Alex Is 22
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, Heterosexual, Cousins, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Torture, Oriental Female, First, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, School,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - College has been good. Then Alex met his match. Is this the right woman or just the next woman?

She jabbed me with a pen — that's how we met. She jabbed me with a pen because I was blocking the aisle and she couldn't get to an empty seat. Just to the left of my lower spine; hurt like all hell.

I think I must have fallen in love right then.

"Most girls would say excuse me after hurtin' uh guy like that," I said looking around to see what just sent my motor from zero to sixty thousand in one shot.

"Most women wouldn't have had to move a little boy like that." She stressed the word 'boy'. Physically and verbally abusive. And pretty. Not conventional — a little short, a touch thin except in the seat. Dark hair, dark eyes, deep voice for a girl; especially for an Asian one.

I turned away from my conversation — in truth, I didn't even remember to whom I was talking or what about. She had my full, undivided attention. "You're new, aren't you?"

She pursed her lips and narrowed her brows. "You're observant. Observe this." She poked my chest with the pen and pushed her weight against it. Even through my shirt, the sharp point stung and I hissed even as I smiled. "Sit down, little boy, and leave me alone."

"Oh, yes, Ma'am." I sat down, pulled my cell and text-ed Peter. 'Breaking a rule. Fell in love. Sorry.'

In the middle of class, the response came back. I saw 'WTF' just before I turned it off.

College was turning out to be easy. I got a scholorship dispite my best efforts to avoid one so the money was even less of a problem than it might have been - which was none given my family's finances. I was living with my cousin Peter in a house off-campus that my Great Uncle Julius let us use. Living with Peter was amazing. He was my Dominant in addition to being my cousin and my best friend. I'm not saying living with him was perfect but it's hard to beat living with a guy who beats you hard. Living with a chick who beat me - that could be better but I hadn't meet a willing girl. Yet.

At the end of class, I made a point of blocking her path again. The second time she used her nails on my arm directly. "Oh, yeah," I hissed and turned on her quickly catching her wrist tightly in my hand. "You wanna go out tonight?"

She stared at me blankly. I knew I was holding her too tightly; I knew if it didn't actually hurt, it was damned uncomfortable, but she didn't even blink. From behind me I heard, "Hey, Alex, what's the hold up?" but I didn't want to let her go 'til she answered.

Then I heard Peter distinctly, "Alex. Let go." Programmed response; my hand actually released before my brain registered the words. I couldn't directly disobey him — not that I actually wanted to. I stepped aside and let her pass then watched her ass as she left the room. Then I caught sight of Peter's expression. I didn't know if he was gonna beat my ass or put me on suspension. Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.

He stood next to me while I tried to pull myself together. "Well, I haven't seen that in a while."

"Seen what?"

"You, in 'asshole' mode."

I looked at him, "Did you see her?" I get my books stuffed into my bag and show him the four crescent shaped marks in my arm, "Christ! I am so breakin' uh rule tonight."

"I'll let that go, I think. But you don't touch her again. Hear?"

I looked at him; he was totally serious but he didn't make that an order. I took it as one anyway. "Yes, Sir."

He glanced over his shoulder then bit my lip, quick and hard. He headed out of the room leaving me a little shaky again. I followed him out. I so needed to get fucked that night.

Tuesday and Thursday quickly became my favorite days of the week. All day spent knowing I was gonna see her at 3:25pm. I made a point of getting there early so I could do something for her — move someone else out her way, sharpen her pencil, get her a bottle of water. She barely registered my presence. I didn't actually talk to her until we got assigned our group project together. Three weeks into a sixteen-week class, I learned her name.

Ame. Ame Wilson. Pronounced 'A-me', short for Amelia.

I didn't know who the fuck the other two were. She took charge of the project immediately — what our topic was, who did what, when we met outside of class, all of it. She wasn't just strong and smart. She was aggressive. Masterful.

I was beginning to think that real female masters were a myth. Outside the clubs, at least.

Saturday afternoons got added to my favorite day list — since it was off-season and I was free, we scheduled our group meetings for 3 to 5 at the library. After the second meeting, she stopped me with tilt of her head. The others left and she asked, "I don't suppose you have a suit, little boy? One that fits."

People hear my accent and think 'poor'. "I have two tailored Armani's — one navy, one black. If those won't do, I can rent a tux." It might tap my petty cash for the rest of the month, but I could do it.

She looked surprised but recovered her indifference quickly. "The navy, I think. Pick me up at Stratton Hall at 6:30. Do not be late." She started to leave.

"Ame." She paused and looked at me. The look would be withering if I didn't want her to whip me. "I don't like 'little boy'. My name is 'Alex'." I didn't have many limits but that's one of them.

"I don't like 'Alex'." She said flatly, "I am not calling you that."

I tried to think that through; Peter usually solved problems like that — that's why he was the Dom.

"Don't hurt yourself, little boy." She sighed. "I suppose 'little man' is just as bad?" I nodded and she sighed again. "Fine. I'll think of something. Don't be late." She walked away, ass swaying hypnotically.

I dialed Peter as soon as I got a clear signal.

"We talked about this, Alex. You don't have to ask permission for every date."

"Yeah, but this ain't just any date."

"Alex, I'm busy here. If I've given you a specific rule about the girl — person, whatever — then follow it. Otherwise, go have fun. In fact, fuck 'em — you have permission to cum tonight. My treat. All other rules apply. G'bye, Alex." He hung up.

I contemplated this new freedom until I realized that I had less than an hour to get to the house, shower, dress and get back ta campus. Uncle Julius' house was nice, but sometimes it was too damn far away. Still, I made it back with almost a minute to spare.

I paused in her lobby to admire my own reflection. McElroy men clean up well an' I was better than most.

"You're late."

Her voice seemed to promise pain to come but I knew that's just my fantasies talking. Besides, Peter only gave me one rule for the night — I couldn't touch her. Of course, if she tied me down, I couldn't touch her if I wanted to. I stopped that line of thought — especially because I caught her reflection. "Wow."

She was stunning in a simple dark blue shimmering thing. No ruffles, no frilly crap, just her wrapped in something that accentuated how round her ass was which most girls didn't consider a compliment but kept my attention for hours on end.

"You look fabulous," I said turning and smiling my best you-know-you-want-me smile.

"You look late," she said, not smiling.

"So punish me." I should not have said it. All I could think of after was her doing terrible things to my body.

Instead of answering my prayers, she walked to the door and waited. Belatedly, I opened the door for her. I got the car door before she had to ask. As I got in, she handed me an invitation to gallery opening reception in Old Town. I didn't know the area but that's what GPS was for.

We drove in silence; I tried to start a conversation and she ignored me. By the time we arrived, I was beginning to wonder why she asked me to bring her. Apart from opening doors, hanging her coat and getting her drink, that is. She vanished into the crowd and I stood and waited near the bar, drinks in hand, trying to decide if I should cut my losses and go home.

She finally re-appeared on the arm of a tall republican-looking guy. "There you are, Mac." Like she was happy to see me. "Thank you." She took the glass I gave her, sipped and turned back to the republican. "So, are you going to the gym twice a week like you're supposed to?"

"Most weeks." His laugh sounded a bit staged like someone who's used to being in front of cameras. "Now Amelia, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"Oh of course, how foolish of me; sometimes I forget he's around." I knew my face registered that one but she ignored the look, "Daddy, this is Mac. Mac, this is my father, City Councilman David Wilson."

"Pleased to meet you, Mac." He put out his hand and I debated doing something to embarrass her thoroughly.

Instead, I meet his hand with a firm — but not aggressive — grip. "And you, Sir. Thank you fo' invitin' me to this event." ' Mac'. I figured I could deal with it for one night.

"A pleasure, son. Anything to keep Amelia happy."

I smiled at that. "Couldn't agree more."

"Ah, I see you're a local boy," he said and I laughed. Try as I might, I will never have Peter's polish. "From where do you hail?"

"Northern Neck, Sir. Accent give me away every time."

"Oh, it's not that bad. I used to fish out that way when I was young."

I couldn't help laughing again, "Ain't nothin' else ta do but fish an' drink!" He laughed with me but I could see Ame's smile wearing more than a little thin.

"Well, hello." A delicate female voice joined us and I looked over to see one of the loveliest women I have ever seen. "And what is all the laughter about?" She looked at me and bright blue eyes did a blatant appraisal. I must have made the grade fast. "Who is your friend, Daddy?"

She was blond and pink and wearing a neckline that must have been glued in place. And she was Ame's sister. Amanda. Of course. I glanced between the two and suddenly my presence there made a lot more sense. I politely kissed Amanda's hand as we were introduced. Then I looked at her and smiled. I fucked half the girls in my high school; I knew how to smile.

"I didn't know Ame had a sister," I said in my most charming voice.

"She hasn't mentioned me?" She coyly flipped her blond curls over an enticingly bare shoulder.

"Not one word." I let the smile fade then turned it on Ame, "Of course, we've had more interestin' things to discuss the last few weeks, haven't we?"

Ame didn't even flinch. "Yes, I guess we have."

"And just how do you know my daughter, Mac?" I recognized the tone — it was 'Angry Dad' but that was ok since I knew what game I was playing.

"We're," I hesitated and looked at Ame before I said, "classmates. Teammates. We have a group project together." I looked back at Wilson, who did not believe a word of it, "That's all."

"And just how long have you and my daughter been 'classmates'?"

"The beginnin' of the semester, Sir." I looked at Ame in that longing way lovers do, "Seems longer, somehow." I stepped over to Ame and slipped the half-full glass out of her hand, "I'm sorry, dar-ehem, Ame. I was talkin' so much I didn't notice your glass was empty. I'll get you a fresh one. Won't be a moment. Sir?" I nodded formally at her father then looked with mild puzzlement at her sister. I gestured weakly, "I'm sorry..."

"Amanda. 'Mandy' to my friends."

"Amanda," I repeated and smiled back at Ame, "How could I forget that? I'll be back soon." I started to kiss her nose but stopped myself. That might have been going too far. And anyway, that'd break uh rule.

I was in line at the bar when Ame's nails dug into the back of my neck. The unexpected pain sent an electric current down my spine and into my groin. "Oh Fuck," I groaned before I asserted some self-control.

"What was that?" She snapped.

"What was what?" I didn't look at her because I knew I couldn't keep a straight face.

"My father and Amanda both think we're sleeping together, now."

"Is that a bad thing?"

Her grip tightened. I wanted to find a hotel room — hell, a secluded corner would do — and let her dig those nails into every inch of me. "Yes, little boy. It's a very bad thing. I'm the good girl. Mandy's the little tramp. Now fix this." She let go of me and stomped off.

I got myself another drink and went to find her father. He was talking to another republican who looked very familiar.

"Ah, Mac." Wilson managed to keep his fatherly hatred of me well wrapped. "Son, this is State Senator..."

"Wallace. Good evening, Sir, I thought you looked familiar."

"Why then, you have me at something of an advantage, young man."

"I'm Alex McElroy, Sir. My Great Uncle is Julius McElroy."

"You one uh JD's kin?" he shook my hand excitedly, nearly pulling it off in the process, "Well, pleased ta make yo' acquaintance, son. An' how is that Uncle uh yors? An' that pretty little wife uh his? Never in all my days have a clue how he caught her, not one clue," he continued on, not letting Wilson or I get a word in edgewise. Finally, one of his aides pulled him aside and the Senator excused himself.

I couldn't help but exhale loudly and was surprised to hear the same sound from Wilson. I half smiled, "That's why I remember him."

"That's why everybody remembers him."

"Yeah." I cleared my throat and jumped in. "Look Sir, I — uh — just want to say that I think very highly uh Ame — Amelia — an' — uh, well, Sir. I don't want you getting' the wrong idea. Frankly," I shrugged, left with nothing but the truth, "this is our first date. We really are just classmates."

"Really?" I wasn't sure if he believed me or not.

"Yeah. She told me after we finished at the library to pick her up an' had me bring her here. I was hoping ta get a second date out of it but I kinda think she's pissed off."

"You're interested in Amelia."

"Yes, Sir."

"And Amanda?"

I shrugged again; why would he care if I wanted to do Amanda? "She's pretty, I guess." I threw out when it becomes apparent that he's waiting for something.

"My daughters think I'm blind but I see more than I tell them. You're a handsome young man. Too handsome for Amelia, frankly, and Amanda is not going to let her have you without a fight. My daughters have been fighting since they were both old enough to have things. Any 'things'. First, it was toys, and then it was friends. Now it's boys. You have sisters?"

"One, Sir."

"Now there's a sane number of girls to have in the house — one." He finished his drink in one last swallow, "Actually, I wish you were sleeping with Amelia. That might keep Amanda in check."

"Sir?" He looked at me. I looked back levelly, "I have no interest in any woman other than Ame. I hope to be seeing more of you in the future. If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go find my not-girlfriend now."

I scanned the crowd and found Ame. She was the only one actually looking at the gallery art. I joined her.

"Got me uh baby aint kin do that in crayon ona kitchen flo'."

She gave me a look that was more than confused. "English is your second language, isn't it?" After a moment of studying the abstract painting on the wall, she added "Baby aunt?"

"Yep. Aint Willow an' Uncl' Caesar. They 'bout six-an-uh-haff."

She looked at me again. There was no humor about it at all. "I understand that you are a provincial. But if you can't speak in proper English, don't speak." She moved on to the next painting.

"Yes, Ma'am," I murmured. Peter would not have meant for me to have conflicting orders; he wouldn't have said 'fuck her' and 'don't touch her' on the same night deliberately. Of course, this had happened on rare occasion before. If I handled it well, Peter beat my ass until I shot dust — or he let me spend a weekend at The Crack which a sex club in DC we go to on special occasions. Either was worth a lot of extra effort. If I could fuck her without touching her ... I clasped both hands behind my back, Morpheus style — and vowed to keep a foot between us for the rest of the night.

We looked at the art. I didn't give a shit about art.

"You can leave with Amanda any time you want," she dropped casually during our third circuit of the display. "I can take a cab from here." We did another circuit. "Ok. Thank you. You may go; I'm sure she's waiting for you." After another circuit, she actually looked at me. "Enough. You are dismissed." She was confused either because I was not chasing Amanda or because I was not following instructions. I could see just a hint of that confusion behind an otherwise nearly flawless emotionless mask. How long had she been hiding like that, I wondered, and what else did she hide. She studied me like one of the paintings then she moved on to the next.

About half way around the display again, I leaned close over her shoulder — I could smell her perfume but I didn't touch her neck and I didn't nibble her tempting little earlobe. I whispered, "I have no interest whatsoever in Amanda. I want to take Amelia home."

She pulled away from me with a visible shiver. I pushed my libido back into its cage. No touching, I reminded myself.

We re-joined the reception as it was winding down. Only minutes after we entered the main room, Amanda slipped her arm in mine and rubbed a surprisingly tantalizing body against mine. She must have been waiting besides one of the oversized plants blocking the doorway. I hoped the plants were blocking their Father's view. Both daughters may be more of a fight than he wants tonight.

"My god," she exclaimed, "What muscle! Amelia you've snagged yourself quite the he-man this time."

I pat her hand gently as Ame muttered something vague. "Yes, well, enough years of football will do that." I pointedly pulled my arm away from her and moved a bit closer to Ame. I aborted my reach to put my arm around her and looked at my watch, "Oh, wow, boy. Look at the time. Let me know when you're ready to head out, Ame."

"Actually," Amanda's voice poured like honey, "I could use a lift. If, of course, you're going my way." She was short, like Ame, and stacked. I'd lie if I said I didn't want to do her — then again, I've never met a woman I wouldn't do. Even fat girls got tight pussies. She probably never said no — she sure in hell wouldn't say it to me. But that was her problem — there's nothing worth taking, nothing to fight for 'cause she'd given it all away. An' anyway, I disliked honey almost as much as I hated peanut butter. I glanced at Ame; she was watching me with very mild interest and I decided that it was time to end this issue.

"Alright, Manson..."

"Man-dee." She corrected me sweetly.

"Like I fuckin' care." She looked shocked. "Look, if-n I wanted you, Ida had ya five minutes after ya dripped down my leg. I ain't interested in easy. So, Ima say it nice once. Blow." To illustrate my point, I grabbed Ame by the chin, which afforded me one brief stunned look from her before my eyes closed.

Ame's lips were cool and tasted faintly of the merlot she'd been sipping all night. Her lips parted beneath mine and I let go of her face and used both arms around her tiny waist to lift her up slightly, pulling her closer to me. I'd have inhaled her if I could. One of her hands slipped into my hair sending sparks down my nerves. Then I felt her fingers curl, grab and pull.

Just like Peter did. My knees almost gave way. I can't tell if she's trying to pull me closer or pull me away but either way it got me rock hard damn fast.

I moaned into her lips until I had to pull back or lose a patch of hair. "Oh God, Ame, I'm sorry," I whispered, "I've just wanted to do that fo' so long. I just couldn't wait any more. I just..." I couldn't help hissing but I managed not to cry out when she tightened her grip and pulled harder. My dick actually jumped. She had to be able to feel it throbbing against her thigh.

"If you ever do that again without my permission, I will cut your balls off with a razor blade."

"Oh, shit, woman. Is that supposed ta be uh threat or an enticement?" Her eyes narrowed at me and I smiled thinly back, "In case you haven't noticed, I enjoy pain." She adjusted her grip on my hair again and pulled a bit harder. I had to twist my neck to compensate. "Ame, I swear, you keep that up, I'm gonna take you where you stand."

Her eyes darted away from me to Amanda and back again and she let go. I suddenly realized I'd been holding her in my arms the whole time. I could have just throw her down and taken her. Hard. Fast. Hot. She was too little to put up much of a fight. She woulda tried. Bit, scratched, tore at me with everything she could. She'da drawn blood. She'da left permanent marks. I'd win in the end but she'd make me fight for it.

She was a prize worth fighting for.

I leaned in to kiss her again. Peter an' his rules could go fuck themselves.

"Let me go, little boy." Her voice didn't waiver.

She wasn't bullshitting; she didn't want me. She wasn't interested. Not whining, not coy, just flat 'no'. I wanted her so badly I couldn't see straight but she could not care less. Reluctantly, I let her go. Stepping away from her was the hardest thing I think I'd ever done. I clasped my hands behind my back again.

"Take Amanda home," she said and walked away from me. It was a direct order. I watched her leave.

I'd never taken direct orders on dry land from anyone but Peter. I lost Lisa because I too young to know what I was doing. I lost Leigh because I was too stupid to know what I wanted. I wasn't about to lose Ame for either damn reason. If Ame wanted to give orders, I was taking them.

I looked at Amanda and reminded myself that I could not take my frustrations out on her. "This way." I said in the most controlled voice I could manage. While we were driving to her place, she slid her hand between my thighs and up to my groin. It felt unnecessarily good. I grabbed her wrist hard. "Don't."

"Oww. Let go, that hurts."

Ame wouldn't have reacted. Ame would have stared at me until I let go, crushed by the sheer force of her will.

When we got to her building, though, Amanda was still trying. "Are you sure you don't want to come up?"

I un-latched my seat belt and leaned toward her. She smiled seductively. I put my hand gently on her collarbone and shoved her against the car door. I had to lunge over the center console and caught her completely off-guard. With her seatbelt still latched, she was pretty effectively tied down. "You pushin' me, honey. You keep pushin' me you might get what you askin' fo'." I bit her lip; not hard enough to bleed but harder than I'd wager she was used to. She gasped and whimpered. She was shaking, so I pushed her a little harder against the door. I doubted very much that she had a fantasy about being dragged to her apartment and raped. I knew I was dangerously close to doing it anyway. I released her seatbelt and let her loose.

"Still wan' me ta come on up?"

She got out of the car damn fast.

Since I was relatively close to it, I drove to the Georgetown waterfront, got a table by the water and nursed a beer. Peter wouldn't answer his cell. A pair of very cute girls asked if they could join me. I told them I was waiting for someone.

It was unlikely that Ame was gonna join me there but I could dream.

I called her number and got a voice mail. I talked until the machine cut me off. Finally, I had moped as much as I could for one night without violating the 'no running, jumping, swimming' rule and I took myself home.

At home, at the base of the staircase, was a scarf followed a few steps up by a woman's shirt. Peter's shirt and tie were hanging neatly on the end of the banister at the landing. Her skirt was only a foot or so away from Peter's pants — she must have been hot 'cause his pants weren't folded, just dropped on the floor, forgotten. His boxers were in front of my door — no doubt tossed there. Her bra and panties were on his doorknob.

I was — I am — a pervert. I checked the bra size — 32A — and sniffed the panties. Both I was guessing belong to Peter's latest girl, Gwen — he could get a date, he just couldn't keep one. The longest on record was almost two years, but most didn't last two months. I didn't usually keep track of the names but this one was around a lot. The room was quiet so I peeked in. I could see Gwen's head asleep on Peter's chest. His cell is on the floor, flashing. Several missed calls from me. I put the phone on the nightstand; that's where he'd look for it in the morning.

"Hey," his voice was so soft, I wasn't sure I heard it, "time's'it?"

"Late," I whispered back. I stole a light kiss, "Go on back ta sleep. I'm jus' bein' nosy."

"Cool." He tightened his grip around Gwen and I felt a pang of jealousy. I really needed Peter that night. His eyes opened. "Did'n you ha'vuh date t'nigh'?"



I sighed. If I told him it was a fiasco, he'd get up. I'd get his attention, true, but he looked real damn comfortable 'bout then. I kissed him again. "Tomorrow, Peter. I'll give you the blow-by-blow after church tomorrow. 'K?"


"How was your night?"

"Fan-fuckin'-tastic." He smiled sleepily.

High fuckin' praise, from Peter. Gwen shifted in her sleep and nuzzled her head against his chest. He kissed her forehead. I knew when it was time to leave.

"G'night, Sir," I whispered, stole one last kiss and went to my room.

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