Rachael And Julius
Chapter 1: Happy Anniversary

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, Son, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Happy Anniversary - 26-year-old Rachael finally lands 63-year-old Julius. But Julius' old world deeply southern family takes a mite bit of an exception to the romance. Love lost and found on the Chesapeake Bay.

Rachael breathed a sigh of relief when Mike finally passed her desk, coat and hat on, briefcase and cell in hand. He nodded curtly to her and did not even pause in his conversation as he boarded the elevator and left her alone for the night.

It was almost 6:30pm and he was the last.

She logged off her computer and cleared the last file from her desk. She gathered her coat and purse and, slipping past the "in conference" sign blocking the door, went into JD's office and locked the door behind herself.

He was facing the window, hands clasped behind his back, listening to the argument coming in over his speakerphone. She watched him as she put her things quietly on his office couch. He was a short man, which still surprised her; his presence was so tall it seemed incongruous with his person. At 63 and with a full head of neatly trimmed white hair, JD was still stocky not stout; years of sitting behind a desk during the week had been offset by weekends at his family's fishery or hours in the gym. Built like a boat anchor, he once described himself - small but dense. She was taller than he, almost a third of his age and far more slender - his willow, he called her - but their relative sizes and ages had made no difference in their devotion to each other. Or their passion.

"Semantics, gentlemen." JD finally boomed over the conversation, "Hair splittin' of the worst kind. Neither of ya'll gives a hoot in hollerville about the legal name of this here joint venture." The argument droned on and Rachael checked her watch. 6:45; their dinner reservations were for 7pm but there was no way they would make that now. Judging by the frustration in JD voice and the audible slip of his deep southern Virginia accent - normally kept so carefully in check - this had gone on for hours.

'Maybe time for a little incentive.' Rachael thought.

She had planned to strip for him when he took her home; tonight was their one-year anniversary. It did seem rather fitting to do it here now, though, since their first time together had been on the floor in front of JD's desk.

She moved to the center of the room and took the clips out of her hair, tossing them one by one onto his desk. She shook her long, wavy, dark brown hair out and let it flow down her back - just above her butt so that she rarely sat on it. He did not look up. She began to dance slowly, humming "Let Me Entertain You" softly as she unbuttoned her blouse. She tossed it on top of one of the high backed leather guest chairs. Her camisole landed on the opposing chair. She knew he had finally looked up when she was bending over at the waist with her back to him stepping out of her skirt.

"Holy Mary Mother of God!"

She straighten slowly, smiling as she turned around to face him. She could hear the men on the speaker asking if JD was ok. He ignored them and let his eyes feast on her slender lace clad beauty. "Mercy, mercy me." He breathed, "If'n you ain't everything a man could desire."

She pointed to the phone, "Your call?"

"Ah. Yes." He cleared his throat and un-mute the call; she had not seen him hit the button. "Gentlemen, your pardon. My co-worker has presented me with..." he looked at her again, " ... with another issue that requires my immediate attention. I would suggest at this time that you all consolidate the items we have discussed so far and forward a revised contract to my office. We can continue this discussion at a later time." JD did not even give them time to agree with the idea, "Good day, gentlemen." He hung up the line and moved quickly around the desk.

She turned slowly around allowing him to peruse fully the black lace teddy she had purchased for the occasion. He let out a low whistle, "My, my, my goodness, woman! To what do I owe this unmitigated pleasure?"

"It's a special day." She backed out of his reach, "Not until you guess." She teased.

"Alright, now let's see." He knit his brow and pretended to think hard, "No, no, can't think of a thing worth celebrating."

"Not one thing?" In the eight years she had worked for JD, he had never forgotten a date, meeting or birthday. He knew what the day was.

"Well, now I guess I can think of one little thing. It was one year ago today that you tried to kill me."


"Right here in my office. You and yo' friend like to give me a massive coronary.

It had been a threesome with Helen the first time. He remembered - some things are hard to forget.

"We did not." She laughed but let him pull her close and caress the lace.

"Should I be expecting Ms. Bogud's presence shortly?" he asked tracing the arch of her hips under the delicate material.

She thought about it. That first night had turned out to be a one-time thing but she did not mind sharing him - especially not with Helen. Not if he wanted to. "No, but I can call her, see if she's still here."

"Touch that phone young lady and I'll bite you." She giggled and reached in that direction. Gently he nipped her shoulder. "No. Maybe again one day," he looked into her eyes, "but not today." He kissed her, a light peck and then again, more deeply with lips and tongue. Soon his fingers were pulling the shoulder straps down and stroking her oh-so-sensitive shoulders. She tugged the corner of his bow tie - she had finally gotten the knack of untying them - and unbuttoned his shirt. She loved the soft feel of his hairy chest. The white hairs stood out from the well-tanned and surprising taut skin. He did not feel 63, and did not act it either. He was broad and fit and energetic and made her feel like someone special.

His lips lingered on her collarbone and moved ever so slowly around her neck. She ran her fingertips across his nipples and felt him shiver. His lips changed direction, moving down her cleavage. She had small breasts, which always bothered her - not enough to consider a boob job, but she had to confess to a twinge of jealousy for any woman with more than a B-cup. But JD loved her "little buds" - loved their shape and color, loved their sensitivity. He was astounded the first time he made her come playing with them alone. He made it a regular practice. Slowly he slid down the teddy revealing more of her skin and sucking her nipples gently. She moaned and let her hands unfasten his pants to stroke his growing hardness.

He took her just to the edge of orgasm then stopped to undress fully. He smiled at her, a look born of lust, and pushed her firmly backward over his desk. He bent over and licked her slit. His tongue squirmed in and around the syrup-soaked folds of her pussy and they both moaned. He licked again, this time letting his tongue encircle her clit. She came, crying out loudly and arching her hips. He tongue fucked her until she came again washing his face with her cream. The suddenly he was on her - in her - moving in swift strokes, his pelvic bone rubbing against her clit, his lips squeezing her nipples. Another wave crested over her before the previous one faded and she pumped against him trying to push him deeper and deeper. When he came, they came together and lay spent and panting atop his desk blotter. She loved him and it was wonderful, nearly perfect.


Slowly they pulled themselves together. He kissed her and she could taste her essences on his lips and tongue. They giggled like teens.

"I am presuming that we have missed our dinner arrangements?"

"Long since."

"Well, then let's just stop on over at that little place on 14th and see if they can't fix us a plate to go." He pulled her close again, "I'd just as soon have you to myself tonight." His brow furrowed, "And if I'm not mistaken, you have homework, don't you?"

She laughed and pulled free of him so he could finish gathering his things, "Yes, JD I have homework." He had suggested and she agreed to get her paralegal certification. Now, halfway thru, it had all the joy and excitement of re-living high school - that being none at all. Still, finishing meant that she would be JD's Legal Aide not his secretary. They would work more closely; she would be even more important to him. She could not deny the appeal.

"I swear, woman, it's like raisin' my boys again!"

She waved the comment off and turned to get her coat. Behind her, JD cleared his throat.

"Miss. Sullivan?"

"Yes, JD?" even after sleeping together for a year, he still addressed her so formally.

"I have wanted to ask you something for sometime now." He paused and she looked at him. He was staring out the window again, "I, uh, I realize that I am..." His voice trailed off and he cleared his throat again, "Miss Sullivan, are you happy with our arrangement, currently?"

"Our arrangement?"

"Us, I mean. Together. Our relationship, our living arrangements, our sexual relations, an' so on."

"Oh." She put on her coat as she moved toward him, "I love you, I wish we were living together but I know that has to wait - at least until my lease ends. The sex is..." She slid her arms around him, " ... amazing. So yeah, I guess I'm happy with it. Why? Are you?"

He turned to face her and put his arms around her as well, "I have never been so happy in my life. I have never been so profoundly moved - even in church - nothing has touched my life the way you have."

Suddenly her heart was racing. She had not expected such a strong admission and his intensity frightened her. "JD..."

"No, now let me speak my mind while I have the courage to do it. You can have your say when I'm through." He pulled away from her and opened his briefcase, "I have been considering our arrangement for some time now, and I find that I am not at all pleased with it, not at all pleased. You are an astounding woman and you deserve more."


"I said hush up, now, woman." He reached in the case, "You deserve more than part of my time and part of my attention and quite frankly, I find myself a might disturbed when I call you and you don't answer."

"I do have a life, JD."

"I respect that, I truly do. Nevertheless, I am displeased with this current arrangement. And I'd like to make some changes."

"Such as?"

"Well, first off, I agree. Our living arrangement is quite unsatisfactory. I propose that you break your lease and move into my house."

She pursed her lips, they had discussed this much before, "And the affect on my credit report and the resulting fees?"

"Your credit will simply have to suffer the blow and I will pay any and all fees resulting from this action including the cost of a moving company. I have no intention of hauling any furniture."

"Ok. What else?"

"We have discussed a trip to Reedville this holiday season to visit my family."


"And in deference to my aged mother, you made a hotel reservation for one in your name."


"Cancel it."

"You're the one who said your mother would never let us sleep together in her house."

"The house - as a point of fact - is in my name. But be that as it may, yes, mother would preach fire and brimstone if we were to share an unwed bed under her roof."


"I would like you to cancel the reservation for 'Miss Sullivan'" he pulled a ring box out of his case, "and stay with me as 'Mrs. McElroy'."

Rachael stared at the box. Her hands shook as she took it, opened it, saw the simple gold band with a single diamond. Her vision blurred.

"You, of course, do not have to answer now. I understand that there are many things to consider. You will no doubt want to discuss this with your friends. Family. There are legal ramifications." He babbled on while shoving files into his briefcase. Every moment she was silent weighed upon him. He snapped the case shut and looked out the window again. He clasped his hands behind his back and tried to stop shaking. Proposing to his first wife Claudia had not been anywhere near as terrifying. "I will, of course, understand completely if you decline to accept my offer." He heard himself say. She still had not spoken and he risked looking in her direction.

She was wearing the ring. Tears were streaming down her face.

"May I inquire if those are in fact tears of joy?"

She nodded.

"Honey," He swallowed hard, "Nothing sounds quite like yes to a man like the word 'yes'."

She gasped and threw herself around him - not easy with their height difference - "Yes, you idiot! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she punctuated each yes with a kiss until he caught her face and held it still. He kissed her soundly.

"Yes?" he asked again not quite believing it.

"Oh! What, do you want a written contract? Yes, Julius, oh God, yes!"

His knees gave out and they both fell to the floor.

"Hot damn!" He exclaimed breathless, "Oh, Jesus, thank you. Ha-lay-loo-ya!"

"Are you ok?" she asked him, finally beginning to control her own emotions.

"I've never been so scared in all my born days."


"I didn't know what I was gonna do if'n you said 'no'. Bless me but I sure-n-hell didn' know."

She wiped her face on her coat sleeve and he laughed at her. They managed to stand up and clung to each other as they made their way out of the office.

"I'd best discuss this with Paul in the morning. I don't know if you were aware but we are in violation of the firm's 'no fraternization' policy."

"Us? I can't imagine how." She said giggling. The ring fit perfectly and glittered in the low elevator light.

"Now don't go flashing thing to every mother's son until I've discussed this with him. We may have to remain circumspect a tad bit longer, you understand. Don't look right for the Legal Council ta break the company policy."

She sighed, "I know. Just Helen. I promise."

He nodded; Helen kept more than her fair share of secrets. And it wasn't as if she did not already know about their relationship.

He took her home. They did not stop for food. And she did not do homework.

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