Neighbor Girl
Chapter 1: The Movie

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Wimp Husband, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Movie - He meets a single neighbor woman likes to act out the scenes from her CFNM videos

Yuka can best be described as cute. Not gorgeous, not sexy, but best described as cute. That's not to say she lacks those other qualities too, but cuteness clearly takes the lead. A young woman, short in stature and a bit overweight, she wears a thick set of glasses upon a pretty face. I initially stereotyped her as a student when we first moved in next door. At the very least, I figured she was into books, maybe a librarian. She had the look of a smart young woman who liked studying and probably got good grades.

Later behavior served to reinforce my initial stereotype. The drapes of her house stayed mostly closed. She tended to keep to herself, staying inside, and only returning a shy "hi" on those rare occasions when we crossed paths. I used to picture her sitting in a rocking chair, under a lamp, and maybe in front of a fire reading a book or maybe crocheting a new scarf to keep warm. The only time I got to see her was when she was all bundled up for her early morning run. For a person who was overweight, she ran a surprising amount. I would even see her on the coldest days of winter jogging down the snow covered walk.

My wife, Katie, took the initiative to get to know her. I saw them talking out front when day when I got home from work. A couple days later they met for tea. Eventually they had lunch together in town. As it turned out, the two of them happened to have jobs within a few blocks of each other. Yuka was not a student at all, but worked as a sales girl at some sort of woman's clothing store downtown. She was also older than I figured, in her mid-twenties rather than the teenager liked she looked. It's been my experience that short Asian women often tend to look younger than what they really are. Perhaps it is due to their fair complexion, or maybe it's just because they are smaller.

In any case, I eventually got to know her too. My wife invited the bashful little woman over for dinner one night, and then Yuka returned the favor a few weeks later. To my pleasant surprise, our neighbor turned out to be an excellent cook. She made a terrific Chinese marinated chicken, and her Italian lasagna tasted pretty good too. Given the way she cooked, no wonder she had to run every day to keep down her weight.

The two of us eventually worked out an informal deal where she cooked while I helped her out with repairs. As talented as Yuka could cook in the kitchen, she was dismal at doing household repairs. Both her house and car were time bombs of disrepair. The tires on her car were almost bald, and the oil in her car hadn't been changed since she bought it. I quickly discovered Yuka grew up under a traditional upbringing and practiced traditional habits. She was into girlish things - like cooking - and wouldn't open the hood of a car even to check the oil.

We ran into each other more and more. One night she would stop by to help Katie with something in the kitchen. A few days later I might return the favor by helping her fix something around her house. Lucky for her, her cooking made it worthwhile. I didn't mind spending an hour fixing a leaking showerhead if it meant a delicious meal a few nights later.

Yuka behaved bashful to strangers, but opened up once you got to know her. I also discovered she had a pleasant personality and a good sense of humor. Sometimes on the giddy side, she occasionally acted more like a dizzy blond than the dark-haired cutie she really was. She could also shock you but some of the things that came out of her mouth - especially about men.

"Men are so much trouble," She casually told us over dinner one night after my wife hinted about possibly introducing her to a nice single guy she knew at work. "But on the other hand, it sure would be fun to have a dick around to play with!"

The word shocked me, especially coming from her. I couldn't believe such filth coming out of her sweet little mouth. In fact, at first, I thought I misheard her. Only later did I confirm it with my wife.

Yuka didn't have a boyfriend. Never married, but she occasionally brought up her boyfriends of the past. Her quiet, secluded nature probably prevented her from meeting many guys. I'm sure that working in a woman's clothing store didn't bring forward many opportunities either. In any case, it certainly wasn't because of her looks. I'm sure her cute face attracted many men, and all her running was starting to have an affect.

We moved in over the winter when everyone stayed bundled up in conservative sweatshirts, sweaters, and coats to keep warm. As spring approached, people started wearing less. Yuka was no exception, and she started giving hints at the result of all her running. She also tended to let down her guard on weekends. One day she came over in a old white T-shirt that clearly showed the outline of her bra and what appeared to be cleavage underneath. Another time she bent down right in front of me while I worked on her sink and was looking up from under the counter. Pleasant to my surprise, her chest was more pronounced than expected. She actually had a sizable pair of boobs, which on an Oriental girl was surprising. I never much thought of her chest, but from then on couldn't keep from picturing her topless every time we met. I yearned for the day I might get to see her in a swimsuit or maybe even a bikini.

We continued as neighbors during the summer and then into the fall. I continued helping her around the house or whenever she heard something "funny" in her car. We continued to get invited over for dinner in return. The exchanges occurred about once a month.

Yuka and Katie continued to be friends too. Their exchanges became ever more frequent. They met often for lunch and then started going out for drinks in the evening too. I don't know where they went for their nighttime festivities. Katie didn't tell me. She only said they went out to do girl-things. Secretly, I think she tried to play matchmaker. Yuka didn't go out much. I suspected Katie was trying to remedy her boyfriend situation by introducing her to some of her single male friends from work. Once in a while Katie even returned a little tipsy, indicating they had gone to some bar or maybe a club. Sometimes she returned rather late too. As for me, it didn't matter. I didn't care where they went, for it meant that I could go out with the guys. Thursday night was poker night. Katie didn't like me playing poker, especially for money. She also didn't like it when I returned home after too many drinks. But if the girls got to go out over the weekend, then I got to go out to play poker on Thursdays.

It wasn't until last week when I got my first clue at where the girls went. Poker night finished early. One of the guys was sick in bed and another had to leave early because his wife was pissed about something or other that he did or didn't do. With only three left, we decided to quit early. We split after only a few hands and only one beer. I came home early to find the lights out and the television on.

"Look at the size of that thing!"

The first voice I heard upon entering the house was of Yuka. It came from the living room. I could tell the television was on. The walls gave an eerie glow. The flicker of the screen lit up the room. The house was all was dark except for the nightlight above the stove.

"Holy shit!" I heard Katie too, agreeing with a playful giggle. It sounded like the two of them were having a good time, probably watching the latest chick-flick that I wasn't interested in watching anyway. I closed the front door with care and decided to sneak up on them.

"Did you ever realize one could get that big?" Yuka asked.

"It's even bigger than the one we saw up on stage last week," Katie's voice spoke with amazement.

I didn't pay much attention to what they said at first. I had no idea what they were watching. Their words put me at a loss.

"Wait until you see what he's going to do with it!"

"He's going to hurt her with such a big one!"

I peaked around the corner to find them both sitting wide-eyed on the couch and facing the TV. Katie sat forward, barely keeping her ass on the couch, watching with intense interest at whatever was playing on the screen. Yuka acted more relaxed, sitting back, seeming to take delight at Katie's reaction. Through the speakers on the television I heard a commanding voice giving an order. "Over here," It shouted. "So we can shackle you."

"Oh my Gosh!" Katie's hands went up to her mouth.

"Now we're getting to the good part," Yuka started to lean forward too.

For the first time, I grew curious. I had never seen two women watch a movie with such interest. What could be so good? Why were they so interested? It certainly didn't look like any ordinary chick flick.

"Is she actually going to..." Katie's voice trailed off.

"I bet she is!" Yuka acted like she didn't know, but clearly had seen the movie before. She teased my wife. Poor Katie looked to be in shock.

Growing more and more curious by the second, I decided to take a look for myself. I couldn't see anything from the hallway, so had had to step inside to satisfy my curiosity. Our living room was small and I had to practically walk up beside the couch in order to see the screen. Normally they would have noticed me, but their intense interest in the movie pulled all four eyes away.

"Now he can't even cover himself," Katie mumbled through her fingers, her hand still positioned over her mouth.

"Lucky for us!" Yuka giggled in agreement.

The darkness of the room helped to cover my presence. The high volume of the television helped silence my steps.

"Now give me pleasure," The voice from the speaker spoke.

"He's actually going to fuck her!" Katie gave the first hint at what was really happening on the screen.

A moment later I looked for myself. It was an x-rated sex flick. Two sparsely clad women wore little more than teddies. A third woman was naked and down on all fours. Behind her was a man, also naked, and sporting the biggest cock I had ever seen.

"Holy shit!" I couldn't help but cry out.

It took them a moment to realize I was in the room. Katie jumped up with a start. Yuka quickly went for the remote, dropped it, and then fumbled with the buttons while trying to figure out how to stop the movie. It played on long enough for me to see the guy jerk his hips forward and plunge his monster dick into her. I couldn't believe any woman capable of accepting such a large weapon. I couldn't believe Katie was watching it.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Katie shouted at me.

"I don't believe this!" Yuka cried out in embarrassment.

Katie regained her composure enough to reach up to the reading lamp. Both girls stood before me embarrassed and angry - or at least Yuka was embarrassed. Katie just looked angry.

"The game finished early," I told them what they already knew. "So I came home."

"How dare you sneak up on me like that!" Katie didn't seem to hear me.

"But I didn't sneak," I defended myself. "All the lights were off. I figured you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you."

"That doesn't matter!" She refused to listen to my words. "You scared the crap out of me!"

"Sorry," I took a deep breath and apologized, even though I had no need to apologize. I mean, what did I do wrong? It wasn't my fault they were too engrossed in an x-rated movie to notice someone walking in the front door! I could just have well been a thief or a rapist. They never would have known.

"Maybe I should go," the bright red face of Yuka spoke up. She looked like she wanted to race out of the room.

"But the movie wasn't over!" I decided to tease her. "It was just coming up on the good part, as you said."

Her face turned an even brighter shade of red at my use of her own words against her. "Jason!" She looked away.

"Stop it!" My wife took her side. It was two against one. Women always stuck together when they had the chance to disagree with a man.

"Just teasing!" I held up my hands in mock surrender. "Come on, relax! The two of you look like crooks who just got caught robbing a bank."

Yuka was already taking out the disk. Apparently, it was her movie. I wondered if she owned it. I also wondered what other movies she kept in her library. This showed me a new side of Yuka. I had no idea she was into watching x-rated movies, especially movies involving ropes, bondage, and men with big dicks. Shy little Yuka appeared to be into heavy-duty smut.

"I really think I should go," She stepped towards the door.

"You don't have to," I offered as an apology to make up for my teasing. "I was just headed upstairs anyway. Planned to take a shower and then go to bed, so you're free to stick around and watch the end of it if you want."

I headed for the stairs, not wanting to make my wife any angrier. I had caused enough anger and embarrassment for one night. Not as late as the usual Thursday night, but I looked forward to a wakeful Friday morning for a change. Besides, I secretly wanted Katie to watch the rest. Maybe it would put her in the mood. The movie had already put me in the mood, but then most anything would. I secretly hoped Katie would watch the rest and then come upstairs to wake me.

It sounded like they took me up on my advice. I couldn't be sure, but I thought I heard them downstairs. I distinctly heard Katie try to convince Yuka to stay when I stepped into the shower. At least one of them was still downstairs when I stepped back out.

"Oh my Gosh!" I overheard Katie as I dried off in the bedroom. Most definitely, she was still watching it. I could tell by the excitement sounding in her voice. It wasn't the reaction given to a network television show.

Tempted, I paused to listen for a second voice. I hoped Yuka had stayed too, but I really didn't think so. She wasn't the type: too shy, too easily embarrassed, and especially not with a man just upstairs. More than likely, she was sitting up in her own bed wondering what she would say the next time we met. I actually felt a little sorry for her.

"Oh my Gosh!" I heard it again.

Yes! Katie was watching it! Yuka must have left the CD before going. Soon it would be finished, and then maybe she would come upstairs to try out a new position. We lived a vibrant sex life. She liked to try new things - or at least she used to. Five years of marriage had dulled things somewhat, but we still had sex at least twice a week.

The thought of an aroused Katie made me aroused. I couldn't help it! Just the thought of a dirty x-rated movie on the downstairs TV was enough to get my hormones flowing. The sound of her voice soon made me aroused too. We hadn't done it all week. I was due. My dick needed some attention.

Further amplifying the effect was the possibility that shy little Yuka might be downstairs watching it too. I had discovered a new side of her, a side that excited me. My mind drifted back to her words about dick playing, and then the scene from under the sink. I thought about her cleavage, and then of my desire to hopefully see her in a sexy summer dress sometime over the summer.

I then thought about their mention of a man's long dick up on stage. The shock of the movie made me forget, but then my imagination took over as I walked around upstairs. Might it be possible? Did my wife take the cute Yuka to a male strip joint? Watching an x-rated flick on the television was one thing, but seeing it live would be something else. I tried to picture Yuka sitting in the audience and turning red at the sight of the men on stage. The image proved powerful enough to force me to wear a robe as I sat up on the bed. There was no way I could fit into my pajama bottoms.

"Oh Jason!"

My pleasant thoughts were interrupted by an even more pleasant sound of my name being called out a minute later. I was sitting up in bed, reading a book, patiently waiting for Katie to come upstairs to join me. There was no way I was going to get to sleep with the images playing out in my mind. The book helped, but I found myself constantly roaming away from the story on the page and into the more interesting story in my imagination.

There was also a giggle, I thought I heard, or perhaps it was just my imagination. More likely my imagination, I figured. The images in my mind appeared to playing themselves out in my ears.

"Oh Jason!" She called out a second time.

Katie didn't need to ask a third. Maybe she wanted to show me a scene in the movie. I hoped she wanted to do it downstairs in the living room. We hadn't done it outside the bedroom for a long time. My cock pulled me towards her direction.

Without giving it much thought, I jumped out of bed and headed down the stairs in my robe.

"You call?" I asked half way down.

Both girls turned! To my surprise, Yuka was still there. Both of them still sat on the living room couch.

"Yuka!" I hesitated half-way down the stairs, pulling my robe tight. "I thought you had gone home."

She didn't answer, only giggled. The light of the reading lamp showed a pleasant smile shine across her face.

"She didn't want to miss the rest of the movie," Katie answered for her. "And she wanted to make sure you got a chance to watch it too."

Yuka's face turned another shade of red. She gave my wife a playful slap against her shoulder, and then my wife slapped her back. They played. They laughed. The women frolicked on the couch like two young girls at a slumber party.

"Seriously," Katie was the first to give in. "As long as your up," She sneaked a look down at my waist. "Why don't you come on over and join us? You've really got to see this! We're giving it a second showing!"

I didn't know if her look was intentional or not. Could she see my tent? Could she tell I was erect? The look lasted only a second, and then she turned back to the television again. It was as if she was teasing. Just in case, my hands automatically went to my crotch to cover myself.

"I suppose," I hesitated. "But just let me put on something first."

It took little convincing. The thought of watching an x-rated movie proved enticing, but not in my present condition!

"You're fine just the way you are," Katie spoke without turning her head from the screen. "Nothing will surprise Yuka, not after what we just watched."

The girls laughed again. I noticed the credits rolling down the screen. The movie had just ended, and they were having fun. For the first time I also noticed a bottle of wine sitting on the end table. Sitting beside were two glasses, both empty. I couldn't tell how much was left in the bottle, but they had clearly drunk enough to feel good. Especially Yuka. I had never seen Yuka after more than a single glass of wine. I wondered if she would have watched the movie without it.

Against my better judgment, I stepped away from the stairs to join them on the couch. The only problem was my robe. It covered everything that needed to be covered, but there was a lot to be covered underneath. I stayed hard. I was hard upstairs, hard on the stairs, and stayed hard when I went to join them on the couch.

"Right here," Just before I was about to take a seat in the recliner, Katie padded the seat on the couch between them. She moved aside to give me room, and then Yuka moved to the opposite side. Clearly, both girls knew where they wanted me to sit. I couldn't help but take them up on their invitation.

I used my hands to push it down. First I pulled my robe tight and then I strategically positioned my hands on my lap when I took a seat down between them.

Katie held the remote and started the movie all over again. "It's kind-of slow at the beginning," She fast forwarded through the opening credits. "But don't worry, it will rise to the occasion faster than you think."

Both girls giggled at this remark. I knew what they meant.

"How much have the two of you to drink?" I was curious to know.

"Just a little," Katie held up her thumb and forefinger to demonstrate about a teaspoon worth or wine. Clearly, both of them drank a lot more than just a little. They must have nearly polished off the bottle.

On the screen, three well-dressed women appeared. The first was a brunette, the second a blond, and a third a redhead. They stood in what appeared to be a castle and talked about their prisoner, a prisoner in their dungeon. I couldn't hear everything. The volume of the television had been turned down, probably low so not to wake me up from earlier.

The dungeon appeared again on the television screen, the dungeon I first saw upon returning from the card game. In the dungeon three women walked in, now fully clothed because we were back at the start of the movie. They walked down a set of stone steps to find a naked man hunched up in the corner and turning away from their gaze. I could tell he was naked by his naked behind. The movie wasted no time when it came to getting the men naked.

"You'll get a better look at him in just a minute," Katie spoke just loud enough for Yuka to hear.

"A better look!" Yuka giggled.

The women on the screen exchanged few words as they stepped over and pulled the helpless man out of the corner. He was a good actor - or at least good by x-rated video standards. His face gave the look of fear. His struggle gave a sense of embarrassment. The action made it look like he really was trying to resist them, but the women pulled him up and then pealed his hands away anyway. With three against one, he had little choice.

"There he is!" Katie cooed.

"Oh yes!" Yuka started getting into it too.

I was surprised to hear Yuka speak. She looked more interested in the movie than before. I wondered if it was because I sat along side.

Back to the movie, the women pulled the man over to the center of the room. Next they pulled his hands high above his head, and then they looped them in two ropes hanging from the ceiling. He couldn't get free. The women were free to look.

Clearly, he was bigger than me. It was the same man as before, the one I saw when I entered the room. He was soft now, but I already knew he wasn't going to stay that way. Most of the time x-rated video flicks freely showed women but were hesitant towards the men. In this one, the opposite seemed to be true. It was clearly a movie designed by women and intended for women.

"Who's CD is this?" I asked to break the tension.

"It's Yuka's!" Katie answered for her.

Yuka let out a gasp.

"She's got a whole library of them!"

Another gasp.

"And they all follow a similar plot with female domination."

"Shut up!" Yuka finally spoke a word of anger. For a moment, I feared she might get up and leave, but then Katie started to laugh. Yuka soon joined her. Lucky for the alcohol, they both stayed. Yuka's reaction told me just one thing: It was true. It was hard to believe this shy young woman owned a whole library of x-rated movies, much less movies with female dominate themes. Little Yuka was turning out to be a little she-devil.

"He's pretty big already," Katie interrupted my thoughts with a return to the movie. "He might already be as big as you, but you'll have to wait until you see how truly massive he soon will get."

The women on the television screen started to tease him. They reached out, slapped him on the bare ass, ran their hands over his chest, down his thighs, and then the redhead eventually made a grab for his dick too.

"Yes!" Yuka let out a shrill the first time the redheaded woman touched his dick. The brunette and then the blond followed. All three women touched him, and they touched him all over. Not just his dick, but his balls too. It took a mere minute to notice it.

"Yuka likes to watch them rise," My wife leaned over to give a sneaky smile to her friend.

Yuka smiled back. It was a mischievous little smile, a bond of unspoken communication between them. She need not admit anything, I could tell just by the smile. The assertion was true. I had gotten to know Yuka a little better through a personal fact she did not want me to know.

Meanwhile, the actor continued to grow. He extended past my own length. First nine, then ten, maybe even eleven inches in length. And not only long, but plenty wide too. This was a real man. Not just a talented actor, but talented in other ways too.

I couldn't help but remain hard right along with him. It had started upstairs, continued on the way down the steps, and now stayed that way sitting between these beautiful women. My hands remained strategically placed at my waist. Despite its female dominate theme, the movie did a good job at keeping me hard.

The actor on the screen was so big that his dick stood straight out instead of rising like a normal erection would do. It was as if its mass was too big to resist gravity. I briefly wondered if he ever got lightheaded from all the blood used to inflate it.

The women got him hard, and then they worked on keeping him there. They pulled on it, slapped it, made it move all around. Little "Ahs" and "Ohs" sounded from both sides of me whenever they tried something new. Yuka seemed to like it best when they stroked. Katie got the most excited when his cock got slapped and sprung from side to side. In one case, the redhead got into a kind of rhythm, hitting his dick again and again, violently making it slap back and forth.

I couldn't help but imagine myself in place of the man in the movie. It would feel good to have three gorgeous women playing with my dick. One of them I imagined was Katie. The other, naturally was Yuka. I felt a desperate desire to stroke myself under the robe as I thought about two delicious women using my cock like it was their convenient plaything, like a toy picked out of their closet.

The only disturbing part about the video was the ropes. What was to prevent the women from hurting him? What if they slapped him a little too hard? Maybe squeezed his balls a little too tight? Hell, what if one of them decided to even to kick him between the legs? He was tied and helpless! The women could do anything to him they wanted.

I had tried light bondage before. There was a girlfriend in college, and then with my wife on occasion. It was exciting, yes. It was certainly erotic, true, but I never got much into it. Usually we only acted like the other was tied. I would stretch Katie's hands and legs out to the corners of the bed frame like she was a helpless prisoner waiting to be fucked, but I wouldn't actually tie her down. We would just pretend like she was. Sometimes we even played out scenes like the one on the television, with master and slave, but almost always with Katie playing the part of the slave. Although I secretly found it wildly erotic on the two occasions when I played the part of her slave, I never told her so.

"Isn't this just the best x-rated movie you've ever seen?" Katie asked to me as she reached over and took my hand. In the process, she also touched my cock, on the side, rubbing her fingers against it. My hardness did not appear to surprise her. She knew me. She knew what got me aroused. She was, after all, my wife of 5 years.

"It's different," I couldn't bring myself to admit the truth.

"It's so much different than any of the other x-rated movies we've ever seen," She agreed as she pulled at my hand. "I never imagined they made movies like this! I've never seen a movie with such a big man!"

Neither had I. He was the biggest I had ever seen. X-rated movies tended to use big men, true, but not this big! And then there was the female dominate theme. I had never before watched a movie where it was three against one.

Even better, it seemed to be making Katie just as aroused. I could tell by the way she held my hand, the way she breathed, even by the way she let out gentle moans each time the man's cock was slapped. She enjoyed it, which meant later in the evening I was going to enjoy it too. Katie was primed. She was horny. I almost wished Yuka would leave so we could do it on the living room floor.

As Yuka's attention was riveted to the screen, my wife gently pulled my hand aside and then pressed it into the tight space between us. I hardly noticed it as she then scooted over, pushed my hand in tighter, and then reached over to take my opposite hand.

"Katie!" I wanted to scream out, but couldn't! I couldn't believe it! I was in shock! Looking at her open mouthed and staring, I realized she wanted me to move my second hand to the side too. She wanted Yuka to know. She wanted to show me off.

I resisted at first, but the throbbing hard cock seemed to help her pull. Slowly, my hand moved, and then she reached around to position it down by my side. It had taken less than a minute for me to find myself with both hands flat on the couch and a tent in the middle.

I'm not sure when Yuka noticed it. She might have seen the whole thing, or maybe her eyes stayed too riveted on the movie to watch. Either way, she eventually noticed. I felt her hand on the top of my own. A smile formed on her lips. She gave a quick glance down.

I felt unbelievably hot as I watched the movie with the knowledge that Yuka was watching me too. On the television screen, the women moved down lower on the helpless man. Not only his cock, but they moved slowly down to take advantage of the man's balls too. The redhead acted the most aggressive as she took them in her hand and squeezed. The blond followed. The brunette decided to slap them around to my wife's delight.

"Isn't this great Jason!" Katie was getting more and more into it.

"He seems to like it!" Yuka took a glance down to my tent to agree.

My heart raced. My breathing labored. For the first time, Yuka hinted at what she could see. She couldn't see anything direct because I remained covered, yet still she could see how much I was taken by the movie.

"Isn't this great?" Katie spoke more to her friend than me. "I mean tying a man down, abusing his balls?"

"Oh yes!" Yuka answered to my own discomfort.

They continued on his balls. The evil women on the television screen laughed in glee as the poor man cried out in discomfort. I couldn't be sure how much was acting or real discomfort. If it was just an act, then the man was a very talented actor. I also noticed the way the women beside me squeezed down on my hands every time the women on the screen appeared to squeeze the man's nuts. It was as though they both wished it was me!

I noticed Katie and Yuka let out little snickers too. They seemed to enjoy watching the man's balls being abused. I think Yuka liked the sight of my tent too. Was she imagining what was underneath it? Was she picturing what I looked like without the robe?

Even better, I noticed Yuka too. I didn't notice it at first, but she was actually dressed rather sexy, wearing a matching set of shorts with a loosely fitting blouse that looked almost like pajamas. The best part was the blouse, for she left the top three buttons undone. Maybe she unbuttoned them due to the heat of the movie. Maybe they were unbuttoned just because she wanted to relax. In either case, the opening of the blouse extended down in a deep v-cut to show off cleavage at the bottom. It was like the "under the sink" episode all over again.

The women on the screen eventually went back up to his organ to start some serious stroking action. They took turns, each woman giving him several strokes, and then allowing the next one to take over. It was as though they were playing a game with him, a game to determine who could stroke him off first. On and on it went. I couldn't believe how much they were stroking him. If it was me, I would have cummed a long time ago. No way would I be able to withhold against such an onslaught of cock-pumping.

Eventually, they stopped to untie the man. At first it surprised me, but then I remembered the short scene upon first entering the room. He had yet to fuck any of them. I realized he was being untied for the purpose of fucking.

"Wait a minute," Katie paused the video just as the women were un-shackling the man's guys second wrist. "Something is missing here. We need to get more into the mood."

"Into the mood?" I questioned more to myself than the girls. They seemed plenty far enough in the mood already. So was I. I didn't want the movie to stop.

"What are you talking about?" Yuka sounded just as impatient.

Pointing the remote at the screen but refusing to take it off pause, She held the movie hostage. "We need to get more in the mood," She pronounced with a sneaky smile across her face and a glance in my direction.

"In the mood?" I was almost afraid to ask. What was she up to? What did she want?

She returned a sparkle in her eye. "You know, us girls need to get more in the mood," Katie spoke as though I should have known the answer.

In the mood? In the mood for what? I looked back at her confused.

"I mean the guy is all naked on the screen," She pointed to the frozen frame. "Maybe we should make our guy naked too!" She stared intently back at me.

I couldn't believe it! My heart skipped a beat, and then it started to race. What was she doing? She couldn't be serious!

"Oh Katie!" The alcohol in Yuka made her laugh. "You're terrible!"

"I'm serious!" She emphasized. "The television is one thing, but seeing it live would be a lot better!"

This time it was my turn to turn red with embarrassment. I couldn't believe Katie was suggesting such a thing. I couldn't believe she was serious.

"Come on Jason," She reached over with her hand. "Let's show Yuka! It'll really turn her on."

I started to raise my hands to cover myself, but just then Yuka presser her own hand down on mine. She said nothing. She held down with little effort. It was a silent agreement to my wife's proposal.

"Come on," Katie took hold of the sash of the robe, to the rope going around my waist. It lay in a loose tie around my belly. She slowly pulled it up to unloosen.

"I can tell it turns you on!" She teased as the sash was flung aside. "Let's turn Yuka on too!"

I remained clothed, but no longer as protected as before. Only the loose fitting halfs of the robe provided cover. For a moment, I thought Katie was joking, but after 5 years of marriage I had a pretty good feel for when she was joking or not. The tone of her voice told me she was deadly serious.

Again I tried raising my hands, but again the girls held them down. This time Yuka had to hold me down harder in a silent indication of her interest to see more. I could have stopped them. It would have been easy, if I had really wanted to. I was stronger than either girl, and much stronger than little Yuka. I could have pulled my hands away, yet didn't. Secretly, I wanted her to see. I wanted to show off.

Glancing down, I saw the left flap of my robe being moved to the side. The bare skin of my thigh came into view. Yuka was able to see that I wore nothing underneath.

"Oh yes!" I heard her surprised voice on my left.

"I don't know about this," I expressed reluctance, yet at the same time felt wildly erotic. I felt like a male stripper up on stage, but not just any male stripper. The stripper at a bachlorette party exposed himself flaccid. I was about to expose my full length - provided Katie was really going to carry out her threat.

I remained unsure, even as half my robe was tossed aside. The action surprised me. Yuka couldn't see anything, only my thigh, but now half my protection lay splayed across her leg.

"Tell me what you think," I didn't need to wait long to find out if Katie would really do it. Without prompting, She took hold of the opposite flap of my rope and lifted it up for our neighbor to see.

"Oh yes!" Yuka cried out, her head lowered, her eyes focused directly on it.

"How is it?" Katie asked.

"Very nice!" Yuka continued looking with a smile upon her face. She no longer seemed shy or bashful. The redness of her face transferred to my own.

It took me a moment to realize what had happened. Like a complicated equation, my brain needed time to process it. I didn't fully realize what Yuka was looking at until she had already looked for several seconds.

"What's Jason's condition?" Katie asked next with a giggle.

It seemed to take Yuka several seconds to process it too. She hesitated, but continued looking. She finally answered with a single word: "Hard!"

Indeed I was! I could feel it for myself. With the flap of the robe held high, only Yuka could see. I suppose I could have looked too, but I didn't. Instead, I kept my eyes focused straight ahead. It was as though I could take only so much excitement at one time.

"Good!" Katie expressed delight. "That's just how I like him."

"And so big!" Yuka's next three words almost sent me into cardiac arrest.

"And so he is!" The robe came completely open as Katie looked too. "So you like them big?"

"I really like them big!" Yuka answered in delight.

I couldn't believe what I was doing. My robe soon came completely off. Yuka asked to see me wear nothing at all, and so I was displayed. The girls made me slip out of the sleeves too. I couldn't believe how arousing it felt to be sitting naked between two beautiful women. Here I was, between the two of them, one on each side, and in the middle stood my raging erection.

"No hands," Katie insisted when I tried covering myself.

"Yes, no hands," Yuka agreed. "Keep your hands to your side."

My left hand remained beneath Yuka's. My right was in Katie's hand.

My wife didn't much bother me, but the neighbor was a different story. The reading lamp gave plenty of light for her to see by. I noticed the way she looked, seemingly wanting to stair but trying not to appear too obvious. Yuka acted no different than a guy trying not to obviously glare at the chest of a woman with a low cut blouse, but it was enough to show her interest.

"Oh yes!" She kept saying as she looked. "That's very nice!"

I couldn't be sure if she was talking about the guy on the television screen or my boner. The movie continued after I went naked. I silently watched the women finished untying their hardened slave and then proceeded to tease him some more. "I'd like to try that," Yuka spoke as the blond pulled him along by his erect cock, and then the redhead did the same. They stroked him, slapped him, and once again moved his cock around in all directions.

"We're coming up on the best part," Yuka let me in on what was coming up next in the movie.

"They're going to beat him," Katie expressed delight.

"Beat his meat!" Yuka spoke with excited anticipation.

And so they did. The brunette started it. Soon the blond took her turn too. One by one each of the three women began beating the meat of their capture. I couldn't believe how much he was taking.

We soon came up to the part where I had previously walked into the room. Finally, I got to see one of them topless. The brunette removed her top and then went down on all fours.

"Just the way I like it," Yuka surprised me with her words. "Doggie style always works the best for me."

My cock let out a shudder. The pre-cumm started to flow, which I was pretty sure Yuka saw too. The sweet young girl delighted me with her words, and I in turn delighted her with the performance of my cock.

All I could do is sit there and watch as the image played out in my mind. I imagined Yuka on all fours, just as she claimed she liked it. On her knees and hands I pictured her laid out on the living room floor, her tits plunging down, her pussy waiting for me to take. Yuka would look good on her hands and knees, as I already got to experience ever so briefly from beneath her kitchen sink. Especially enjoyable would be her tits and the way they would form cleavage.

The movie picked up again. The half-clothed woman on the television screen bent forward, lifted her skirt, and quickly pulled down the g-string in the rear. I couldn't actually see anything, or at least nothing except her tits and ass. She carefully hid her privates out of view of the camera. Only the male was made to show it all, just like me!

"I can't believe she's going to take it all!" Katie cried out in amazement just before she did.

"Give me pleasure," the woman spoke.

And then he did. The big guy started to fuck her. And he didn't just fuck, but he fucked hard and fast. Katie and Yuka seemed to like the fucking. So did I.

"He's not only impressive in size," My wife spoke to Yuka and meant it more for me. "But he's so impressive in stamina."

"That's because he's trained," Yuka answered. She answered my wife, but she too meant to words more for me.

"Trained?" Both girls giggled.

"Trained," Yuka said again, and then refused to say another word.

Katie put the movie on pause in the middle of a fuck, and then looked across me at our neighbor. I couldn't help but wonder my eyes over to her too.

"You know," She answered after a long pause and with a great big smile on her face. "His cock is trained."

"Of course!" Katie acknowledged as though it was obvious. "He's trained to hold out until he first satisfies all the women."

"Exactly!" The smile on Yuka's face remained.

"He's cock trained!"


"But are you sure?" She asked for my benefit.

Yuka refused to answer. She only smiled and looked back at me, first looking up into my eyes and then down on my protruding cock. She turned less and less shy about looking at my cock. She seemed to enjoy looking at it.

I didn't believe her. Never before had I even thought such a thing was possible, yet how else could I explain it. The man on the screen was an incredible performer! He seemed able to take an infinite amount of masturbating and fucking

"Can you imagine being fucked by such a man?" Katie began talking to herself. "I mean you could beat on him, then have him fuck you, and then beat on him some more."

Yuka let out a sigh.

I fidgeted uneasily in my chair at the sound of her words.

"He could fuck you into multiple orgasms," Katie theorized. "And then you could beat on him even more."

The two of them talked like I wasn't in the room. I couldn't believe it. They talked about masturbating and fucking cock while my own stood exposed right in front of them.

"That was a good show!" Yuka spoke at the conclusion, talking about the movie but no doubt hinting about me.

"It certainly was," Katie looked down at me when she answered.

"And I can see Jason liked it too!" Yuka looked down at me too.

"Yes he did!" Katie agreed. "Don't try to hide it Jason, for we can see exactly how much you enjoyed it."

They certainly could. The movie must have lasted another fifteen minutes. The big man fucked them one by one. I was amazed at how long he lasted. So was Katie.

I lasted a long time too. Throughout the entire movie, I stayed hard. The girls held my hands throughout. I left them to freely look for as long as they wanted, and then I gave them plenty to look at. It didn't take long for me to start pre-cumming and then start to throb with desperation for relief. Yuka enjoyed every minute of it. I noticed the way her eyes turned more and more towards my cock as the movie progressed.

"And Jason gave us an even better show!" She seemed to appreciate my efforts. "Perhaps I should leave the two of you alone."

For a brief moment, I felt relief. The giddy and slightly drunk little Yuka wanted to go home. Katie and I were going to get some time alone together.

"Oh no!" Katie spoke to my dismay. "Please stay!"

I held my breath. What was she doing? I couldn't believe what was happening.

"But I really should be going," Yuka got up as though preparing to leave. "It really looks as though your husband needs your attention a lot more than I do."

"You mean his appendage?" Katie asked directly.

Yuka nodded and returned her cute little smile.

"You mean his appendage needs relief?" Katie asked even more directly.

I couldn't believe it! Surely she knew already. I mean Yuka knew what was going to happen as soon as she walked out the front door, but actually hearing my wife announce it so directly put me over the edge.

"Yes, he needs relief," Yuka agreed with a chuckle.

Hearing her acknowledge made it even worse. Both girls giggled. They laughed at my predicament.

"But you still could stay," Katie proposed.

"Stay?" Yuka didn't move. She got up and prepared to leave, but didn't do so.

"Please stay," My wife begged a second and then a third time. "Please stay and let me show you how I relieve his appendage."

I stopped breathing. I couldn't believe it. The two girls looked at each other, and then they looked down at me.

"Kneel in front of the coffee table," Katie pointed before I had a chance to contemplate it any further.

I didn't fully understand what was happening. In the back of my mind, maybe I did, but I was too horny to think straight at the time. Katie sat beside me as I slid down off the couch and stupidly knelt down with my hard cock extended over table.

It took Yuka about a minute to comprehend the situation. First she stood frozen with an open mouth and surprise showing on her face. But then her smile returned and she took a seat down on the recliner to my side.

"This should be delightful!" She spoke with interest at the prospect of what she was about to witness.

"You're really going to enjoy it," Katie reached for me.

"I'm sure I will," Yuka continued sitting on the couch.

I didn't fully comprehend the situation until it was too late. I had plenty of time. There was at least a minute where I could have sprung up and run out of the room, yet I didn't. A moment later I felt her. I felt my wife's hand grasp my protruding member. It grasped for only a second, and then it began pumping.

"Oh no!" I cried out.

"Oh yes!" Yuka shot back.

I couldn't believe it! I was being masturbated. But not just masturbated, but masturbated in front of our neighbor.

"Grasp your hands behind you," My wife instructed to me. "And push out your waist to give Yuka a good show."

To my even greater surprise, Yuka seemed to enjoy watching. To both my horror and my delight, she seemed to enjoy watching a man being masturbated. Even worse, she liked to see me being masturbated, and she was soon going to see a lot more.

"Go faster," I heard her say.

A moment later, and my wife did. "Is this better?" She asked in delight.

"Faster!" Came the solitary word out of Yuka.

I was already horny as hell. The stroking hand of my wife was making it ten times worse, and then the words out of Yuka's mouth served to turn it up yet another notch.

"Beat him like the man in the movie," She giggled triumphantly from her casual seated position in the recliner.

"But he's not trained like the star in the movie," Katie warned.

"It doesn't matter," Yuka spoke to my dismay. "I've already seen enough masturbating for one night."

I gasped in disbelief at the silent meaning of her words. She wanted to see more. She wanted to see me cumm!

No way was I going to last for long. My wife seemed to know it.

"If you please could," Her hand suddenly stopped as she looked across the table to Yuka. "Could you please fetch the dishtowel out of the kitchen so I can at least try to contain the mess he's about to make?"

Yuka laughed, and then she quickly jumped up and ran into the kitchen. She knew exactly what kind of mess my wife was talking about. So did I.

"Do you mean this towel?" She held the towel with a big smile on her face. Yuka was gone only a second. She must have ran all the way to the handle of the stove where it lay.

"That's the one," Katie pointed my cock straight up into the air to give her access to the coffee table below.

Without hesitating, Yuka knew what to do. She seemed anxious to do it, but then stopped just before releasing the towel, holding it just in front of me.

"But are you sure this little old towel is going to be big enough?" She questioned in a playful giggle. "Is it going to be big enough to hold his full load?"

Both girls laughed. I almost stopped breathing at the implication of her words.

"I certainly hope so!" It took Katie a few seconds to recover too. "Provided he can keep it from flying off the far side of the table."

Both girls laughed again, laughing at my plight. The coffee table had to be a good 4 feet across, and I knew what they meant. Yuka talked about seeing me shoot, but without talking about it directly.

"Just lay it down," Katie instructed when she stopped laughing. "And you better do it quickly."

Katie started up again, at first slow but then faster at Yuka's insistence.

"Beat him faster!" The shy little neighbor instructed. "Work him like the guy in the movie."

And so she did. I could hardly stand it. The man in the movie lasted a half hour. It took me only a minute.

"I'm gunna cumm!" I felt myself approach the point of no return.

"Then cumm!" Yuka practically shouted. "Whack him faster!"

Katie stroked me too hard. She stroked me almost too hard to cumm. I felt my dick throb. It maybe even spasmed, yet did not cumm. My knees started to give way. I felt like I was about to fall forward.

And then she stopped. She stopped suddenly. It happened in the middle of a stroke. Her hand simply flew off as if my cock was too much to contain.

I looked down at her with shock, but a second later felt it was enough.

"Yes!" Yuka watched me explode with the biggest ejaculation of my life. It was like a delayed reaction. Her hand left just in time for the juices to build up and then blast forward in a long rope of cumm. It shot so far forward that it overshot the towel, and then I shot again and then yet again. It was easily the most powerful ejaculation I had ever experienced, and I experienced it in front of the eyes of our neighbor. Chapter 2: The E-Mail

The e-mail on the computer screen began:

"No matter what, don't show this to Jason because that would be really embarrassing."

I immediately stopped. "Are you sure I should be reading this?" I asked, feeling hesitant yet desperate to read what Yuka had to say next. It felt like I was invading someone's privacy, yet the first sentence was such a teaser. I really wanted to know what private message would make her so embarrassed.

"Go on," Katie insisted.

I needed no more encouragement, so continued to read.

"I just wanted to tell you what a good time I had at your place last night. The movie, the drinks, and then Jason. It was really great! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching you jerk off your husband."

I stopped again, this time not because of any privacy issue, but simply because I couldn't believe it. "This for real?" I asked. "This really from Yuka?"

Katie simply pointed up to the return address of the e-mail to show me it truly was.

I continued reading.

"I'm writing this in an e-mail because I could never say so in person, but I really liked Jason being jerked off. I really like watching men being jerked in general. Naked men never really turned me on much, but a naked man with a hard-on is something else. Watching a guy being jerked turns is even more of a turn on! I guess that's why I'm into those female domination videos, you know, and like to go to CFNM parties."

"CFNM?" I had to ask.

"Just go on," My wife insisted.

I continued:

"Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a thrill it was for me. I could never ask you this in person, but if you are ever interested in. Damn, I can't even type it into the computer, but I think you know what I'm getting at. If not, then that would be all right too, but I just wanted to ask about doing it again. You don't have to respond to this message if you don't want. If you think I'm crazy, then I won't ever bring it up again and we can pretend it never happened. It was just one of those things that I'll have to let go. Just let me know.

Thanks for the good time,

Your friend and neighbor,


I couldn't speak. I couldn't believe it.

"Well?" Katie asked, acting a lot calmer about it than what I felt. "What do you think?"

"I think you created a little she devil!" I replied.

"Oh, I think she was a she devil a lot longer ago than when we ever met," Katie let out a slight giggle at me. "In fact, I think Yuka is a little female dominant. She's probably been that way since her teen years. Maybe even longer."

I still couldn't believe it.

"There's one other thing I want to show you."

"There's more!"

"Let me show you."

I watched as she clicked on the reply button and then started typing.

Let's do it again!

"Katie!" I cried out in shock as I looked at the first words she typed and then the rest of the message as she continued to type.

In fact, let's do it a lot more. Don't feel embarrassed. I liked it too, and I think Jason enjoyed it even more, although he will never come out and admit it. I'm sure I'll be able to convince him to give you another show, but just maybe not right away. It might take a few days, but just let me work on him a little. We'll have to take it slow, you know. I'll tease him. I'll withhold it. I think you know what I have in mind. Anyway, I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other this summer. Well, at least you're going to be seeing a lot more of Jason. Giggle! Giggle! He needs relief quite often, you know, at least once per day. I'm glad you wrote. Katie.

"Holy shit!" I couldn't believe it. "Are you really going to send that?"

"No," She wheeled her chair back away from the desk. "No, you are."

It took me a moment to grasp her meaning. She was giving me access to her computer. She wanted me to send the message, to give in, to accept the fate in store for me.

Secretly, I wanted to. It had been thrilling. It had been exotic. I was never before jerked off in front of another woman. It felt dirty immediately after, like I had done something wrong, like I was little more than a horny male pervert. But later, after I reminisced and the testosterone returned, the excitement returned too. I remembered the thrill I felt as she stroked, my racing heart, the embarrassed display. And mostly, I remembered Yuka. There was the way she looked at it, the astonished look on her face, the ecstasy in the way she watched. If it had been anyone else, maybe it would have been different, but it wasn't anyone else. With Yuka, it had been so damned arousing. Secretly, I enjoyed it, and I wanted to give another show. I just wasn't sure if Katie would let me.

"Are you all right with this?" I first asked Katie, thinking it might be a trap. After all, it involved another woman. It could be considered cheating. I had been unfaithful - well, sort of. Katie had forced me to be unfaithful, but was jerking in front of another woman really being unfaithful. Yuka never touched me. She hadn't done much of anything; just watched. It looked like she was going to get the chance to watch again.

"I already wrote what I think," Katie looked first at me and then glanced at the screen. She appeared to read it again, and then she looked back to me. "Are you going to send it or not?"

I did not understand fully, but I understood well enough. Katie could have just as well sent the message herself. She already wrote it. The only remaining action was the click of a mouse. My sending it was largely symbolic. It was like a test. She wanted to see if I really would.

"I'll do it only if you're all right with it," I noticed my hands shaking as I reached for the mouse. My heart was racing. My cock was already hard in my pants.

"Then go ahead," She gave a wave of her hand as though telling me to go ahead.

"You really ok with this," I held the pointer over the send button.

"You know what to do."

The mouse clicked.

My life would never be the same.

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