grasping Estelle's thighs tightly, Chenosh hungrily licked and nibbled her pussy.

Estelle moaned, her mouth slack, and her eyes rolled back into her head as she came for the third time in the last ten minutes. Changing her grip Chenosh grasped the maid's hips before she pulled them away from the door. Walking backwards for a few steps, she turned, feeling Estelle suddenly grasp the back of her head in fright. In those few seconds before she turned, Chenosh had briefly stopped allowing Estelle to regain her senses. Realizing that she could fall Estelle was holding on for dear life.

Moving to the bed, Chenosh bent at the waist to put the woman down, and almost laughed as Estelle tensed before she gently touched down. Laying on her back Estelle relaxed as Chenosh began fingering her pussy. Using the fingers of her left hand as well Chenosh rubbed the maid's clit too, working it for all it was worth.

Withdrawing her fingers from Estelle's pussy Chenosh licked them clean using long strokes of her tongue as she enjoyed the taste. Estelle fell asleep totally exhausted. When she woke up again it was to the feeling of some strange object rubbing against her pussy lips. Still groggy she tried to get up but found she could move that much. Testing each limb separately she felt the tug of a rope, only then did she realize that she was bound.

Using top length of the purple dildo Chenosh continued to tease her, enjoying her gasps. Grasping the sex toy just behind the tip, she gently herself pushed in.

Once she was all the way in Chenosh said, "You like this don't you? Tell the truth."

"Oooooh, yessss!" Estelle moaned as Chenosh began to fuck her nice and deep, leaning back as she delivered each thrust. Estelle was so wet that the dildo slipped in and out so easily.

"Tell me how much love it." Chenosh said leaning forward a little bit so it increased the friction as she fucked downwards more.

"I love it! Please don't stop! Right there! Oh God, right there!" Estelle said, grasping at the covers.

"You have such a tight pretty ass. I can't wait to get inside it." Chenosh said, as she kept up the pace.

"Please not my ass. Just my pussy. So good!" Estelle said, closing her eyes and enjoying each stroke.

Chenosh fucked her for another five minutes, letting cum once more before she made her move. Pulling out Chenosh bent her face down as she stretched Estelle's ass cheeks apart, letting a dribble of spit fall into Estelle's asshole making it nice and wet.

"What are you doing?" Estelle said, feeling Chenosh using her finger to rub the spit in.

Chenosh kept quiet and smiled as she moved in and pressed the head of the fake cock against the Latin woman's asshole.

"Please not my ass Miss. Just my pussy. Not that, aaaahh!" Estelle said crying out at the end as Chenosh began to force her way in.

"It hurts!" Estelle said starting to cry as her ass was far too tight.

"Shhhhh baby. It's okay. It will start to feel good in a moment I promise." Chenosh said, stroking the other woman's long black wavy that touched her shoulders, and was done up in a pony tail. Estelle whimpered one more time as the toy was forced in all the way, and the full length was now lodged deep in her ass. As Chenosh began to fuck her, Estelle did start to feel the barest tingle of pleasure and no discomfort. Moving in and out Chenosh fucked her the innocent maid, watching her become more and more open to this new experience.

"See isn't that better. I told you it would feel good." Chenosh said with a smile, kissing the back of her neck tenderly. Leaning forward she pressed herself into Estelle's back, luxuriating in the softness of the well tanned woman's skin. The harness holding the dildo in place rubbed against her own clit as she fucked her. Soon her own pussy began to leak a steady stream of pussy juice down her thighs until it dripped off her. Reaching behind herself she dabbed a little of it up and rubbed it on the Estelle's soft lips. Unconsciously she licked them, tasting Chenosh.

"What is that? Some kind of candy or something?" Estelle said her tongue licking up the last traces of the delicious fluid.

"No, that's me. Do you want some more?" Chenosh replied.

"Yes please." Estelle said eagerly.

Grasping each rope in turn with both hands she snapped each with a sharp tug before moving on. In a matter of moments she had freed Estelle, who was now rubbing her sore wrists and ankles.

"On your back." Chenosh commanded, and watched as Estelle did it. Straddling her face, Chenosh lowered her pussy down onto Estelle's mouth. Now it was her tone to moan as the maid lapped happily at her pussy, savoring every lick. Chenosh came hard and quickly giving herself up to an incredible orgasm, and gushed all over Estelle's face. Estelle sputtered for a moment choking, as her mouth overflowed, but went right back to it once she had caught her breath.

In a surprise move Chenosh got up a lay down face up on the bed. At first Estelle hesitated, but eventually her own lust over came her and she climbed on top of Chenosh and gave her breasts experimental licks. Even the half-Harreden's sweat tasted good, and Estelle was practically devouring her as she licked and mouthed every part of the other woman's flesh. Estelle had never felt the uncontrollable urge to have sex with anyone, least of all a woman, but there was something different about the person beneath her.

"Who are you?" Estelle asked stopping just long to look Chenosh's eyes.

"I am Chenosh, and I'm all the man or woman you will ever need. Now kiss me." Chenosh said grasping the back of Estelle's head and pulling her down towards her own waiting lips, "Am I not beautiful."

"Yes you are." Estelle said, not resisting her.

"And so are you." Chenosh said, kissing her deeply.

Estelle had been forced to dress in some of Chenosh's clothes, thanks to her ruined uniform. Chenosh kissed her tenderly and Estelle felt enmeshed in her precious, like she was falling into her. Chenosh didn't want her body but her mind, her soul. Diving into her Chenosh touched Estelle's core sharing it for a brief moment. Estelle gasped, this was more intimate than she could have possibly dreamed. She witnessed vivid images as they flowed into her. For that time they were one soul, one spirit, and Estelle could feel Chenosh's hunger. Like a magnetic it threatened to pull her in, and claim her. She would be Chenosh's forever, and no one else would be able to compare. Part of Estelle resisted, knowing it would be the end of her, but the rest was ready to give up. It was Chenosh herself who saved her. Realizing how close she had come Chenosh withdrew quickly, and broke the kiss.

"Are you alright?" Chenosh asked, it was a brief moment of openness, Estelle's near death experience just then had brought it out of her.

"If I said yes would you do that again?" Estelle said, feeling as she had just experienced heaven on earth. Her legs began to buckle, her body spent from the brief experience. Chenosh was forced to hold her up until Estelle forced herself to breathe.

"I wouldn't recommend trying that again. Strange, I usually have more control." Chenosh said, uncomfortable with the idea of what had just happened. Perhaps Sebbun had been right, and she was now more dangerous than she realized.

"I don't mind. Please, can I have more?" Estelle said trying to kiss her again.

Pressing a finger to the other woman's lips to stop her Chenosh said, "I don't think so."

Then she saw the look of pure sadness that came over Estelle's face to which Chenosh replied, "Maybe later."

Estelle's face lit up at the thought of trying it again. Chenosh recognized this as both strange and unhealthy. Obviously Chenosh's new ability could effect the mind of her partners. Estelle reminded her of a drug addict who was looking for a fix. Even now she could picture the woman going through withdraws. Right now her eyes were dilated and she smiled, her features relaxed. Whatever Chenosh had just done, it was greater than any other ability she possessed. If used unwisely she could not only kill but be tempted to enslave her human partners. Already the temptation rose up in her.

'Why not take her? She wants it after all." A voice inside Chenosh's head said, but Chenosh resisted despite her eroding will.

'No! I won't give in. My will has never failed before. I will not become a slave myself to this. So far I've managed to skirt true enslavement and taking away choice, but I haven't crossed over and I won't. I must get help.' Chenosh said to herself, trying to push the desire away with little success.

'Sebbun! Sebbun help me! I need you.' Chenosh called out in her mind.

'I am here. Let me in so I can help you.' Sebbun voice came to her, feeling so distant and weak.

Chenosh obeyed letting down her mental shields that now blocked her sibling from connecting fully with her. Sebbun came inside and touched Chenosh's mind, restoring control and calming her.

'Come to me Chenosh. I miss you.' Sebbun said, her voice so warm and welcoming.

'I will. I'm so sorry.' Chenosh said, realizing her error. Her arrogance had nearly cost a human life. For all the bad girl that was in her, Chenosh was not prepared to do that.

'All is forgiven, but we must talk you and I. You are going down a path that will lead you into trouble. All I want to do is help you.' Sebbun said, Chenosh could feel her worry.

Turning to Estelle she again used her new ability, but this time she healed the imbalance she had just made. Estelle's eyes went back to normal and she looked around her as if waking from a trance.

"What just happened?" Estelle asked still feeling strange yet aware, like something very important had just happened and she missed it.

"I did something by accident and almost lost you. You should go. I am unsafe for now until I figure things out. It could possibly happen again." Chenosh said, feeling so much wiser than before. This was a very big wake up call for her. She had no intention of letting it happen again.

"Are you sure? I could come with you." Estelle suggested. Taking a pen from the desk in the room and writing down the address to the mansion Chenosh handed it to Estelle.

"Go here and tell them I sent you, and that you are to be the new made. Later we can talk if you want to live there or not, but first I must go see someone." Chenosh said.

"Alright. I guess I'll see you later then." Estelle said leaving her.

Making sure everything was packed, Chenosh left the room and closed the door behind her.

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