Pictures (Nellie)
Chapter 1: Hunted

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual, Horror, BDSM, Doctor/Nurse, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1: Hunted - A young woman gets in trouble.

I prop the camera on a branch, and take at least ten pictures. The distance is approximately fifty meters. The lenses are good so there is no problem. I have positioned myself behind a thick bush. Despite that, I am not sure that I am safe. I will be in trouble if they notice me. I am trying not to think about that. They are all gathered around a cage. It is quite big. Inside, a German shepherd is growling ferociously. The bulldog is silent. There is blood on his fur. He tries to reach the neck of his opponent. The shepherd avoids the attack and bites him. More blood appears. The sight is disgusting. But the men are enraptured with it. I recognize one of them. He is politician. I see the mayor too. The price of the pictures is getting higher. The scandal will ruin their careers. They deserve it. Treating the poor animals like that! They are beasts, not the dogs. A man is looking at my hiding place. I crouch. I have to go. It is too dangerous here. I step back. My booted foot crushes a twig. The noise looks like a gunshot to me. The man is pointing at me. There is not doubt that he has seen me. The panic is trying to paralyze me. I put the camera into my handbag and run as fast as possible. I hear their footsteps approaching, but don't look back. The grove is near. My car is there. What they are going to do if they capture me? A gunshot answers me. I turn and see my pursuers. They are closer. Finally, I reach the grove. My car has to be no more than hundred feet away. A stone trips me. I sprawl on the wet leaves. My heart is pounding. I rise to my feet and head towards the car. I am able to make out its outlines. To my horror, I see a man standing beside it. They have found my car! What I am supposed to do now? I rush into the dense woods to the left.

More than fifteen minutes, I am running through the woods. I don't hear their cries anymore so I stop to rest under a huge fir. Where is the road? Why did I leave my cell into the car! There are only trees around me. The sun is setting. It's getting darker and colder. My heart is not beating so fast now. I sit on the ground and try to think. After a minute, I make for the west. The slightest noise startles me. I stop from time to time, and listen. No one is following me.

The darkness makes even the walking dangerous. A couple of times, I hit my head against low branches. I stop and wonder what to do. The moonlight is too weak.

Suddenly, I hear them. They are talking about me. The light of a torch is reaching towards me. I rush into the pitch-black darkness. This is the only option. I run nearly a minute, miraculously avoiding branches and tree trunks. Then, I catch my leg on a low scrub and fall. The shin of my right leg bumps upon a tree. The pain is so violent that I barely stifle my cry. I clutch my injured leg, and moan slightly. Gradually, the pain abates to a tolerable level. I look around me. The torch is not visible anymore. I prop myself on the tree, and struggle up to my feet. As my right foot touches the ground, the pain intensifies. I attempt to put weight on it. Bitter tears well up from my eyes. I can't walk! They will find me, and then they ... I slump, lean on the tree, and wait.

An owl startles me. It makes my flesh creep. The minutes are ticking away. It looks like my pursuers are gone. The dark forest is not as frightening as before. I feel my calf cautiously. My fingers touch the upper part of the leather boot. It cut into my flesh. My calf is swollen. I slide the zipper a few inches down. This eases the pain. Possibly, if I rest for a while, I will be able to walk. Gradually, tiredness overwhelms me. I huddle against the tree and close my eyes.

The cold wakes me up. The darkness is pitch-black. I am shivering. My body is numb. The knee-deep blue skirt do not protects me from the cold. I rub my stockinged legs. Inadvertently, I touch the swelling. The pain makes me cry out. Is my leg broken? Anything but that! My chances to escape are gone if it is broken. They will find me tomorrow and ... What can I do?

I am waiting for the dawn. For hours, I am sitting and waiting. In my head, different thoughts appear and disappear incessantly. Then, I hear a bird twittering. The day is dawning.

Now I see the swelling. Its bluish tint is visible under the black stocking. I am scared. Supporting myself on the tree, I get up with difficulty. I will myself to put weight on my right foot. The spasm nearly knocks me down. I lift it off the ground. My right leg is useless. Hugging the tree, I look desperately around. There is a willow nearby. One of the limbs is two meters long. It is branched out at the upper end. I have a clasp knife in my handbag. I took it out and hop to the willow. My injured leg is barely touching the ground. Despite that, at every jolt, as if a skewer is piercing it. Sobbing, I reach the willow, and cut the limb off. I trim it. The crotch fits snugly under my armpit. The makeshift crutch is too long. I make it shorter. After a couple of tentative steps, I become aware that I need two crutches. Sometime later, I find another, suitable branch. Working faster than before, I get the second crutch done.

I set off westwards again. I have never walked on crutches before. It's not so easy. The ground is too wet. My progress is quite fast though. I don't risk putting weight on my injured leg anymore. Nevertheless, it still hurts. The pain is more torturous when I am thinking about it. I wonder if they gave up. It's too good to be true.

I am deadly tired, so I stop to rest for a while. Something stirs into a bush to the right. A fox steps out of it. Its yellow eyes fix curiously on me. A second later, the animal trots away. It glances suspiciously backwards, then disappears.

I am hungry. There is peppermint drops in my handbag. I eat them. My stomach protests.

A strange noise startles me. It intensifies. A train. A couple of minutes later, I reach the railroad. Panting, I see the train creeping away. Then, I notice something very frightening. A man is walking beside the rails. He is more than hundred miters away from me. There is a rifle in his hand. I plunge behind a tree, hoping that he hasn't seen me. Agonizing pain shots through my injured leg as I hit it against a branch. Clenching my teeth, I take a peep. Nothing in his attitude hints that he has seen me. I hear him talking on his cell phone. The words are not audible. Sometime later, the man disappears around a turn. I turn my attention to the swelling. It isn't bigger than before, but the bluish spot has spilled around my calf. A plan suddenly pops in my mind.

The next freight train comes. I stand up, and crutch to the railroad. The motorman is reading a paper. I cry out loudly. He doesn't catch sight of me. The train passes slowly. If I wasn't hurt, I could have jumped in. Something buzzes above my head. The same man I have seen before. He is shooting at me. Getting closer, he fires again. The slug ricochets near my feet. I feel panic overwhelming me. My heart is beating so fast that I think I am going to die before a bullet hits me. I have no other options except the train. Getting closer, I drop one of the crutches. The train is moving slowly, but not enough for me. I reach out to grab a handle. It slips off my fingers. Miraculously, the train nearly stops. I concentrate on the next handle and manage to grasp it. My left foot finds foothold. My injured leg is useless. It hurts a lot. I have a devil of a time getting in a freight car. Half-empty. Battling for breath, I look around me. Sacks. The crutch is still in my right hand. The door of the car is opened, so I look at the man outside. He is closer. Fifty meters, maybe less. My hair stand on end. I hear his labored breathing. Then I realize that the train picks up speed. The man grabs the door, and tries to climb in. Using the crutch, I attempt to push him back. He snarls. He almost gets in, but I shove him violently backwards. To my great pleasure, he loosens his grip and tumbles out of the train.

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