Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tortured hero plans to conquer our heroine's body but he might lose his heart in the process.

Jennifer Lawson walked fast towards the entrance of the huge mansion. She was late and she definitely didn't like that. Punctuality was very important to her and moreover it was rumoured to be very important to the elusive Alexander Devlin. Her parents had taught her that it was impolite to keep someone waiting and until this sunny morning she had managed to be on time.

But it wasn't her fault really. Getting to a place like that was not easy for someone who didn't own a car and Jen didn't drive one; mostly because she hated the idea and secretly because she was one hundred percent scared. Getting behind the wheel was something she avoided all her adult life. However, on occasions like this a car would be useful, not to mention much more comfortable than the bus.

She stopped in front of the gate stunned. This place looked so big that she seriously doubted that anyone had ever been to all of the rooms. A security guard approached her and she gave her name. Jen found it ridiculous for someone to be so rich. After all a person didn't need that much to survive on this planet.

The guard pressed some buttons and the metallic gates opened wide.

"Mr. Devlin is waiting for you. Your luggage arrived yesterday. You will find everything in your bedroom".

Jen muttered a thank you and started walking towards the entrance of the house. If everybody is going to be so formal, she thought, then she definitely wouldn't fit in. Jen detested any kind of formalities. But in this place it seemed that everyone behaved like Devlin was their king and they his humble servants. If he expected that kind of behaviour from her he was in for a big surprise!

A middle aged round woman was waiting for her smiling. Her hair was gray, her dark eyes sparkled with intelligence and good humour and her smile was very inviting. She opened her arms in a warm embrace and started chattering as soon as Jen introduced herself.

"We are very happy to have you here. God knows Hanna needs some help! I am Madeleine Sarraute by the way. But you can call me Maddy". Her accent was French but that was normal considering that the mansion was located deep in the mountains of Normandy. "You could say that I am the housekeeper. I am responsible about everything here, apart from Hannah that is. I chose a room for you that I hope you will like and I have put there all your stuff".

"Thank you", Jen replied and then continued in French, "But you don't have to speak in English on my behalf".

"Oh!", Maddy exclaimed. "You speak our language. And perfectly I might add. Oh, I already like you". She went on in French even more enthusiastic than before. Jen laughed softly. The housekeeper was really amusing and friendly. She hoped that Mr. Devlin was also like that. "I will take you to Alex's office now. He wants to see you before you meet Hannah. Listen Jen, may I call you Jen?"

Jen nodded and Maddy stopped in front of a large wooden door. "Alex is a good man. He can be a little intimidating but you have nothing to be afraid of". Jen shivered. Maddy's words didn't sound promising. The door opened and suddenly she found herself face to face with Alexander Devlin, Europe's wealthiest and most secretive businessman.

"Thank you Maddy. Leave us alone please", he said.

Jen's first impression was not so flattering for Mr. Devlin. He was tall, too tall and too muscular for a man of his status. His black hair was cut ruthlessly short, his face was too angular and his eyes were a rare gray that seemed to see to the very depths of her soul. Jen felt threatened in every way a woman could.

But then he spoke again and that husky, sexy voice calmed her nerves and gave her the strength she needed. "Miss Lawson I don't like to wait".

He sat behind a mahogany desk and she stood still like a pupil sent to the principle's office. "And I don't enjoy traveling by bus Mr. Devlin but there was no other way to reach your house".

For a few moments he looked amused but he recovered soon. "Punctuality is very important in this house Miss Lawson".

"If I asked for your forgiveness would you feel better?"

"No. But I would if you could assure me that it will never happen again".

"Very well", Jen said hoping that she sounded as strict as he did, "I promise that it will never happen again".

Alex looked at the girl standing in front of him. According to her resume she was 30 years old but she didn't look a day older than 25. Whereas he was 35 and he felt more like 50. Jennifer Lawson was tall and that was a compliment coming from him. Most women wore high heels especially when they were with him but she wore flats and she still didn't have to throw her head back in order to look at him. Her straight, ginger hair reached her shoulders, her green eyes had the colour of an emerald and her soft mouth must have pleased many men at nights.

Alex didn't like the way his thoughts were heading so he gathered himself and said, "The reason I hired you is that you have excellent references Miss Lawson. You have worked with children before and all of your former employers said that you are the best".

She didn't even blink at the compliment. Good, Alex thought. She had confidence in her abilities and she would need that working with Hannah. "My daughter went to the best private schools. I hired you for the summer for two reasons. Firstly because I don't want Hannah to neglect her studies while staying here and secondly because you have a degree in psychology. Hannah is unhappy Miss Lawson and I want to know why".

"Mr. Devlin there is no need for me to repeat everything that is already written in my resume. You know that I have worked with children for several years and you know that I can help Hannah. But you must keep in mind that I won't be able to do anything for her if she doesn't want to help herself".

Alex knew that she was right. Hannah was 11 years old but she certainly didn't behave like other children of her age. She was too shy, lonely and never expressed her feelings. Over the last year he had tried to persuade her to confide in him but she said that there was nothing to say. She refused to reveal anything to him and the only person she talked to was Maddy. When Hannah returned for her summer vacation Alex knew he had to do something drastic.

While he was in New York for a business conference one of his friends mentioned Jennifer Lawson's name. He said that she was a highly cultivated girl who had degrees both in psychology and in English language and literature who worked with children and helped them more than any other PhD doctor could. Alex then did his research and found out that Miss Lawson was indeed that good but too expensive to work with less fortunate families. Alex liked that. She knew how much money she was worth and that meant she was a professional.

"Rest assured Miss Lawson. I don't expect miracles".

She flinched and her whole body tensed. Alex had managed to insult her but he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Well Mr. Devlin what I expect", she stressed the I, "is your full co-operation".

"You already have that", he said.

She gave him a stare and asked, "Am I dismissed?"

Alex wanted to laugh. The question was polite but the irony underneath it could cut him like a knife. Despite his best efforts to dislike her he found Jennifer Lawson extremely entertaining. And sexy as hell but he wasn't ready to ponder that...

"Miss Lawson before you go I should warn you. Hannah has no idea about all the psycho bubble".

Jen got out of the room quickly. She was ready to explode. How dare he? He insulted her in every possible way. But if her work was so silly then why did he hire her? Alexander Devlin was the worst kind of male. Arrogant, distant, ruthless and unfortunately for women extremely charming.

She pretended that she didn't notice his lean, muscular body, his mesmerizing eyes, the stubble that covered his face or that thin mouth that promised long lights full of sensuality ... Jen shook her head abruptly. It wouldn't do her any good to start thinking about sex now. For eight years she had managed fine without it but one look at him and her whole world had turned upside down.

Jen scolded herself. She would work with Hannah, try to help her and stay as far away as possible from her father. Mr Devlin, she thought, the only thing I want from you now is to sign my paycheck at the end of the month.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Maddy's voice.

"Jen? Would you like to go to your room or meet Hannah first?"

Jen felt exhausted. All she wanted was a decent meal and a hot bath but she knew that she had to see the girl first. Better know what you're up against, anyway.

"Take me to Hannah please", she said and Maddy grinned.

"This way", she said and Jen followed admiring the house as they walked. The decoration was absolutely beautiful but she didn't expect anything less. Everything was expensive, the paintings, the lamps, even the ashtrays. She could only imagine what her own room would look like. After so many luxuries returning to the real world would not be so easy.

"How did your meeting with Alex go?", Maddy asked suddenly.

"I don't know", she replied truthfully. "He complimented me, then he insulted me and-"

"He liked you", Maddy cut her.

"Je ne crois pas", Jen said in French. "Whatever Mr. Devlin felt about me it most certainly wasn't that. How long do you work here?"

"Since Hannah was born. I was here for the good and the bad". Jen wondered what the bad was. She couldn't help but be curious about Hannah's mother. Nobody mentioned her name or even if she was alive or dead. But for her this information was important or else she wouldn't be able to help the girl. "I told you Alex can be intimidating. He wouldn't be so successful at his job otherwise".

Jen nodded. That was probably true. Nobody could make so much money without scaring others when they threatened his work. "I am not afraid", she lied but Maddy laughed.

"You have nothing to be afraid of. Unless he decides he has plans for you", she said and blushed.

Jen frowned at the statement. "Plans? Like sleeping with me?" Maddy didn't reply but it was obvious that she meant exactly that. "Don't worry. I'm not the kind of girl who would interest Mr. Devlin. And anyway I am here to work with Hannah. I'm sure that I won't see him that often".

Maddy nodded but it was clear that she believed otherwise. I don't care what you believe, Jen thought. Alexander Devlin could have the most beautiful models in the world at his feet. He didn't give a damn about some average looking redhead who worked for him. Jen could bet her life on that.

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