Outer Limits
Chapter 1


What was that?


Where am I?

Thump! Thump!

Who's There?

Thump! Thump!

Stop it!

Thump! Thump!

Stop it, stop it!

I'm here.


Knock! Knock! "James! Wake up or you'll be late for school!"

"I'm up."

"Are you okay? I thought I heard screaming."

"I'm fine, " mumbled James as he sat up in bed. Another restless night with hardly any sleep. "How long could he keep this up before his body crashed?" he asked himself while swinging his legs over the side of the bed. James reflected on his dream as he stretched his worried muscles. It'd been almost two months since he got a good nights rest. He pulled his chair toward him and lifted himself from the bed into his wheelchair. He pushed his way into his bathroom and began his morning ritual. Combing his hair and putting on after shave was always last. True he hadn't shaved a day in his life but doing so made him feel older and his best friend seemed to like it. Before leaving the restroom he took a look at his self in the wasted full length mirror. He didn't consider himself ugly nor did he think he was a hunk. If he had to describe his self he'd probably say he was an average looking guy. Jet black hair kept short to stay out of his eyes which were of a blue/green nature. No facial hair what so ever even at the age of 16. He stood 6 foot tall and weighed about 170lbs. He sat in his wheelchair and stared at his body. Although he couldn't walk his legs remained unusually toned. His chest and arms were slightly more muscular but that could be contributed to being his only form of transportation. He pinched his right leg and flinched at the pain. "Yep, still there," he said to himself leaving the restroom.

His mother had been told when he was young that he was fully capable of walking. They just figured that as an infant I just didn't want to. But told her not to worry. I'd grow out of it. But here I am 13 years later and still couldn't walk. Oh I wanted to, if not for myself then for my mother. She always told me she'd be patient and when I wanted to walk she would be there to catch me if I fall. I've tried numerous times. I could feel my legs completely. Heat, cold, pain and even good sensations. I just couldn't make them work. No matter how hard I tried.

James, not wanting to upset his mother proceeded with the tedious job of dressing himself. He didn't have to his mother was probably waiting outside his door right now waiting for him to call for help if he wanted it. His best friend even offered to help. They both laughed after the awkward silence that followed. But still to this day he knew he saw something in those eyes. Something Feral.

Next Door

Ashley was just getting out of the shower when a knock on the door said she'd taken to long. "I'm on my way out!" she announced agitated. She hated the situation she was in. Her 'foster parents' were always bothering her about something. Where were you? Why did you do this? Why did you do that? How on earth did you manage to break that? They were upset with her today because she had broken the coffee table in the living room. She immediately admitted that she'd done it. Denying it would've landed her in even more trouble. She told them she'd tripped on her books after she'd dropped them on the floor after coming home from school but she hadn't tripped, but she was pissed. So mad she hit the table before she realized what she was doing. It split cleanly in two and there wasn't anything she could do to fix it. Her 'mother' was in the basement doing laundry and heard the crash and came running. She was grounded from going out or talking on the phone. TV was out of the question as well. The only thing she COULD do was go over to James'. They had no idea that he was the reason she was upset. Well not him really, the real problem was David. David McCullin was the neighborhood/school bully. He picked on everyone. Didn't matter if they were cool or not. Rich or poor, he even picked on his own buddies. But for some reason his favorite target was James Layfe. James had never said two negative words to anyone in his life. Not even in private behind their backs. David just seemed to take delight is seeing James in pain. Last year, during their first week of school, he'd sneaked into the teachers lounge and stolen a pot of coffee. As a joke during lunch he'd decided it be funny to pour it over James' legs explaining to everyone that he wouldn't feel it. James tried to get away but one of David's friends had grabbed his wheelchair and was holding him fast. He pleaded and tried to explain that he could feel his legs he just couldn't walk. David, in disbelief poured it on him anyway. The scream James had let out ran my blood cold as it still did to this day. I was on the other end of the school when I'd heard it and came running. When I arrived the teachers were ripping off his pants trying to get the hot clothes away from his body. He was shaking uncontrollably and gasping for air in between cries and moans of pain. I looked at David and he had a smirk on his face. I hit him in that smirk knocking out a tooth and punching myself into a weeks worth of detention as well. And he got off Scott free saying it slipped from his hands. I'd begged James to tell on him as he sat in the hospital but he never did and neither did anyone else. Afraid of what the pay back would be. Ashley dried off and wrapped the towel around herself and left. Entering her bedroom she quickly brushed her hair and got dressed. After sliding on her shoes and tying them she stood examining herself in the mirror. Her brown hair hung down to her shoulder blades even with the tiny curls in them. Eye's green in color stared back at her. James always joked that they seemed to brighten as the sun went down. 'Boy if he only knew, ' she thought to herself with a giggle. She was 5 and a half feet tall and only weighed 120lbs. She had a very nice figure and the boys in her school had no problems letting her know. She felt her shoulders were a little to broad fore her taste but due to her nature it was natural. She had C' cup breast with no sag what so ever and they weren't so large as to get in her way. She was very proud of her slim waist and six pack abs. Even more so of her apple bottom which she turned around at that moment to admire. Exercise wasn't really necessary but she she enjoyed it and it did keep her loose and help to relieve her stress. Today she wore tight jeans with a pair of white sneakers and a short sleeve button up shirt which she tied into a knot on her front to show off her stomach.

Noticing the clock above her mirror she grabbed her bag and ran for the front door.


"Bye mom!" James called out rolling down the ramp that wrapped around to the front of his house from the back door. He saw her wave from the back door. He saw her wave from the kitchen window just as he let go of his wheels allowing his momentum and gravity to take control. He loved the feel of the wind in his hair he just wished it were his legs carrying him instead of the aluminum frame. A short time later he found himself pushing his way to the front of his house and aimed his chair to the east and waited. He checked his watch and began a countdown from 10. "10, 9, 8... 5, 4... 2 and 1," he finished as he heard the sounds of hurried footsteps approaching. "Late again," he said chuckling under his breath as he began pushing his chair into motion. Ashley was behind him in seconds taking control over his chair.

"Hey shorty," she countered.

"Hah, you're just jealous cause I get to sit through the pledge of allegiance."

The two went back and forth like that for several minutes until they couldn't hold their laughter in any longer.

About one block from school James took back control over his chair. She'd protest as usual, saying she didn't mind pushing, he'd make a comment about not wanting anyone getting the wrong idea and start nagging her because she had a gimp for a friend. She didn't argue however, just taking her bag from one of the handles slinging it over her shoulder. She was in a hurry to see if he noticed how she dressed today. Hoping he would seeing she did it for him. She came up to his side walking along with him as they approached the coming crosswalk.

James was a little surprised that she didn't argue about not being able to continue pushing. He was even a little disappointed. He liked the attention she usually showed him. It made him feel normal. He turned about to ask her if she was feeling ok when he got his first look at her today. She was beautiful to say the least. Her jeans were so tight James actually had to question himself on whether or not she was wearing underwear as there was no visible panty line. He came to the conclusion that she must be wearing a thong which caused a stirring in his groin. And the way her white shirt was tied in the front seemed to push her breasts out threateningly. He felt numb as his gaze went up and down her form. Across her toned stomach multiple times mouth agape.

Ashley caught him looking out of the corner of her eye and actually blushed at the look of admiration on his face. If she didn't know better she'd say that was drool about to spill from his open mouth. She could feel her nipples harden under his stare.

"Um ... nice..." he trailed off seeing her nipples through the fabric of her bra and shirt. Causing yet another stir in his groin.

"What?" she asked stopping causing him to do the same before he distractedly rolled out into the street. She turned toward him giving him a full frontal view. He turned to her as well and the two friends now faced each other for the first time today.

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