Chapter 1: Libby's Lament

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Blackmail, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cuckold, MaleDom, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Size, Slow, Caution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Libby's Lament - Libby pours out her dismay to her Mother about her new sex life. Married only three months, her virgin sex with her new handsome groom has totally bombed. Her Mother not only understands but also has lived a life of it. Her mind drifts back through the years and remembers what happened to her. Roslyn knows very well what it will take to liberate Libby...that Libby is not just vunerable, she might even be agreeable. All it would take is one little phone call. Would she? Could she?

January 2007.

Roslyn sat and listened quietly.

At times she would either nod her head as if agreeing or understanding or shake it slowly, depending on the response she thought was right at the time. In fact, she knew nothing she said would make a difference. She knew that at the time she was only a trusted sounding board ... somebody who could be counted on to listen without the slightest chance of judging and, most of all, not repeating any of it to others.

And it was just breaking her heart.

Libby sat in front of her Mother holding a forgotten cup of tea and pouring out her heartbreak, her disappointment. Things had not gone as she had expected. Not even close. She was shattered.

Libby and Rob Lee had stood in front of their family and friends three months before and solemnly swore, "I do," until death do they part. Expectations built up over her young lifetime were about to begin and Libby couldn't wait. After years of holding back, all those times she could have and didn't, finally she was going to be the recipient of all the wonderful fulfillment and joy that her friends and all the magazines said a vibrant, urgent cock would bring her. That it was Rob's cock almost took a back seat. Now it was "her" cock and the world had promised!

First, the honeymoon to New Zealand. Things were perfect. The mountains, the little hotel, the wonderful food and wine. And the nights. Especially the lovely, quiet nights. It was a scenario she had dreamed of since she was sixteen.

And Rob. He was literally her knight in shining armor. Handsome, thoughtful. Educated. And from a family that made all her relatives nod and say thankfully, "Lib did well!"

She had been ripe and ready for the nuptial event. Her friends had chided her about remaining a virgin until she was twenty-two. Her grandparents were so proud of her for being "so strong." Oddly enough, her parents never mentioned it. It didn't surprise her that her Dad stayed away from it. But from her mother there was nothing over the years. No speeches. No support. No talks about the virtues of chastity. Nothing. She would have thought that of all people they would have been the ones gushing over her innocence. And maybe they were. Maybe they just didn't show it.

The worse part about holding off so long was having to endure the quiet talk, the sexual prattle from the other girls who spoke of how they had exploded time after time after being ravaged by a warm mouth, exploring hands, and most especially that hard shaft pounding them unmercifully for "hours at a time."

Mrs. Rob Lee couldn't wait! There had been teases before, times that she had dropped her shield a little and her body had responded frantically to gentle strokes from wandering fingertips. Now, the time was here.

She expected fireworks, explosions beyond even the stories the girls told.

What she got was birthday candles. Warm, happy, pleasant to the senses.

But even these flames were small, very difficult to detect and pleasantly extinguished each time before her party even got started.

Rob had bombed. Since the vows he had been the perfect husband. Caring, thoughtful, always "Libby first, Rob second." But through too much thoughtfulness, lack of touch, or something else Libby just didn't understand his nice hard cock was as exciting and fulfilling as the half empty cup of tea she was holding. And he had a wonderful cock! It was if he had a car with a nice engine but he kept his cruise control on 40.

Libby was crushed. She had no idea how to react to it.

"What do I do, Mom?" she finally said softly.

Roslyn soothed Lib's hands with her own. She wished she could drain the anguish from her daughter by doing so.

"Oh, it's so soon, Libby. Give it time."

"But why me, Mom? Why me? I did everything right."

"I know, I know, Sweetie. But you'll see. It can happen to anyone."

"But it didn't happen to you! Look at you and Dad."

Roslyn looked at her daughter with what Libby thought was anguished love. In fact it was pained thoughts.

Ros turned her head slightly. There were memories that, unlike Libby's thoughts, could not be shared.

Libby moved about a little then stood up to leave.

"Thanks for listening, Mom. You're always there for me."

Then she slipped out the door, leaving Roslyn sitting alone at the table.

She looked aimlessly out the window.

She felt so bad for her daughter. Her hand swept across her dry mouth for a second. Why had Libby waited? Why hadn't she tested the water before she got into the tub?

Why couldn't Libby have been more like Heather?

Heather was two years older than Libby but sisters couldn't possibly be more different then they. Heather had taken on the shorter body and darker hair color from her Mom whereas Libby was the light and lanky one.

But the difference was much, much more than that. While Libby held on to her virtues like a prized piece of jewelry Heather was promiscuous from the start, barely entering her teenage years before not just noticing the extreme difference between the sexes but openly flaunting it. A tease by thirteen, she was getting laid regularly long before she was eighteen.

Neither parent objected to her behavior, each for their own reasons. The very bottom line was that when Heather married Bill Richards at twenty-one she had sexually "been around the block" more than just a few times and knew exactly what she wanted. Heather had not only shopped around but had taken abundant samples over her young years.

And now that marriage was as hard and strong as Bill's cock. During their overnight visits nobody in the house could miss how sexually fulfilling that union was. She and Bill coupled with total abandon and that others were treated to the sounds was of no concern to either.

And that was exactly the reason Libby had never heard one word of encouragement from her Mother about protecting her virginity. Roslyn was absolutely against it but what could she say. How do you encourage an innocent daughter to become a free spirit and get laid!

And now? Roslyn could just hear herself passing on some "sound judgment" to her frustrated child bride.

"Jeez, Libby. I know you just got married but maybe you ought to go out there and try some different cock!" That wouldn't do.

She slowly shook her head. Actually, she knew full well the remedy.

The memories came back. Not slowly or in a blur but instead very vivid. Very distinct. Very real.

Roslyn remembered the exact date almost. It was the first Saturday in February 1982. For many years she remembered the exact day of month but now that had passed her by.

She glanced at the calendar and a rueful smile passed her lips. Next Saturday was the first weekend in February of the year 2007. It would be twenty-five years.

That long? Twenty-five years?

Roslyn continued to gaze at nothing. Her eyes became as wet as her mouth was dry.

So, Libby was frustrated. Her hunger for a ravaging cock was very obvious.

What Libby didn't know was that she was pouring out her frustrations to another woman who at the same moment was also of the same state of mind ... being denied a rampaging cock that was so near yet so far away.

Was this an omen? Were Rob's inadequacies with Libby a gift to Roslyn from the sexual heavens? A way to resolve her own sensitive predicament?

Was this one of those little things, one of those rare times in life, when unforeseen circumstances actually resolve two problems at once, each in their own way?

Ros never moved. For two hours she let the old memories, the present circumstances, the future possibilities, flood her mind before slowly channeling in one direction.

She began nervously glancing at the phone as if there was something magical about it.

Slowly she picked up her purse, rummaging around in it as if looking for something she hoped she wouldn't find. She found it ... a small, engraved card with nothing but a telephone number on it. She picked up the phone held it for some time, listening to the dial tone. Finally, she dialed that number for the first time. The voice answering the call was soft and expectant.

"Yeah?" Even the hesitant one word voiced anticipation.


That's all she said before hanging up. She knew that, at the time, nothing else was needed. That would all come in the very near future.

She shook her head slowly.

Where did it come from? That stupid little saying?

"It's deja vu all over again."


February 1982.

It was their first summer together as husband and wife.

Roslyn and Glenn were meeting with friends at a large lodge in the Snowy Mountains. It was hot; especially in the little house they were renting in Sydney and it was a relief to get away for a weekend. Ros was a little apprehensive. This was Glenn's old crowd, not hers, and there was always a bit of discomfort when she was with them. Unlike her conservative circle, these guys were a bit rowdy.

This bunch never needed much of an excuse to party but for that particular weekend they chose to have a "belated" wedding party for the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Faber. Roslyn could have done without the crowd but she knew Glenn was keen.

Maybe Glenn saw it coming. She didn't and was totally unprepared.

Suggestive comments. Sexual innuendos flowing like the summer brooks. Sly comments about their newly experienced sexual life. Everybody was slapping Glenn on the back and chiding her, all in good cheer.

Glenn ate it up! She didn't. What an irony.

What those fools didn't know!

At the time it had been three months and two weeks since Glenn and Roslyn had turned around for the minister to proudly announce, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present Mr. And Mrs. Glenn Faber!"

Unlike most girls of the day she had entered the union in complete innocence. They were young, both inexperienced. And unfortunately she had the same results as most other girls would in her situation.

In the hundred days or so they had been married she had reached orgasm five times. All five times Glenn was at work and she was at home by herself.

She didn't mean to be cynical. She was married to the love of her life.

But she was devastated that her life long partner not only had a smaller cock than she assumed was normal but after these first few months she highly suspected that even if he were larger he would have little clue as how to use it.

He was a lovely man, a caring husband who thought the world of her. Unfortunately, when entering a marriage it is a good idea that at least one of the partners has some sense of what was to happen. Innocence was sweet but not very fulfilling and Glenn's sexual performance was falling woefully short.

The facts could be masked but not ignored ... at the time he was a sexual "dud" that the young Roslyn prayed to god could be changed. Or trained. Or improved.

Anything to rid the frustration!

As they arrived and mixed with the crowd she was already anxious and disappointed as it was. Then came the slap in her face!

Sue! Sue Randall. She was just David's girlfriend at the time but a few years later following that evening she would become Sue Elliot after her marriage to David Elliot.

Sue Randall was a Los Angeles girl, right off the cover of any Southern California magazine. Flowing blonde hair, perfect tight breasts riding atop a tall slim body with even tighter ass cheeks. Even her laughter was perfect.

Roslyn silently thought that probably her pussy lips were tanned ... everything else was.

David Elliot was a longtime close friend of Glenn's. Six months before Glenn and Roslyn's wedding he had made a vacation trip to California and hooked up with Sue. He was totally infatuated with her sculptured body and easy moving personality. He was quickly overwhelmed with her sexual prowess.

David was a horse, a sexual machine, and he knew it. Even at age twenty-six he had already gone through dozens of women. Some of them may have been coaxed at first but without fail when it was over they were all the same ... sexually saturated, totally submissive, and openly soliciting him for the privilege to return for more. It wasn't just the thick cock on his barreled body that was such a draw ... it was the way he used it.

Hands, mouth, cock. David could stay with a woman for hours, extracting orgasm after excruciating orgasm from her.

To his credit, David didn't flaunt it or wave it about. Instead, he quietly moved about in his gifted life. His male friends, including Glenn, were totally aware of his situation and could only dream of being in his shoes.

As life has it, it didn't stop there. There was also the money.

O-o-o-h, yes. Sue wasn't stupid. She may have been thrilled and excited about finding somebody who matched her sexually but she had already been with men before who did that. She wasn't going to be made a fool. Before she gave up everything and accepted his invitation to come live with him in Canberra she spent five hundred dollars on a private detective to verify his story.

David Elliot was exactly as presented. A young attorney who, at the age of 26, was already being primed to be a junior partner in his grandfather's law firm.

The first time David showed up at one of their parties with Sue hanging on his arm you would have thought the biggest movie star in the world had walked in the room. And that had never changed.

And on that warm Saturday night in 1982 that was what was eating at Roslyn's tortured mind.

While Glenn's buddies and their women were kidding her about all the fucking they must be doing Glenn was over in a corner with Sue, acting like he had never seen a woman in his life. Oh, Ros was getting more than her share of lecherous attention from the men in the group but it was just devastating that her new husband had so quickly abandoned her for this goddess. He should have been by her side instead, absorbing the scandalous talk if not deflecting it from her.

She wandered about taking the friendly jibs, dancing with the guys, gently removing their hands from her nice ass. Nobody could know her disappointment. She wouldn't show it.

She was wrong. Both David Elliot and Sue were watching her carefully. Ever since Glenn had introduced Roslyn to their crowd in 1980 David had been more than just interested. Of all the girls he had met in the past five years he mentally voted her the number one woman that would be hardest to seduce. There was just something about her ... the innocence, the dedication to one man. Something.

And of course, that made her even more attractive than she normally would be. Not that she couldn't hold her own in any room. Ros was shorter than most women but had really nice breasts that showed cleavage well and had an ass and legs that begged for a nice fuck.

And her face was wonderful. Nice, high cheekbones. Perfectly formed lips. In the past David had brushed those lips with his but he wondered how it would feel to be fully engaged, deep kisses being returned by more deep kisses.

And how those lips would circle the massive bulbous head of his thick cock.

As he watched her move around the room it went straight to that cock. David was, above all, a lawyer. Already, it seemed that his professional career would be concentrated on work with divorces. He was very good with the women and was perceptive to many things easily missed by others.

Roslyn Faber was very obviously an unhappy woman. David could see it in her eyes, her smile, even her soft walk.

Sue picked up on it, too. David and Sue's relationship was extremely wide open. Sue had insisted on it and David didn't object. Along with everything else, their thoughts were shared openly.

"She's not getting it. Or if she is it's no good." Sue whispered her thoughts quietly to David as she watched Roslyn move about.

He nodded. Sue was right. And an unhappy woman brought two thoughts to David's mind. One, why was she so unhappy and two, unhappy women were very, very receptive to gentle intervention.

David was a divorce lawyer. He loved intervention.

He smiled at Sue and arched his eyebrows as if questioning.

She laughed.

"You think so?"

David didn't answer. He just looked at Sue, then at Ros and back to Sue again.

"No way." Sue threw out the challenge.

"What's in it for me?" he asked.

"Your wildest dream," she smirked. He knew what she meant.

It took a while. He wouldn't push. He wanted his timing to be perfect. But finally he saw his turn. It was late at night, the dance floor was crowded, and Glenn was as fully engaged with Sue as the rest of the adoring gang.

And he found his edge. It wasn't much but it was an opening. In his line of work that's all you got. He had found that to be true with the conquest of women, too. They didn't line up to get fucked. They just offered a small opportunity, a tiny weakness.

Roslyn Faber's back was itching!

David had seen her try to reach back and scratch it at least twenty times in the past hour.

David approached her and gently took her drink from her hand.

"I've waited as long as any red blooded male can, Ros. Is it finally my turn to hold the beautiful Roslyn Faber in my arms for a dance?"

He could not have paid Hollywood to script it any better. At the time, it was exactly what the frustrated bride needed to hear.

"Ah, my savior," she joked back and held out her hand for him to gently take in his.

When they reached the edge of the massive dance floor he surprised her, walking carefully through the crowd until the moving bodies hid them against the far wall. It almost seemed barren there, totally out of sight of their crowd.

Roslyn had danced with him before. Many times. Always she was more than aware of his presence, the thick muscled body and dark hair. She blushed to admit that she was also totally aware of the inevitable bulge in his pants. After each casual contact she always wondered if it was really the size it promised. But now, she wondered why she had not noticed before how light and gentle he was as they danced. He was really good!

They moved gracefully without ever giving up their hidden position on the floor. David made sure of that. While Ros was aware of the hard cock hidden in the pants of her partner he was fully aware of her firm yet soft body. Gentle touches here and there and just the close proximity of their dance gave him some important information.

Roslyn wasn't wearing a bra.

She was wearing a short, thin light green dress that showed some delightful cleavage. Underneath, a flimsy pair of frilly black tap pants hung loosely from her small waist. She had chosen them to make it easier to negotiate the tiny wisp of a lace garter belt holding up flesh colored stockings. That was all there was beneath the thin green cloth.

They danced gracefully. The music stopped. They didn't move. The music started again. They moved again, pleasant small talk being passed lightly.

Roslyn was growing more and more aware of David's presence. Unlike the taller and slimmer Glenn, David was two inches shorter and had a barrel chest covered by dark hair. But most of all she was aware of the thick appendage pressing just above her waist. David was hard and unencumbered. It was no small afterthought that he wasn't wearing underwear!

Her response was undeniable. Maybe the increasing moisture between her legs was not evident ... the hardened, pointed nipples were.

David sensed it and decided it was time.

"Your back itches," he whispered in her ear.

"What?" she laughed gently. But she had heard him very plainly.

Her face turned red. What a turn of events. First the thing with Glenn and Sue and now this. Her back was itching like crazy from sunburn she had gotten the week before and somehow David had picked up on it.

She started to deny it.

"S-s-h-h-h," he said and put a finger to her lips.

"Only we need to know," he laughed softly and started to gently scratch her back through the thin cloth.

Roslyn shuddered. She didn't know if it was from his intimate touch, the ridiculous situation she was in, or the instant relief those fingers were suddenly providing.

There are flukes in life, pivotal moments neither planned nor foreseen. If not for these flukes major life changing events either do or do not happen. For Roslyn Faber one of those moments happened.

David hit the right spot. His searching fingernails found the exact mark.

"O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h," Roslyn let go, the appreciative sigh escaping her lips as she surrendered to his hands and pressed tightly against his body. It was a sigh she would live with forever. It was also an indicator, one yet to be discovered.

"Right there," she laughed.

"Right here?" he sent back and laughed. This was going to be interesting.

She didn't answer. Instead, she was doing one of those little squirms and back movements one makes when just the right spot is being scratched. His fingernails felt wonderful and were precisely where they needed to be.

David knew there were no "second chances" in this game of seduction with Roslyn He either acted fast or lost it.

"Here, we can do better than this," he said softly.

Roslyn's senses were trying to balance between his hands and his words. Both were soft, encouraging, and very, very needed at that very instant of her life.

She hardly noticed when he carefully turned her around so that there was nobody between them and the wall only a meter away. He backed her against the wall and slowly lowered the zipper on the back of her dress.

Roslyn's senses detected two things simultaneously ... the chill of the air hitting her bare skin and the gently fingers that went right back to the exact "spot" for instant relief. This time there was no cloth between his fingertips and "the spot" to diminish the pleasure.

"David!" she said softly and looked around quickly. It was bad enough that he had unzipped her in public. She had no intention of making a scene and bringing it to the attention of others.

"Sh-h-h-h," he chided her a little. "Does it feel good or not?"

O-o-o-h-h-h-h, yeah. It felt good. In many ways.

Roslyn didn't answer. Her silence was her answer and David interpreted it quickly and correctly.

Not walking away, not slapping his face, was her silent answer. Whether she meant to or not she had just given David a great big "okay" to what was happening.

David laughed lightly into her ear.

"You're not wearing a bra."

"Do I need one?" Ros said then instantly blushed. From where did that cheeky remark come?

"Absolutely not, Roslyn. Absolutely not," David answered truthfully. "You are magnificent. Perfect." And she was. Both breasts were standing out like they were sculptured, the long nipples pointed and hard.

Roslyn felt her pussy contract as his words struck her right between the legs. Glenn may feel that way but he would never say things like that.

Her thoughts may have been private but her face couldn't mask the pleasure from his words. David could see it. Now was the time to advance.

Slowly and gently his fingers moved from her back, up her spine, and back down. Gentle massaging fingers searched for every possible erotic spot.

They found plenty!

Roslyn had closed her eyes. David leaned forward and down, gently finding her mouth and pressing his lips to hers very softly.

There it was! The first of his anticipated victories.

Instead of pulling away Ros met his kiss with hers. It wasn't a long, tongue exploring effort but it was a real kiss nevertheless. It was the longest kiss he had shared with her. This wasn't a peck on the mouth to say "hello" or "good-by."

For Ros it had come natural, responding to a nice offer at the right time. His hands had soothed her; his words had complimented and pleased her. It just seemed a natural thing that a kiss would sweeten the moment.

Ros knew it was more than just a brushing of their lips but she found it relatively harmless. For David, it was totally different. It was if he could hear the creaking of a gate opening just a little bit wider. He needed to move on. If left alone an open gate may blow shut.

David glanced around before he lifted his left hand off her hip and slid it slowly between the two of them and up the front of her dress. Before Ros knew what was happening she felt him cup her right breast and slowly start a gentle massage.

"David." David!" She whispered as she looked around. "Somebody is going to see us!"

"Somebody is going to see us!" It wasn't lost on him. Not "Stop" or "Take your hand off me." There was a strong message in her response for the person who really listened. She wasn't concerned about his hand feeling her up. Only that they might be seen.

"We're okay. Nobody can see."

Ros barely heard him. She was only aware of the fingers teasing her nipple. She couldn't decide if she were pleased or embarrassed that it was so alive, rock hard and pointing.

David laughed silently.

"By God. If nothing else she can be excited," he thought.

He had no idea of the buzz between Roslyn's legs that was forming quickly.

And he wouldn't. Not right then.

"Hey folks! If you could clear the floor we have a special treat for you!"

The DJ's voice cleared the air and their thoughts. Quickly David zipped her up and they followed the crowd as they dispersed in the room.

David was thinking fast. He was about to lose what he had gained.

"Stay right here." He whispered to Roslyn. He escorted her over to the small back entrance to the cavernous room.

"I'll be right back."

Ros watched as he walked away. As the crowd cleared a little she could easily see Glenn. Her heart sunk a little more. He was still with Sue and a couple of the others, clinging to her every word and movement.

Ros saw David when he leaned over and whispered into Sue's ears.

She nodded to something he said and smiled.

"Oh, yeah. No problem." Sue said quietly.

What he had asked her was if she could hold Glenn's attention for an hour or so.

He took two glasses of champagne off the tray as a waiter walked by.

Less than a minute had elapsed before David showed back up at Roslyn's side with an attentive smile and two glasses of drink.

"Come on. Let's get out of here a minute. Too many bodies, too much heat, and way too much perfume in here."

Roslyn made an instinctive reaction, mentally sniffing herself to see if she were the undesired aroma.

David laughed. He read her perfectly and reacted even more perfect. He leaned over and gently placed his face in her neck.

"But not you," he whispered. "You are intoxicating."

And he meant it in every sense of the word. Roslyn Faber was not the most beautiful woman he had ever been around but, especially on that particular Saturday night, she was the most enticing.

He carefully led Ros out the side door into a garden that was beautiful that time of the year.

It made Roslyn nervous. She was already responding to David's presence in a way a married lady shouldn't, even if it was in a crowd. Now, it seemed totally inappropriate to be out in a darkened garden with him.

Her inner voice was speaking. It said, "No."

Her feet were walking. They said, "Go."

It was David's smooth, reassuring resonant voice that was the tiebreaker.

"I want to show you something. It's pretty even during the day but at night it's sensational."

David knew timing was everything. He had experienced it in life and had witnessed it in the courtroom. He needed to calm her nerves.

"Oh my goodness. What a jerk! Does being with me make you uncomfortable? I should have given it more thought!"

He was trying to time it perfect ... the little bit of the drink she was sucking down and the semi apology that was actually intended to mellow her apprehension.

Both were working.

"Oh, I'm fine." Ros said but wasn't so sure deep down.

Then the vision of Glenn leaning over Sue to peek down her top came back. Why wasn't HE here instead of David, sharing cheap champagne and showing her the moonlit night?

"Yeah, David, I'm just fine." she almost whispered as she said it.

Her tone was exactly what David hoped to hear.

The pebbled trail was illuminated by the full moon. Roslyn was listening to David's interesting story about a divorce he was working on, about how he felt the couple was still in love and he was getting them back together. It was exactly the soft, romantic story to fit the moment.

She had no idea the party they had left was now a full hundred meters behind them.

Suddenly, they were there.

"Oh, my God!" Ros whispered.

"Nice, huh?"

They had reached a small clearing, probably the size of the dance floor they had just vacated. In the brilliant moonlight there was a beautiful small creek just bubbling as it passed through. Set among the surrounding small trees and bushes were a few large, comfortable looking lounge chairs with big, fluffy cushions.

"How beautiful," Ros said.

"How perfect," David calculated.

And then, as if he had pushed a magic button, soft strains of music drifted through the summer night. The lodge was far enough away to preclude any light but close enough to allow just a slight amount of music to reach them.

"A-a-a-h-h-h," David said.

"We get to finish our dance."

Taking their glasses and setting them on a small table beside one of the lounge chairs, he took Roslyn back into his arms and began a small swaying motion. He had no intention of asking or allowing any form of rejection.

Ros tensed, relaxed into his arms, and then tensed again within what seemed to be only seconds.

David had lost no time. He didn't have time to lose.

Counting on the booze and the mental "high" he knew she had while they were on the dance floor, he reached behind her and lowered her zipper again.

He calculated that giving her a nerve soothing back scratch would calm things.

He was right on it.

"A-a-a-h-h-h," Roslyn mewed with grateful release. Not only had he hit "the spot" again but also this time he didn't have to hide the fact he was doing it. Without the crowd, he did it with abandon.

"How's that, Princess?" he laughed. He was using both hands.

"Wonderful," she replied. And was it ever!

Sixty seconds. That's about what it took. Sixty seconds. David calculated that's all the time he had.

That's when Roslyn felt his right hand leave her back and carefully work itself around to cup her breast.

And this time there was nothing to encumber his searching fingertips. As he moved his hand he slightly rearranged her dress, dropping one strap off her shoulder as he slid his hand under it.

"O-o-o-h-h." Roslyn sucked her breath in when he contacted her bare breast.

"Da-a-a-v-v-i-d," she protested as she quickly looked around. Immediately she felt foolish. There was nobody there to either see or to intervene.

"My goodness. How perfect. How very, very nice," David whispered softly into her ear.

Roslyn was caught between pure panic and exuberance. She had no business being in darkened woods with this man who was not her husband. Yet, at a time when she desperately needed it, David was a bit of an attractive Prince Charming telling her what she wanted to hear and definitely igniting flames that had yet to be kindled.

She should have walked away. Or ran. Or slapped a face.

Instead, she grasped David's wrist and held it gently as if that was going to make a difference. At best, she was positioning herself in case she wanted to push him away. At worse, she appeared to be encouraging him.

And that's exactly how he took it ... she was not pushing him away but was instead being receptive with her guiding hand.

He gently tweaked a nipple.

She moaned slightly.

That went well.

A slow cupping of her breast, allowing it to fill his hand, letting him judge the fullness, the weight. Wonderful!

No negative response. Just the lowering of her head as if she wanted to watch.

"What am I doing?" she thought.

"How did I let it get this far?"

Those thoughts vanished, suddenly spiraling to the back of her mind as they were replaced with a new revelation.

His lips. Soft yet demanding, brushing hers then devouring her mouth.

From Ros, a very detectable shudder and obvious reaction from her body. Her hand slipped up and almost grasped the back of his neck. Not quite.

From David, a frenzied excitement that caused his nerves to tingle and his cock to lurch.

But from them both were a collective, silent "U-u-u-u-m-m-m-m-m."

Illicit or not, that kiss went straight through both of them.

The kiss broke.

"Thank God! I can't allow this to go further." Her mind was trembling as bad as her receptive body.

"No retreat! No time for reconsideration! She's on her heels. That's where she has to stay!" David knew timing was everything and that time itself was an enemy.

His head dropped, slowly licking then accepting her extended nipple into his warm mouth.

"DAVID!!" But when she said it the sharp intake of her breath made it questionable as to whether it was a complaint or an invitation.

He licked. He sucked gently. She moved her body in an anguished response ... partly protesting, mostly anticipating.

Lips again. His against hers, searching. She came back, responding even if against her will.

His mouth found the other nipple. Ros sucked air. When had he removed the other side of her dress, leaving her entire top dangling from her arms?

She could see clearly in the moonlight, as could he. Her nipples were taunt, her breasts full and straining as if begging for further attention.

David didn't think his cock could get any harder. Feeling it through his trousers, Roslyn didn't think any man could be so hard.

Another kiss, even deeper still. Roslyn was losing it little by little. Any doubt was erased when she did the little bit of searching with her tongue this time, hers looking for his.

It was long enough, deep enough, distracting enough that she never felt his hands leave her breasts. Never felt them as they found their way to just below her slowly moving ass.

It was slow but very calculated. This was another major hurdle to pass. Slowly, gently, the easy upward manipulation of the hem of the thin dress.

Kisses again for diversion, fingers gently moving as they bunched her skirt up and it rode higher and higher.

Finally, hands on bare skin beneath the flimsy panties.

Roslyn jumped.


David responded with genuine surprise. The loose tap pants were as if she wasn't wearing panties at all. And the surprising discovery of the thin garter belt holding up what he knew would be a sexy stockings.

"Was this all for me, Roslyn?" he whispered to a totally confused and saturated bride.

She didn't answer. She knew what had meant to be a subtle invitation for Glenn had somehow become an open opportunity for David.

Oh my God, what was she doing here?

"I want to go," she said quietly. She was shaking all over and it was obvious to David.

"Are you sure?" He had no intention of letting her answer that question unimpeded. As soon as his words left his mouth he filled it with breasts.

"U-u-u-h-h-m-m-m, yes," she said softly. The only problem was that she was sucking in her breath when she said it and it came out as a "mew" instead of a strong reply.

David had been gently cupping her ass with both hands. My God the lady had a tight ass!!

He wanted to stroke it, manipulate her perfect mounds, and slide his hands slowly up and down her exposed thighs. To feel the excitement of touching the soft bare skin of her leg as it protruded the top of the stockings on the way to the ultimate target nestled in soft down.

But he couldn't. He was on borrowed time ... or rather time being bought by Sue.

David had to do something. Right then, right there.

Abruptly he slid his hand between Roslyn's legs and then straight up, cupping her crotch with his open hand.

Two things happened ... she gasped out loud, basically a surprised yelp, and his hand was met with absolute slush. Roslyn was creaming herself so bad it was already starting to move down her inner thighs.

She was surprised and embarrassed enough. David's unexpected frankness didn't calm her any.

"You're soaking wet, Roslyn."

It hit her like a lightening bolt. Never in her many dreams had she imagined such bluntness ... such truthfulness.

Oh, yeah. She was wet. It had started much, much earlier with the slow dances inside the lodge. Despite her dire circumstances out here it had only increased, turning from a drip to an embarrassing flood.

She wasn't sure if her face drained of color or turned red. Whatever it was, she wasn't ready for what was coming.

David stepped back and removed his jacket, laying it carefully across the arm of the nearest chair.

Ros stood there pathetically, holding the top of her dress up with her hands and wiping a tear away.

"How in the world? I mean, what has happened?" she thought.

David read it all. Read her perfectly. Knew exactly the confusion she was experiencing.

"Roslyn, I am going to fuck you."

As he said it he reached out and gently removed the dress from her trembling hands. He lifted it over her head and off, casually tossing it on his jacket.

A naked Roslyn was stunned!

"Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? You'll do no such thing, David Elliot!!"

That's as much a she got out. In a heartbeat his mouth was covering hers, not just cutting off her protest but also totally ravaging her mouth with his. This was no gentle coaxing, no soft seduction. It was a full attack, an oral rape meant to leave no prisoners.

And it was received like water on sand. Despite her strong protest to his proclamation, when he devoured her mouth she responded and sucked it in as if it were "the" kiss she had sought all her life.

Enough playing around. It was time to be a man taking a woman. The time for ladies and gentlemen was over.

He led her hand to his cock straining against his pants.

"Do you want that?"

"No-o-o-o-o," she protested. Of course she wanted it. Ros thought she would pass out when she finally had the chance to feel the length and especially the girth of him.

"My God," she thought. "He's so thick!"

"You don't want that inside of you?"

"No-o-o-o," The weak response again.

David laughed softly.

"Really, Ros? You really don't want it."

There was a silence. Not more than five seconds, but a silence.

For Ros, a time to put together her thoughts, plan her protest and escape.

For David, it was a victory celebration. She shouldn't have been thinking. She should have been walking!!

"I'm married, David." This time it was a calculated expression of her predicament.

"I know."

"Glenn's your best friend."

"I know that, too."

"We can't make love!!"

David laughed gently, almost as if making fun of her. He stepped back just a little and began to unbutton his shirt. Even in the dim moonlight Ros was more than aware of the barreled chest, the massive stand of black hair. He was so different from Glenn.

"Roslyn, we're not going to make love."

She stood there with her arms crossing her chest, a bewildered look on her face. It was a direct reflection of how she felt.

David unzipped his pants and let his swollen cock spring out. He knew that it had never been harder than right then. Or more anticipating!

He took Roslyn's hand and wrapped it around him.

She shuddered slightly. It totally filled her fist! Her fingers didn't touch all the way around.

"I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to take that cock in your hand and fuck you with it."

Ros was completely silent. She had no thoughts, no response to his blunt assessment. She was stunned, both by his demands and by the size of the maleness she was grasping tightly. It hadn't passed David's attention that she had not relinquished ownership of it.

"You and Glenn should be making love, Roslyn, and I'm sure you do. We're not going to make love. I am going to fuck you until you can't take it any more."

The assurance in the way he said it. The way he made it sound so final. Was she supposed to say something back in defense? Do something?

Of course she should have ... but she didn't. Ros just stood there, naked except for the absolutely stunning presentation her panties and gartered stockings made. And still not letting go of that stiff cock.

If she was not in agreement with his intentions, Ros was so mesmerized that there was no reaction.

David looked around again and then pulled her over to one of the cushioned chairs. He laughed a little inside. During that time she had never released his cock.

David took her in his arms and pulled her to him, engaging her again in a long, deep kiss that Ros certainly was not in the frame of mind to pull away. He softly massaged the globes of her ass, sensing her hips moving slowly back and forth in response to his touch. He so badly wanted to spend time with her, trailing kisses from the top of her stockings to her pussy for an hour but it just wasn't to be. Not tonight.

Ros was a willing zombie to some degree. In the erotic stupor she was in, she hesitated but made no effort to pull away or push his hands away. He knew she was aware of his hands and was making no effort to remove them.

David slid a hand around and in front, going under her loose leg opening before slipping a large finger into her in one quick, smooth movement. He didn't stop to rub her lips or tease her clit, but rather deftly slipped his entire middle finger up her drenched channel without even so much as a hesitation.

And David had huge hands.

Ros didn't know what was the greatest sensation, the overall surprise of his sudden intrusion or the pure pleasure provided by the large digits rapidly entering her. Either way, she moaned and bucked forward against his hand. Her mouth became glued to his as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

In her fogged mind and in his precise one they both knew she was past anything but willing. Knowing she had surrendered, David continued a steady, slow plunging action with the finger. Slowly he disconnected from her and turned her around.

"Please, David, I need to go." Ros had a sudden resurge of protest, weak as it was. She had enough wits about her to know that she was in a situation way beyond her abilities to resolve.

"Soon." David stepped away and she saw him remove the rest of his clothes.

David laid her back on the cushioned chair. As she hit the cushion her legs opened slightly. David seized the moment. He was starting to hear a "tick, tick, tick" in the back of his mind as time was a factor. Slowly he lowered his head between her legs.

"No-o-o-o-o, David! Don't!" It certainly wasn't what she was expecting. It wasn't just the act itself but she had been dancing for hours. What was she like down there?

"You smell wonderful!" He was looking straight into her exposed crotch. Even though it was dark Ros still turned her head and cringed under his gaze. She could vision what he was seeing and admiring. He was looking at a light brown heavy thatch against white skin. And in the middle of it all Ros knew that there was a wide open, red glistening slushy pussy with a clit so swollen she was sure it looked like it could burst. She lurched at the initial touch of his tongue sliding between her lips.

"N-o-o-o-o, please don't, David." She vaguely knew the words were coming out but he didn't pay any more attention to them then what she meant. It was a feeble last minute attempt to save her from debauchery and he knew it was no more than that. In fact, she made no attempt to push him away and within minutes was holding the back of his head with both her hands, encouraging him on by her slow gyrations against his face and the constant low moans escaping her mouth.

Even if it was illicit, she was getting her fantasy fulfilled. It wasn't Glenn, as she had always hoped. But instead it was David here with his head between her legs fulfilling her sordid little daydreams. Ros anticipated that David was a master at this and that it was not going to be a whirlwind, blow her mind real quick experience.

That's what David wanted, too. A long, drawn out seduction. But time was squeezing in on him. Instead, he teased her as he let his tongue dance lightly on her clit and then sucked slowly. It took no time. Ros started going into a small convulsion indicating an imminent orgasm. She yelped when David backed off.

"What would you like?" He had control and wanted to exert it just a little. Ros didn't answer his question.

"What do you want me to do?" He backed off slowly with his mouth as if firing her a warning shot.

"I want your mouth." It was slow and soft as it came out of her. How did a little Australian girl get to this?


"Between my legs." Already, he had her begging.

"What else?"

She didn't answer.

"What else, Roslyn Faber?" He was going to get an answer.

"Fuck me." It was so faint he could hardly hear her.

"What was that?"

Again, the slow response. This time a little louder.

"Fuck me."

David's head went back down, his hands found her breasts, and Ros was sent spiraling out into some type of erotic fog for what seemed an hour. In fact it was only minutes. His persistently teasing tongue was supplemented with his fingers, sometimes teasing or twisting her nipples, then entering her pussy with slow then forceful strokes.

His tease was replaced by her pleas. She was ashamed of herself when the pleas finally turned to outright begging. When he had her where he wanted her, his mouth gave a final fast hard assault on her clit.

"A-u-u-u-u-u-g-g-h-h." It came out of her and wouldn't stop. The undulations that her body had been doing turned to outright thrashing about the chair.

FINALLY!! That elusive male induced orgasm. No matter what she had envisioned ... no matter what dreams she had ... nothing came close to what was happening to her.

How was she to know that it didn't just consume your body, that instead your entire soul was devoured?

And most of all, when it happened no matter the circumstance there was no room for shame ... remorse ... second thoughts. That would come later. At the time it was only a total consumption driven by pure pleasure.

When the wonderful feeling of the overpowering orgasm went away and her sensitive clit mixed pleasure with pain David pulled away. He would have loved to torment her until she begged him to stop, ignoring her pleas and mauling the swollen nub with his mouth. But he couldn't.

Roslyn was more in line with his thoughts than he could have imagined. She was totally involved, sexually saturated to the point where she knew no matter what happened it wouldn't be enough.

She made little mewing sounds, almost pathetic begging.

"Please, please, please." That's all that would come out. At that point she was so ready for him to be inside her.

He lifted his head and looked at her from between her legs and softly said, "Now?"

She knew what he wanted.

"NOW, NOW, NOW!!!" she whimpered.

All thoughts of Glenn were gone. Totally silenced by a throbbing pussy.

David slid on top of her and swiftly mounted her, not bothering to remove her loose panties. He took a while just moving his cock up and down her soaked labia, teasing her swollen clit and lubricating his head. She couldn't help but acknowledge the size there.

Finally it was time. David placed the head of his cock against her waiting pussy and hesitated, almost hanging in mid air as he allowed her to feel the size for the first time. He didn't push but instead allowed just a little pressure against what he knew would be straining walls. He had to rush the other things but this couldn't be one of them.

Ros felt him. She REALLY felt him. She thought she had been prepared. She wasn't.

To David's credit he didn't force anything. Instead he would only offer ... letting her come get it as she desired.

She desired. There was just one little thing. For all the talk, for all the planning and preparation a girl may make, there was something to be considered.

A big cock can be very painful.

Ros found that in a hurry. In her impatient desire to fulfill an aching pussy she lifted and shoved forward against David. There was an immediate reaction from both parties.

"She's wonderfully tight," David acknowledged.

"Ow, ow, ow," shot out of Roslyn. That stung. Real bad.

David consoled her.

"Easy, easy, easy."

David's experience and words paid off.

It took several minutes but, without really pressuring anything, the huge head had entered her. The little sounds of discomfort and pain changed little by little to erotic little moans.

At first Roslyn was relieved. Then curious. Then totally receptive.

When her sounds became consistently moans of pleasure David knew he could take control. So far she had only moved on him in small strokes, the movement barely detectable. Now, he was to take over and give her what he knew she really wanted. And needed!

He offered small strokes at first, mere centimeters or so maximum. After ten or fifteen times he increased it to at least twice that. Same thing.

By the time he was half way in he was moving with a fluid motion and she moaned constantly. That's when her short legs tried to go up and around, clasping him in the nylons. She was still wearing high-heeled shoes.

It was almost too much for David. He had to slow down a minute to keep from losing it.

Once it became no holds barred David moved from solid slow strokes to more of a pounding, those pitiful little mournful moans out of Roslyn escalating to nonstop cries and guttural grunting.

Roslyn Faber was wonderfully full. No fantasies she ever had matched this sensation. The stories about a large cock not making a difference were a bunch of crap. Size definitely makes a difference.

David hadn't missed out either.

Quietly, he mumbled something Ros hoped she had misunderstood. But in fact she realized what he had said.

"You're really nice and tight, Ros. You have a fantastic pussy!"

So much for any romantic interlude. He was getting what he wanted and at the time she was too overwhelmed to deny him anything.

David was having problems holding back. She was just so damned tight and was such an unexpected wonderful fuck! Totally inexperienced, the woman was still unbelievable.

Roslyn was there, too. It was almost disappointing that it wasn't going to last longer. Like all night. But as inexperienced as she was she could still detect one thing ... an impending male orgasm.

David was about to come and she knew it. Whether it was that knowledge, the massive cock pounding her or her desire to release in perfect union, she let go.

"A-a-a-a-h-h-g-g-g-g-h-h!!!" In that rare instance the two of them came together, moaning into each other's mouths totally with abandon.

She had no idea at the time that it would be years before she would experience it again in that exact manner ... an experienced cock extracting every ounce of her strength before coming with her at an exact moment.

David grunted. Roslyn let go.

She REALLY let go!!

David tried not to laugh through his explosive orgasm. Roslyn was later shocked and embarrassed.

David Elliot and newly married Mrs. Roslyn Faber found out something.

The little outburst she had given earlier in the club when he had hit the right place when scratching should have been an indicator. For Roslyn, pleasure extracted outburst. That night in the moonlight Roslyn and David found that when she reached orgasm with a man the quiet lady became a "talker."

She blurted it out, unabashed and uncensored.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder, David, harder." She couldn't stop herself, blurting out the unthinkable.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" And she went on begging from there, explicit, nonstop and without reservations.

It would be later that she fully realized all that she had said. But what she picked up immediately was that she felt him lurch when she said it. She had always envisioned such a response from "her man' for years, the moment that her sexual offerings would tumble him into submissive gratitude. But it was so surprising and unthinkable that she was doing it with David, a basic stranger.

The "stranger" on top of her moaned and pressed his lips to hers, burying his tongue deep. Ros kept coming and couldn't seem to slow down.

Slowly, very slowly, David made himself slow everything down. Then he eased himself off of her and turned her over, bringing her to her knees. Ros was surprised. How did he recover so fast?

From the way he was positioning her she was expecting him to take her from behind, his cock filling her pussy with penetration so great she wouldn't be able to stand it. There was a hesitation for a minute then she felt him slowly and very carefully rub his cock in and out of her, then up and down her cum drenched ass.

David positioned himself closely against her and put his swollen head just inside those drenched lips. Ros closed her eyes and readied herself for the entry.

Instead, he backed away slightly. He knew he was out of time but he wasn't going to pass this up. He had dreamed this up a few years before; a system he felt was fool proof.

Once he was through screwing a woman he wanted to determine just exactly how much under his control she might be. Not just how easy she would be to approach later but how willing she would be for an "anything goes" situation.

He had a plan. He thought it up and he had tested it time after time. So far it had worked well enough though not always in his favor.

Like the many women before, David slipped his middle finger inside of Roslyn's lathered pussy. When she responded to the presence it took all of his strength to continue on, not to hesitate for longer as he felt her pulsating pussy convulse and suck hard on his finger.

Instead, he did nothing more than present the lathered finger to Roslyn's rectal opening. No pressure, no coaxing. Not even a suggestion.

Carefully, he made sure there was direct and constant contact at all times and carried on small talk he knew the lady would enjoy and that would distract her.

In Roslyn's case, it was just more erotic continuation of the evening. She was on her knees with him pressing from behind, his finger against her ass while he began a slow and sensual scratching of her back and spoke softly of how wonderful she was.

Her situation was so strange to her, so unexpected ... and totally wonderful!

Of all things she would never have believed this could be so erotic. At that point there was no pressure so there was no pain, no discomfort at all. Just a bit of pressure in a very unexpected place.

So they stayed there a while. Soft talk, the gently scratching on a receptive back.

And a cock returning to it's hard stage and wishing it could replace the finger pressing against an obviously unwilling anus.

David heard the music in the lodge stop. He was over the top. He hoped Sue could hold down the fort because he needed an answer.

Two minutes passed. Nothing. Another three. Not only was he not getting what he hoped but also he was in huge trouble in that lodge.

It was time to give up. Sometimes it just didn't happen. He should have expected it with Ros, not surprised.

Then, it was there. Very small, almost undetectable, but it was there.

Roslyn Faber's ass moved slightly. In a very faint maneuver she pushed back and rotated slightly.

David knew the signs. He had been there before.

The pressure continued. The small talk stopped.

Her movements increased very slightly as the precious seconds passed by.

One would have thought that Roslyn wasn't aware of what she was doing. Those thoughts would be false.

Like many before her, she had become more and more aware of the finger pressing against her ass. At first it had been nothing, just a gentle touch that neither prodded nor pressured. Before long it became a curiosity.

Within minutes Roslyn had advanced to the point that it was a mystery. What would it be like? She had certainly heard of it but didn't quite know whether to believe it or not. Did women actually take it in their ass?

She smirked inwardly. Maybe she could take Glenn but no way with David. Surely that would be suicide!

But her cautious thoughts couldn't override her instinct. She had opened up a can of worms that night. Her mind was nowhere close to normal.

David felt it. More and more the little circling of her ass, the backpressure she was applying. He stood still. That was the rule ... the game.

The idea was to see if she was so infatuated with his previous performance as to impale her ass on that finger with no coaxing, no pressure or temptation.

Ros closed her eyes. How was this so erotic to her? It certainly was given little thought before. But here she was.

Roslyn couldn't ignore the stretching, the little bit of burning pressure as she pressed gently against David's finger. It's just that it was different ... nothing she could have imagined.

How could she describe this erotic mixture of pain and pleasure?

David couldn't read her thoughts but he could judge her progress. He wondered if she realized how much of his finger she had taken without making a sound!

Without her realizing how far she had taken it, Roslyn Faber had impaled her ass totally on David Elliot's finger.

"U-u-u-m-m-m-m," softly came out of her when she felt his hand come in contact with her ass. Her little audible reaction wasn't so much from any physical pleasure. In fact there was more than just a bit of discomfort. Instead, it was more like she had accomplished the unthinkable.

If she were surprised that she had taken him, she was even more surprised when David slowly and carefully removed his hand from her. The idea at the time was to see where he stood with her, not to fuck her in the ass. Hopefully that would come later. Much later.

He had accomplished exactly what he wanted. He knew exactly where he stood with her. He could have Mrs. Roslyn Faber any time he wanted.

"They've let loose up there," he softly advised her and nodded to the lodge.

It was almost comical how they were dressing on the way up. It slowed them down, distracted them as they walked.

In their focus on putting themselves back together they failed to see the shadowy figure as it slipped from the nearby bushes and then onto the moonlit trail before melting silently into the night.

When they reached the lodge garden David looked in a window. What a relief! Sue was still holding audience with half a dozen guys. Glenn stood quietly on the parameter of the group, apparently intoxicated by everything she had to say. His eyes seemed almost glazed. Damn, she was good!

David turned around and was staring right into the watery eyes of Roslyn. Tears were forming and flowing.

David knew the scene. He had been there before ... several times.

He sat her down in a chair and held her hand. It was time to make the difficult change from David with the hard cock to David the friend.

"How do you feel, Roslyn?"

"Oh, I don't know. It happened so fast. I didn't mean to let it!" She was doing her best through the sobbing.

"Roslyn, we both know that. But I want to know how your body feels. How you are sexually right now."

Roslyn hesitated a long time. It was a bad and stupid time to lie. She was on fire!

She lowered her head. There was no way she could look him in the eyes.

"Wonderful. Unbelievable." Without speaking the truth came out softly. She had no idea how truly wonderful sex could be before tonight. Sordid or not, David had fulfilled her every fantasy.

David knew he had to move carefully. There was a lot more important things here than just a tight pussy.

"Ros, you and Glenn aren't doing very good together in bed, are you?" He already knew.

She thought he knew, too. Otherwise he wouldn't ask.

"Does it show?" She wouldn't look him in the eyes.

"I picked it up. I doubt others do. I know for a fact that Glenn thinks you're wonderful ... his lifelong dream."

There was a few seconds of uncomfortable silence.

"You have to take control, Ros."

"What?" Was she hearing right?

"You have to take over. Hell, you already know how easy you can make him come. I assure you that you can make any man in Australia beg."

Roslyn's pussy tingled. God, she needed to hear that!

"You have to find a way to come with him."

"What do I do?" Her voice was resigned, a little inquisitive.

"I don't know. Find a way. That's up to you. But somehow you need to find what it takes to make you come with him. Anything."

She nodded. He went silent. And he was right. This conversation was over.

They slipped around the front of the building and walked in as if nothing was going on. David joked to Glenn how he had just seduced his wife, then allowed as how the two of them had really only stood outside the front of the lodge while David smoked a "dozen" cigarettes.

Glenn laughed weakly.

As he said it David gave Sue a special look. Sue laughed but didn't hide an acknowledging smirk. The son of a bitch had done it!!

Roslyn smiled broadly and cringed inside. His nerve was as big as his cock!!

Thankfully, that sordid evening ended, as did the weekend at the lodge.

And that's how it happened. February 1982.

In 2007 still Roslyn remembered it well. Too well!

And the events that followed that led to that phone call.

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