Peter Is 20: Yvette
Chapter 1: Pre-Dawn

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cousins, MaleDom, Light Bond, Black Female, White Male, School,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: Pre-Dawn - There she was - the woman of Peter's dreams. True love bites Peter. True love bites.


I had not intended to meet Yvette. As a matter of fact, I should never have meet her. I should not have wound up in the emergency room but that's how fate works, I guess.

I had a small diving accident. I'm not a diver but I was showing off for a woman poolside which is hard to do when your big skill is swimming fast. It would be easier to just tattoo a silver metal to my chest. Anyway, I cracked my head on the board and knocked myself out. So they tell me. I remember looking down and thinking 'this will get her attention' and then waking up to see my panicked mother's face. Right after I woke up, it seemed, everything happened. Doctors came in, nurses, Alex - laughing - and food services. She came in with the tray, saw the crowd and left. I saw her face very briefly and sent Alex to get her and bring her back.

Best decision of my life.

She was stunning. Ebony skin, beautiful face, chest like a mountain range, ass to match. She worked at the hospital as a work/study but her real field was psychology. I told her she could analyze me anytime. She rolled her eyes.

They only kept me overnight for observation. So I wound up coming back three times before she finally gave me her number. I confess, my whole objective was getting her in bed. Just talking to her got me hard. She made me work for every kiss, for every inch of skin she let me touch.

Finally, after three months of wining and dining and being on my best behavior, she told me she was celibate. I told her I didn't care. Which was more or less true. By then, I knew I was falling in love with her.

I told her the truth - mostly - that I had a lover 'back home' and while we occasionally had sex when I was there, the relationship was definitely not a committed sort of thing. She was not pleased.

"You want to be a therapist, right?" I was trying to be calm, rational.


"OK, so, analyze this: My - friend - is not about sex. It's discipline. Not like B&D sort of..." I catch myself, "OK, maybe a little but it's uh - uh - uh thing between us. Since we was kids really." I gave up. It wasn't going to make any sense without all of it. "I'm gonna tell you some things that nobody else knows. I don't know how you're gonna take it but -" I took a deep breath, "If I love you, I have to trust you."

Her expression softened a bit, "You can tell me anything."

I hoped that was true. I told her everything. How it started. Why. How I felt when I controlled Alex. How I felt making love to him. One confession led to the next and I told her about all the girls too - Trina, Michelle, Melissa. Even Ryan. Even Beth. Everything.

When I finished, I felt drained and she looked more than a little stunned. "I'm gonna take off now." I said. She didn't stop me. I figured that was the end of it.

Two days later she called me. "How much of that little fairy tale is true? Any of it?"

"All of it."

"So, you are telling me that you are a dominant, bi-sexual, incestuous, sadomasochist with an oral fetish?"

Put that way, it almost sounded silly. "Sadist only. I have no tolerance for pain myself."

"Don't be cute." She sighed deeply. "Can I meet you for dinner?"

She came over; I cooked. We talked, mostly about what I told her. Then she opened up and told me why she was celibate. The abuse. The rape. I left the room when she finished and returned with refreshed drinks. It was the first time I understood impotent rage.

"You're not saying anything." She said softly.

After a minute I replied, "Please make very sure that I never meet this uncle."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not sure I won't try to kill him."

"You don't need to be so..."

"I'm not being anything but honest. I meet him, Yvette, so help me, I'm droppin' him like uh bad habit an' throwin' him in the bay. You know how long it takes ta find a body in the Chesapeake?"


"They don't. Body drifts out ta' the 'Lantic Ocean. If it don't get eaten first." She looked more than a little shocked. We sat in silence for a while. "He hurt you. I can't do anything about that. But I'll be damned if-n he evah get a chance ta touch you again." I was shaking. I think it might have been the maddest I've ever been - sitting there thinking about the asshole who would touch any child like that, never mind the woman I loved. I took a breath and tried to calm down. "I'm sorry if I've made you uncomfortable, being so persistent. I didn't realize..."

"It's OK. It was kind of-" She looked away, blushing, "It was OK."

She was so beautiful. The idea that someone hurt her made me crazy. I was shocked by how strong the desire was to find him and beat the shit out of him. I could only think of two ways to relieve the stress of it and both were out of the question. I thought.

When she leaned over and kissed me, I was more than a little stunned. It was more passionate than any kiss we'd shared.

"Don't do that," I cautioned her when she let me up for air. "I'm not gonna want to let you go home If you do it again."

"I thought maybe I'd stay tonight."

She wanted me to make 'touch' OK for her. Make arousal a good thing. She wanted a memory to replace the old pain. I tried my best. I tried my damnedest to make her want me ... it ... sex ... everything.

I let her lead me at her pace, tell me where to touch her and when. When she let me finally take her shirt off, I buried my face between her breasts. "Oh God. They're beautiful." I must have spent an hour worshiping them. Eventually, she lay me down on the floor and straddled me, topless. Heaven.

She took off my shirt and stroked my nipples as I gasped. Slowly, she explored me with her fingertips. "Oh, Christ. I want you so much." It was a struggle to keep my hands off her - not to just throw her down on the floor and have my way with her. Then I remembered where I was. I have facilities here. "Hey, let's go upstairs and do this right."

I took her to Granddad's room with the four-poster bed. I stripped and attached the pre-set handcuffs to my ankles and one wrist. "Like this, you can take as long as you want, do what ever you want. I can't touch you. I can't hurt you."

"You and Alex play some odd games," she said, still unsure.

"Alex has never cuffed me. No one has," I half smiled, "Actually, I hate this idea but I want you to feel totally safe, wholly in control."

She hesitated. She closed the last cuff. She kissed me. Then, she used me. She told me to tell her how it felt as she stroked me everywhere with her fingertips. I gasped when she pinched my nipples and then my scrotum. I tried to say useful, supportive things instead of groaning incoherently when she found a vibrator in one of the nightstands and began rubbing it in odd little places like behind my knees, under my armpits and at the small of my back. My eyes were closed when she stuck her nipple in my mouth but I sucked it greedily until she took it away. I begged. She gave it back. I tried to hold her only to be reminded that my hands were secured. She shuttered and fell against me. "Tell me that wasn't your first time ever." I whispered.

She curled up beside me and wept quietly for a few minutes. I couldn't do much to comfort her but it didn't last long. She started to doze.

I flexed my shoulder, "Hey, uh, you can't leave me like this all night."

"Kiss my ass." she murmured, "I'm comfy."

"I would love ta kiss yo' ass. Please." I licked my lips. "I'll kiss yo' ass, yo' pussy, yo' feet, yo' anything. Please."

"You are perverted little white boy, you know that?"

"You have no idea. But I promise, bring the phat ass up here and you will not regret it. What you felt a minute ago? Nothing. Nothing. I promise you. Lemme kiss that ass, please." I went on begging until she hesitantly climbed over me and sat on my face.

She was surprised by how wet my lips and tongue on the ass got her. And by how hard I got doing it. She made me beg - had fun making me beg - for her pussy but it was swampy wet when I buried my tongue in it. She came on contact, crying aloud and pulling away. I had to beg for her to come back again. I made her cum again before she collapsed on me. Her cheek and hair brushed against my cock making truth of the phrase 'hair trigger'.

"Oh God, Vette. Vette." I couldn't think of anything else.

We both fell asleep without un-cuffing me. She was frantic when she realized. I was tingly and shaky but not in danger of losing any limbs. I missed my morning swim.

"Whose room is this, anyway?" She asked as we rubbed the sensation back into my legs.

"My Grandfather's"

"Does he know what you do in here?"

"The handcuffs are his." She hadn't met Julius and Rachael yet.

She stayed the rest of the day. She kissed me again after dinner. "But in your room and without the cuffs," she whispered. "All that's kind of creepy."

I took her upstairs and slowly undressed her. Kissed down her neck and shoulders, across her collarbone. I rubbed my chest against hers. Carefully, I made my way up her body and back down again. Then I knelt in front of her.

She nearly fell over when my tongue stroked the hairy lips of her slit - I much prefer shaved but I wasn't about to point that out.

"Do you want me to do you?" She asked later when she was lying down and had breath enough to speak again.

"I want you to do what you want to do." Then I stopped, smiled and was more honest, "OK, yeah, I want you ta blow me but I don't want ta push you into anything you not ready for."

"Sometimes in therapy you have to push yourself," she mused, taking my cock in her hand.

I admit, she wasn't particularly good at handling me. It was a little awkward and after a while it was more me masturbating as she helped. She was a little upset about it. I cuddled with her under the blankets. "We'll practice. It's fine. I love you."

Over the next few months, she got better. Much better. Especially after she realized that she was past her own fears. We did not have intercourse - but oral and manual was enough to keep us both happy. I let her be in control. Always.

"Come home with me for Easter," I said.


"Yeah. We can sail down an' back. Meet my parents - meet the infamous Alex. Go down Saturday morning, come back Sunday after supper."

"OK," she agreed, almost shyly.

My Uncle, Capt. Ed, met us at the Georgetown waterfront that Saturday at 7:30am. Alex, Jean and Joan made up the crew. He snapped orders at the three of them with little patience. "Damned kids," he muttered a lot. Yvette won him over when she volunteered to clean the deck with the rest of us.

Alex and I stole a moment together. "I told her about us," I confessed. "I know, I should have asked you first but-"

"Hey, you the Dom, right?" he shrugged casually. "Tell who you want." Half an hour later, I saw the two of them having a quiet conversation on the bow.

"What was that about?" I asked, later, after dinner, after she made my father laugh so hard he had a coughing fit.

"I told him that I knew about you two and that I was OK with it. That you don't have to stop because of me."

I didn't ask then, but that's when I knew I would ask her to marry me. From that weekend on, we became 'PeVette'.

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