Alaskan Vacation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Time Travel, Harem,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My new boss had never been exposed to a good old boy from Texas before, and he took a shine to me for some reason. He liked my work so well, he and his wife invited me and mine along for a hunting and fishing trip in Alaska. Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit.

I didn't care much for Carl, my boss. Chris, my wife, didn't like him even that well. Still, he'd taken a shine to us shortly after I'd been hired to help keep his system operating and productive.

At first he'd been amused by and then interested in having a real live cowboy as one of his computer geeks. It wasn't the reason I got hired, but it was damned sure the reason I moved to the head of the six man department within six months of signing on.

Carl was not a cowboy or a computer geek. He was one hell of a salesman who'd parlayed his abilities into sixty percent ownership of the specialty fishing equipment manufacturing company that shall remain nameless. Carl wasn't a fisherman either, but he knew exactly how to make profitable deals even if he didn't know very much about what he was selling.

His enthusiasm for my talents really got rolling when I taught him to get some useful work out of his computer without once mentioning anything technical. After three weeks of tutoring, Carl was thrilled that he could now locate and peruse facts and figures that formerly required him to ask his secretary to produce a printed report. It was a revelation, to Carl anyway.

My hire date was just after Christmas. Carl invited Chris and me to a New Year's Eve outing with him and his wife as a sort of first anniversary celebration. It would be our first time to meet his wife, Mary, and we were not looking forward to it if she could put up with Carl on a permanent basis. On the other hand, even though Chris and I were both born and raised in Texas we were not stupid.

Carl was paying me a hell of a lot more than anyone else with my short experience could hope to make and he wasn't a complete jerk off or anything, just not really our kind of people. What the hell? Our kind of people were few and far between up here in Montana.

Carl and Mary picked us up in the company limo and we were off to the best dinner club in town to start the evening. Things were looking up. They were promising mostly because Mary was drop dead gorgeous. New Years Eve was cold in Montana but it didn't keep Mary from wearing something sexy under her coat. Carl was in his early fifties and I knew damned well that Mary couldn't be over twenty-five.

I'd never met a real live trophy wife before and seeing Mary gave me an new appreciation for them. She had a dangerously sexy voice, long shapely legs, and her titties were big and bouncy. As soon as I saw her I knew Chris and I would both have lust in our hearts before the night was over.

Yes Virginia, Chris liked to lick pussy as well as she liked sucking my dick - maybe even more. A good Bi wife is hard to find, but the rewards of a successful search were fantastic. It was one of the things I thought made her a perfect wife. The fact Chris was a real live cowgirl didn't hurt a bit either.

It ain't often a guy can find a beautiful wife who likes horses, hunting, fishing, and pussy as much as he does. We were a match made in honky-tonk heaven. Luckily the limo delivered us before I could get too far off into the daydream of Chris licking Mary's nipples while I plowed her bush. It wouldn't be the first sweet young thing we'd double-teamed but I sure hoped she'd be the next.

The dinner club Carl took us to was the nicest place Chris and I had ever been in. They had a hostess to show us to our reserved table, a busboy in sparkling white to serve water and deliver menus as soon as we were seated, a waitress for the food orders, and a separate waiter with a wine list. I wondered if their food could match Billy Joe's Bar and Grill from back home.

When our orders arrived I was pleasantly surprised with the New Your Strip. It was as good as I'd ever had and Chris loved hers too, at least she said she did. I wasn't much of a wine drinker - I considered Mad Dog 20-20 a delicacy - but whatever Carl had ordered was swell. After the meal we stayed a few minutes for coffee. It was good even if it was a little weak. The biggest surprise of the night was Carl. He hadn't been too boring and that was a big surprise to me, but his next trick just about knocked Chris and I both out of our chairs.

He started by telling me how he sometimes felt he was missing out by not knowing very much about what he was selling or even how it worked.

"Don't get me wrong, selling is selling and intimate knowledge of the product isn't strictly needed for a winning presentation. Still, I think I could do better with a little hands on training, and I'm hoping you can provide the basics."

My first thought was I might as well just puke now and get it over with, but I didn't. I liked my high paying job and now that I was head of the department I got to dole out the kind of shit I usually had to put up with.

"I'd love to help you any way I can, Carl. What do you have in mind?" I asked, hoping my fawning wasn't really making the loud sucking noise I could hear in my head.

"I thought the four of us could take a hunting and fishing trip. Since you showed me the wonderful things I could find on the Internet I've been checking out outfitters and guides. What I decided on was four weeks of camping in Alaska with some hunting and fishing thrown in.

"Most of our products have to do with fishing and so it would be our main focus, but I've been thinking of buying a small company that makes some specialized hunting and camping gear and I want to try that too.

"I know what you're thinking and I've already cured the problem. This trip didn't just pop uninvited into my little pea brain yesterday. I've been taking shooting lessons for the last three months," he said, and I was flabbergasted.

Carl and a firearm just didn't make me feel comfortable down where it meant the most. Loose bowels were the first thing that came to mind when I thought of Carl and a loaded gun. Still, I was caught out and there was nothing I could do about it. I cheered up considerably when I realized what a wonderful time we could have on a long camping trip while everyone else was working.

"I'd love to go Carl, and I'm sure Chris would too, wouldn't you honey?"

It was probably the best opening I could have given Chris but I didn't realize it.

"Oh, I'd love to go, but I'm not sure I can get that much time off," Chris said, and it made me wonder why she'd even care about the damned two bit job she was putting up with until an opening for a teacher came up somewhere near us.

"Hell, tell 'em you quit. I don't know where you work, but I'm sure I can put you somewhere making twice as much and doing less than half of what they're asking you to do," Carl said.

"If you think you can find a place for me I'll quit tomorrow," Chris said.

"Hell, I'm the boss, I can make a place. Now, if everything's settled, how does leaving two weeks after Easter Sunday sound?" Carl asked.

After a glance at Chris I told Carl it would be great so he shocked me again.

"In that case I have a special project for you until we leave. I want you to make sure we have all the equipment we'll need for our trip. Get one of the production managers to make sure we have a little of everything we make and then go from there.

"I've been taking shooting lessons but I don't even own a rifle or pistol. Please get four different rifles and a couple of pistols for me. Get some for yourself, Chris, and Mary while you're at it. In fact, buy everything you think we even might get a chance to try. I want to do this trip up right," he said.

We took off for another place to ring in the New Year after our little discussion and ended up in a club for dancing, drinks, and a good time for the more mature set on this auspicious occasion for a legitimate drunken good time. The way Carl poured it in I was glad the limo had its own driver.

There was another treat in store for Chris and I when we were seated at a table near the dance floor. Carl admitted that he wasn't much of a dancer and asked me if I could entertain Mary and Chris while he prowled around back in the gambling room to see if he could catch up with a customer that frequented the place.

Hell, I knew he was lying and Chris knew he was lying and I had a pretty good idea Mary did to. It didn't hurt my feelings one bit though and apparently Chris and Mary thought the idea of sharing me for a few hours wouldn't be so bad. I knew that Chris was all for it.

This place was no back home Country bar and it wasn't for the young folks either. I figured we were probably the only ones in here less than forty. This meant the music was mostly slow ones and it was fine with me. I could two-step with the best of 'em, but that didn't mean it was the only step I knew.

Slow dancing came natural to me. I wasn't sure I could get Mary's panties damp by rubbing bellies with her, but I knew Chris would be hot to trot after not much of it. Hell, it was how I got in her drawers the first time and quite a few times after that.

Trying to look like I had good manners, I asked Mary to dance first and while she didn't seem shy, I didn't push the issue for the first two dances. I took her to the table after that and gave Chris a good warm up, pulling her as close as we always danced and taking my customary two handed grip on her wonderful ass as we got started.

"Be sure to try your best to warm Mary up next time you get her out here. I have good feelings about fun and games every time I look at her," Chris said, whispering in my ear.

Chris wasn't the only one that thought I'd slighted Mary on the first round. When I took her to dance the next time she gave me a little scolding.

"If your going to treat me like you're dancing with your mother all night I'm going to give you such a pouting. Now pull me close like you did Chris and see if my ass doesn't feel as good as hers," she said, and then lay her head on my shoulder.

Damn if it wasn't Christmas again already. I didn't dry hump Mary out on the dance floor like I'd been known to do Chris after I had a few drinks in me, but I fondled everything I thought I could get away with in a place that wasn't as dark as I was used to. She helped out too and she showed me she could get my dick as hard as Chris could.

The three of us spent the next two hours doing vertical foreplay and we only cut it out after Carl came back. Luckily I was fondling my wife when he returned. I hated to be cut off from Mary's charms like that, but after a loud countdown and a couple more drinks we called it a night. Chris and I were in bed, fucking, and talking dirty about Mary fifteen minutes after the limo dropped us off.

Work the next morning wasn't going to be a bother for me. When Carl put me on the job of gathering equipment I knew he didn't mean for me to show up at the office. I did have to call him to find out how to get in touch with the guide company that was handling our trip. I wanted to know what we'd be hunting and what we'd be fishing for.

"I'm glad you're on the job already, but there's been a slight change in plans if it's ok with you. Charles Frankston takes a fishing trip up there every year and I think we should let him gather up the fishing gear for us, especially since he's very familiar with our stuff."

"That's a great idea. Most of the fishing I've ever done was in East Texas and I'm pretty sure Charles can do a better job on that stuff than I could."

He gave me the info on the outfitter in Alaska and after a call to them I knew that we needed to be able to take down anything from a Grizzly bear on down. The guy told me we weren't necessarily going to hunt Grizzly, but that the bears usually had the last word on whether we'd have to try killing one of them or not. He also reminded me that we would need the best cold weather gear we could afford.

He must have been accustomed to dealing with dyed in the wool dumb asses. Who would take a hunting and fishing vacation to Alaskaand not bring along the best cold weather stuff they could find? I did have my work cut out for me though.

The firearms were the easy part. I got Carl and myself BAR Longtracs in 7mm magnum and the girls got the same except in 30-06. Carl had asked for four different rifles each but I didn't go that far. To go with the Brownings, I bought us a Marlin 336C each in thirty-five Remington. They were excellent brush guns and we didn't need a whole damned arsenal with different rounds for each rifle.

Even though I didn't think we'd need shotguns, I ordered us each a Beretta Xtrema2 in case Chris and I got to keep ours after the trip was over. I even picked up four Browning Buck Mark 22 autos just for the hell of it. Why not? Carl asked me to get everything we might possibly need.

The firearms were easy, but I nearly wore the Internet out looking for extreme weather tents, sleeping bags, and clothes. Of course I couldn't get it all done on the net. I had to organize two shopping trips to Cabela's for clothes. You were stupid if you thought you could get clothes and boots that fit right by pointing and clicking.

I had it to do though and as the jump off time came close, everything I could think of was packed and ready to go, even two thousand rounds for each weapon we were taking with us. Of course we had more than that for the 22 semi-autos. I settled for ten thousand rounds each. What the hell, they're small.

Carl didn't bat an eye over the cost and I was looking forward to one trip for him and to my keeping up with the equipment in case he wanted to go again next year.

The last snag we ran into was the weight and size of the load for the plane. The guide company wanted to fly us in two groups. They intended to take the guys first and then go back for the girls. Carl nixed that right away, telling them he didn't give a shit what it cost as long as our equipment and our asses ended up going at the same time. They took the easy way out, subcontracting to a guy with an old HH/3E of Vietnam era fame and otherwise known as a Jolly Green Giant. It gave us plenty of room and lift.

Carl got off into his cups the night before and now, the morning after, he looked like he'd been shot at and missed then shit at and hit. He'd probably tried to drink everything liquid last night. Still, he was a trooper and didn't squawk about the shape his head was in.

The guys at the guide's place knew what they were doing. We probably had three times as much equipment as we'd need, but it didn't cause them to even pause in loading the Giant and getting it all tied down.

We left early the next morning. It was going to be a long flight - Jolly Green Giants aren't all that fast and we had a long way to go. Since Carl was footing the bill, no one complained when he took the other seat up front. It didn't matter, no one except the pilot knew shit about flying it anyway. At least with Carl up front he could be one of the first two to the crash if we had one.

The weather was supposed to be fine all the way to our camp spot, and it was, almost. Somehow we were lucky enought to have a fucking thunderstorm come up. I could have understood a blizzard but not a fucking thunderstorm. The pilot couldn't believe it either, but the damned thing blew up in what seemed like minutes - complete with lightning everywhere and high winds from what seemed like every direction.

It didn't worry me much after a few minutes because I knew damned well we were all going to die. It was so dark and raining so hard there was no way to even see the ground. The pilot did the only thing he could - he tried to get the damned thing down. I didn't doubt he'd get that accomplished; it was a forgone conclusion. My only question was about the shape of things after we were on the ground. Oh yeh, I wondered if we'd be burning before we came to a stop.

Even though I was strapped in as tightly as possible, I was knocked out right at the last and at least it brought a halt to the screaming Chris, Mary, and I were doing. I never knew whether Carl or the pilot screamed any. I didn't notice it if they did. When I came to, the first thing I wondered was what in the fuck is that funky smell. I nearly lost whatever my last meal had been when I got my answer.

By some quirk of fate we had come down by a big tree. As it removed the rotors it managed to sling parts of one of them into the cockpit, or at least I think that's what you call the space where the pilot and co-pilot ride in a helicopter. Carl and the pilot were bloody shitty messes. Carl's head was in his lap and Jim, the pilot, was in two pices. All three of us in the back were relatively unharmed. We were pretty damned cold though.

I kept myself right in my seat, mostly, until the girls came around. I felt bad when I had to answer, I don't know to most of their questions. I was able to give them the details on Carl and the pilot and I encouraged them not to look for themselves. Neither expressed any interest in that direction.

Since it was night out and since I didn't smell even a hint of jet fuel fumes I suggested we stay where we were until morning. After that motion was accepted by acclimation I looked through some of our things and found a couple of the sleeping bags and an air mattress. Chris and Mary helped me clear out enough space to make our bed and then I found a light tarp to close off the cockpit from the rear area. It would cut down on the cold wind and the smell of the corpses.

When we started shucking clothes to get into our sleeping bags, Mary let us know if the bags didn't zip together we'd all be sleeping in one. I didn't blame her a bit since I wouldn't want to be sleeping by myself as cold as things were getting. Not to mention the spooky atmosphere of spending the night with two dead men not twenty feet away. I didn't have a bit of trouble zipping the bags together.

It seemed a little odd to come up from being unconscious and then go right off to sleep, but that's what we did. There weren't any productive moves we could make out in the middle of nowhere with everything damned near pitch black outside. We shucked our clothes and got our asses in the doubled bag right away. It was so cold it took me nearly fifteen minutes to sprout a hardon even though I was between two beautiful naked women.

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