The Disk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He learns that his wife had pawed another dog while they were engaged. How will he handle her fall now that they have been married for nine years? Should he approach her with the assertion? Tell her what he knows, how it made him feel, and what his plan is to do about it?

My name is Kirk Reynolds. I'm thirty-one years old and my wife Nikki of nine years is beautiful. She has strawberry-blonde hair, stands 5'8, is thin with an amazing athletic body, legs that seem to go on forever, they do stop right at her ass however, an ass which god could not have made more perfect if he tried. But what really sets her off are her eyes. She has the most devastating sky blue eyes ever seen. She looks like an angel. But then on one particular Saturday afternoon my view of her changed forever.

That Saturday afternoon was almost two months after the anniversary of our ninth year of marriage, Nikki was out shopping with her mother, Norma and our two daughters Natalie, eight and Nicole, seven. While they were out, I was watching a college football game on TV when I heard the mailman drop some mail through our front door mail slot. Getting up I gathered the mail from the floor and briefly looked it over. Two bills, four pieces of junk mail, and one small package addressed to me with the word "Personal" hand written across the front and back. I opened the package and found a single-time writable DVD disk with the words: "The best porn video ever! I know you'll like this one." written in felt pen across the top surface. I was perplexed. Who the hell would send me a porn disk? Oh well, I was alone so I decided to check it out. Watching a little porn when the little lady wasn't around to catch me couldn't hurt.

I placed the DVD disk into the Panasonic and pressed play. The screen changed replacing the football game that had been airing to an image that looked like a marquee advertising what I assumed to be some sort of internet web porn site with the words:

Never one to back down from taking things just a little too far, 'Facial Cruelty' turns formerly sweet, inexperienced amateurs into sobbing, drooling, cum-covered whores.

Natalie is a hot piece of ass who is engaged to be married. Her fiancé has no idea that she's doing this (but I'm sure he'll find out soon enough, stupid bitch). For some fucked up reason, Natalie wanted to do something crazy before she got married, and I think this qualifies as completely-out-of-your-mind-stupid-ass-bitch-kiss-your-future-goodbye crazy.

Natalie does it all, like getting her face fucked until she is a wet pile of puke, taking two different cocks in her pussy, sucking two dicks, and finally she takes 2 loads of cum on her face which is pretty fucking wild. I'd say the dumb bitch succeeded in doing something crazy before getting married.

Movie - Facial Cruelty — NATALIE

Length - 31:50

Video: MPEG1 Video 496x368 29.97fps [Video]

Audio: MPEG Audio 32000Hz stereo 64Kbps [Audio]

I hope you enjoy! Sign up now and see Natalie and much, much more at www.Facial-

Then the marquee was replaced with a front view of, not some girl named Natalie, but my wife Nikki sitting on a couch. Based on Nikki's hair style, which was well below shoulder length, I guessed that the film had been made about eight or nine years ago before Nikki had shortened her hair style. Nikki was dressed in a very tight, red tube top and a very short, black mini-skirt.

Suddenly from behind the camera some guy said, "Hey, we're here with Natalie. Hi"

Nikki smiled shyly into the camera and said, "Hi"

Guy: "How's it going?"

Nikki: "Good."

Guy: "So what are you here to do today?"

Nikki: "Aaa ... to play with some cocks and balls."

Guy: "Yeah!"

Nikki: "Yeah..."

Guy: "So tell us a little about yourself."

Nikki contemplating, "Ah, I'm twenty years old. And I'm from New York. I'm in college. And ... I model."

Guy: "Ah, what kind of modeling do you do?"

Nikki: "Um ... like Thirteen Magazine but mostly now like adult commercials. Um, commercial and print."

Guy: "Yeah. What do you mean about adult commercial and print?"

Nikki: "Um, you know like wearing a very skimpy two piece bathing suit for some mechanic tool manufactures calendar, or a Hooters restaurant calendar, stuff like that and sometimes even some adult magazines, like Pink or Maxim and such."

Guy: "Yeah..."

Nikki: "Sometimes it's a little bit more erotic modeling like ... you know in bras and panties and stuff like that."

Guy: "Any cocks in the pictures or anything?"

Nikki: "Aaaa ... no."

Guy: "No. Do you show your tits or pussy or anything?"

Nikki: "No. Nothing nude, just in swim suits or under ware ... picture spreads..."

Guy: "So, do you have a boyfriend or anything?"

Nikki, sounding a bit embarrassed said, "Aaaa ... yes. A fiancé."

Guy: "A fiancé!? How long has this been going on for?"

Nikki still sounding a little embarrassed answered, "Aaaa ... two months, ah, since last August."

Guy: "And, does he know that you're here?"

Nikki, very meekly answered, "No."

Guy, "No?"

Nikki, with an embarrassed laugh said, "No."

Guy: "Oh my God! This guy's sitting at home thinking his Fiancée is..."

Nikki, interrupting said, "Modeling."

Guy: "Yeah modeling, and instead she's here where she's gonna get at least two different cocks shoved in her mouth and pussy."

Nikki: "Yeah, he doesn't know. He doesn't know, but I'm sure he's done some shit too you know?"

Guy: "Yeah. Ah, this is kind of like your last hurrah before you're married then."

Nikki: "Yeah."

Guy: "Damn!"

Nikki: "Yeah. I know."

Guy: "So let me see those titties."

Without any hesitation Nikki pushed up the tube top exposing her nicely formed full c-cups and they jiggle free from their constraint. Her nipples looked erect and turgid.

Guy: "Ohhh. Nice.

Nikki laughed.

Guy: "Let me see that pussy."

Nikki grinned and then bringing both her feet up on the couch and then spread her legs wide apart which caused her mini-skirt to ride up and openly display her completely shaved pussy. Her pudenda seemed to glow and her nether lips looked slick and puffy. Obviously she wasn't wearing any panties.

Guy: "Wow."

Nikki giggled while shyly holding her tongue between her teeth and the look on her face showed that she was obviously proud of the fact that she had a beautiful pussy with inner lips that did not protrude beyond the outer ones.

Guy: "That's a beauty."

Nikki giggled again.

Guy: "So how old were you the first time you got cock?"

Nikki: "Ah, fourteen."

Guy: "Fourteen? Boyfriend? Older guy? What?"

Nikki: "I was in eighth grade and the guy was in eleventh grade. In high school. He had a car and he kind of got me drunk, and then the next thing I knew I'm naked in the back seat and he's on top of me doing it. I was really lucky I didn't get pregnant or anything because he didn't use any protection and he did it twice more before he took me home."

Guy: "So he took your cheery huh?"

Nikki: "Yeah. Then he told everybody about it. It was so embarrassing. I never let him do it again."

Guy: "Humm ... Stupid dude. If I'd been the one to get your cheery I wouldn't have said anything to anyone."

Nikki: "I guess you're nicer than him."

Guy: "Nice has nothing to do with it. I wouldn't have said anything just so you'd let me keep sticking my stiff cock inside that hot box of yours."

Nikki: "Yeah?"

Guy laughing: "Yeah. Spread that pussy open for me."

The camera zoomed in until only Nikki's bare pussy filled the entire screen and then Nikki's fingers spread apart her neither lips exposing the bright pink interior flesh of her cunt.

Guy: "So you were fourteen huh? So how old were you the first time you ever sucked a cock?"

The camera panned back and with Nikki grinning and still holding her pussy lips open displaying her love canal and clit answered, "Seventh grade. The year before."

Guy: "Seventh grade? Another boyfriend?"

Nikki: "No."

Guy: "Who was he? Just a regular guy?"

Nikki: "A guy. An older guy. He was like a senior in high school."

Guy: "Yeah. And you were just a seventh grader Huh? And how did he get you to blow him?"

Nikki: "We were at the movies."

Guy: "Yeah."

Nikki: "Yeah, it was a jam packed movie theater. It was opening day of a brand new block buster and..."

Guy: Yes?"

Nikki: "And ah ... He ... took it out and just kinda pulled my head over onto his lap and I just took it inside my mouth. I can't believe I actually did it. I mean ... I had two of my girlfriends with me and they kept looking over at me, oh my god. I think they were in shock. I guess I was in shock too, and I remember hearing people in the background saying stuff like get a room, but I finished him off."

Guy: "Oh yeah. So did you swallow it?"

Nikki: "I don't really remember, but thinking back on it, I guess I must have."

Guy: "Hot! Lucky dude. Hey, you know what? Take off all your clothes for me."

I watched the TV screen as Nikki stood up then pulled her tank top up over her head and then dropped it and then her mini-skirt onto the floor. Now completely naked she stood tall and proud in front of the camera.

Guy: "Turn around for me. Let me see everything."

Nikki did a slow three hundred and sixty degree turn showing both the camera and the off camera guy every square inch of her naked body.

Guy: "Okay ... Alright get down on your knees."

Nikki did as the guy had requested and sank to her knees. Then a naked guy, seen only from the neck down, stepped up in front of Nikki, his stiff cock straining outwards.

"Guy: "Now you get some cock in your mouth."

And Nikki leaned forward and took his hard member into her mouth and she immediately began thrusting her head forward and back, giving him head.

The naked guy placed one hand behind Nikki's head forcing her head forward as he thrust his hips in and out and started fucking her face. He pulled out of her mouth and then told her, "Spit on it you little trollop." She spit on his cock then he shoved it into her mouth once again. He pushed his cock so deep into her mouth that I could actually see the tip of it enter her throat.

He started grunting as he thrust harder and harder pounding his cock so deep into her throat that Nikki erupted with a pile of puke. "Oh you nasty little girl," the guy said.

She drew her head back still throwing up, and then with a look of embarrassment she said, "Oh, I'm sorry."

"That's okay. Let it keep coming out." The guy assured her as he continued hardcore face fucking her mouth.

After several minutes that guy backed away and another naked guy, this one with a overhanging belly, stepped forward and shoved his cock down Nikki's throat. This guy's cock was shorter, but much bigger around than the first guy's cock.

After several deep strokes he held Nikki's lips pressed tight against his pubic hairs, and it was obvious that he was ejaculating down her throat and the guy off camera said, "How'd you like a picture of that to give your fiancé on your wedding day?"

The first guy and the second guy then traded off back a forth fucking Nikki's face, with her repeatedly gagging on their cocks and even throwing up twice more.

Eventually each guy held her head while they emptied themselves inside her mouth. Nikki swallowed both loads.

The scene changed and Nikki was on her hands and knees on the carpet with her beautiful tits hanging down and on full display. Her ass was facing directly toward the camera and I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips just before a stocky man with dark hair got into position behind her and then mounted her plunging his cock deep into her cunt in one thrust. He did not have a condom on and he wasn't gentle about it as he rode her bareback slamming his cock in and out of Nikki's cunt.

The guy fucking Nikki paused momentarily and smacked her on the ass a couple of times leaving red hand prints on her white upturned butt cheeks, and then looking over his shoulder toward the camera he said, "God damn she's tight. Now this is some pussy to die for." And then grinning he added, "I'll tell you guys, there's nothing sweeter than pounding your cock inside some really fine pussy that belongs to some other dude. My thanks to Natalie's fiancé for this fine piece of ass."

My stomach was churning. The bitter taste of bile was in my mouth; I was barely able to control the stomach contractions that kept threatening to force partially digested bits back up my esophagus. The longer I watched, the worse it got. Abruptly, I couldn't hold it back any longer. I stopped the DVD and then just managed to make it to bathroom where I instantly became sick and threw up everything I had eaten for the last couple of days.

I rinsed my mouth out in the bathroom sink and then splashed water over my face. Shaking with anger, humiliation, and feeling a sense of loss so strong I could barely stand, I stepped out of the bathroom and felt like weeping. I loved Nikki with my whole being and the addition of Natalie and Nicole had given me gifts that made my life complete. I could not have ever envisioned anything that could take that away ... until I watched that DVD disk.

Then I cried.

I dried my tears, washed my face and waited. When Nikki and the girls returned both of my girls came running over to me all excited to show me the new school clothes they'd gotten. I looked on half-hardly unable to take much interest as they pulled things out of the bags they both carried and displayed them to me. I tried to smile and nod faking interest for their sake. They were far to excided to notice my somber mood which I knew must have been reflected in my face, but Nikki wasn't.

Nikki stepped over, then after dropping the shopping bags she was carrying onto the couch she leaned over, kissed me lightly on the cheek and then asked, "Are you all right honey? Did something happen while we were gone? You're not getting sick or anything are you?"

"No, I'm not getting sick." I answered coldly. "We'll talk after the girls are in bed."

She straightened up and with a concerned look on her face she asked. "Is it something bad? Should I be worried? Is it dad? He seemed okay when I went to pick mom up."

"It has nothing to do with any ones health okay?" I snapped. "I told you we'll talk later."

"Okay!" She snapped back with anger in her voice now. "No need to bite my head off. It's just that I'm just concerned. I love you and I worry about you." Then to the girls she said, "Come on girls let's go put away your new clothes."

She picked up the bags she had deposited on the couch and then all three of them headed upstairs. Nikki paused on the second stair and turning toward me she said, "I just brought home some Kentucky fried for dinner if that's all right? I figured it'd be kind of late to cook after shopping and all."

"Feed the kids I'm not hungry." I replied with no warmth, my voice flat.

"Are you sure you're not coming down with something honey?" She inquired.

"I'm sure!" I snapped.

"Whatever!" She yelled back and then started stomping up the stairs while in a softer tone, probably spoken more to herself than to me I heard her say, "I wonder what the hell crawled up his ass!"

Later I was still sitting in my easy chair, working on my third beer my thoughts wandering when out of the corner of my eye I saw Nikki busy setting out dishes and then filling them with KFC chicken and fixing for her and the girls, acting the perfect wife and mother. I watched her, marveling at the beauty she carried. Beautiful blonde hair, brushed to a silky shine; eyes, bright sky blue, and her ass in exactly the same place it was in college promising unknown pleasures; a whole body that promised everything, sculptured to entice. Nikki was everything any man would want, and after watching that DVD I knew that she had given it away at least one time while she was supposed to be exclusively mine.

While the girls ate dinner my mind drifted back to when Nikki and I had first met in college. The first time I saw Nikki was in the college cafeteria when we were both in our third year. I was instantly attracted. Other men were, too, and because looks-wise she was heads above me I spent the next two semesters using my blinding intelligence and rapier wit winning her love.

We dated four times before we became intimate. If she was something special to look at she was more than something extra special in bed. She told me that she wasn't a virgin and that she had lost her virginity at a fairly young age but she also told me that she had only been with four other men before me, one each during junior and high school and two during college.

Sex with Nikki was out of this world and she did one simple thing that made sex with her so amazing. Whenever she got really into it she would softly whisper my name. It was incredibly hot—it brought a whole new element of intimacy to our sex. Whenever she said my name, in that low husky voice in the heat of the moment, I felt really connected to her ... It made me feel like a God!

She also opened my eyes to new ideas to explore new experiences and sensations. Instead of zeroing in on the typical hot spots, she would turn her attention on ground that is rarely covered. She would softly kiss and blow on my ears, the nape of my neck, even the backs of my knees. She had me close my eyes while she kissed me on every inch of my body. It gave me chills in places I didn't think were possible.

Then to keep things interesting, she and I would occasionally abstain from sex from time to time. We would make out for an hour with all our clothes on, but we would not go all the way. We would focus on our breathing, and how our lips and finger tips felt against each other's flesh and get totally into the moment. That sensual approach took sex to a completely new level for me.

Throughout it all I discovered that Nikki was not only beautiful but she was also smart, witty, blessedly unpredictable, and very self-reliant, and I was falling hopelessly in love with her. The only thing that kept me from formalizing our relationship was my knowledge that she was so-far out of my league that I feared rejection.

After a while I learned that her family was not very well off financially and that she was having a difficult time making ends meet and covering her college tuition. She managed, just barely, by working part time in the school science lab and the occasional magazine or calendar modeling job. I also learned that some of these modeling jobs, although a bit risqué, were never in the nude or even topless. She showed me several of her print spreads and although most were indeed quite revealing her sexier bits were always covered.

Unlike her, financially I was in great shape. I even had my own completely furnished apartment off-campus. Both my parents had been killed in an automobile accident when I was fourteen, and their insurance, plus the guilty drunk driver's auto insurance, along with the wrongful death lawsuit netted me a shit pot of money. I had enough money in trust funds that I could have attend college for the rest of my life without running out of funds had I wanted too. After my parents death I had moved in with my aunt and uncle who raised me until I went off to college.

Nikki and I had been dating exclusively for about four months, when I actually learned of her financial hardship and I offered to help her out. She refused so I gathered my courage and explained that I had no qualms in helping the woman I dreamed of spending the rest of my life with.

I can remember to this day the quizzical look on Nikki's face when she asked, "Did you just propose to me?"

I remember answering, "I know you could do a lot better, but I love you madly and totally, and if you'll marry me, even if it's out of sympathy, you would make me the happiest man on this earth. In this galaxy. This universe."

She smiled and then she laughed, "Sympathy? Sympathy? Why you silly goose. You're every girl's wet dream. You're handsome, kind, compassionate, highly intelligent, fun to be around, you've got a great bod, you're really sexy, and good God baby, when you make love to me you curl my toes! There's no sympathy here buster. Not one ounce of Sympathy."

I remember blushing and murmuring, "Okay, that's enough of that. You're embarrassing me. So ... can you give me an answer?"

She had kissed me then and after drawing her head back she had said, "Isn't it obvious that I've been in love with you ... well forever? Of course I'll marry you."

We were married soon after graduation. I had already accepted a position as Asst. Research Administrator at Washington University in St. Louis prior to graduation and Nikki planned on looking for employment in her field as a CPA after we moved to Missouri.

Less than a month after graduating, and because money was not a problem, we purchased a very nice, new, two story, four bed room, three bath home in Saint Peters, which is only a few miles outside of St. Louis and we started living the good life.

We had only been living in our new home for about a month when Nikki's plans of employment were put on hold because we discovered that she was pregnant with our first child.

Six months later, with our financial help, Nikki's mom and dad moved into a two bedroom ranch style home about a mile away from our house. Nikki wanted her mom close at hand to help her through the pregnancy and after the baby was born. I didn't mind because I liked both her mom Norma, and her father Jack very much and I got along great with both of them and they in return seemed to accept me as the son they never had.

Not long after Natalie's birth we continued to grow our family with our second beautiful little girl, Nicole right away. When Nicole turned one and Natalie was two Nikki finally went to work as a CPA in the corporate head office of a large nation-wide manufacturing firm while Norma cared for the girls during the day. For the next seven years we had the perfect loving marriage; great kids, great sex, and great in-laws. Then that disk came.

Remembering that damn disk snapped me out of my daydream and I noticed that the girls had finished eating and were now cleaning up. A few moments later both of my girls came running in and they clamored around me, Natalie on my left and Nicole on my right. They both leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"I sure hope you feel better daddy," Natalie said compassionately.

"Yeah daddy," Nicole agreed and then she added, "I heard mommy say something was in your bo-bo. Can't you just pull it out?"

Natalie giggled, "That's just an expression. Daddy doesn't really have anything in there."

I couldn't help but laugh then leaning forward and reaching out I encircled both my girls in my arms and I said, "I love you two so much sometimes I think my heart will burst."

"We love you too daddy." Natalie confirmed.

"Uh-huh," Nicole agreed.

Then looking over toward Nikki who was standing in the dinning room doorway looking on Nicole asked her mother, "Can Nat and I watch TV down in the basement for a little while?"

"I guess." Nikki answered. "It's Saturday. But only Disney or the cartoon channel."

"We know." Natalie responded quickly and then added, "Can we split a Root beer?"

"And chips?" Nicole asked.

"You guy's just ate dinner." Nikki told them. "Oh, all right. But just a handful of chips each. Use a sandwich bag for the chips ... and don't make a big mess down there. I don't want chip crumbs all over the place."

"We know." Natalie assured her and both girls hurriedly scrambled off toward the kitchen.

After the girls had fixed their snack and had gone down to the basement family room Nikki walked around the coffee table, flopped down on the couch and said very defensively, "Okay! So are you going to tell me what's bugging you!?"

I swallowed, trying to find the saliva to lubricate my dry mouth and throat. "So tell me Nikki, other than your gang-bang with the boys at Facial Cruelty dot com while you were engaged to marry me, how many other men have you let fuck you since we've been married?"

Nikki looked as if I had slapped her across the face. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth opened in a surprised 'O' and one hand came up to cover it. I watched coldly as tears welled up in those beautiful blue eyes and began to run down her cheek. There was a tiny line of dark where they passed.

"How did you find out? Did Tom call you? Oh, please Kirk, let me explain. Please don't say any more until I explain. Please? Please?"

Nikki got up, walked past the coffee table and knelt by my chair, her hands gripping mine and her face pressed against my knee as she looked up at me. She seemed so desperate and distressed I didn't know what to do.

She cleared her throat and then said, "I swear to you on our children's lives that from that day at Facial Cruelty to this day I have not been with any man other than you. I love you with all my heart and I belong to you only, body and soul. You've got to believe me. I love only you."

"Why?" Was the only word I could manage to spit past my lips.

Through her tears she said, "You know how desperate I was for money when I was at college and ... well a few of the other girls in my dorm told me about this new web site thing that paid really good. Anyway, they told me it was just like acting and it wasn't that big a deal..."

"But we were fucking engaged for Christ sake!" I interrupted with anger in my voice.

"I know ... I know." She pleaded. "After ... I was so ashamed of myself I was unable to look you in the eyes for a month. I loved you so much and I hated myself. I just needed the money so badly at the time."

"I had money. All you had to do was ask!" I snapped.

"I know." She shook her head. "But I had already agreed to ... to do it way before you asked me to marry you, and ... and they had already given me an advance which I used to pay for that current semester, and the entire next semester. That was the first time I was ever ahead and not pinching pennies trying to cover tuition. I don't know. I wish..."

"I wish too. You have no idea how much I wish." I said dejectedly, then with anger I said, "You lied! You cheated! You turned me into a god damned wimp!"

"Not a wimp! Not a whip! You could never be a wimp." She said through a fresh set of tears.

"How could you do that to me?" I asked and I started crying right along with her.

"I'm so sorry. Please don't cry. Oh god, I'm so sorry honey. I would rather die than hurt you. I swear baby I would never have done it no matter how badly I needed the money except that I found out the guy's running the web site were the same two roommates that I had dated before I met you and it was only with them that I would have to ... to do things with ... I ... I don't know, I guess I somehow convinced myself that it wasn't really like cheating because I had already slept with both of them before when I dated them before you and I got together."

"Cheating is still cheating no matter how you paint it!" I snapped. "That was like a fucking gang-bang for Christ sake!"

"I know. I know." She sobbed. "That was the first and only time I had ever been with the two of them together. I dated Mike during my first semester. We dated for about four or five months and I thought I was in love with him but I broke it off when I discovered he was also seeing several other girls at the same time. Then after Mike and I were history his roommate Eric consoled me telling what a shit Mike was for cheating on me and how I deserved so much better and soon after he and I started dating. It took me eight months to learn that Eric was hardly any better than Mike and I dropped him. I stopped dating entirely after that until you came along and captured my heart. You taught me that what I thought was love for Mike and Eric was nothing more than a pale shade of clear compared to brilliant canvas of colors my love for you felt like."

"Oh god Nikki," I said covering my face with my hands. "I love you so much but I just can't get those images out of my head."

"Images?" Nikki said with panic in her voice. "What images? I was told that after the campus administration learned of the web site that they shut everything down. Me and the other girls, there were six of us, were assured that all the tapes and files had been destroyed and that both Mike and Eric had been expelled. It was touch and go for a while if we girls would be expelled or not and it was only after Megan Connelly came forward and proved to administration that she had been blackmailed by Mike and Eric that we girls were allowed to stay. The only reason the police never got involved was because administration didn't want the negative publicity. In order for us to remain on campus we all had to agree not to say anything to anyone, so we all agreed including poor Megan and so we were allowed to remain on campus."

"I received a DVD disk in the mail today." I told her sadly.

Nikki started crying again, "Oh god I'm so sorry honey. I'll spend the rest of my life wiping those images from you mind if you'll only let me. That wasn't me on that disk honey. That was some desperate, foolish twenty year old college girl that didn't know what she was doing. If I could only go back I'd drop out of college before causing you this kind of pain."

"Who do you think sent the disk?" I finally asked. "Didn't you say something about some Tom guy calling me?"

Nikki sniffled, "I'm almost certain it was Tom Vance. Remember he's the guy I told you about that got transfer from the Chicago office into my department here about two months ago. Remember I told you he started hitting on me right away."

I remembered Nikki telling me about this Tom Vance ass-hole. She'd told me he was a fairly good looking guy in his mid thirties who considered himself a real ladies man. She's also told me that it hadn't even taken him a week before he started putting the make on her. I remember telling Nikki at the time that I'd be more than happy to have a little chat with the fucker but she had assured me she could handle him and she reminded me that he wasn't the first guy to hit on her and with her looks I knew myself that he wouldn't be the last so I let it go.

"How can you be so sure it is this Tom Vance that sent the disk?" I questioned.

"Because a little over a month ago he informed me that he knew about the sex tape I had made for the defunct web site Facial Cruelty under the name Natalie and if I didn't start having sex with him he would call you and tell you all about it. Apparently Mike Norris, you know the guy I dated in college, works for the same company I do but out of the Chicago office and he and Tom are friends so I guess somehow Tom put two and two together. I don't know."

I swallowed fearful of the answer to my next question, "So did you start sleeping with him?"

A fresh set of tears began to flow down her cheeks and in a sad little voice she said, "How can you even ask me something like that? I know what I did back in college is unforgivable but I would never, never cheat on you, no matter what. I love you and the girls far too much. I would rather die than ever hurt you or the girls."

"So what did you tell him after he threatened to call me?" I asked.

She sniffled again before answering, "I told him he was a slimy weasel excuse for man that could probably only get a piece of ass if he blackmailed or drugged some poor girl and if he ever spoke to me again, even if it were to just say hello, I would file a sexual harassment complaint against him so fucking fast that his nuts would still be out in the hallway by the time human resources had him in their offices. I also told him if he dared call you he would not have to worry about his nuts being out in the hallway because you loved me so much that you'd cut them off."

I sat there looking down at the tear streak face of my wife, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, not knowing what to say or think...

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