The Documentary Interview
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Nephew, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Susan, a college professor of Journalism is doing a documentary about women's sexuality and discovers Sonia, a hot Brazilian woman with much to tell and do.

Susan was the program director in a Journalism School for a major college in the East. She had a great marriage to an artist who loved her for her vibrant personality as well as her sumptuous body.

Susan knew she had a problem with sex. She was always thinking of ways to get off and masturbated regularly in the shower stall at her private gym, which was convenient to her office at work. On some occassions she was fortunate enough to share her pleasures with another faculty member or grad student. The attractive professor worked out regularly at the gym and had a very round and firm body, with long brown hair that fell over her sensous shoulders and well toned arms.

Recently She had been commissioned to do some documentaries on women's issues specifically on middle aged women and sexuality. One of the women at the cable station wanted her to shoot a documentary that focused the on sexual transformation of the middle age women of America. It was a tantalizing subject for luscious Susan who was still seeking to meet another woman as horny as she. This hot college professor loved the touch of another woman despite her marriage and yearned to fuck women with large strap on phalluses.

Susan didn't have to wait much longer as her third call for her latest project was an seductive Brazilian American woman who had moved here as a teenager and had an extremely voluptuous figure with long brown hair covering her perfectly round breasts. Sonia had mothered two attractive children already and had managed to keep her busty figure proportioned by working out at her favorite gym where she happened to meet Val who put her in contact with Susan. Val had told her about the documentary project and suggested she contact the professor. She found it very easy to talk with the bisexual college professor.

"Hello, I was given your number by Val Perrino at my gym..."

"Oh you must be the Brazillian woman Val mentioned would call..."

"Yes, can you tell me more about what is involved?" Asked Sonia as she wondered what Susan looked like as she heard the description of the project over the phone.

"I am really looking for an uninhibited woman who can enjoy talking on camera about her sex life, as it was growing up and as it is now. Is this something you can enjoy talking about, especially on camera?"

"Oh, most definitely, but my English is not as good as many of your previous interviews, I am guessing..."

"That won't be a problem, Sonia I can understand everything you have told me. I just have one question to ask of you, Sonia and if you don't want to answer it, its ok too."

"What do you need to know Susan?" Asked the voluptous woman on the other end of the phone.

"I'd like you to describe what you look like, and think of me as a blind person who has no sight at all, so you can include all the senses." Susan knew that this test question usually brought out the best people for the type of interview she wanted to speak on camera.

"I have no problem at all with that ... Lets see I'm 42 now and have long, dark brown hair which is very shiny and healthy. I weigh about 170 and 5 feet 9 inches tall. I am considered a tall woman with strong arms. I love to swim and work out so my tummy muscles are firm. My breast size is a double D thirty eight, and I have dark brown, very wide sized nipples. My favorite fragrance is sandlewood and I almost always wear a very short skirt to highlight my muscular light brown legs. I also like to wear high heels and desire not to wear a bra if I am going out for a meal, unless a man is very bothered by my breasts, and then I wear a bra. I have been told I have very nice, full- figured arms. I shave my armpit hair along with my most of my pussy hair. I enjoy sex more with a very small amount of pussy hair. Oh yes, and I really enjoy wearing loose blouses which can sometimes hide my large breasts and then when I take it off men and women are shocked at how big by tits really are!"

Sonia paused for a moment and Susan interjected,

"I think that is a very good description of what I was looking for! " Susan said with an air of excitement not well hidden in her voice. The two women chatted about life in Brazil and America and sex entered the conversation more than a few times also. Sonia was very anxious to do the interview and meet Susan. The horny professor was extremely interested in hearing Sonia's story and meeting the beautiful woman.

"So, when can you come to my office to do this?" Susan asked, not expecting to see the woman for a few days.

"Well, I have to do a few more things today, but I could be there by 4pm today if you'd like?" Sonia wanted to freshen up an bathe before showing up.

"4pm today would be perfect!" Susan gave her the directions and the best way to park her car legally.

The college journalism instructor was very intriqued with thoughts of meeting a South American woman who was as beautiful as many of her fantasies of these women that lived in her mind. Susan went to the ladies room and decided to change into more comfortable attire, she looked at her shapely body, holding her tits together and fondling her labia in anticipation of her first meeting with Sonia later on.

A few hours later, Sonia was searching for Susan's office on the empty Journalism floor of the small college.

"Are you Susan?" Sonia had followed the direction explicitly to get to her office.

"Oh come on in please!" Susan escorted her to a comfortable chair around all the equipment.

Susan was delighted to meet the luscious woman in front of her now. There was genuine interest in discussing the questions Susan had prompted her to consider just a few hours ago on the phone. Sonia didn't seem so hung up on sexual attitudes like so many other middle aged women she asked. It was Friday now, and the interviews had only started yesterday, but Susan had screened out the boring ones on the phone.

The sensuous professor had decided to ask her interviewees some very intimate questions and she just asked them without any warning. Some of the people she spoke to were obviously too uncomfortable speaking on the phone, never mind even considering going before a video camera, when confronted with these questions. The questions included:

1. How many times a week do you masturbate?

2. Do you fantasize about another person other than the one you are living or married to?

3. Do you look at any erotic literature or pornography?

4. The follow up being: what kind of literature or videos do to you enjoy?

5. Do you think your lover is understanding and willing to try new things to satisfy your sexual appetite?

The questions were only a point of departure in a long discussion which was taped with a camera pre-set by the director. A small microphone is used by the interviewee which picked up Susan's questions and the interviewee's responses.

Sonia gazed around Susan's office at the photos on the wall and the small gifts of appreciation from students and faculty she had collected through her ten years as a member of the faculty. She hadn't decided to go back to school as yet and was very impressed with the office. Sonia was excited about being part of this video project. She couldn't stop thinking about what Susan would ask her about her sex life. Her raw intense, sensuality exuded from her Brazilian pores, which attracted Susan to her at first glance. Her choice of wearing a low cut blouse which showcased her sumptuous tits, and accompanied by the silver mini skirt she wore, always made men turn their heads when she walked by. Since it was still warm this early September, she wore those sexy heels which destroyed her feet. Her lesbian friend Tia loved those shoes so she wore them to catch Susan's eye.

"So ... Its so nice to finally meet you after that great conversation about life, sex and lust we had just a few hours ago!" Susan beamed at gorgeous Sonia.

"Yes! I loved that conversation ... It gave me much to think about, and I am very pleased you asked me to be here!"

The truth was that Susan's subject made her horniness uncontrollable. Sonia was masturbating all day and had no errands to do before arriving. She had lied to Susan earlier. The middle aged Brazilian couldn't keep her favorite vibrator away from her wet pussy all morning.

"I just hope my English will be Ok for you to understand ... I speak much Portugese and Spanish but my English is a bit weak sometimes..."

"Oh, I'm sure I will understand you."

Susan motioned the gorgeous Brazilian woman to sit in a very comfortable looking chair facing the camera.

"Ok, do you see that microphone with the little clip on it ... why don't you put that under your blouse and clip it over on the edge ... just by your collarbone..." Susan said in a very business like manner, but not in a demanding tone.

"I ... I ... Put it under my blouse... ?" Sonia looked at the mic and down at her blouse but was confused.

"Why don't you put it on me?" Sonia asked innocently.

Susan got up and walked to the exquisite woman who was sitting down and gently lifted up her blouse and put the mic under the colorful knit with her left hand as her right pulled the mic through the top, brushing gently by her sweet knockers. Susan could smell the fragrance of her bath oils and her sexy brown skin. She imagined for a split second what her nipples were like in her mouth. But she was determined to stay professional and get to the interview. Just the anticipation was making her pussy quiver in lust, Susan thought as she readied herself to go into her directorial mode.

"Ok ... we're almost all set to go..." she plugged in the mic into the cam and made sure everything was set ok and hit the record button. The small digital camera was recording for the next hour until she had to change the tape.

"Oh ... Where should I look, Susan, at you or the camera?" Sonia asked innocently.

The camera was positioned about 30 degrees to the side of Susan's face.

"Oh thank you for reminding me!" Susan said with a flush face, as she almost always forgot to give explicit directions to her talent.

"Sonia you can look at me, and by the way, you look absolutely beautiful today!"

"Oh ... why thank you!" Sonia felt more comfortable now. She also noticed how sexy the college professor was dressed in a tight fitting outfit which accentuated her nice waist and nice round tits.

"So, Sonia, Why don't you start with your name and how old you are if that is ok and where you live now and where you came from... ?"

Sonia was eager to begin and was a natural before the camera. Her soft lyrical voice was so pleasant to listen to as she told her story of attraction to both sexes and experiences with young men back in Brazil when she was in college. Sonia paused for a moment during her expositional descriptions of her early sexual experiences. She felt she could trust Susan with some very sensitive and almost shameful behavior she had engaged in when she was younger.

"Susan, could we stop the camera for a moment?"

"Of course, are you Ok?" Susan reached over and hit the pause button on the camera.

"There were somethings I did when I was younger, that I am not proud of... " the lovely woman's voice drifted off into a place covered by long held secrets and shame.

"Anything you tell me here, stays here Sonia, '

"Thank you, I ... know, I feel I can trust you Susan," Sonia said still looking down at the rug. Sonia paused and looked right into Susan's eyes for a moment. The two women seemed to understand how lust could obfuscate reason and sanity in the heat of passion.

"Back in the day, I modeled nude for a few magazines, you know for extra cash ... and then one day visiting my older sister's house. I went up to my teenage nephew's room, he's a real hunk of a man now. And, I walked into his room and, how do you say, he was jerking himself off to one of my photos he found in a triple x rated magazine!"

Susan could only imagine how great a scene that must have been. The entire story aroused the professor beyond belief.

"It was so embarrasing, but at the same time, when I walked into his room, he was shocked to see me, but I was SO aroused by his young stiff cock! I told him he could play with my tities and suck on them," Sonia said. Susan could tell she was ashamed of her actions and wanted to relieve her of any guilt, but wanted to hear the entire story.

"Its okay, Sonia, you didn't seduce him, but please continue, I'm very interested!"

"Well, when I undid my halter top that day, he almost came immediately, he was so aroused!""

"And did you let him fuck you too?" Susan interjected.

"Unn huhh ... he was good too!"

"Manny had a big strong body with a huge thick cock and when he came between my breasts, he sprayed a lot of his jizz all over my face, and then I sucked his cock dry. He was 17 then and he was able to come a few more times too!"

"We never told anyone, and he knew we couldn't engage in that behavior again, even though we both wanted to. He moved away to go to college but we still keep in touch now and then. You're one of the only women I've told this story to."

"You can trust me Sonia, and I can see why you couldn't tell too many people. Its a very stimulating story to hear and I wondered if you let your nephew do anything else that day?" Susan knew there had to be a bit more juice in that story, even if it was not on tape.

Sonia, demurred a bit and was very hesitant to admit any other acts, but she trusted this nice woman in front of her so she told everthing.

"Manny wanted to suck on my pussy after he came, so I let him do that too. He was not as experienced as many others, but I showed him and learned fast.

"Did you sit on his face or did he go down on you while you reclined?"

"Ooohh Susan, you ask such detailed questions, I like that!" Sonia said smiling at her.

"I did, how do you say, straddled his face and then he grabbed my ass and sucked on my clit with a soft touch and I let him do it harder and harder till I finally came with all my hot juices filling his mouth. He liked it very much!"

"I'm sure he did," said Susan as she squirmed in her seat, trying to not show her arousal too much.

"Thank you for your trust in me Sonia," Susan reinterated.

"Can we start recording again?"

"Yes, of course."

After filling in a few more details of her sexual pursuits with women and other men in her life in South America Sonia looked more comfortable than before and trusted the interviewer with her secrets.

"Wow ... you really covered SO much for me there ... I was a bit overwhelmed!" Susan knew she was fortunate to have such a beautiful, uninhibited person to interview.

She definitely shared more intimate details than anyone else had on her introduction, Susan thought. And because of the intimacy just shared between the two women, Susan felt the wetness of her own pussy. She needed to be sucked and fondled by this hot woman. It was a struggle to stay focused on her questions for her project, but she pressed ahead.

"Sonia, today as an American, do you enjoy a lot of sex?"

"No, Not really enough ... I am always wanting a bit more than I get!"

"And do you masturbate on a regular basis?"

"Oh yes! I would say at least twice a day minimum!" Sonia said looking directly at the sensuous director.

"Hmmnnn, please continue", said Susan as she pondered how sweet her juices were to taste.

Susan looked right at her and kept her composure as she wanted to get through the next series of questions before she asked her guest if she need a break.

"Do you fantasize about someone else to spice up a relationship, especially when you are with another person in bed?"

"Susan, I don't know if I am saying this right, but I am not monogamous person. I've always had multiple lovers with men and women," Sonia said smiling at her.

Susan decided to move ahead to the question about role playing. "Have you ever done any role playing where one person might pretend to be say, a doctor or a nurse before the sex starts?"

"Well ... sometimes I really like it when a lover makes up a story about what they are going to have to do to me. Especially if they are talking really dirty to me before, that gets me aroused. Is that what you are referring to?"

"Yes ... I guess role playing is something very close to what I am asking about,"

Now Susan thought she was very close to losing her composure. She felt her thighs burning with desire and wanted to get on her knees and part those silky brown thighs and suck Sonia's hot mound 'till she came. The horny documentarian was still trying to keep her professional demeanor. She crossed her legs but she felt her cunt throbbing with anticipation, she desperately wanted to take the strap on phallus out of the desk and fuck Sonia. Instead, she leaned back in her chair and asked the next arousing question.

"What gets you off Sonia ... do you like women or men?"

Oh shit ... Susan thought ... she couldn't believe she asked the question like that!

"Susan ... that sounds like quite a personal question ... do YOU want to know or do your viewers want to know... ?"

"Good question ... Sonia... " Susan said looking directly at the hot Brazilian woman with an intriguing smile on her face.

"Actually, I want to know ... Sonia ... What gets you off?"

Sonia had seen this moment coming in her mind. Her sexuality was very important to her. She adored kissing and hugging women with large breasts and humping another woman with a double phallus between their pussies. She especially loved women who spurted copious amounts of cum juices when they came. She considered herself a free spirit and as such, knew that love had to enter the equation. Sex without love was empty. Sonia also wanted to love this woman, she could feel the warmth emanate from her and wanted to share that love.

"I love to suck on woman's tits like yours ... I know you ... You're just like me. I love to suck pussy A LOT! And then get a big rubber cock up by ass too! I'd love to take a shower with you and finger fuck you until our hot vaginas explode with floods of our cum juices. I 'd love to cuddle and caress you until we fuck again and ride each other's pussy with that big strap on that you must have somewhere!" When Sonia finished her answer to Susan's provocative question she noticed how flushed Susan's face was with lust for her. Sonia smiled suggested that they get closer than a few chairs apart. Susan knew this was the woman she had waited for.

"This might be a good time for us to take a break," Susan said a she rose to embrace her new lover.

Sonia rose and removed the mic as she removed her entire blouse and thrust her large tits in Susan's face. Her large brown boobs bounced freely and were a irresistible site to Susan.

"Ohh ... Susan let me undress you and lick your pussy right now!!" Sonia was breathing hard.

"Ungghhh ... Oh ... let me kiss you first, Sonia..."

Susan let her tongue intermingle with Sonia's as they kissed passionately as they stood together. The sex starved interviewer stripped off her blouse and skirt quickly. Her wet thong panties fell to the office floor as Sonia's large brown breasts rubbed against Susan's pinkish erect nipples. The horny professor could feel Sonia's warm vagina as her lower thigh went between her silky legs. The two lovely women fingered each others pussies and mouthed each others tits until they realized they would have to make love on the floor of the small office and forget the rest of the interview. The program director locked her solid steel door which was at the quiet end of a dead end corridor. Her office already had a sign "do not disturb videotaping in progress" to discourage anyone from knocking on the door.

Susan laid down on her rug and spread her legs letting the Brazilian goddess go down on her first.

"Ohh ... you smell so good... !" Sonia said as she lapped her first nectareous stroke of Susan's warm pussy.

"I love the soft folds of your sweet pussy," she said, as she kissed around Susan's extra moist pussy lips.

"'Ohh ... yes ... suck my horny clit Sonia ... I've been waiting for a hot woman like you for a long time!" Susan said as she enjoyed the view of Sonia's experienced tongue on her pussy.

"Oh suck me Sonia," Susan moaned in a raspy voice as Sonia stimulated her thick clitoris. Sonia's fingers plied apart her labia slowly and finger fucked her as she kept tonguing Susan's lovely clit.

"Ummmnnnhhhnnnghhhhh ... haa ... Haa ... HAHH," Susan panted as she knew was primed for a gushing orgasm soon. She had been so fucking horny all week with all these beautiful women sharing their intimate secrets.

This ultimate goddess had finally arrived and was attracted to her as much as she was to Sonia. The voluptuous Brazilian finger fucked her slowly at first then whipped her fingers in and out quickly, while her other fingers engaged Susan's reddened clitoris. Sonia loved to rub her wondrous tits over another woman's clit and could not resist this with Susan she moved her right breast over Susan's hot clit and rubbed its succulent texture with her erect nipple.

"Yess ... oh ... that looks so fucking great ... rub your hot tits all over me!"'

Susan's body shook in absolute lust. Her mind raced with thoughts of what she wanted to do next with this hot woman. Sonia 's dark brown areola were puffy and stubbly and Susan could see her thick nubs were soaked with her own hot juices. Susan's head was right near the drawer that held her strap on dildo so she opened it and pulled it out. Sonia noticed it come out of the drawer immediately. Sonia stopped sucking and let Susan get up and put it on.

"Ohh ... yes Susan ... I want you to fuck me with your big rubber dick!"

Sonia got on her knees in anticipation of getting it from behind but Susan surprised her and came around her but dropped to her knees also.

"Wanna lick your hot mound first, honey," As the sultry professor swabbed her fast tongue on Sonia's partially shaved mound. The woman moaned a slow quiet moan and let out a stream of air from her lips as she absorbed the sexual gratification that Susan was administering to her. Susan couldn't wait to fuck this hot woman with her gigantic rubber cock. She stopped licking and finger fucking Sonia and got up and strapped it on. Placing the leather straps around her waist. Her nipples were super taut and her thighs were on fire.

She parted Sonia's olive brown ass cheeks and slowly entered her moist love mound with the immense flesh colored phallus. Sonia's wet pussy had that pungent fragrance of sweat and vaginal juices that aroused Susan even more. Susan leaned backward as she fucked Sonia hot body. Susan could not resist and rubbed her flaming thighs into her new Brazilian lover's bum as she massaged and pinched Sonia's gorgeous dark brown nubs that were still moist with her own hot juices.

"Yes ... give me that big thick cock deep inside me ... ahh ... ahh ... rghhhhhhhahhhhh!"

Sonia growled in a husky voice wanting nothing but to release her warm juices as Susan fucked her hard from behind with the phallus. Susan fucked the voluptuous woman harder now, as she felt her own juices ready to expode soon also. The college office floor creaked rhythmically to Susan's heavy pussy pounding. Those sounds were compounded by the squishing of the wet phallus as it pulsed in and out of Sonia's extruded pussy lips.

Susan's hard thrusts and Sonia's panting were the only sounds that filled the September air. The director humped and squeezed Sonia's body, bent down and slapped the South American hottie's nice round ass with her free hand. The room shook so much as Susan's gave Sonia such a hard pounding that the small glass gifts on the shelves fell over and onto the floor. Susan felt her orgasm rise from her warm abdomen as her vaginal juices oozed into Sonia 's hot mound. The savory South American born goddess rubbed her own clit simultaneously with a penetrating circular motion and felt her own glowing orgasm begin to happen.

Susan plunged into her Brazilian lover deeper and harder, she grasped Sonia's tits and supported them from swaying against the carpet. Sonia, loved having her breasts held as she got fucked. She arched her back and thrust her wet pussy mound deeper as Susan slammed the strap on dildo still deeper into her. She felt the motion of Susan's hips as they gyrated faster and harder into her wet mound.

"Coming Susan ... fuck me harder,, yes ... YES!!!" Sonia's mound erupted with a gush of love juices which flowed around the phallus and onto Susan's warm thighs, mingled with her sweat and other fragrances.

"Fuck my hot cunt, Susan FUCK ME ... yes ... YES!" Sonia screamed as her mind filled with endorphins that yielded total pleasure. Susan slowed the plunging rubber phallus with the Brazilian's love cream all around it and pulled it out. The scent of Sonia's orgasm filled the small room as the professor buried her face in Sonia's sopping wet mound and licked her furiously. She felt Sonia's large hips thrust up into her mouth and empty even more juices into her wanting mouth. The two women embraced again, exchanging kisses and feeling their warm juices joining together for the first time.

Susan went into her drawer again and pulled out her most favorite sex toy. She moved over to the pile of clothes the two women left on the floor and laid down and inserted the double sided huge black dildo into her cooze.

"Let's fuck each other together now, put this cock inside of your wet pussy and fuck me as I look at your hot body, Sonia"

Sonia's face lit up with intense lust. She loved this and followed Susan to the floor and gently inserted the big cock. The hot Brazilian interlocked her legs with Susan's as there pussies rubbed together with the hard rubber phallus between them. Susan loved this position as much as Sonia and knew she couldn' t last long before her body would be shook with another ecstatic orgasm. The two women humped each other as they thrust their pussies together. Sonia followed her new lover's lead as they both massaged each other's clits while humping as hard as they could.

"Ohh ... Ohh ... fuck me Sonia ... FUCK ME HARD ... yes

coming ... coming ... ahhhHHHHHHHHHHNNNNGGHH!"

Susan's screamed as her middle aged body was racked with another superb orgasm as Sonia pulled away and began slurped up Susan's pussy mound full of her wetness and spunk.

"Ummmghh ... go suck my clitty ... suck me ... bite me...

hard ... Oh ... ohh ... Im gonna explode AGAIN if you keep doing that ... oh oh ... ahhhhHHHhmmmnnn..."

The succulence of Susan's cunt juices filled Sonia's sweet mouth, dribbling down the sides of her jaw as she struggled to swallow all of Susan's gushing orgasm.

"Ummnn ... you're so tasty Susan ... I love sucking your hot cunt!"

Sonia loved the aroma of most women's vagina's but Susan's was especially pleasant and she wanted her to know it. Susan's final orgasm made her weak as she collapsed next to Sonia. They caressed each other for a while longer and Susan suggested they take a shower together back at her place.

"My husband is out of town for the weekend ... Can you come to my place for the night Sonia?

There's so much we haven't done yet and I want you so much!" Susan said as she caressed Sonia's beautiful face as she hoped that Sonia would come home with her tonight.

"I'd love that Susan..."

"This seems like the beginning of a great relationship. I love being with you!" Sonia said as she admired Susan's perfect round breasts.

Susan felt she was falling in love with Sonia and wondered how that would impact her marriage. Her husband was out of town too much lately and she bet he was getting some female action somewhere also.

"You're the best lover I've ever been with the most amazing body Sonia!"

The college professor said, admiring the tanned firm physique that this woman possessed, as she put her bra back on and dressed. They looked at each other, deep into their souls and kissed passionately once again.

Susan realized what she had done inadvertently.

"Ohh my GOD!!" Susan laughed.

"What?" Sonia asked

"I kept the camera running and it recorded all of our lovemaking!"

Susan really forgot to stop the camera during the break.


"Let's take it back to your place and watch it!" Sonia said, eager to see how it looked.

And they retired back to Susan's ranch house for a long weekend.

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