Why Me
Chapter 1

A dark figure grabs her shoulders and glowing red eyes burn into her soul," You have never been a part of me and you never will be." He expelled her into the great nothingness of void.

The look on her father's face when she stepped out of her mold was one of disappointment, sorrow, dismay, and anger. She was a woman born into the place of a first-born male.

After the great library was finished her father shoved her in her room and locked it. No one must find out his first-born was female.

Her eight siblings where all a buzz with excitement over the formation of the council, each of them had a place on it accept her. In fact the only reason she knew about it was because of their chatter.

Raven's anger broke the dam of his simple mind because of his pride. Like a wild animal he crouched in wait to catch her off guard. With out thought he pounced and wildly connected her soft body with his granite fists," If I can't have you no one should."

She walked into one of her old bed rooms to find many life times worth of her husbands involved in a huge orgy of writhing bodies. She falls to her knees and weeps for she knew that they hid this from her. In her moment of weakness all the men that she ever cared about or loved turned on her like a pack of rabid dogs and ripped her flesh from bone. They laughed as they devoured her heart and soul.

Lady woke so angry that someone was going to die today. Dreams had filled her mind last night of those who had caused her pain. Her usual habit was to send the slave that slept at the foot of her bed off with an order for breakfast. She slid out of bed and glared at the only man in the room as he quietly knelt awaiting her order, hoping for the kitchen staff that it would be something easy. She paced the floor still fuming from her dreams, turned quickly on her heel, curled her toes under and connected with his soft stomach with such viciousness he wasn't used to this early. His body curled into a ball and slid across the floor toward the door. He looked up at her, his face bluish green with lack of air and the nausea that fallowed. He gasped and looked at her with pleading eyes, "I'm sorry if my presence has upset you my lady, if you like I can have someone else bring you breakfast and I will go to the dungeon so that you may punish me at your leisure."

She thought on his words as she paced, she slowly realized that if she sent him to the dungeon the rest of the castle would be there by nightfall. She sternly barked, "Eggs, bacon and toast." With his order he jumped up and ran through the doors, closing them behind himself. As he passed the other slaves, servants and staff he warned them of the lady's mood. The castle went to the height of busyness usually reserved for her return from a trip and also fell deathly quiet.

The two dressing girls timidly peeked in to see the lady of the house absorbed in her thoughts as she sat on the bench, so they silently scurried in and to the side of their mistress. Barely letting breath escape their lips, "Mistress would you like us to dress you today?"

Slightly shaken out of thought by the mousey squeak of her dressing girl, Lady dryly replied, "Today is a working day, thank you." The red head gently got out one of Lady's black leather body suits, corset and boots. The one with mousy brown hair offered Lady a hand to show that they were ready for her to stand. Lady smiled lightly and took the young girl's hand crushing it in hers as she stood. After the girl winced in pain Lady let go and allowed the girl to kneel at her side so that they could put the body suit on her. Starting at Lady's legs they peeled the soft leather onto her skin and up her body. The still uninjured red head gently zipped up the front of the body suit; carefully they slipped the corset on Lady and tightened the back. Lady sat back down allowing them to put her boots on her. They gently slid the boots on Lady's smallish feet and laced them tightly. As soon as her boots where on and tied Lady stood putting a sharpened heel though the red head's hand. Now that both were injured she was pleased, " I'll eat in the throne room." She walked out and the doors closed behind her.

When she reached the throne room it was particularly empty. The only ones about were the slaves chained to her throne and one young man finishing the cleaning. She took her throne and watched him. His style, grace, he seemed almost happy to be cleaning for her. Smiling a bit, in a voice that wasn't hers, "You there, can you clean some where else?"

Without looking or thinking, "It is my duty to see..." he turned around to see whose eyes were upon him, his eyes met hers and he dropped to his knees. "I'm sorry my lady, I shall leave if you wish and I apologize that the cleaning wasn't done before you got here."

She smiled evilly, "You can finish cleaning, but when you're done, go into town and find fresh meat like your self and bring it back to me."

The fear on his face showed he understood her request, in a shaky voice, "Yes, my lady." Quickly getting back to his cleaning, so as not to give her a reason to beat him, but he worried for whomever he picked from town. There where rumors of her moods like this and what happened to the poor soul that talked, saw, or touched her those days.

After a few moments her bedchamber slave quietly snaked his way to her side with her food on it's silver tray, "Breakfast, my lady." One of the slaves chained to her throne became a human table for the tray and food. Her bedchamber slave set the tray on the human table and then knelt by her side silently awaiting her next order. The human table stood there on all fours trying as hard as he could not to move, for he knew that spilling her food meant a trip to the dungeon. She slowly ate her breakfast as her thoughts drifted back to her dreams.

Half rapped in thought she glanced around for the cleaning boy, who had slipped out, "Where did the boy go?"

Her bedchamber slave looked up at her, "He went into town to get what you requested, he left about fifteen minutes ago." As soon as the last bite of food was in her mouth and the fork was back on the tray the bedchamber slave whisked the tray back to the kitchen. The slave that was serving as a human table scurried back beside her throne.

After half an hours wait, the cleaning boy arrived with his offering. The young man was half drug and half pushed into her throne room. She looked up at the sound of the doors opening and smiled as she saw them enter, "What do we have here?"

The cleaning boy stepped forward, "I have brought you what you sent me into town to get, my lady."

She jumped out of her throne and walked over to them and they knelt. She lightly inspected the youth and said while lightly touching his cheek, "Whom do we have here?"

He looked into the rumored lady's hypnotizing black eyes surrounded by her pale white skin, "mmmm mmy nnaaammeee iisss sssttaaannnllyyy," as he shook from head to toe. She smiled knowing he would do anything not to die.

She nodded to the cleaning boy, "You did well. Now, I don't want to see you for the rest of the day." With that he fled the throne room leaving Stanly there alone with her. Not daring to stand in her presence he looked around the great throne room of his queen. The smooth hone granite floor and walls came to life with the flicker of over a hundred candles placed so there was no shadow to hide in. The finely crafted oak throne with silver inlay and blood red velvet cushions was the focal point of the room as it sat atop two onyx slabs. He didn't stop to count the ten to twenty slaves chained to the slabs of stone. As he looked up into the rafters of the cathedral-like ceiling he noticed that on one of the cross beams there were hooks with ropes hanging down. He traced the ropes with his eyes as they streamed down from the cross beam to the walls where they where tied nicely. He wondered where the finery was that usually was a sign of a lady of her stature. She watched him take in his surroundings, "To answer your question, I have no need of them." Hesitating for a moment he looked up at her. How could she know what he had just thought? Could the rumors of her reading thoughts and minds be true? If that was indeed the case were the other stories of her true? Thoughts and questions swam though his mind. She shook her head and laughed, "Now, now, Stanly don't worry, you will not die tonight." He could only hope that was true. She looked down at him and smiled, "Do as I say and you will not die do you understand?" He silently nodded as a reply.

She slowly started to walk back to her throne, "Good, now stand and follow me." When she got to her throne she turned and sat in one fluid motion. He stopped at the foot of the steps the onyx slabs made. She lounged in her throne as she tossed a leg over an armrest, "Now Stanly, I want you to undress completely." Timidly he took off his tan shirt, brown pants, and dull leather shoes. Knowing how uncomfortable he was she smiled, "Good, now I want you to spread your arms and legs." He could feel her eyes from his slightly dirty black hair over his not yet manly face and down his toned muscular body. He kept wondering what was going to happen to him, but he was too frightened to voice his fears. As she saw a single tear roll down his cheek and his body still shaking she know he would do fine, "Now turn around." He turned around slowly as he tried to maintain his stance that she put him in. His strong back and tight butt showed him for what he truly was, a blacksmith's or a farmer's son who helped his father. She smiled as she started to know him, "You can turn back around and put your arms at your side and your legs together." He turned around and snapped to attention. She smiled seeing a bit of military training in him.

She let him stand there like that for two hours. She thought about all the young men like him that had hurt her soul. How many of them had used women for sex. She slowly licked her lips as his mussels tightened from standing at attention. Smiling she sat there and listened to his thoughts and let them so much of the work for her. He kept wandering why he was chosen to have an audience with the queen. Stanly knew he was in no way deserving an audience with his queen. Watching his mind fill with thoughts of concern for him self and his family if he could not please her. She knew his fear, honor; love of his family and willingness to serve his queen would chain him to her side.

She jumped out of her throne like a predatory cat, snatched Stanly's wrist and drug him under the cross beam with the ropes hanging from it. Two of the slaves seeing what was going on jumped up also and went to where the ropes where tied and lowered them. His left shoulder now in pain and the shock of being grabbed in such a way he started to cry, as he did his body relaxed. Before he knew what was going on he was staring at the beautiful fit goddess of a woman in black leather as she quickly tied the rope around his wrists. When she was done tying his wrists securely she nodded to her slaves. Stanly screamed as the slaves pulled on the ropes to suspend him two feet off the floor. He cried as his arms and wrists in particular supported all of his hundred and sixty five pounds of weight and he could feel every ounce of it pulling at his shoulders and wrists. Through tears he could see her raven black hair blend into the black leather above her shapely hips and bottom as she walked over to a rack of weapons and items used for beating people. As she turned around she saw his eyes go wide as he saw the whip in her hand. She walked to him slowly, knowing the anticipation of the first strike and the pain in his arms was making his body tense. In a soft calm tone, "So you work with your father, is he a blacksmith or a farmer?"

Her words like balm, slowly relaxed him and put him at ease, "He is a farmer and my uncle is a blacksmith, I help them both."

She smiled, "Are you studying to become military?"

Nervous as to why she was asking such questions, but calmed by her voice and manner, "I'm just part of the militia, we have a tough drill instructor and we drill often."

She nods, "I'm glad the militia is focused. Now, I want you to close your eyes and tell me about your father's farm and fields." He closed his eyes and started to describe the farm and fields in detail, as he did his body relaxed and he forgot about the pain in his arms. When he was fully relaxed was when she struck with the whip.

The whip bit at his chest, stomach, legs and arms leaving welts and some light cuts. Lady smiled as she watched his first reaction wash over his face. The expression of surprise, horror, pain, and fear all at once was beautiful to her.

His body instinctively tried to curl into a ball as he cried, "Why me! Why are you doing this to me! I can't think of any thing I've done to deserve this!" He started to weep uncontrollably as the welt and cuts burned, "Please, please let me go. Please release me or at lest tell me of my crimes so that I can mend my ways." She stopped the lashes of the whip and thought about it. After a few minutes she nodded to the slave that held the ropes. The slaves let go of the ropes and he fell to the stone floor.

She stood over him and glared down at this weak boy, "My reason is as simple as the bit of flesh that hangs between your legs."

Her voice was like ice to his pained body, "My lady, my queen you beat me because I'm male? Who has made you so jaded against men," he pleaded with her.

She looked at him unsympathetically, "Yes, there were many who jaded this soul, if you must know." She walked back to her throne to think about things with tear in her eye. As soon as her back was turned he untied his wrists and looked at the marks left on his body. His self concern melted into concern for her and anger at those who had hurt such a beautiful woman as her. He didn't hate her for what she did, he felt sorry for her. That she could not inflict this pain on the ones that hurt her. He wanted to help her some way. He slowly half crawled half walked to the foot of her throne where she sat, looking downward.

He sat at her feet and looked up at her, "Please tell me of the men that hurt you, so that I may find a way of undoing the pain they caused you."

She shook her head and gave a sigh, "If you want to know then get cleaned up and then come to my room with my lunch. If you don't then just leave." With that she stormed off to her bedroom. When she had left the slaves descended on him like wolves, telling him that no one ever comes back from her bedroom if they aren't a slave and then about half the time the slaves don't return. They had only heard rumors of what happens to the ones that don't come back and if he valued his life he should run. Undaunted by the warnings he stood and looked for a bathroom and some clothes to wear.

Once in her room Lady crawled onto her bed and lay there until someone brought her lunch. Clean and dressed in finer clothes he made his way to the kitchen and fixed two plates of roast beef with mashed potatoes and veggies. She stirred at a knock at her door. The door slowly opened as Stanly pressed against it. She sat up and waited to be served. He gently set the plates on the huge oak four-post bed as he sat at her feet. Handing her a plate and silverware, he waited for her to start eating.

She started her melancholy tale with the first bit. She explained that her soul was a fragment of one of the oldest souls in this realm and it started at the souls creation. The great lord of darkness was her creator and he did not or could not love her and tossed her to the side as some kind of waste. The next one was when she took mortal form and was born. Her father was unhappy that she was born first because she was a girl. She was hidden from the world until a son was born. Since that point in time came a string of bad relationships, most of the men that were with her, were with her for the power that came with it. She being head of the great council after father died and her brother showed his incompetence. At every turn she had to fight for that which was rightfully hers because of men. Her husbands cheated and walked out on her. Men by the flocks would gather just for the chance to use her body for sex. She told of many wars started by men that she had to finish. How her father banished her mother for what one of her brothers said. The same brother killed his own mother.

After her over two-hour diatribe of the evils of men and a list of names that went from gods to mortals, she fell quiet and finished her food. He had watched a strong and cruel woman become a scared hurt girl. He understood why he must never speak of what she had told him, if he was allowed to live. She watched unbelieving as he reached out to touch her face, "What do you want from me? Take your information and go."

Lightly wiping away her tears, he looked into her eyes with love and compaction and smiled, "I'm not going to go. I want to help you in any way I can."

At his words her eyes burned with hate and mistrust, she couldn't believe that any one could love her, "If that is the case, if that is truly the case, you have one of a few options. You can stay here and do my bidding or you can help me train men how to act or you can join my private army." Amazed at the fact that she gave him a choice in what was to become of him, he started to pace as he thought it over.

It would be more than an honor to take any of the options. Whatever choice he made, he would have to make arrangements with his family and say his good byes to them. He thought over his options carefully and then decided, "My great lady, my queen, please let me do all three. Teach me how to be a man in your eyes, let me serve you in all ways, allow me the honor of helping you teach others and then let me drag those who have hurt you to your feet, so you can crush them."

Impressed by how he thought and his willingness to serve her. She smiled, knowing he had just laid him self at her feet, "There is only one condition and if it is broken you will die. It is if you ever tell what I have told you, your life will be short."

Accepting his fate he knelt at her bedside and gently took her hand in his, "My life is yours to command or end as your choosing. I will return in the morning and from there after I'm yours." With saying that, he got up and left the castle, to make his arrangements with his family and friends.

She didn't understand why today and him were different, but they were. She had dealt with all manner of men, thieves, killers, rapists, politicians, and scared boys, but none had cared about the feelings of a woman as Stanly did. She started to wonder if there was a decent man in the world and if she just met him.

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