What An Imagination!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An undersexed husbands imagination gets him just what he needs

Duncan stood in the shower, letting the water wash over his sweaty body, carrying an hour's worth of sweat and dirt down the drain and beyond. After working out at the dojo for a while with a class full of senior students, just about everything ached.

It was good to go work out and get all of that excess energy out, especially since he wasn't able to expend any energy in his bed with his wife. Since the baby had been born, sex had been fairly non-existent. Any advance had been met with a brick wall of resistance and nothing could persuade him to ever cheat on Terri. The only thing he could complain about in his marriage was the lack of sex.

He and Terri had been married for about five years, and had a fairly healthy sex life. That is until the baby was born. Truthfully, Duncan felt bad because Terri was suffering from major post-partum depression, but as a twenty eight year old man, he was horny pretty much twentyfour seven.

Showers before work had become the relief point of his life. While Terri and baby Danielle were asleep, he could take long hot showers and just relax before getting on with his day. Rinsing off the shampoo, he put some conditioner in his hair and went to work soaping up his body. As a graphics designer for one of the top animation studios, Duncan had always had an active imagination, and the details of the woman whose hands he imagined roaming his soapy body were deliciously detailed indeed. Closing his eyes, he could almost picture her, standing naked in the shower in front of him, suds spattered all over her large firm tits. Her perfectly manicured hands circled his nipples and chest, working their way down to his waist, over the cheeks of his ass and finally around to his hard erect cock.

As he slowly stroked himself with one hand, he played with his balls with the other. He could imagine her firm tits pressed up against his arm, sliding up and down his bicep. As he neared his climax, his left hand sliding up and down his pole, he played with his balls and imagined the busty woman putting his cock between her large mounds of soft cleavage. As he imagined the coy smile and the minute details of her huge tits engulfing his turgid cock, he opened his eyes and came. Right at the point of climax, he blinked several times, but his hand continued stroking. Spraying hot jets of sticky cum all over the back of the shower, he swore he actually saw a woman smiling at him coyly, crouched on the floor of the shower below him.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head, he opened them again to find himself alone in the shower. He could still feel the impression of her soft breasts sliding around his cock as the water continued to beat against his back.

"Wow" he thought breathing heavily, amazed at how real it had seemed. Pulling the showerhead around, he sprayed the back wall of the shower, rinsing all of the cum off the walls and floor and watching it go down the drain. Rinsing the conditioner out of his hair, he shaved, rinsed off again, and got out. Combing his hair, he focused on the image he caught just as he climaxed and smiled. She was the spitting image of the fitness model, Denise Milani. Smiling as he brushed his teeth he shook his head, amazed at the detail of the afterimage.

Kissing his sleeping wife and daughter, he dressed, ate, and went to work. The friday deadline had him focused from the second he walked in, until even after he got home and worked on his workstation at home. Terri and Danni were asleep once again when the vision of the showergirl came into his head. Shaking his head to clear it, he gave up working, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed with Terri.

"It's the end of the world as we know it" blared at hime as the alarm played REM the next morning. Reaching over quickly to turn it off, he saw it was 6:30am. As he rubbed his eyes and got out of bed, the showergirl image came into his head once again. Quickly grabbing a towel and heading into the bathroom, he locked the door and turned the shower on. He pulled off his pj's revealing a stiff morning wood, nine inches of hard man meat ready for sperm harvesting. Stepping under the water, he closed his eyes and imagined her. Instead of a general idea, he simply stood and imagined her.

Long shapely legs that went up and made a luscious ass out of themselves, two dimples just above her hips, perfect places for a thumbs of the 'fucker' on each side while holding the waist of the 'fuckee'. Her round tanned ass slid up a smooth back, curved to support a large perfect set of canteloupe sized breasts, topped by long red nipples and half dollar sized areola. Her long brown hair was wavy and full of body, falling in cascading waves to her thin waist. The woman in his head smiled at him, winking as she reached out for his cock.

He soaped up his hands as he began to reach for his cock. A warm grip slid down the slippery shaft from tip to balls. The problem was, his hands were still rubbing soap into his chest. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw her, smiling up at him.

"Shhhh" she said in a sexy low voice.

"What the" he said out loud as he watched her take her free hand and put it to his lips. Her warm fingers played across his lips as he stared in amazement.

"No one can hear me but you, but your wife can hear you, so just shake or nod your head. Do you understand?"

Duncan nodded, his eyes rolling up in his head as she stroked his cock lightly, moving the soap up and down his rock hard penis. Her hands nursed and fondled his cock.

"Good. First things first, we gotta get a cum out of you before we do anything. You liked imagining your big fat cock between my tits, didn't you?" she said as she pulled the showerhead away from him, pointing it at the wall. Duncan nodded quickly stepping towards her. She took his hard cock and slipped it between the two large globes, squeezing them together and getting her tits all soapy. She moved slowly up and down, the tip sliding out and slipping along her cheek as she moved all the way to the base and began to move the other way. Duncan watched in utter bliss as her soft breasts devoured and spit out his cock repeatedly. The lust in her eyes and the promise of more to come had him to the point of no return in no time.

"Are you gonna" she began but he just started spraying hot ropes of cum all over her tits, neck, chin and face. Her rhythm and movements continued until Duncan slumped against the wall, his cock slowly drooping.

"Are ... you real?" he gasped, breathlessly.

She smiled, pointing the showerhead at her soapy chest. "Yeah, I'm real, but this isn't really me. This is what you wanted most. Gotta say, you've got some good taste." she smiled, rinsing the soap off her large breasts.

"I can feel you touch me."

"Why don't you touch me and find out how real I am Duncan?" she said, moving to the back of the shower and putting one leg up on the soapdish. She reached her hands down and parted her labia, slipping one finger inside her. Her clit was like a beacon for his mouth as he practically fell to his knees in his quest to lick her to pieces. She moaned loudly as his lips and tongue began to work magic on her exposed clit.

"I'm real alright baby, lick that clit. Mmm, Nice!" she said loudly, her hips undulating in reaction to his fingers and tongue. As Duncan licked and slid his fingers in and out and around her pussy, she moaned and writhed for him. He looked up and had to move back slightly to see around her breasts, his fingers inside her, his thumb rubbing around her clit. Her eyes were mostly closed, the promise of a good hard fuck in her gaze.

"How is this happening?" he whispered.

"Lick more, talk less!" she said, her body beginning to thrust up and down on his hand. He replaced his thumb with his lips and tongue and brought her screaming to the sexiest orgasm imaginable. She shouted his name, pulled at his hair, thrust her pussy into his mouth, over and over. His hand slowed, but didn't stop, moving his first two fingers to her clit as he stood. Grabbing her free leg, he pushed her up into the corner as she reached down and positioned the head of his dong at her opening.

"Ohhh Duncan, that feels so nice" she moaned, slipping onto him inch by slow inch. Her large tits were just about at mouth level, so he began licking her nipples, biting them slightly, causing her to jump. The jumps helped him slip the last inch or so into her, settling her pubes into his as his cock slipped finally in, balls deep.

"Ungh" they both grunted.

"Fuck that feels good" he whispered. "How is this happening?"

"Don't ask, just fuck me good. I'll explain it the next time." she said desperately, moving her hips, egging him on.

Being a good boy and always doing what a lady tells him, Duncan began long deep strokes into her pussy, her tits mashed into his chest, their tongues diving down each others throat. The inside of her was like nothing he had ever felt before. He switched between watching his shaft disappear inside her shaved pussy and licking and biting her nipples and kissing her deeply. Shifting both hands down to her ass, he held her in place while stroking long and hard into her, her pussy gripping him tightly.

"Yeah baby, give it to me good. Ooh yeah did you pick a good body for this. OH!" she began wailing as she came, her back arching shoving her huge breasts into his face as he fucked her tip to balls with each stroke. The friction on her clit drove her mad as she gripped his hair. Watching this amazing woman have the most powerful orgasm he had ever caused had him following her down into ecstacy moments later. He could feel the surge of semen and fluid explode from his balls, run up the shaft of his cock, and shower the inside of her with each long full stroke. The more he came, the more insubstantial she became until he could barely see her perched on his dong. As she winked out, she said, "Make me a little taller next time and I'll let you do me in the ass baby!" He heard the ghost of a sexy chuckle and he was alone in the shower.

Looking down at his now empty hands and slippery cock, he blinked several times and pinched himself. Yup, he was awake. Reaching a hand down, he ran it up his cock from the base and brought it to his nose. The smell of musky woman scent was powerful, potent enough to cause his dick to twitch and more semen to leak from the tip. Smiling to himself he turned the water back onto him, rinsed off his hands and then washed his hands and body with soap. It'd be his luck that he'd get out all sex smelling and get busted by his wife.

Shaving and getting out, he brushed his teeth and went out of the bathroom. Looking at the clock, he realized that he'd been in the shower for more than 20 minutes. Shaking his head and smiling to himself, he went into his closet to get dressed and grab the last minute things he'd need for his trip.

Throwing his shaving kit and an extra pair of shoes into his bag, he lightly kissed his wife and daughter, the former rolling over with a smile, puckering up for a kiss. He gave her a nice long one and received a whispered "Love you" before she rolled back over and cuddled the baby closer. Looking down on them, Duncan felt guilty. It lasted all of about 2 minutes until he got downstairs and went out the door locking it.

The drive to the airport was difficult as the woman took up a lot of his attention. Two near collisions finally banished her from his mind and by the time he got parked and was sitting waiting for the plane, he was all business again, readying his presentation for the meeting he had in a few hours.

The presentation and the discussions went well, and he had his client mostly tied into his way of doing things by the time they finished dinner and headed back to the hotel. He'd be flying out in the morning, but he was in no rush, so he decided to go back to his room and relax.

Getting out of the monkey suit that he had to wear for these things, he put on a robe, pulled several bottles from the minibar, and poured himself a stiff drink. Lying on the bed watching TV and sipping his drink, his mind started to wander back to her. Her long hair lying over one eye, her huge tits, the succulent pussy that he could have eaten for hours. Taking a long drink and closing his eyes, he imagined her on the other bed in the room, lying there in black lingerie, the cups of her bra practically spilling over with her globes. His cock began to harden under his robe so he spread it open as he took the long last pull on his drink. As the colder air hit his genitals, he felt fingers gently running down the shaft.

"Is this all for me" she said as he opened his eyes to see her standing next to the bed in the black negligie.

"Yes" he whispered.

"You don't have to whisper baby, we're alone this time" she purred, going to her knees and pulling his robe completely aside. She threw her head over to get her long hair out of her face and put the head of his cock in her mouth. Duncan put down the glass and sat up on the bed, making it easier for her to swallow his cock and give him a better view of her shapely ass and black high heels. She was wearing a thong, the stringlike back disappearing between her cheeks. Her head bobbing up and down began to slow as she took more and more of him down her throat. Her lips and tongue worked magic on his shaft as he felt the head of his cock move down her throat with ease. Pausing to breathe every once in a while, she relaxed enough to start quickly fucking her throat with his rock hard dick. Moaning and playing with his balls, she brought him to the peak and over the edge moaning and writhing on the bed.

As his seed disappeared down her throat, he fell back on the bed panting for breath. "Nothing should feel that good" he thought to himself as he saw her stand up.

"Wait" he said trying to grasp the reality of the situation.

"I can't" she said simply, pulling aside her panties and climbing up on the bed.

"Why not" he said, flexing his cock so she could more easily slide him inside her waiting pussy. She was wet and steamy, totally ready to go.

"If you wait too long, it's over. You have to keep going, or it'll end and I'll disappear again." she said, moaning as she slid down his still hard shaft. She gripped him intermittantly as she slid him all the way inside her. "If we don't cum together" she said, her breathing beginning to speed up, "we can keep going, but again, not indefinitely ... oh god you have such a nice cock!" she breathed as she rested at the base of him. He reached around her and undid her bra, releasing her soft breasts. She arched her back and put them by his mouth, his hands running down and gripping her ass.

"Who are you?" he asked, his mouth full of tit.

"My name is Paige, and I live in Seattle. Obviously, I am not this woman" she cooed, her hips moving back and forth as he lifted her slightly to slip in and out of her. Her hands cupped her breasts, her tongue snaking out to lick her left nipple. "You've got good taste, that's for sure." Her eyes closed and she let her breasts fall as she hugged him close and kissed him deeply. Her hips were moving up and down twice for every stroke of his. Her pussy positively steamed with juice and precum as she pistoned up and down on him. His nuts began to boil as she screamed, "Don't!!!" her mouth opening in a silent scream as her back arched, her tits pointed at the ceiling and her pussy clamped down like a teenager.

Watching her cum made it difficult to not follow her, so he thought of baseball and his meeting and gardening as he watched her calm down from an explosive orgasm. She lay back and slid off of his sloppy cock, breathing heavily.

"Hurry!" she said, rolling over on her hands and knees and reaching back to pull her cheeks apart. Her puckered anus winked at him. "Please" she pleaded, playing with her asshole. Bending down, he ran his tongue over her asshole, making her moan loudly. "Please Please Please" she panted, her ass waiting for his cock. Sliding up between her legs, he angled his cock to penetrate her. Putting the head at her opening, it practically swallowed him like a mouth as he pushed inside her, both of them moaning loudly.

"How" "Is" "this" "possible" he panted, his short beginning strokes getting longer and deeper as she thrust back against him.

"Oh yeah, don't stop" she pleaded, her hand alternately playing with her clit and his balls. He could feel how much he was going to explode inside her.

"Basically, you're special, and you have a need. I did too and mine was filled, but I have to pay the system back. Oh yeah, just like that" she moaned as he switched the angle.

"What, because my wife just had a baby?" he said.

"Yeah, sometimes. When you are ... oh god, yes ... do that. Wait" she said suddenly, sliding partway forward and turning over on her back, keeping him inside her. "Come here" she said, inviting him to fuck her ass in the missionary position. "Mmmmm" she moaned as he complied. "Once your need is filled or isn't as great, you become like me and service people. I'm actually asleep right now, so I'm here, but your imagination supplies the body."

He began pumping in and out of her ass, his hips flicking her clit driving her wild. "So the body is my imagination, but you're real?"

"Essentially, yeah. Now shut up and fuck my ass!" she screamed, digging her hands into his ass and pushing his ass to pick up the pace. Her asshole tightened as her nipples hardened and her skin flushed, his cock travelling from head to balls with each stroke. As he felt his nuts boil over, he felt her ass shift slightly under him, allowing him another inch deeper. They came together, screaming each others names, their bodies writhing, their hips pumping, their lips finding tits, necks, lips and anything that got near their mouths.

He kept pumping as her eyes opened and she began to fade. He smiled and said, "So is this cheating?"

Again he heard her laugh as she faded out and disappeared.

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