Master Jack
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, DomSub, MaleDom, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After a long day at work Jack indulges in his lust filled imagination while on his way to a party.

"Son of a bitch," Jack exclaimed quietly to himself, "That son of a bitch."

Jack was power walking to his car, trying to keep his rage from showing on his face. He smiled as he walked by a couple to keep the image of the store of being friendly. At least that was what the commercials would lead you to believe. Tonight, however, all was not pleasant and perfect at the store, at least behind the scenes. Jack had to get things ready for the late shift again, even though he wasn't a manager. The day manager had asked him to get things ready for the late shift, as he had to go into the back and talk with one of the cashiers.

Things went smoothly as he was getting things ready, until there was a purse snatching incident up at the front of the store. As the day manager still wasn't around, Jack had to get things straightened out. It was very stressful, and even when the night manager showed up after an hour, it still took a long time as he had to keep the customer calm and provide the police a report about what had happened. This gave him two extra hours of overtime, but he was still upset as he finally was able to punch out. As he walked by the manager's office, he heard some strange sounds, but shrugged it off as he could only imagine what could be going on in there. The moment he got outside, he was silently cursing to himself. He was angry with the manager's behavior while he busted his ass to take care of things. As he got to his car, he stopped and just took a deep breath. He knew he needed to calm down and not let his anger continue. Tomorrow was a new day, and he would have to deal with him again the next time he worked.

As he got into his car and relaxed in the seat, Jack closed his eyes and let the quiet sounds of the night soothe his anger. As he sat there, his mind wandered to a different place, a different time. It was a time of swords and rapiers, the Musketeers, the wenches in the beer houses, and a time without the touch of industry and modern times. Jack could picture himself in an empty room pacing. His brown hair a bit longer as it neared his shoulder; he paused from his pacing to gaze in the fire for a moment. As he brushed his hair out of his eyes, he checked his clothing, making sure everything was in place as he prepared for a meeting.

As he removed his sword belt, he overheard one of the women in the main room whispering to another one, 'I wish he would use his sword on me.' The words had made him smile to himself as he walked up the stairs to the top floor. He felt his ego stroked as he felt their eyes on him, knowing they really wanted him because of the power he wielded in his position. He also was always moving around and taking care of business, which helped him to stay in shape to make sure that people would answer to him. His well defined body made him attractive to ladies, but commanded respect from men. As he sat in his chair, he knew that it was only a moment longer before his meeting was to begin.

With a jolt Jack was back in his car. He hadn't dozed off, but as he was prone to do, he had let his imagination take him to a more interesting place as he relaxed. It had been the squeal of tires by the high school kids showing off that had awoke him to the real world again. He took a second to reorient himself and then started the car and headed out of the parking lot. He had a party to go to that all his friends, and his girl, would be at. He was looking forward to it, as it was a social event to start the spring off with drinks, and sex. Maybe his girl would be interested in the threesome or more some he had suggested before.

As he pulled out on the road, he knew he needed some drinks, and some hot sex. He laughed to himself as he knew it was atypical, but right now, after the day he had, he needed both of them. He pushed the gas down and turned up the CD player. As he had a long drive, he began to zone out and let his mind wander again back to the fireplace in his mind from a time long ago.

As Jack waited for his 'guest', he looked over at the large four poster bed in the corner. It didn't have a canopy, but there was rope on each corner, in case it was needed. Next to the bed were two large dressers that held anything that would be desired for whoever was using the room. He was sure he wouldn't need anything for this first meeting, but he knew he would be back here again for further meetings. He looked to the door as it slowly opened with a loud creek. He sat there passively as he watched the young woman walk through the door.

Marie walked in with a slight blush on her cheeks as revealed by the flames from the fireplace. She had tried to enter the room quietly, but the hinges had betrayed her. She hesitated at the entrance to gather her inner strength before walking into the room. The brown haired young lady of eighteen years slowly crossed the room and came to the chair where Jack was sitting. As she went to her knees, she lowered her head towards him and spoke.

"I am here to settle the debt of the House of Donaldson. My name is Marie."

Jack examined her from his chair, taking in her figure. He knew exactly why she was here, but there is always the matter of formality. He smiled inwardly as he enjoyed this position of power.

"Stand and turn slowly," he commanded.

Marie stood up and faced him for a moment to let him examine her. She then slowly started to turn around as per his command, showing off her black flowing dress. Her breasts held in tight by the black corset that laced up tightly beneath them, pushing them up and putting the tops on display, rising and falling with each breath as she continue to turn. She could feel her breath increasing and could not control her racing heart that pounded in her chest. She did not raise her head toward him, knowing what would happen if she spoke out of turn. The rules for this night were for her to obey Lord Jack's every command, as had been repeated by her Father, Baron Donaldson.

The Baron was a fairly decent businessman but he had an addiction to the ladies at the local brothel. Lady Donaldson had passed away years ago and the Baron found comfort with Madame Yvonne and her girls. After a string of deals went bad, Baron Donaldson went to the brothel and proceeded to accrue a rather large bill after a full day of debauchery. When Marie, his only daughter, heard about the trouble her father was in, she went to Madame Yvonne to try to settle the debt. Madame Yvonne told her that it was out of her hands as the debt had been sent up to the upper levels of ownership. Marie shuddered for a moment, knowing she would now have to deal with the local crime lord. She bit her lip and asked the Madame where the local boss could be found. It took a couple of days, but a message was sent to Marie informing her of the place and time where she would meet with the local boss. When her father learned about the meeting, he told her to obey his every command, no matter what it may be. They hugged and she left for her appointment to present herself to the local crime boss.

She continued to spin slowly around until she was told to stop. She stood there and waited.

"Do you know why you are here?" Jack asked.

"I am here to settle the debt of the House of Donaldson," she replied.

"Yes, I heard you the first time. Now, do you know why you are here?"

"I ... am ... here to please you Master Jack," Marie said her voice trembling.

"And what makes you think that your pleasing me will settle the debt, it is a rather large amount," Jack stated. He was very curious how far she was willing to go to save her father, and to save herself as well?

"I have been told that you enjoy pleasures of the flesh Master Jack," she started, "and I have been told that my mouth brings much enjoyment."

This was a bold face lie. Marie had never even seen a male naked, let alone ever taken a male cock into her mouth. She had read about it in the dirty pamphlets and books that her father had hidden about the house. She didn't have to hide the fact that she knew about them. She was able to read these stories when her father was out of the house, or was too drunk to notice. At night she would read these tales of debauchery, causing a yearning in between her legs that she fully didn't understand. She had even touched herself once slowly before the door banged open from her father returning home. Now, as she stood there trembling before Master Jack waiting for his orders, that same yearning started to burn again.

"Do not move," Jack told her.

He rose and walked over to where his rapier hung from the mantle. Drawing it form the sheath, he turned and pointed the tip at Marie. His eyes calmed her fears from the hissing sound of the rapier being drawn. He walked around slowly and began to flick his wrist. He used the rapier upon her, slashing strategic points upon her corset and parting the fabric as he desired. He paused for a moment and stood before her. She realized that she had been holding her breath the entire time, and as she finally took a breath, the corset fell to the floor and freed her heavy breasts from the confines of the fabric. She gasped at this sudden exhibition of her flesh, but could feel the fire of her desire nearly explode within her. She could feel her wetness growing as he started again with the rapier. The flash of metal filled her eyes as he sliced through the fabric of her dress until she was only standing there in shredded fabric. As he stopped his amusement, he noticed the white of her panties exposed in flashes through the fabric of her dress. This gave him an added thrill as he returned the rapier to its sheath, and he walks over to the chair and sat down again.

"Come closer and look at me," he said after adjusting in the chair. The knowledge that soon he would have complete control over this girl causing a wicked grin to cross his face, as his arousal grew within his pants.

Marie took a few steps toward him before stopping by the fireplace. Her heart beating faster, her chest rising as her breath increased with each moment. She could feel the wetness of her panties as she moved towards him. Could he see them through the tattered remains of her clothing? Would it be a bad thing if he did notice? These thoughts brought a blush to her cheeks as she stood there before him once more.

"Drop to your knees," Jack commanded.

She knelt slowly, visibly shaking, her knees slightly parted as the dress barely covered her body. Her breasts rising and falling exposed to the warmth of the fireplace as she could feel her nipples harden in arousal. As she looked at him, she could see his arousal clearly within his pants and she sighed slightly before taking in a breath and looking elsewhere. She couldn't look at that bulge without the already hot fires within her exploding out of control with lust and need. She knelt there and began to bite on her lower lip to try and distract herself from the need, and desire that was fueled by the wetness that was growing between her legs.

He watched all of these actions, and knew immediately her current state of arousal. Knowing that she was filled with lust and desire for anything he desired. His grin grew a bit as he savored this moment. Knowing that she was losing the battle of her body, and would be begging to do anything he desired. That she would give herself totally to Him. On one hand, he wanted to savor this and push her more and more into this inferno until she could never return, and yet, his own pent up lust could not be contained any longer.

"Crawl towards me," Jack commanded.

Her arms could barely hold her as she crawled to him slowly on her hands and knees. She could feel her wetness sliding down her legs and dripping to the floor as she approached him. She stopped as she was within reach of him, on one side hoping he wouldn't ask her to come closer, and on the other, yearning for the touch. Her mind was struggling with everything going on. She had always been so prim and proper, but here she was crawling to this MAN and lusting for his touch. She had never felt such anything like this in her young life. While her mind tried to fight it, her body continued and fueled her desire to find out more of these feelings

"How may I please you Master Jack," Marie asked in earnest. Her face innocent, but her eyes filled with a lustful inferno of desire.

Jack smiled as he saw the look within her eyes. The pure lust that was within her showing brightly to him as he knew it would when he had first heard of her desire to meet with him. He motioned for her to lean back on her knees and just let his eyes enjoy the rise and fall of her bare chest within the glow of the fireplace. He could see the hardness of her nipples betraying her desire. He let his eyes roam and could see the damp panties against her slit.

Marie was filled with lust as she knelt before him on display. Her mind overloaded with the sensations as he gazed upon her body. Her heart beating rapidly as she waited for his next command that she knew she would follow immediately, without hesitation.

"Lean forward and undo my breeches," Jack commanded. His voice firm, but inside, he was as eager as ever to enjoy this position he was now in with this innocent woman. He had power over men and women, but nothing similar to what he had now. She looked so innocent physically, but he could see in her eyes that she was far from the innocent woman she portrayed. Her scent was filling the room with her desire, and her eyes looked at him with a need for something that only he could give her right now.

Marie leaned forward on her knees, and reached out toward him. Her hands trembled with the uncertainty until they touched the cloth of his breeches. She slowly undid the buttons and could feel her own lust growing with each moment as she slowly opened up the crotch of his pants. Her eyes were focused on the task she had been given and didn't notice that Jack was about to go mad with lust and desire as she undid the buttons one at a time. As the last button came free, his large cock lay open and exposed to her sight. She licked her lips as she noticed the throb of it, and then let out a soft moan as she saw the few drops of his essence leaking from the tip. She just knelt there and trembled as she took it all in. Not sure what to do next, she looked up into his eyes and waited.

Jack could feel his own lust growing with each moment as Marie was undoing his breeches. He almost felt relief when the last button was undone and his now hard cock was freed from the constricting clothing. He looked down and saw her eyes and was nearly driven insane with his own desires for this woman. He could see her needs in her eyes, and this fueled his own. He had never seen such a lust and need in any of the more experienced women he had been with before. This was an innocent lust to obey, to be taken, that he was feeling from this young woman. As he continued to look into her eyes, he remembered again just what the Baron owed, and while this first 'payment' would be nowhere near enough to cover that expense, it would be a wonderful way to start. He sat back and looked at her more. Watching her chest rise and fall as she knelt there, he could feel his own cock throbbing a little until he couldn't wait any longer.

"Take my manhood and please me, please me until I release," he told her.

She did not hesitate as she reached out with her hand and took his cock into it. She had given in to her lust and desire fully. Knowing that she wasn't as innocent as she had portrayed, and knowing that she was going to do whatever she could to please Jack. No, that wasn't right; she was going to do whatever she could to please Master Jack, because she knew that she had fully given herself to Him. As her hand gently stroked, she leaned over and licked at the tip of his cock, getting her first taste of his essence. She had never tasted it before, from any other man, but she had read in her books and heard whispers from her friends, how each man tasted differently. As she got a better taste and more flowed from the tip, she found his to be sweet upon her tongue. Her lust grew with each lick, and she wanted, no needed more. She put her lips around the tip and began to take more and more of his cock into her mouth. Working her lips up and down his shaft slowly as her hand continued to stroke at it. She let out a little moan as she realized what she was doing, and how turned on she was because of it.

Jack thrust his hips in the air at the attention she gave to his cock. She wasn't hurting him, but he was shocked at the enthusiasm he felt when she took him in her mouth and started to suck on him. He moaned as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. He was surprised at her eagerness to please, knowing that she had little experience in this practice. She kept taking him in and out of her mouth as she worked to please him as much as she could. Pulling away only to lick up and down along his hard throbbing shaft with her tongue. He wanted to just reach out and grab her head and thrust deep, but he held back, wanting to take things slowly for now. So he gripped at the chair tightly as he just let himself enjoy the pleasure she was giving him.

Marie looked up from the tip of his cock and let out a soft moan at the sight she saw. His eyes closed and the grip of his hands on the arms of the chair signaling the pleasure she was receiving from her. She saw his breath start to calm down a bit as she gently licked and nibbled at his shaft as she let him catch his breath before resuming the pleasant torture she was giving him. She had never felt such excitement before in her young life as she worked to please this man. She wanted so badly to give him all the pleasure that she could, and in doing so, lose herself to the lust and pleasure she was feeling herself. She returned her mouth to his cock that was throbbing more. Licking and sucking at the essence that was now freely flowing from the tip as she stroked and suck at his cock. Another moan escaped her lips, purring through his cock, as she savored his taste like a fine wine.

Jack was losing control and began to moan and groan loudly. Telling her how good she was doing as he looked through the slits of his eyes and watched the pleasure in her actions. His mind was thinking of other, more creative things to say to her, but he wanted be careful and take things slowly with this girl, knowing that there were be other times to come with each other as she worked to repay the debt of her father. He hissed out through his pleasure that he was about to burst, letting her know that she could let it go onto the floor if she wished to not taste it. Marie, however, did not take her mouth off of him but instead went faster with her actions. Sliding his cock in and out of her mouth with a purpose now as he groaned out louder, signaling his own pleasure.

Marie was almost insulted as she focused on his cock as she heard his words. Had she done something wrong for him to say this? Almost as soon as she asked it, she realized his intentions, regardless of his control of the situation; he did not wish to force her into anything at this time. This was not what she wanted. Instead, she wanted to taste him fully in her mouth. She had never wanted anything else as much in her young life than to feel him burst in her mouth and let her taste all of him. She focused more on his cock, sucking and stroking at it as she could feel it throbbing and pulsing now. Hearing his moans and groans, signaling his pleasure and desire to let go, she moved her lips to the tip of his cock. Wrapping around the head, her fist begin to stroke at it more as she looked up into his eyes. Her other hand cupped and played with his heavy balls as she let him know with her eyes how badly she needed to feel his essence in her throat

Jack let out a growl as he tried to warn her. He caught her eye and knew she wanted it, and his voice failed him as he saw her lust filled desire staring at him. His hips rose as his cock exploded in her mouth and sprayed her with his essence. As he fell back, his cock continued to throb and pulse as blast after blast filled her mouth. He looked down through his pleasure fogged eyes and watched as she fed herself from him, his loins emptying into this luscious woman as she sucked eagerly to get every drop. As his first explosions subsided, she took more and more of his cock into her mouth as she worked to get all of him. Feeling it still pulsing and filling her belly, she took it all and looked up at him through tear stained eyes as her throat milked at his cock. He worried she would choke and gag, but was amazed as she looked up at him with calm eyes with her face buried in his crotch. Her throat swallowing all that he had to give, and then pulling back slowly to gently lick and suck at his cock

Jack let out a gasp and struggled to catch his breath as he began to calm himself after such intense pleasure. His breathing slowing as he looked down at her finishing up her cleaning of his cock and then kneeling back. His eyes dancing as he watched her gather some of the drops of his essence on her chin that had leaked out of her mouth and clean them off of her fingers. She kneeled back on her heels and looked up at him, whispering quietly.

"Did I please you Master Jack?"

He looked at her as he tried to formulate his answer. He had never had oral sex that good in his life, and he had been with many women. Instead, he decided to maintain his control, and replied with just a simple answer.

"Yes Marie, you have pleased me very much."

She felt immense satisfaction within her as she smiled and felt her flesh blushing as she returned the look. Knowing that she had pleased this man had filled her with a pleasure she had never felt in her young life, and she knew that she would return again to feel that pleasure. As she knelt there in the glow of the fireplace and enjoyed the afterglow of their pleasure, she could hear the sound of the raindrops outside hitting the window, popping as they hit the glass.

The gravel of the driveway popped under Jack's car, pulling him back to reality as he arrived to the party. The house was half a mile off of the main road, and there were cars everywhere as he approached. He found a parking spot in a field a short distance away from the house. He parked, shut off the engine and got out. Jack stretched for a moment and had to adjust himself after the intense scene his mind had just enjoyed. Looking around, he started walking to the house, all of the anger pushed aside as he could feel his lust and desire pouring forth as he walked toward the house. He could hear the sound of a woman begging to be fucked harder from one of the vehicles as he headed towards the door.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," he said as he made his was toward the party.

The house was an old two story brick that had been renovated and now held a family of four. Three of the four were out of town, and the son was hosting this evenings festivities. He could hear the music pumping from outside, but it wasn't overwhelming as he entered the door and started inside. As he weaved through the crowd, he found his friend Will hanging out by the keg.

"Hey bro, about time your ass got here," Will said, handing him a drink.

"Don't even start man, just tell me where Jen is," Jack said before taking a long drink from the glass that was handed to him.

Will's looked changed from friendly to uncertain.

"What's going on man, you not find a chick yet?" Jack asked jokingly.

"Jen, well, she's upstairs man," Will responded with a solemn face.

Jack instantly knew what Will meant with that comment. These parties were all the same, drinking and partying downstairs while the upstairs was for sex. If you wanted to get laid, all you had to do was go upstairs, and sex would find you. Jack handed his glass back to Will and made his way towards the stairs. He figured Will thought he was pissed off, but that was far from the truth. Jack was turned on by the thought of Jen getting wild. She knew Jack was a freak in the bed room, and recently they had gotten rougher. However, she didn't know that he had a fantasy of seeing her let loose with all the sex she could handle, with all the guys she could handle. He really didn't know why this fantasy was such a turn on to him, but he knew he wanted to see her in action in that scene. One reason was that Jack was a voyeur, and loved to watch people have sex. Will didn't know this side, as Jack made his way up the stairs. He could hear the moaning and groaning as he started looking through the rooms to find Jen. After seeing some of the couples going at it, he found her in a room with a couple guys from the football team.

His cock grew hard as he saw her riding the running back's cock. Watching as he pawed at her tits as she bounced up and down on his thick cock. He saw the quarterback move behind him and slide into her from behind. Hearing her cry out as he slid into her hot ass and took them both made his cock throb as she was getting double fucked. He never thought she would do anal sex, much less getting double stuffed by two cocks, but here she was, getting fucked by both and responding like a real slut. He could feel his cock throbbing in his jeans as he watched the actions for a bit. He could feel his balls tightening a little, as if he would explode in his pants, as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. As he began to undo his pants, he could feel his cock throbbing and already starting to leak precum leaking from the tip as he watched the action. He squeezed it off to make sure he didn't cum as he took in the scene, and listened to her as she was fucked hard.

"Fuck me you fucking animals," she yelled.

"Fuck me like you did that night after the ball game, ram your big cocks into me," Jen continued yelling.

Hearing those words snapped Jack back to reality. He could recall her kissing his lips that night as she mentioned a girl's night out. She had said that with a straight face as she had kissed him deeply. He didn't realize that she was going to be using her mouth to suck on cock that same night. If she had told him the truth, that wouldn't have been so bad, but now, knowing she had lied to him, he could feel the anger boil up again, added to the anger from earlier in the evening. His cock softening as he buttoned up his pants and watched as she continued to beg them to fuck her harder and fill her up with their cum. He turned and hiss out one word as he realized that he couldn't be with a woman who could lie so easily to his face.


He made his way downstairs, past the other rooms that had the sound of sex. Finding Will, he saw his look of concern as he took a drink and slammed it down. He spoke with a quiet fury as he handed Will the cup back.

"I will call you later. Tell the cunt I don't want to hear from her, if she asks for me.'

Jack made his way back through the line of cars to his own. It was going to be a long drive back home.

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