Sam's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Size, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was a hot little sexpot and everyone wanted a piece.

Depending on your point of view Sam is either voluptuous, pleasingly plump, or a chubby little sexpot. Whichever way you see her there is never a doubt in your mind that she is an extremely fuckable woman. I've yet to see the man whose head doesn't turn when she walks by. In her never ending battle against becoming fat Samantha follows an exercise program that would put a professional athlete to shame and many are the times that I've gone to the gym to pick her up and watched the men who were there watch Sam. I have gotten so used to men not being able to take their eyes off her that I don't even notice them anymore, and that's how the trouble started - I should have been paying more attention.

Samantha has never realized how sexually alluring she is. She thinks she is too fat and that most men have no interest in a "fat broad" (her words, not mine) and so she has always ignored me when I've told her to be careful when she is around men.

"You let your guard down sweetie, and they'll have you on your back in a New York Minute."

Sam is also a very trusting person and doesn't think ill of anyone. I've told her a thousand times that she is too naive, but she just laughs and tells me that I'm too cynical. To help complicate the mix, Sam can't handle liquor very well. It does not take much to get her looped and when she gets looped she loses her common sense and most of her natural inhibitions. It has never been much of a problem because Sam is everybody's buddy, and even though most of the men would rather fuck her than eat, most of the time they treat her like a younger sister and they are very protective of her. She often stops for a beer or two with the guys she works with and there had never been a problem - like I said, the guys look after her - or at least once upon a time they did.

I have a very good job, one that I like immensely, but it does have one draw back, it has me traveling two or three times a month. Some of these trips are only for a day or two, but some have lasted as long as a week. I had flown to the home office for a sales meeting and after four grueling days spent listening to self proclaimed "motivational" experts I was glad to be returning home. I walked into the house and found Sam on the bed, passed out. There were empty beer bottles all over the place and the bedroom reeked of sex. Sam lay with her legs spread wide and there were dried white blotches, that could only have been cum stains, all over her tits, face, stomach and her hairy bush. Her cunt lips were reddish and swollen, her tits had hickeys all over them, and it was obvious, even to a dumb shit like me, that Sam had been thoroughly gang fucked.

Amazingly, looking at Sam on the bed did not drive me to rage, or even anger; all I felt was sorrow because I knew our marriage would never again be the same and it had been a great marriage. Looking at Sam, spread out on the bed like a discarded doll, I thought about what it meant. Sam knew I'd be home early on Saturday so why did she allow me to find her this way? Did she get drunk and forget or was what happened so mind blowing that she spaced it out? Or, and this was a most unsettling thought, did she not care if I found her this way? I had a lot on my mind as I picked up the debris of her night of debauchery, none of it good. I was just finishing the dishes in the kitchen when I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Sam standing in the doorway. I can't even begin to describe the look on her face - worry, concern, shame, and even a touch of defiance.

"When did you get home?" she asked.

"About three hours ago" I replied.

I saw a tear slide down her cheek, "I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry" she said in an anguished voice and she turned and left the room and few minutes later I heard the shower running.

Forty-five minutes later, as I was in my home office working on my expense report, Sam came in and sat down on the couch.

"I can't blame you for hating me, but can I at least tell you what happened?"

I turned to face her and waited.

The company that Sam worked for hired a new guy to be their computer guru and Ron took one look at Sam and decided he had to have her. He wasted no time in starting his campaign to get close to her. He talked with her every chance he got; he arranged his lunch hour to coincide with hers, sat with her in the lunch room and even took her out to lunch on several occasions. He became a regular in the group that stopped at the bar after work, and in general, he was always around and working on her. And Sam of course, being Sam, thought he was just being nice to her. A couple of times he almost got her out of the bar, but one of her coworkers always came to the rescue. That is they did until the day Ron said,

"What's with you guys? You want to fuck her as bad as I do so why are you getting in my way? Don't you realize that as soon as one of us fucks her the door is open for everybody else?"

The guys all looked at each other as Ron's words sank in and at that point Sam was doomed.

It was three days before Sam stopped again with the guys from work. I had just gone out of town for the four day trip and wouldn't be back until Saturday. The evening started out normally enough with Ron and another guy challenging Sam and Bill to a game of pool. Ron and the other guy threw the match and had to buy Sam and her partner a round of drinks. The next pair of challengers also threw the match and bought a round of drinks for the winners. Sam and Bill won six straight matches with the losers always buying the winners a round. Sam never noticed Bill switching his full drink for her empty or half -empty one and by the end of the sixth game Sam was blitzed. For the seventh game Ron, who was the challenger, said he wanted to change the stakes; if Sam won he would buy all her drinks for the next five times she stopped after work and if he won she would have to give him a kiss. Sam, who had just won six in a row and who therefore knew she was unbeatable, agreed. Sam broke the rack, sank two balls and then missed an easy shot and Ron, who was next, ran the table. Ron walked over to Sam to claim his kiss and she, expecting a quick peck on the mouth, offered her face up to him. When Ron pulled her close and slipped his tongue in between her lips Sam, who was well past the point where her common sense and inhibitions had disappeared, responded in kind. The two of them kissed passionately until the other guys hollered at them to give up the table and 'go get a room.'

Ron walked Sam over to a table and bought her another drink and when she was halfway through it he got her out onto the dance floor for a slow waltz. Five minutes later, when Ron walked her out the back door and into the parking lot, no one interfered. Ron fucked her on the back seat of his car - twice - and then he left her and went back into the bar. Two minutes later Doug was fucking her and after Doug the rest of the guys went out to Ron's car one by one. When the bar closed at two a.m. Ron drove Sam home and the other guys followed. When Sam woke up the next morning Ron was in bed with her and she did not remember how he got there, but the two of them called in sick and spent the entire day in bed fucking. That night Ron took Sam out to dinner and then they stopped at the bar where, an hour later, Sam was again on the back seat of Ron's car taking on all comers. The next morning she woke up in bed with Ron and Bill. That night after work they didn't even bother stopping at the bar, everyone followed Sam home. By that third night Ron was considered to be Sam's unofficial boyfriend and regardless of who and how many she fucked the night before she always woke up with Ron next to her. Her fourth night was a repeat of the previous three and to the best of her recollection she was used by eleven different guys that night."

When she was through I asked her when she had developed her sudden taste for multiple partners and she blushed - actually turned red - and said:

"I don't really like having that many men use me, but it's the price I have to pay to get Ron to fuck me."

"Are you in love with him?" I asked.

Eyes downcast she said, "He's an insufferable bastard and I can barely stand him, but he has an eleven inch cock and I can't get enough of it."

"So what does that mean for us?" I asked.

She was silent for a moment and then she said, "I don't honestly know. I love you and I hope you believe that, but I love Ron's cock too and he can have me any time he want's me and if it means I have to fuck all his buddies to get him to give it to me I will."

So now I have a decision to make. Can I live with the fact that the woman I love is a slut for another man - an asshole with a big cock - who can make her fuck whoever and however many he wants? Or do I say goodbye to twenty years of marriage and the only woman I have ever loved?

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