My Mother Made Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A highly mature teenage boy, his mother and his math teacher

Shane Kirk was having his recurring problem again. As it was his birthday today, things had gone pretty well up to now. It was a Friday and the regular school day had gone normal. But after normal hours he got to pep the advanced calculus course he had started taking from Ms Marcy Long. She was his counselor as well as the teacher of most of the math courses he had taken. Since he had completed Trig the year before she got permission to let him attempt to pep the very difficult advanced calculus course. He was the brightest student in math she had ever seen carrying straight A's in every course he'd taken from her.

Any opportunity to be with Ms Marcy Long was special for Shane. She was about the most beautiful woman he'd seen. She had red shoulder length hair and green eyes. Like most red heads, she had some freckles but they only showed on her chest under her chin. She wore glasses that didn't flatter her at all but Shane had seen her without them twice. Based on things she'd said he figured she was in her mid-twenties. What he couldn't understand about her was the lack of a ring. She ought to have men backed up a mile long trying to get in her pants. It was a mystery he was determined to solve.

He had found the pep test relatively easy and, even though she'd allowed an hour and a half for him to take it, he finished it in just under an hour. After he finished he told her he'd stay and walk out with her since his mother was picking him up at the scheduled time to take him out for his birthday dinner. She seemed a little surprised but noticeably happy to have him around. She really liked Shane. He wasn't like the other 16-year-olds that acted like juveniles. The saying that teenage girls were one to two years more mature than teenage boys did not apply in his case. It was more the other way around. She'd noticed that he didn't date any of the girls at school and wondered why since he was so handsome. The way he had impressed the staff enough his freshman year to let him pep his entire sophomore year was quite impressive. He was now a senior and already taking college courses at the nearby university extension. She thought he was extremely handsome. At six foot one, his 165 pounds of solid muscle and his dark complexion made him extremely easy to look at. He'd never said any smart remarks about her coke bottle shaped body like she'd heard so many other punks do either. And the comments about her "four eyes" were actually the desired effect because it kept them from talking about her body.

She had wished him a happy birthday as they walked out the front door and started the long walk to the teacher's parking lot. She asked him if he had a big weekend planned and he had told her he didn't. She was a little taken back when he asked her the same question.

"Oh no. Just the same old thing. Shop for a few groceries, do some cleaning and watch TV."

"I'll tell you what Ms Long. How about tomorrow night I bring over a pizza and we'll have that and watch a little TV together?" Shane responded. The question shocked her as the idea of a teacher and a student hanging out together was just not done. Before she could even respond he continued.

"You've done so much for me as my counselor and, as a teacher, I'm pretty sure that after that test my days in your classes are over. I don't see anything improper about me buying a pizza to show my appreciation for all your help. Do you?"

Now that rattled her. She realized that she wouldn't have Shane as a student any more if he passed the test. She'd never thought about that. She also realized she didn't like the idea of not seeing such a pleasant mature hunk on a regular basis either.

"Well n n no. I guess I don't see anything wrong with that" she finally blurted out.

"OK, fine. How about I see you at five? I know where your apartment building is from seeing you going to your car a couple of times. It's a block and a half from my house. What is the apartment number?"

"It's number 3, around back on the bottom floor".

She had started fishing around in her purse for her keys and when she found them he put out his hand to get them and she handed them to him without even thinking. As he unlocked the door and held it open for her he said, "OK, five o'clock, it's a date!"

"Everything but anchovies?" he asked.

"Sure, just the way I like it" she replied. With that he smiled and turned to walk back to the front of the school. Before she started her car she realized her heart was beating like sixty. What had just happened? Had she really just make a date with a 16-year-old student? Even if it was just for pizza? Her head seemed to be spinning. What was she thinking? What was she feeling? That thought hit her like a ton of bricks when she suddenly became aware of the dampness between her legs. Marcy Long finally was able to face the truth. That 16-year-old hunk turned her on. She managed to get to her apartment a couple miles from the school and after getting inside; she just collapsed on the couch. She thought back to her problem.

Marcy had started with a typical teen-age sex life in spite of her one big problem. Her first boyfriend at 13 and finally sex at 14. Broke up with him before her senior year and was with one other guy prom night. Typical college years at first. A number of guys although none of them serious. And sex. From the first to the last none of them had ever satisfied her. The small built ones she would never do it with but once. She'd give the bigger built ones some more chances but then give up on them when they still did not get her over the top. Oh, she'd had her number of little tingles and they were enjoyable. But she'd always felt she needed just a little more to give her a toe curling, stomach muscle aching, mind spinning orgasm. She blamed part of her past sexual dysfunction on her problem. She had the meatiest, nasty looking pussy lips she could imagine. Her outer lips looked like Butterfly wings to her. That was a big reason she had become so unisexual. Why she had felt the way she felt with Shane she just didn't know. It had been a long time indeed since she had gotten wet from just talking to a guy. In fact, she realized she never had! What was it about him?

Shane had walked back to the front of the school and then turned down the walk leading to the street. He was looking to see if his mother's van was parked anywhere out front but didn't see it. Just as he approached the sidewalk paralleling the street he heard a horn. He looked to see a woman leaning into a silver, T-top 280ZX. Her short skirt had ridden up above the top of the hose she was wearing and he could see the black garter belt straps that held the hose up. Her dark brown hair was in a sexy French bun and it was obvious she had a fantastic body. And Oh, that ass! When she turned and faced him, Shane stopped dead in his tracks. It was his Mother!

He had never seen his Mother look the way she did now. Not even when she was dressed to go out on a date. She always wore loose fitting clothes and long dresses and pants. Never this. The fact was that Dana Kirk did dress in loose clothes. But she only started doing it when Shane was 11 and she found the first evidence of a wet dream on the sheets. She knew things were tough for young boys going through puberty, and there was no use making things any tougher than they already were on her son.

Dana was so proud of her son. Shane had taken it in stride when his Father had divorced her five years earlier. Her husband even admitted he would have done it sooner if it hadn't been for Shane. He'd claimed a number of reasons for wanting the divorce, but finally let the real one slip out. Dana had always made him feel inadequate when it came to sex. She was an extremely passionate, hot woman. She wanted her sex hot and wanted it long. And long in more ways than one. Oh well, he was a gynecologist and he was loaded and he took well care of her and Shane as far as the settlement was concerned. She really didn't have to work, but still enjoyed her part time job at the bank. The house was paid for, they had no real bills, and there was plenty of money in savings. She was happy. Accept for one thing, of course.

As Shane walked up to her he was admiring his Mother's looks so much he'd forgotten about the car.

"Well, do you like it, She said"?

"You look great Mother!" he replied.

"No, not me silly, the car, but thanks for the compliment, young man?"

Shane was startled back to his senses and finally disengaged his gaze from his Mother to the 208ZX.

"It's gorgeous, whose is it?"

"It's yours silly! Happy Birthday from your Father and I. We're so proud of you!"

With that she lifted her arms and hugged him. He had never known her to smell like that before. He didn't know what excited him more, her new look or the car. The hug seemed to last longer to him than a normal one but he chalked that up to sweet 16.

"Wow Mother, I've always had my eye on a 280ZX. And I love this color!" Oh Mother, I'm curious about the outfit. What's the deal?"

"Why, I'm going out to diner with a dashing young man. Why shouldn't I dress up a bit?"

"It's fine with me but I've just never seen you look like that before. It was quite a surprise."

"Well, I've got another surprise for you later this evening but right now I'm famished. How about some food? You drive," as she tossed him the keys.

They'd gone to a fancy restaurant specializing in aged steaks and had a great meal. The conversation had been great and after eating she told Shane to go wash and she'd order after diner drinks while he wasn't there to preclude any age thing. He'd been drinking at home since he was fourteen. She'd asked him what he wanted for his fourteenth birthday diner and he'd replied pizza and beer, and that had been that. She asked that he not tell his friends and she had kept beer in his fridge in the utility room ever since.

They'd had their drinks and gone home. Dana asked him if he'd like to take a shower before his next surprise and he'd said that would feel good. It was during the shower that his problem had started. He started thinking about his "date" with Marcy Long and his problem had started to grow.

Shane's problem was nine and seven eighths inches of man meat. It hung about six and a half when soft and grew to a two and three-quarters inch thick, nearly 10 inch monster when excited. And it had been getting excited ever since he was 11 years old. After the shower he had dried off and walked to the bed. He'd sat down and started to put on some lounge clothes but had laid back and stroked it a little. It was then he heard his Mother's voice from the doorway.

"If you want and promise not to talk about it, I can take care of that for you!"

She had not seen her son's cock since he was five years old. It had been nearly five inches then, and that was soft. She was not totally surprised at the size of it now, but was somewhat surprised at what a formable weapon it had become being so thick. She'd never had one that thick or near that long, as a matter of fact. It was twice the size of his fathers and probably two inches longer than the longest she'd ever had. She dated a few men she trusted enough to have sex with, but nothing was serious with them. Just friends taking care of each other's needs. At 34 a woman still has needs, you know?

Shane was speechless. She had removed the pull over top and the skirt. She stood framed in the doorway wearing only the black garter belt and hose and the black high heels. She'd let her waist long brown hair down and, God, she looked fantastic.

"Oh God Mother! I'd love it if you would take care of my problem for me. Would you really do that for me? There was almost pleading in his voice.

He got his answer when she approached the bed and told him to just lay still. She knelt on the floor and moved his knees apart.

"I think Dana would be appropriate from now on, when we're at home especially. Don't you?"

Without waiting for a reply she then bent her head forward and began to lick the sides of his man meat. When she had it glistening with her saliva she opened her mouth and took the engorged bluish head in. When the large base of the head was at her lips she had to stretch them about as much as they would stretch to accommodate his fat prick. She had never minded giving head but it was not something she dreamed about. She wasn't sure if it would be that way from now on though. She started working her lips further down the shaft.

Shane absolutely could not believe what his Mother was doing. His mind was racing as he saw her lips stretched tight to take his cock head in her mouth. As she began to go down the shaft he couldn't get over the intensity of the pleasure he was feeling. When she had taken about five and a half inches in she gagged on it. Shane was so disappointed when she started moving her lips back up the shaft. But she only pulled back to about the three-inch point and paused to get her composure back. Then she began to slide her mouth down to the five-inch point and than back to where two inches remained in. She began to bob her head up and down with a steady rhythm. It felt so magnificent and he began to moan. Suddenly on the outward stroke she kept going and the head finally popped out of her mouth. Saliva dripped down her chin.

Shane panicked.

"Plenty of time later for a blow job or two. Right now my pussy is aching to have that monster man meat of yours stuff it full. My cunt has never been this wet before in my entire life. Scoot up a little".

He did and with that she placed a knee on one side of him and brought the other knee up to straddle him. She raised up as high as she could so she could place his cock head at the opening of her pussy. The big head felt even bigger going in her cunt than it had in her mouth. She let her weight lower her two inches down the shaft. They both moaned together.

"Oh baby, its sooo big".

"And it feels so goood to be in you. Your pussy is sooo tight. It's like the two were made for each other."

The irony of the situation had actually crossed Dana's mind. The only other time her cunt had been stretched this big was when Shane had passed through it on the way out. She smiled at the thought and sunk another two inches down the shaft. Again they moaned together. She then began to slowly rock back and forth letting six inches of monster meat slide in and out of her. She rocked back a little further each time until she had over seven inches filling her.

Shane got the idea to try to match her rhythm and the first time he thrust up Dana bolted.

"NO BABY! THAT WAS TOO MUCH! YOU BOTTOMED OUT!" Shane panicked. What would she do?

Dana had tensed her entire body. She had him too deep in her for him to have thrust like that. The instant pain she had felt was subsiding after a half-minute or so.

"Please baby, let me show you where bottom is."

She then carefully lowered herself back down the shaft until she felt the tip of the head just brush the bottom of her fornix.

'There! How much is left out?"

"Maybe an inch and a half".

"OK, when you're on top don't go any deeper than that pleeaase? Most guys think they fuck a woman's vagina. Actually the vagina is usually less than four inches long and leads to the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus. During sex the cervix will lift upwards and the fornix may extend upwards in the body as long as necessary to receive the cock. But baby, elastic only stretches so far. I can only take so much of that man meat of yours until my fornix won't stretch any further. OK? Maybe in time I'll stretch to be able to take more of you but please be patient with me.

"You got it! You know I don't ever want to hurt you. I'm so sorry I did a minute ago." I love you Mother!"

"Dana! Remember? Of course, knowing how boys are, if you use cunt or bitch, or something like that, it will be OK with me too! And I know you love me and didn't mean to hurt me. I'm fine now. Would you like to take the top now so you can finish off this round?"

They held on to each other as he rolled her to her back with him between her legs. His big prick didn't even come close to coming out. He began to stroke. It was ecstasy for both of them. He pulled out to where about three inches remained in her and then slid forward making sure not to go pass the eight-inch mark. His strokes became steadily faster.

Dana was in paradise. She was throwing her head from side to side and moaning like crazy. Both of their breathing was becoming more and more labored as they both felt a familiar building inside the groins. In one way neither wanted it to end but on the other hand they both began to push toward orgasm.

Dana was the first to go. She felt like her entire insides were going to explode out of her fuck hole when the most powerful orgasm of her life had her pushing her hips off the bed as far as they would go. Her legs were shaking and her moans could now be heard throughout the whole house. She bucked like a wild horse but Shane rode her like a pro.

Shane had jacked off before. But he'd never had a piece of ass until now. He felt that familiar tingle become a rapidly burning yet wonderful sensation when she began to buck and moan like a wild woman. He knew she was cuming. Then it happened.

Dana's already fire hot cunt felt a tremendous blast that reminded her of a lava surge into her pussy, flooding the already stuffed walls. It poured out on to her through her tightly stretched pussy because the amount and intensity was so huge. She felt it in her pubbies, down her legs and down the crack of her ass.

Shane finally collapsed down on her. The lay struggling for breath. Finally, Shane moved his face to hers, lowered it, and roughly covered her mouth with an intense French kiss. When he finally broke she smiled the smile of a Cheshire cat.

"By the way, I love you too Stud". And they both laughed and rolled in each other's arms. That was the first of many orgasms, and showers, that night.

It was the beginning of their new life together. One that would be guarded as to its privacy, but not exactly kept a total secret.

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