How Did This All Happen?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young Bride gets caught up in her husbands Job. forced to become a whore. Some where in the process she no longer needs to be shall I say encoraged.

I sit here wondering to myself how everything happened to me these last three months. I married my husband when I was twenty-one he is a year older than I am. I had decided before high school that I would be a virgin for my husband. I wanted to give to my husband a gift that could only be given once.

The night before our wedding my mother told me that men have a tendency to be quick and sometimes do not know how to have good sex with their wives. She told me if they were not experienced that it could even be a disaster. She told me that the important thing for me to do was, no matter what happens when he is finished, I need to tell him he was great even if he wasn't.

I knew my Peter; I knew that he would be the perfect husband. I just knew that my mother had no idea what she was talking about. But she did; my wedding night was every bit of a disaster. Peter was in too much of a hurry and he took my virginity with little foreplay. Well, none, to be honest with you.

Now I knew that being a virgin there would be a price to pay, I knew that it was supposed to hurt the first time, and I was willing to pay that price on my wedding night.

He laid me down, kissed me, opened my legs and entered me with force. I hurt and bit my lip in pain. I moaned in pain as he took me. I wanted to scream but that was another thing my mother told me I should not do. Peter came quickly and by the time he pulled out, my hole felt numb. He rolled over breathing hard and asked me, "How was it?"

I was in pain but I knew I could not tell him. I told him, "It was everything I ever imagined, you were fantastic, and I loved it."

When I heard him begin to snore, I got up and went into the bathroom. I sat on the stool and I peed, wiped myself and saw blood on the paper. I knew that came from Peter ripping my vagina. I burned between my legs.

Now while I was a virgin at 21, I had been enjoying climaxes ever since I was 12. I masturbated two, and sometimes three times a week. When I began to menstruate I really became horny during that time on the month. I had expected being with my husband to make me feel good but it did not.

When Peter woke up, he wanted to do it again, and this time it did not hurt like it did the night before. I was very thankful for that. He still was way too fast to finish. I felt nothing at all. But I again told him how great he was.

That time when I went into the bathroom to clean up, I sat on the stool and masturbated. Peter had only managed to spark my desire for a climax; after all, he had two and up till then I had nothing whatsoever.

It took him almost a year making love to me before I actually had an orgasm with him inside of me. Before then it was always the same thing: we make love, I go to the bathroom and masturbate like crazy having my own orgasm. Even that first time that he made me climax, it was nothing like when I did it myself.

Maybe I expected too much. I don't know. I do know that if it wasn't for the poor sex my marriage would have been perfect. I sort of felt like my mother had said, it was all a trade-off. For security and a happy marriage.

Peter was very successful; he made over $100,000 plus his bonuses. He worked for an office supply giant and for two years in a row he was top salesman. He came home one day and said that the CEO called him and he, along with another man, was being considered for vice president in charge of worldwide sales.

We were both ecstatic. I did not understand why, but the interview was for both of us. The CEO wanted to meet the candidates, along with their wives. We landed at the airport and the company sent a limo to pick us up. They put us up at a very lovely hotel. Our appointment was for 5 p.m. with the CEO and his wife for dinner and drinks.

We got ready and went down to the car that came to pick us up. The driver took us to a huge estate and we were met at the door by a butler dressed in tails. He introduced us to Mr. and Mrs. Gamble. Harriet (Mrs. Gamble) was stunning. She gave me a hug and she was so lovely she could have been a model. Mr. Gamble gave me a hug and told me that I was lovely, to which Harriet agreed.

I had always known that I was a knockout, but I sort of lost that feeling a long time ago. Gary (Mr. Gamble) took my arm and led me into a huge room with a bar; he took me to a stool and went behind the bar. Harriet took Peter's arm and led him to one of the three big leather sofas.

We got to know each other and I had a wonderful time. When we finished dinner we went back into the den again for after dinner drinks. It was then that the job came up. Gary asked me how I felt about Peter being vice president. He asked me how I felt about his doing so much traveling. He told me that Peter would be out a lot, watching over the flock, so to speak. I told him that I understood that it would only be one or two days a week.

He laughed and said, "Oh, sure, there will be weeks like that, but for the most part, he will be out for a week at a time. That is why it has a $400,000 salary plus bonuses."

That was the first that I had heard of what Peter was going to make, I knew that he was excited about getting this job, and now I understood why. I laughed and said, "For that kind of money, I will not mind if my Peter was out on the road, just as long as I could have him on the weekends."

We all laughed and after the second drink Gary stood and so did Harriet. Peter and I also stood and Gary put out his hand, saying, "Welcome to the company, I'll arrange for your moving and if you call my secretary, Floe, she will give you the realtor we use. He can find you a house in a day or two. You were told that anything over $500 you pay, right?" Peter said, "Yes, I was informed."

Harriet came over and hugged me, saying, "Welcome to the family." We left on Cloud Nine. The next day we flew home and put our house up for sale. The mover arrived and off we moved to Kansas City where the parent company was.

We arrived and the company put us up at the hotel. We found a lovely 6,000-square-foot estate with a lovely backyard and pool. It was a five-bedroom house, with den, TV room, office, and a basement that was set up to be a home gym complete with sauna. The maid's room was just off the kitchen.

Never in my wildest dream would I have ever thought I would be in a house like this, let alone own it. It was on the market for $1 million; we offered $900,000 and they took it.

The movers moved us in and the company sent over a decorator that set everything up. We just gave her the money she needed to get our house set up and everything was set in less than one week after we arrived. Everything was moving so fast.

Saturday, Peter came home, informing me that the company was having a welcome party for us that night. I had two hours to get ready. I was rushed but I managed to doll myself up and when we left the house, Peter kept telling me how great I looked.

When we arrived at the get-together in our honor, the room was full. We were split up and I was meeting one person after another. Gary handed me a drink and I drank it down. There was music playing and some of the couples were dancing. I looked all over for Peter but it was so crowded I did not see him. I kept getting distracted by different men asking me to dance again and, of course, being the guest of honor I could not say no.

I felt very alive, man after man held me dancing, telling me how lovely I was. I felt myself becoming sexually stimulated by all the attention. By my third drink, I was downright horny. I did not think anything of it; I should have because normally two drinks and I am toast. I wasn't feeling drunk at all, not even a buzz. I kept looking around for Peter; I wanted to get him alone in the bathroom and have him fuck me. I mean, I was becoming so turned on that all I could think about was having sex.

Soon I stopped looking around for Peter and I started to think and fantasize about the different men I was dancing with. I was so fucking hot that when this one man held me close I rubbed myself against his leg, I could feel the pressure of his leg against me and it really turned me on even more.

I felt him bring his hand to my chin and I felt him lift my face up as he put his lips on mine. I lost it. I mean, I moaned as I rubbed my groin on his leg and we kissed. I had not been kissed like that ever! My head was spinning and all I could think of was the pleasure I was having as this man kissed me and I ground myself against him. When the song ended, another man replaced him and we were all over each other.

After the third man and I were grinding on each out on the dance floor I had a tiny climax. Just as that song ended he broke the kiss. But I did not want to stop kissing him or stop grinding my groin against his leg; I wanted him in the worse way. We broke the kiss and I looked into his eyes and I said, "Take me someplace." He lead me a few steps away, but then Gary walked up to us, saying, "My turn to dance with the hottest woman here tonight."

The man I was walking with put the hand he was leading me with into my husband's boss's hand. Gary was right, I was hot as hell. We hit the dance floor and I melted into his arms and instantly I clung to him, grinding myself against him just as I had the men before him. I felt yet another climax coming on me as we stood there grinding to the music. I felt my whole body tremble as it hit me. I raised my head to his and we kissed hard as I came as I fucked my groin against his leg. I have no idea how long I came but it seemed as if I just would not stop climaxing.

When the song ended Gary took my hand and led me to a door and down the stairs we went. I could not think of anything else other than wanting to have sex. I wanted him to fuck me. He opened a door and we went inside. It was a lovely room. There was a big bed in the center of it, on the bed was Peter and he was passed out.

Gary said. "I thought it best for you to come down here and have sex with your husband, but it looks like he is too drunk to perform. See if you can wake him."

I saw Peter and I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me. I walked over and shook him. I shook him hard. "Wake up, damn you! I need you to fuck me! Come on, baby, wake up, Goddamn it, Peter, wake up or I'm gonna fuck Gary!"

He did not wake, he just laid there. I felt Gary move in behind me and I felt him reach under my dress. I felt him as he moved his hands up to my panties and move the crotch aside, I felt his fingers slide into me very wet, very hot hole. He said, "Unzip his pants, and play with his cock, maybe that will wake him up."

I did as he suggested. I unzipped my husband's pants and I pulled out his limp dick. Gary said, "I know what will wake him up: Kiss his dick, that will wake him up."

For years and years Peter had tried to get me to suck his cock. I had refused every time because I did not want something that was inside of me going into my mouth. This time I was ready to do anything to wake him up; I needed him to fuck me. I bent over and put his dick in my mouth. I began to suck it as Gary lifted the back of my dress and I felt him pull my panties down. I lifted my legs one at a time to step out of them.

I played with Peter's balls as I bobbed up and down on his now-stiffening cock. I felt Gary move in behind me and I felt his cock push against me. I pushed back as I bobbed up and down faster as Peter's cock kept getting hard. I began to climax and I felt Gary cram himself as deep as he could inside of me. I came and came.

He pulled out and I kept sucking on Peter's cock. I then felt another man move behind me and another hard cock slide into me, this man was bigger than Gary. I mean he was fatter, much more filling. I felt my husband's cock begin to pulse in my mouth. He was coming and just as I was going to pull my head back, I felt hands on the back of my head and heard someone say, "Swallow, swallow, drink his cum."

I gulped as his seed shot from him into my mouth. It was salty and slimy. I somehow managed to swallow his seed while at the same time climaxing with the man fucking me. The man fucking me pulled back and I raised my head to breathe. I saw Gary standing there talking to me as yet another man moved in behind me. I moaned as he began fucking me. Gary said, "He almost woke up, Linda. Suck him some more. You want him to fuck you, don't you, honey?"

I moaned and said, "Yeah, oh fuck, yeah, I need him to fuck me." I bent back down and took his now limp cock in my mouth again. I kept being fucked over and over and Peter did get hard one more time. He even came again, this time I did not need anyone to hold my head down as I swallowed his seed.

When he came that time Gary said, "Looks like you can't wake him up, honey. Why don't we just lay down next to him and that way you can fuck the rest of the boys on your back. How's that sound, Linda? You still want to get fucked, don't you, baby?"

I looked up at him as the man fucking me moaned and deposited his seed in me from behind. He pulled out and Gary led me to the other side of the bed where he laid me down next to my husband. I laid there and raised my knees. Gary said, "Tell us what you want, Linda. The boys are here to give you what you want. All you need to do is tell us."

I reached down to my sopping wet pussy, I rubbed my clit, and I felt all the sperm running out of me. I looked up at Gary and said, "I want to be fucked, I need to be fucked."

Gary said, "You heard her, boys, everyone gets one turn with her and keep filming." I saw a good-looking man get on the bed and I reached down to guide him into me. I felt his hard cock and I loved the way it felt in my hands as he moved against my hole. He rammed in and out of me hard. He came, got up and another man replaced him. I moaned and I came some more. It seemed that no matter how many times I came or how many times I was fucked I wanted more and more.

I felt the man fucking me cram himself hard inside of me, then pull out and get up. I expected another man to replace him but the room was empty -- or so I thought. I felt the bed move and I looked to see what man was next. What I saw was Harriet, naked, getting on the bed! She moved to my belly and began kissing my tummy. As she kissed, she moved around and lifted her leg to straddle my head. I looked up at her and I saw her black bush. It was small and trimmed. I was looking at a woman's pussy for the first time in my life. I could see that she had a very wet pussy.

I also could see sort of a white milky substance oozing from her. I felt her mouth reach my clit and she began to gently suck it. I could hear her moaning as she began licking my pussy. I felt and heard her sucking my hole. At some point in all that I lifted my head to smell her. I wanted to put my mouth and lips on her clit; I wanted to taste what I knew had to be men's sperm oozing from her as it was from me.

I don't know what happened to me but all of a sudden I was consumed with lust. I pulled her down to my face, I licked and swallowed, I sucked at her hole and swallowed, I moved to her clit and sucked it hard as I could. I came and came with her doing the same to me. I felt her pull up away from me and I clung to her trying to hold her down.

I wanted more and she was finished. I reached down and played with my sore pussy as I watched her walk away and I called to her to come back. She left the room and I fell asleep after one last tiny climax.

Sunday morning, I woke up naked and in bed next to my husband, I laid there and I realized that I was sore as hell between my legs. All of a sudden I remembered what had happened last night. It wasn't a dream, it had happened. I reached down between my legs and I was clean, but sore.

I laid there looking up at the ceiling wondering if I should say anything to Peter. I mean, what do I say to him? How do I tell him that I begged every man at the party to fuck me while he laid there sleeping next to me? I then remembered sucking my husband's dick while he laid there and that he came in my mouth. I remembered swallowing his seed. I then remembered Harriet. I remembered all the men's sperm that I sucked out of her as she did me. I became very ill; I jumped up and ran to the bathroom adjacent the bedroom. I knelt down and puked my guts out.

I stood and got in the shower, I turned it on as hot as I could stand it and then just a little more. I figured maybe I could scald myself clean somehow. I scrubbed myself almost raw. I heard Peter come into the bathroom and pee. He finished and stepped into the shower with me. His hands were all over me and he had an erection. I knew what he wanted so we kissed a little and then I bent over offering myself to him. He took me and when he finished we got out.

Drying off, Peter said to me, "Boy, that was some party; I guess I had a little too much to drink. I am surprised I do not have a hangover. I was out of it last night. I guess Gary did not want us driving home. Boy, he and Harriet are going to be great friends, don't you think?"

I did not know what to say to that. I remembered everything that happened last night and to me they were far from being my friends. They had to have drugged Peter to knock him out so early in the evening, then they must have drugged me. But what they gave me did not knock me out. Whatever they gave me got me so turned on that I became insatiable. Reason and inhibitions had been tossed aside and I could not stop the sexual desire in me. I just could not get enough sex no matter what.

Everything was so clear, I almost wished they had given me that date rape drug I had been warned about, that "Rohypnol" something. They say that girls that are given that pill get have sex and never have any memory of it happening. Why couldn't they have used that drug?

I managed to get dressed but I could not find my panties. I even asked Peter if he had them in his pocket. He laughed and asked, "Did you even wear any?" I gave him a dirty look and said, "Why wouldn't I wear panties? That is just sick, of course, I wore panties!"

My dress was long enough and we were leaving. I wanted out of this house so bad, I had hoped that I would not have to look at Gary or his wife before we left (or ever again, for that matter).

We went upstairs and people were everywhere. Some were having breakfast, some were sleeping on the many sofas. We were almost to the door before Gary walked up with his wife. Harriet spoke first, saying, "Dear, it was so nice of you to come last night to your welcome party. I hope you will never forget that this party set up just for you. Welcome to the company and plan to be here next Friday night for our weekly get-together."

Peter said, "We'll be here. Maybe I won't get so drunk and miss it all again. Thank you for letting us stay in your guest room last night. I guess I was not in any shape to drive. Linda seemed to have fun, didn't you, dear?"

I did not know what to say. I looked at Peter then to Harriet and to Gary. Do I say nothing or do I blurt out what his boss and wife put me through last night while he laid passed out next to me? I smiled and said, in a matter-of-fact tone, "It is a night I will never forget." Harriet smiled and said, "I was hoping you would say that, dear. Call me tomorrow. Let's have drinks."

She put out her hand to me; I took it and shook it. She said, "Be ready to go at ten sharp. I'll pick you up. We will do some shopping first. I know we are going to be very close." I said, "I'll be ready."

I had no intention of being ready, I would never step foot in this sick house for the rest of my life. Peter could throw a fit for all I cared. These people were sick, they were perverts. I sat quietly in the car as we were driven home by the limo. Peter was on Cloud Nine. He was happy about his new job and he had no idea what they did to us last night. How was I going to tell him? What on earth could I do to get him to not work for them? Would he believe me if I told him?

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