Reform School Tutor
Chapter 1: My indiscretion

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Spanking,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: My indiscretion - Caught having sex with an underage boy, art teacher Sarah is sent to teach at a private reform school, where sex and corporal punishment are part of the curriculum even for the tutors.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Miss Sarah Lewis who is joining our staff from today mainly to teach art and craft and if the reports are correct, this is a subject at which the pupils at her previous school excelled." David Gibson, principal of the Emile Stokes Private Reform School began his introduction while I stood on the low platform at the end of the main hall in front of a class of about thirty students all dressed in orange and white sweat shirts and trousers. All eyes were on me and I wondered how many had already mentally removed my clothes and had me standing naked before them. The thought brought a blush to my face especially as the boys appeared to outnumber the girls, two to one. They didn't look unhappy at being incarcerated in this institution; indeed most had smiles on their faces. Little did I know they were at my expense.

"Sarah is with us on a two-year contract, or as you will say, she has a two year sentence. Like Paul, our other contract tutor, Sarah was rather naughty, or shall we say, indiscreet, with a young boy at her school and took this position to save herself from a term in prison and the disgrace and criminal record that would give her." At first my mind only registered shock at the information he was giving to my students but worse was to come. "What she doesn't realise is this job is not quite what she expected. Yes, Sarah, you will teach art and craft and you will have status above your students but like them, you will be subject to the rules and punishments of this establishment and shortly that will include the punishment you should have received for the crime you committed with the fifteen-year-old boy pupil." I looked at him with horror and again wondered about this punishment and why he'd brought it up in front of my students to be, but I wasn't given a chance to speak. "You will, I'm sure consider the punishment harsh, but once it is over there will be no record of it and it will never be referred to again and when you leave here, you will get a reference that will enable you to get a position elsewhere. The only other punishments you will receive will be for misdemeanours you make from now on."

"What ... sort of ... punishments?" I started to ask although I had a shrewd idea but didn't believe that physical punishment would be allowed these days, even in a reformatory. He ignored me.

"Her crime in some ways resembles Paul's in that she set out to seduce a young boy and had sex with him on a number of occasions which didn't please the boy's mother or the headmaster of the school but, in view of her good record and popularity with staff and pupils, they refrained from informing the police and governors and suggested she resign from the school at the end of the term and apply for a post here. Which she did."

I burst into tears and sobbed and would have run from the room but there was no place to go. Either side of me stood two security guards and the door to the room was shut. In any case the building stood near the end of a narrow peninsular that jutted out into the wilds of the Atlantic and was fenced off from the mainland. "I loved him, I really did ... and he loved me." I collapsed into a nearby chair.

"So that everyone knows exactly what you did Miss Lewis and why you are being punished I will project on to the screen, the edited transcript of the interview you had under hypnosis with the psychologist and which you signed as a true account of what happened. You will then have no need to hide the truth from your students and others here." For a while my mind refused to believe this was actually happening but the reality came back quickly.

Blinds were drawn, June Taylor the vice principal pressed a few keys on a laptop and the text appeared on the large screen and slowly scrolled down. I tried to shout and protest but one of the security men clamped his hand over my face and hissed for me to be quiet or risk further punishment. It quickly dawned on me that I was in far more trouble than I anticipated when I was offered the post.

The security man turned my chair so I could read the text.

'I first noticed the boy, Robert Wilson, when he started coming to my after-school art club. He was in year nine and probably fourteen years old. I found him to be a cheerful, quiet lad and an excellent artist who worked conscientiously and was always willing to help with the clearing up. Nothing happened between us until halfway through his year ten, although I liked him and he wanted to spend a lot of extra time with me and I tried to encourage his work.

At the end of an unusually hot day in early May, I had a large delivery of paper and other supplies and was in the storeroom trying to clear a space to put the new stock. "Can I help you Miss?" he asked. I accepted his offer and in the airless room we were soon sweating and I knew he could see my bra through my damp blouse and I could also see the effect it was having on his prick. In the previous few months he put on a growth spurt and was as tall as me and was fast becoming a handsome young man. Up until then, I hadn't thought about the sexual side of any relationship with him but being together in that small room, I had the urge to tease him and secretly undid the second button on my blouse; the first was already undone. This gave him a good view of the tops of my breasts when I bent down. I went further and climbed the stepladder to put materials on the top shelf and gave him chance to see up my skirt.

He must have known I was teasing him because he in turn teased me. 'Accidentally' knocking the stepladder, he put his hand up to stop the wobbling and it ended up on my upper thigh. Quickly he removed it but not before giving me a grin. I grinned back and when I climbed down, made sure my leg touched the front of his trousers and felt his hardness. I gave him a hug and a peck on the forehead. Normally that wouldn't have been very erotic but I felt his prick jerk when I pressed my breasts to his chest and a flush came to his cheeks. "Thank you Robert for your help, I think we'll leave the rest for tomorrow." I hesitated before going on, "It's getting late, would you like a lift home?" He agreed and stared at my exposed thighs for most of the journey.

"That's my house," I pointed out as we went passed.

"I know. The grass needs cutting."

I wondered how he knew but asked, "Would you like to cut it at the weekend? I'll pay you. I don't seem to be able to find the time."

That night I debated for a long while whether or not to take my relationship with him to another level and even have sex with him. I knew it was wrong and illegal and immoral but it wouldn't harm anyone and if we could keep it secret ... In a few weeks he would be sixteen and would go to college and then we could have sex without risking imprisonment but could I wait that long? Would he find another girl at college? I decided to see how things progressed and at school for the next two days, I could only tease him a little because mostly there were other children in the room.

He worked like a Trojan on Saturday morning and when I looked out he'd taken his shirt off and was wearing only shorts and trainers. I slipped my bra off and put on a loose top that I knew would show my tits if I bent down — I checked in the bedroom mirror before going out to help. Both of us worked up a sweat before I invited him in for a drink. By then he'd seen my tits a number of times and I could see the telltale bulge in his shorts. "Would you like a quick shower to rinse the sweat off?" I asked. After showing him the controls I left the bathroom and suggested the door should be left ajar to let the steam out. When I heard the water being turned off I went back in with a towel and caught him with a full hard-on. "Is that for me?" I asked but he was embarrassed and at first tried to cover up but I took his hand away and he allowed me to rub his prick.

"Don't you need to shower as well?" His forward question surprised me although I suppose it shouldn't. Already the sight of him had made me horny so I dropped my shorts and stripped off while he watched with wide-open eyes. With me being the size I am, there wasn't much room for us both to stand in the bathtub but we managed and he pretended to wash me but really it was just an excuse for him to tentatively grope my tits and feel my cunt. We soon turned off the water, dried each other and ended up on my bed. Although a virgin, he soon got the hang of things but came quickly. I didn't let him up but held him in me until he hardened again and could fuck at a more leisurely pace.

Most weekends I employed him to do work in the garden and I always insisted on giving him money not like he was a prostitute but so he had money to show his parents and they would think it was legitimate rather than intimate work. I grew to love him more and more and wished our relationship could have been more open. Inevitably we got careless and towards the end of June his mother called round and I'd left the back door wide open when we came in from the garden. She caught us screwing like rabbits and went mad and accused me of seducing a juvenile and debauching her son. Robert calmed her a little and said we were in love but she didn't believe to be true and said it was only a sexual infatuation.

In a way we were fortunate in that she didn't go directly to the police but on the Monday saw our headmaster. He didn't want a scandal and Mrs. Wilson didn't really want the hassle of court proceedings so they agreed to let the matter rest if I resigned and left at the end of the term. It left the head with a problem of filling my place at short notice but he was kind enough to give me a reference to the Emile Stokes Private Reform School and they have accepted me.

The above is a true account of what happened between myself, Sarah Edna Lewis and Robert Wilson during the months of May and June 2006.

Signed: Sarah Lewis

Witness: Kathleen Branson, psychologist

I sat in front of the class with my head buried in my hands and sobbing with the shame and ignominy. Just when I thought I was safe, I'd jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the fire and now I was going to be punished in front of all my students and fellow members of staff. I knew from the murmurings that the document had scrolled through to the finish. "Look up Sarah," it was the vice principal that spoke, "Here we don't condemn what you did but we still have to punish you for it. Was that your only experience with an under age boy or girl?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"But you've had plenty of sexual experience with others?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"But no one permanent?"

"No Ma'am,"

"With women?"

"A few times."

"Well you will get plenty of sex here and with young people too but all are over sixteen so are above the age of consent. But first your punishment. What do you think Mr. Gibson? Same as Paul?"

Fortunately I was sitting when the David Gibson agreed or I would have fallen to the floor, "Yes June, twenty with the strap, twenty with the cane and an hour for the staff and students to get to know her should be about right. Paul can have the rest of the day off to look after her."

After that things happened quickly and unwillingly I became caught up in a whirl of activity that I had no control over. Despite struggling fiercely, security men stripped me completely naked, and a group of students pushed a low padded bench onto the platform. When all was ready the students were ordered to sit down again and security held me first so my front and then my rear were displayed to their eager eyes and my skin blushed deep red with the humiliation of my exhibition and from the comments on my body. My cries of protest and pleas for release fell on deaf ears and again security told me to be quiet or my punishment would be increased.

I did so although I continued to shed tears of shame, wondering as I peered through half opened eyes, what the students and staff actually thought of my body. Did they find it attractive or was it just my cunt they wanted for sex? My face, usually my best feature, was marred from crying and I knew my mascara would be a mess. But what of the rest of me? Was I too fat? Certainly I had much more flesh on my bones than the tall and slim, June Taylor and much more than I should have for my height. Many times I'd tried dieting but none lasted and I didn't have the will-power to keep up with them although I knew I ought to try and I would be much healthier if I lost a couple of stones or more. Even the doctor advised me to lose thirty pounds but somehow I never got around to putting in the required effort.

From puberty, I'd never been very proud of my body and every time I looked in a full-length mirror I thought how much better it would have been if I had put on a growth spurt like Robert. Now, approaching twenty-seven, it was too late for that. At only five feet one inch, I was short and plump; dumpy if you like, and I had tits that were more than adequate; soft and needing the support of a good bra. Robert and boys at college enjoyed playing with them and sucking the protruding nipples. My naturally curly, neck length dark blonde hair surrounded a round face which usually wore a ready smile and I guess that enabled me to win a number of boyfriends, and a couple of girlfriends too, at college and after, but nothing lasted. Perhaps it was my crazy dress style and Bohemian ways and my obsession with my art that deterred them from making any relationship a permanent thing. Only in the last year had my wayward life style settled down, that was until I became involved with Robert.

My thoughts quickly changed to the impending thrashing when security half carried me to the bench and fastened me down with my arse raised and my cunt fully on display to the students. That they could see my most intimate parts was the least of my worries.

"Would you like to do the warm-up June?"

"Thank you David it will be my pleasure. There's plenty of area for us to warm and by the way she's reacting, I doubt she's even had a hand spanking before."

Although held by straps at my ankles and wrists and one across my back, my whole body shook violently and I could do nothing to control it. My fear of what was to happen overcame any means I had of keeping my body still. I felt sick and tasted the bile coming into my throat. I coughed and spluttered and when the first terrible stroke landed on my bottom, I screamed and then my breakfast vomited on to the floor. She ignored it but did wait until my choking calmed down and then laid on the second stroke. My spluttering started again but after a pause, the third stroke landed. I writhed in my bonds, I screamed. I choked but nothing deterred her from thrashing me. Nor did the principal say anything to curb the way she applied the strap. I pissed myself just as she applied the sixth and the strap splattered the stream and sprayed me and her. Surprisingly, she just laughed. So it went on. After the tenth she changed sides and I passed out soon after but some water thrown into my face revived me, but I barely kept conscious. Finally the 'warm-up' was over and there was a longer pause and I could even hear others crying above the sound of my own but the students were out of my view.

"She didn't take that very well David, I wonder how she'll get on when she gets the real punishment," I heard June remark and then I saw him pick up a long thin brown cane and swish it through the air.

"Doesn't matter, she'll take her punishment anyway." I vomited again. This time I heard a few negative groans and cries from the students but they were brusquely told to be silent. Even so I think he half heeded them because he cracked the cane across my already tortured and swollen bum at quite a fast pace. That didn't spare me any of the pain except that several times, I don't know how many, I faded away and he was still continuing when I became conscious again. Finally it was all over. My poor arse felt as though it was twice its normal size and I just knew I was bleeding profusely from all the cuts he'd inflicted. My first assumption wasn't too far from the truth but I hadn't been cut although the weals were deep and raw. The pain was so great I wanted to die and be free of it but I wasn't afforded that luxury. Neither did my hoped for release from the bench materialise and the words the principal had said when he announced my punishment came back to me, 'and an hour for the staff and students to get to know her should be about right'. Did that mean what I thought it might mean? I would be raped after this horrific ordeal? It did.

First the principal fucked me with little thought for my pain and then one of the security men. None of the others wished to and June declined to have me tongue her because of the spew around my face and on the floor. "Okay boys and girls, she yours for the next forty-five minutes," David informed the students, "Sarah at the end of that time, your punishment will be over and Paul will take you to your room and Kate will assist him to do what they can to help you. You can take the day off tomorrow but you may wish to organise your room so you are ready to teach the following day." Teach? I wouldn't be able to move by then!

Fortunately the students were more kindly disposed towards me. Several boys fucked me but they did it gently and said it was only because if they didn't they would be in trouble too. Others under Paul's direction, cleared up the mess I'd made and Kate, one of the older students, knelt and put her arm around my shoulders and hugged me and tried to comfort me. "It's rare for anyone to get thrashed like that. The last time was when Paul arrived so you probably won't be hurt like that again unless you do something really stupid like hitting a guard or trying to escape. Normally six or eight with the strap in a bad punishment and that doesn't happen too often. Life here isn't too bad, once you get into the routine and don't kick against the system. I hope you like being fucked, and I guess you do after your affair with Robert, because there'll be plenty of that. Paul's sorta okay, he'll look after you but don't cross him; he's not the sorta guy that takes to being thwarted..."

I knew she was talking just for the sake of keeping my mind occupied but the forty-five minutes dragged on. Eventually the security guard who'd watched over us, released my bonds and Paul and Kate helped me to the shower room and made me kneel on the floor. Both undressed and got in with me. Vaguely I noticed that Paul had an erection but he didn't make any attempt to use it. Kate seemed unfazed by it bobbing near her face when they did what they could to wash me without touching my poor arse. I began to feel a little better but the pain was all encompassing and my mind could think of little else.

After a while they dried me, and helped me to stagger to Paul's room, the room I was to share with him for my stay.

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