Don't Mind Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Slavery, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Slow, School,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is old, incomplete, and inactive. David is hurtled into a world ruled by psychics - with no apparent abilities of his own. What is real and what isn't?

I volunteered at a local newspaper in grade eleven of high school. Mostly, I did just about nothing. You'd be surprised how even the littlest things can play a big role in the grand scheme of everything. My story is one of discovery. A discovery that, unfortunately, found me long before I suspected its existence.

Second Year University -- Project Management (COMM 244)

I don't much like lectures. It's not the lectures themselves that bother me, it's the auditorium. For such a big space, I never feel more crowded, more boxed in. Whoever designed this auditorium should be made to sit in it for three hours. The teacher's voice was coming clearly through the speakers, the droning Became part of the background noise as my mind drifted back and forth. I'm sure you've been there before — where your mind just thinks of things and you go along for the ride. My mind had just finished recapping the last ridiculous television show I has subjected myself to, and it was just beginning on a rant about more efficient ways to cap a beer bottle when it happened.

The silence.

When you're in a room with 300 people, there's always a buz, a soft murmuring in the background. Voices drift past uncaring ears, pages turn, pens scribble, students shift back and forth in their seats. Suddenly, it had all stopped. My first reaction was that something had happened and I had been too busy in my own little world to notice. Looking around, nothing moved - nothing happened. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

A pencil hitting the ground echoed about the room. The fans on the ceiling seemed eerie, their movement shy, as though they, too, thought they where meant to stop. The guy sitting to my right, his eyes unmoving, continued staring at the same word. A girl three rows ahead was reaching across some people, grabbing for something — her muscles held her in place. The professor too, with one arm in the air, stood perfectly still.

" ... does it? Going to choose. It's or it's her — it's not us! Working that away way-ay."

Her words sloshed through the silence. I felt as though she were the only sound in existence. Strangely though, while her words were all defined, they seemed to become fuzzy as my brain began to interpret them. Her sentence didn't make much sense. I tried to look to where the sound came from, but only my eyes would move.

Suddenly, I realized that I hadn't moved a muscle since everything stopped. It felt strange. It felt as through I had some reason to stay perfectly still. But I didn't. I didn't. Why wasn't I moving? I turned my head toward the sound, my neck muscles moved and suddenly I was free. Suddenly it all came rushing back to me. I could hear myself breath, but my thoughts ... my thoughts still felt distant.

Confused, I shook the guy sitting beside me. Upon my touch, he seemed to awaken for a moment. At least I thought he had. Instead he just began to slowly tilt foreword until his head hit the chair in front.

Why was nobody noticing this?

"No, Kathy, you don't seem to understand. It isn't a choice. Never has been. I don't have to choose you or her. The choice is on you. I'll fuck her if you go and I'll do the same if you stay. If you go, there's going to be somebody else who is willing to share."

She blushed and looked down, averting his strong gaze.

"Then," he continued, "when you come crawling back to me, you'll have to share me with two girls."

She looked startled, but she also nodded. She knew she couldn't stay away from him. I knew it too. He was Scott after all, and Scott is the most popular guy on campus. All the girls love him.

"Let me explain something for you ... Kathy," he placed extra emphasis on her name, almost spitting as he said it, "You can't deny me. You don't love me, but your body heats up at the very mention of my name. You don't want me, you need me. You crave me. Nobody else can do anything to satisfy you"

He's arrogant isn't he? No, it's Scott. He's just truthful.

"Sarah loves me. She doesn't really need the sex, could get just as much from any other guy — but she can't stand to be away from me. Fusses over me, cooks for me, calls me every five minutes. She'll do anything to make me happy."

Does he like that?

"Some day, I'm going to invite you over to my place and she's going to be there, like she always is. I'm going to fuck her and she'll do it because she'll want to make me happy. You will watch and it won't matter how much you hate her. It won't matter how much you don't want to share me, you're going to get so hot that you'll end up in bed with the two of us."

By this point, she was sweating, leaning in toward him. I looked around me. Was nobody watching? Nobody cared? Could anybody hear this? I looked around and nobody had moved, nobody was paying any attention. Except for the professor — he was looking directly at Scott.

"Then," said Scott, "We will have best threesome ... ever."

"Let's go to your place," she said, sounding ready to jump him right there.

This seemed to excite him. I couldn't be more horrified. What was even more strange was that I wasn't sure what I was horrified about. Wasn't it normal to sit perfectly still and not hear a thing being said while Scott was talking? So many questions. Why?

Kathy was a walking wet dream. I confirmed this by watching her rear as they exited the class. This was all wrong. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but something told me I was missing something. Something obvious. I felt as though it was obvious what was going on, but somehow I was keeping the knowledge hidden from myself. My inability to think straight ... it was connected to something. Something about movement?

Kathy made her exit with Scott and nobody noticed. Not even the professor ... he was staring right at me, a quizzical look in his eyes. I didn't look back, I don't know why. It seemed unlikely that he we be looking at me, of all people. I was at least twenty rows back. The door shut and life seemed to reenter the world.

Everybody continued on as though nothing had changed. The guy next to me was confused. He gave me a questioning glance, and then went back to taking notes. He must have decided to drop the issue.

Do you ever feel as though you dose off and you remember waking up, but you don't remember falling asleep?

The Boss's House

He thinks he's better then everybody. He acts all pompous because it took him a week to get a job as a professor at the university. I can mind-fuck a few bitches too and get any job I want. He was gloating. One week and he had found him among a shit load of students, he had found the psychic. The brat got lucky and Colin would give him all the credit.

"He's strange," said Kaushik, "His power is below a class one, but his ability to send broad signals to about 300 students would suggest he is at least class 3."

His Indian accent never stops pissing me off.

Colin thought for a moment, "What makes you believe his power is so low, but his skill so much higher?"

"One of the students was only partly effected." answered Kaushik.

Colin's eyes flashed, "A psychic?"


"You are sure." It was a statement, Colin wouldn't accept anything less then absolutely sure.

"Yes, he has no psychic abilities. Nothing latent, not even a hint or suggestion of power. Entering his mind was easy — no resistance. He didn't even notice my presence."

"Completely normal? There were 300 kids. That means about 3 of them have some latent ability, most likely too weak to ever manifest itself. You're telling me the only kid to somehow resist the mental signal was a completely normal child?"

"The signal was weak. The student was probably sleeping, or daydreaming when he was hit. His mind wasn't completely open to suggestion and with a signal as weak as that, it probably didn't effect him nearly as much as the other kids." Answered Kaushik, sounding very defensive. Personally, I hoped Colin would kill the arrogant bastard.

"Nobody else was asleep or daydreaming? Your lectures are that good?"

"Kids don't go to university to sleep through class. The kids that do — they just don't show up."

"Okay." Said Colin, dropping the subject, "Who's the psychic?"

"A guy named Scott. He lives in an on-campus res, room 263"

"How do you know?" asked Colin.

"He was broadcasting his name, telling everybody that he was popular. Also, he screwed with a girls mind, the usual. I read her mind and it told me everything I needed to know about him."

We've found hundreds of kids like Scott. They discover their own powers, use them all lot and it's never long before they realize the rules don't apply to them anymore. Then they mind-fuck a bitch or two and screw them twice a day. Teenage boys, it's the very first thing they all do when they realize they can make anybody want them. Which is stupid, because that's the easiest way to find them.

Looking for a psychic is tough work. If they're not using their powers, the only way to notice them is to walk into their mind. Going into the mind of every person in a city is like searching for a needle in a haystack. A really big city-sized haystack. There are some tricks though. If you see a really smocking hot bitch with some dweeb. He's probably a psychic. If you see a fat-ass ugly bitch with a guy like me ... she's obviously a psychic.


I looked up, Colin was looking right at me, "Sir?"

"You and Kaushik go get the kid tomorrow morning, before he goes to class."

"Yes sir."

"Also Will, don't open your mind for any reason. The same to you Kaushik. Somewhere on this campus there is a very powerful psychic, if he finds us before we find him, I'll make sure to kill you myself ... that is, if he doesn't do it first."

Both Kaushik and I nodded. It wasn't a bluff. We'd have to kidnap the kid the old-fashioned way.

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