Beth's New Lover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beth sat next to Brad in the dark booth of a restaurant. She had decided to seduce him last weekend. She dropped her hand onto his thigh and started caressing him. He said, "Do you know what happens to shameless little girls who rub my thigh under the table in a bar?" She had taken off her panties in the bathroom and so...

Steve and I had been working together and over the last 6 months I had gotten to know him and his girlfriend well. We had a standing Friday happy hour date at a local restaurant. Last Saturday I had invited them to come over and hang out at my pool. I was sitting on a chaise by my pool and I heard Beth call from the kitchen to ask me if I wanted anything. I asked her to bring me a beer. I had told them I'd be out back and to just come in the house. I heard the screen door slam and looked up. Holy shit. Beth had on a really teeny bikini and was walking towards me. Her hips were swaying and her whole demeanor just shouted, "rip it off and fuck me" Beth was Irish and had really white skin, blue eyes and black hair. She was about 5' 8" and had curves in all the right places. I checked out the bikini as she walked towards me. The bottom was a vee of fabric about 2 inches wide across her hips. The patch that covered her sexy mound was just slightly bigger. I was pretty sure she was completely shaved. The tops were vertical slashes of cloth held on by a strap that circled her chest just below her tits. The thin triangular slashes were about 2" wide at the bottom and just barely covered her aureoles. I could see her nipples poking out clearly. She had to be at least a good solid C cup and maybe even a small D. She walked up to me, bent over at the waist and handed me the beer. I got a really great look at her tits. She straightened up and I just looked. I started at her face and scanned her down to her pussy and then back up. Blatantly.

She said, "Penny for thoughts."

I grinned at her and said, "Sorry, they're being censored by the FCC."

She raised an eyebrow and said, "Is that so. What rating?"

"2 Actually. X-rated and Frust-rated" I said.

She clapped her hands and laughed out loud.

Then I heard Steve walk through the screen door. She blew me a kiss, turned and I saw that the bottoms were cut so high that they showed half of cheeks and a good bit of her crack. What a sweet ass. I dropped my magazine on my lap to cover a thickening cock. It was really hard the rest of the day not to ogle her and I knew she knew it...

The next Friday

Steve was not feeling well and had gone home early on Friday. That meant it was just Beth and I at the bar. I was sitting across the booth from her and she looked sooo fine. She had on a platinum colored silk blouse and was showing some awesome cleavage. She was also wearing a light pleated skirt and high heels. Something had definitely changed between since last Sunday. We had a drink and then both of us went to the john. I waited beside the bathrooms and then escorted her back to our booth. When we came back a party was getting into the booth next to us. A guy was in the way so I slid in beside Beth. We smiled at each other and ordered another round. I had decided to make a move on her when the waiter had left ... And then suddenly, I felt a soft hand stroking my thigh. I was remembering Beth in her bikini at my pool last week. What a fucking hottie she was. I'd always thought she'd be handful in the sack. Mentally throwing Steve under the bus, I said, "Do you know what happens to shameless little girls who rub my thigh under the table in a bar?"

She turned and whispered in my ear, "No. Do tell..."

"First, I take them home. Then I make them do a strip tease for me. Then I get them to take my clothes off."

"Only really nasty girls will do a strip tease." And then she nibbled on my ear lobe.

"Then I make the nasty little girl drop to her knees and suck my cock. And when I come, she has to swallow every drop."

"Mmmmm, what a really slutty little girl."

"And after she's swallowed it all, I'll take her into the kitchen and put her on the table. I'll put my hands behind her knees and push her legs up until she is spread wide open. And then I eat her hot little pussy until she comes in my mouth. And I swallow it all."

"Mmmm, what a shameless, nasty little slut she is," she breathed into my ear.

"Then I'll take her to couch, bend her over the arm and ram in my rock hard cock. And fuck her as hard and deep as I can until I fill her little pussy up."

"Sluts like getting fucked doggie style." She whispered in my ear and she stuck her tongue in my ear.

I pulled the table closer to us for cover and said, "Spread your legs." Beth reached under the table and dropped something in my lap.

"These are for you," she said huskily in my ear.

It was a pair of very sheer and sexy panties. There was a wet spot at the crotch. She must have taken them off in the bathroom!

"Oooh, what a shameless, nasty slut... !" I whispered as I nibbled her earlobe and dropped a hand on her knee.

Beth pulled her skirt up, lifted her leg and put her thigh over mine and opened her knees wide. I slid my hand up the inside of her luscious thigh until I was cupping her mound with my hand. When I saw her in that tiny bikini last week I had pretty sure she shaved her pubic hair. Now I was sure. I stroked my middle finger along her pussy lips and she moaned and leaned against my arm.

I slid my fingers up her lips and rubbed her clit gently in circles. She gave a low moan and wrapped her hand around my biceps and squeezed. I took my middle finger and parted her pussy lips with the tip. She was wet as hell and I ran my finger down until I reached her vagina. I slid my finger as far into her as I could reach. She felt like wet velvet inside and was nice and tight. I twirled my finger around inside and she squirmed on the seat and gasped. I cupped her bare pussy with my palm and began to finger fuck her with my middle finger. She gasped again, squeezed my biceps again and leaned her head on my arm. I could see her nipples were hard and she starting to breathe faster. My index finger joined my middle finger, sliding in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

"Do you like getting finger fucked in a bar?"

"It's making me sooooo hot ... if you don't stop, I'm going to come right here," she whispered.

"I want to feel you come in my hand." I slid in three fingers and fucked her with them.

She gasped and said, "You're an evil man ... Oooh ... Oohh..."

I glanced across the room and happened to see a woman looking at us from across the bar. She saw my glance and toasted me with her glass. I gave a big smile and she shook her head in amazement.

"When we get to my place, what are you going to do first, you nasty girl?" My fingers assaulted her pussy.

"I'm going to do a strip tease in front of you."

"Ask me for it." I said, as my fingers rubbed her clit.

"Can I strip for you..." she moaned out softly.

"Can I strip for you, sir." I said, wondering if she'd go for it.

"Can I strip for you, sir?" she said.

"Yes, you nasty little slut, you may strip for me. And then?"

"I am a nasty slut. I want to see you hard and naked. Last week I got to your house a little early. I was watching from the kitchen when you skimmed the pool in your little Speedos. Your body made me soooo horny."

"So you've plotting this all week. Have you been fantasizing about me?" My busy fingers kept on.

"Yes. You fucked me every night this week. When Steve fucked me last Saturday night it was you. Now I want to suck your cock and fuck you for real." Damn. That made me so horny!

I said, "Have you ever had a rim job?"

'No, what's that?"

"When I get you on the table and spread wide open. I'll lick my way up the crack of ass until I get to your hole. Then I lick your hole and stick my tongue in."

"You mean my asshole???"

"I hear it's like a live wire straight to your clit." I rubbed her clit really fast and Beth bit my arm as she had an orgasm. The woman across the bar toasted me. I waited until she recovered.

"Oh my god. I don't believe I just came in a bar. That was really intense. I think it's the risk of exposure ... Oh my god, that woman who was watching ... She coming over to us!" I looked up and saw her walking over.

She said, "That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I'm jealous, honey." Then she tapped her chin. "If you two ever want a threesome, I'm here all the time." And walked away.

"Oh god, I can't believe that just happened!" Beth said.

"What, her boldness or yours?"

"You've got a point. I was the one who took off my panties in the bathroom. I just never thought of having an orgasm in a bar with someone watching."

"It's time for us to get outta here."

I got up with my jacket in front of me so no one would see my raging hard-on. Beth slid out of the booth. As I held out her jacket for her, I noticed a wet spot on the back of her skirt from her dripping pussy. I didn't say anything and walked behind her as we left the bar. I held her hand as we walked behind the building to the parking lot.

Beth said, "I don't believe this. I love it. I actually loved it. I loved getting finger fucked in a bar with a woman watching. Holy crap. When I first saw her watching I wanted you to stop, and then I saw the salute and thought fuck it, I don't care. God, what a turn on!!"

I saw a van parked in a dark corner of the lot and led her over to it. Once we were behind the van, I pushed her against it and kissed her. My hand cupped her mound again and ours tongues swirled together. She was moaning into my mouth.

"Open my pants. Feel my cock, you nasty little slut." I ordered her.

She opened my pants and started rubbing my prick through my underwear. Then she ran her hand under that waistband and grabbed the shaft. She started stroking it. I slid my hand under her skirt and my fingers into her pussy. She bit my neck and said, "I have never been this hot before. Never. Please finger me. Fuck me. Eat me. Do anything you want, but do it now. Please, sir. Oh, Please. I'm on fire!"

"Please, master." I said.

"Yes master. Ohhh yes. Finger me ... Ooohhh ... Ahhhhh ... Rub my clit ... Please ... I need to be fucked ... I'm begging to be fucked ... I want to suck your dick..." I took my hand out from under her shirt and licked the juices off.

"Ohh, that tastes sooooo good." I whispered to her.

Beth turned and shoved me against the van. She slid down my torso, pulled my underwear down and a hot, soft tongue swirled over my cock. Then she opened her mouth and took it all the way in. She backed off, sucking hard and my knees wanted to buckle.

"Oh Christ Beth that's good. Suck me. Oh yes, suck me."

I think we would have fucked right in the parking lot but then we heard footsteps. Beth straightened up and I zipped up. We grinned at each other and walked out from behind the van. It was our friend from the bar and she saw us and laughed. "Christ you guys, get a room!"

I opened the passenger door and she slid into the seat. I walked around the car, unbuttoning my pants. I slid them down to my thighs as I got into the seat.

"Mmmmm, fast food," she said when she saw my pants down.

She leaned over and started licking up my thigh until her hot, warm mouth closed over the head of my cock. "Mmmm," she moaned as it slid into her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down and sucked hard. Because of the seat and the steering wheel, she could only go about half way down the shaft on each bob. Pretty soon I was getting ready to come. I put my hand on her shoulder and lifted her up.

"I wanted you to come in my mouth."

"Not yet. We're home." I pulled into the driveway, parked and pulled up my pants as Beth got out of the car. We walked into the house, and as soon as the door closed we were kissing wildly. I cupped her sweet ass in my hands and rubbed her hard against my cock. She was moaning. I broke the clench we had on each other, took her face in my hand and looking her in the eyes said, "Strip. Now. I want to see your hot, naked little body, slave."

"Yessssssss, master. Can I strip for you? Tease you?"

I walked over to the couch and sat down. I opened my pants and began to slowly stroke my cock. "Do it!" I said.

Beth wasn't gorgeous but she was pretty enough for any man to proud to be with her. She walked over in front of me, bent forward at the waist and undid the first button of her blouse. Oh man, this is gonna be good, I thought to myself. I could see the wonderful cleavage of her tits.

"What size are your tits?"

"They're a large C, master."

She undid the next button and I could see about half of each bra-covered tit. I stroked my cock and Beth licked her lips, watching me. She undid another button and those wonderful bra covered tits come fully into view.

"Very nice, little slave."

"Thank you master." She pulled the blouse out her skirt and undid another button. And then she undid the last and her blouse fell open. She has creamy white skin and a flat, tight tummy. She turned her back to me and slid it off her shoulders. She flung it onto a chair and stood there with her black hair streaming down her back.

I said huskily, "Turn around."

She turned. All she had on now was a sheer bra and a skirt. I pulled her panties from my pocket and started smelling them. She licked her lips, reached up and slid one bra strap off her shoulder. Very slowly, she slid off the other as she watched me stroke my cock.

"Do I turn you on, master?"

"Yessssss, you sexy little bitch, you do." And I stroked my cock.

She reached behind her back with both arms, which thrust her chest out at me. My heart skipped a beat and I almost came all over myself. She released the catch on her bra and her Cs popped out of the cups as she dropped the bra. God, they were sensational! Nice and firm, beautifully rounded with half dollar sized pink aureoles and nipples the size of a big pencil erasers. She stood proudly and let me gape.

"Do you like them master?"

"God, yes. They are sensational."

"Good ... I want you to suck on my nipples. Please."

"Soon, little slave, very, very soon."

She reached behind herself, unzipped the tight skirt and did that kind of shimmy women do to take off skirts and pants. Her skirt slid down her thighs and she dropped it and kicked it away. She was stunningly, gloriously naked. Her waist was narrow and flared to beautifully rounded hips. She had nice legs and small dainty feet. I made a rotating gesture with my hand because my mouth was so dry. As she slowly turned, I realized that her tits were shaped like a martini glass. Perfectly round from the front and when she turned sideways, cone shaped with the nipple right at the top. There was a slight sag below the nipple, but other than that they were stunningly perfect. And then I saw her sweet ass. I had seen Beth in her bikini before, but that hadn't prepared me for the sight of her naked and ready for anything. I stood up and walked over to her.

"Take off my clothes, you sexy little girl."

"Yes, master!"

She kissed me briefly and started unbuttoning my shirt. She kept glancing at me up through her lashes as she unbuttoned. She undid the last button and slid it of my shoulders. Beth kissed me again and started kissing and nibbling her way down to my nipples. She lashed each with her tongue and sucked on them. Her hands were running up and down my back as I stood there and let her do as she would. Then she slid around to my back and kissed my back all over while her hands stroked my chest and belly. I felt her slide down and she lifted each foot and slid off my shoes. Then she took off my socks. Her hands ran up my legs, latched onto the waistband of my pants, pulled them down and helped me out of them. Her hands ran over my legs and then up to caress my ass. Then she reached around, pulled my underwear away from my cock and slid them slowly down my legs. She helped me out of them and then said, "Oohh, what a nice, tight ass! I liked how it looked in your Speedos but this is much better." She started kissing it all over and then flicked her tongue along the crack.

"Ohh, that's nice you sexy slut!"

"Please master, turn around. I need to finish sucking you cock."

I turned and there she was, on her knees with my rock hard cock pointing at her forehead.

"Ooooh, that's a beautiful cock master."

Her hands slid up my thighs and then she leaned forward and started licking my balls. My cock was pressed against her face. She then gently took each ball into her mouth and sucked of them.

"Ohhh yessssssss, you nasty girl, do it. DO IT!"

She licked her way up the shaft and wrapped her hand around the base. She bent it down and her tongue probed the slit.

"Yessssss." I hissed out, looking down at her as she gazed up at me. There is nothing quite like seeing a beautiful woman on her knees with your dick in her mouth as she looks up at you. Her tongue swirled around the head, paused and then her lips encircled my cock and her hot mouth slid down the shaft. She took all 6 inches in one gulp. I could feel her nose against my groin.

"Ohhh GOD, you're a good cock sucker!" I cried out, throwing my head back.

"Mmmmmm." She mumbled. And her head started bobbing up and down. She sucked fast and hard. Saliva was running down her chin. Beth had a tight grip on each ass cheek and she was massaging them as she sucked. It took about 2 minutes for her get my balls boiling.

I rose up on my toes as the come started to surge. I moaned to Beth, "Ohhh baby, I'm gonna come..." I felt her tongue against the pee slit as my cock pulsed and the first blast of come shot into her mouth. "Ohhh Beth." I moaned out and she was moaning too. I went rigid each time my cock pulsed. A little come ran out of her mouth after the last pulse. Suddenly the head of cock was so sensitive I slid it out her mouth. Some more come ran down her chin. She looked up at me, swallowed, cleaned off her chin with her hand and licked her hand clean. "Ohh master you taste so good. I'll suck you any time you want."

I was panting and a little sweaty as I stood recovering from death by orgasm. "That was awesome, you sexy little slut!"

"Thank you, master!"

I raised her up, kissed her hard as my cock softened, took her by the hand and lead her to the kitchen.

"Please master, eat me. Eat my dripping pussy. Eat me and then bend me over the sofa and fuck me."

"You are my little sex slave aren't you."

"Yes master. I'll do anything you want."

I shoved the chair away from the breakfast table, grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I put her ass onto the edge of the table.

"Ohhhh yessssssssss, eat me, I want to come in your mouth."

I kissed her and then worked my way down her neck. I wanted to get better acquainted with those awesome tits first. I put my thumbs together and gently pressed them against her lips. Beth raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth. I had her suck on my thumbs for a moment. Then I dropped my hands to cup each breast and rubbed my wet thumbs over each nipple. She moaned her approval. I bent down, then licked and nibbled my way around each one, avoiding the nipples. Then I suddenly took one into my mouth and lashed with my tongue and then sucked. She cried out, "Ohhhh, yeeessssss, lick them, suck them!" I spent a while tongue lashing her and stood up.

As I laid her back on the table, her legs came up. I placed a hand behind each knee and spread her wide open. I stared. She had a pretty pussy. Nicely formed lips spreading wide to reveal her pink hole. Her clit was easy to find and the aroma was enticing. And I love a shaved cunt!

"Please master, eat me. EAT ME!"

"Lock your knees into your elbows." I ordered her. She did and I was able to release her legs. I pulled the chair over, sat and started licking the backs of her thighs, circling around her gaping pussy.

"Oh master, don't tease me. Please lick my pussy. Please ... please..."

I ran my tongue down and flicked it over her anus.

She went wild. "Oh god, that's good!! Yes! I've never had my ass eaten before ... yes ... oohhhh ... ohhh yes ... do it ... eat my ass..."

I lashed her anus hard and fast as she writhed and moaned on the table. Then I suddenly plunged my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. She convulsed on the table and moaned, "Ohhhh God that's good ... oh yes, master..." I licked both of her pussy lips as I slid up and then sucked hard on her clit, pushing my thumb deep into her cunt at the same time. "OOOHHH GOD, YES!..." she shouted. I slid my thumb out, went back down and flicked her anus, then stabbed my tongue into her pussy, licked my way up her lips, thrust my thumb back in and sucked her clit. Then I did it again. And again. And again. She tasted wonderful. Beth was moaning incoherently as I did her. She was holding my head in both hands, thrusting her hips and whipping her head around. The chick had totally lost it!

Then suddenly she went rigid and cried out "Ohhhh GOD, I'M COMING!" and a gush of pussy juice hit my mouth. I lapped it up like the nectar that it was as she shot to the moon, totally lost in her orgasm. I cleaned her up with my tongue and sat back waiting. And watching. And stroking my new hard-on. God she was a hottie. And so responsive. But what about Steve?

Sorry dude, I don't think I'm gonna give her back...

Her eyes opened and she smiled lazily at me. "Wow, that was intense! That was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"Ready for another?" I stood up and revealed my raging hard on.

She sat up and said, "Oh yessssss, fuck me ... Please fuck me ... Fill my pussy..."

I took her hand as she slid off the table. She reached over and grabbed my cock as we walked over to the couch. It has high, overstuffed arms. I got behind her and gently bent her over the arm. I nudged her legs apart as she settled into position. Her head was on her forearms and her ass was sticking proudly in the air. I bent over and ran my tongue the length of her crack, pausing at her anus. She hissed, "yesssssssssss."

Her pussy was staring at me. It was time for some serious fucking. I put the head into position without touching her. Then I thrust forward, sliding into an incredibly tight pussy. The walls of her cunt felt like wet velvet. In one smooth, sudden stroke I hit bottom of that lovely pussy. Her head snapped up and she arched her back as I hit her cervix with the head of my cock.

"Ohhhhhh MY GOD! That feels so good! I'm so full ... Oh Please do it again! Again!"

I slid back so that the head was almost out and thrust in again. Hard.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss! I've been dreaming about this all week! Fuck me ... Fuck me ... Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee."

I reached up with my hands and wrapped them over her shoulders to hold her in place. And then I just pounded her. As hard and fast as I could go.

I could hear Beth moaning and she was making a little "Uh" noise as the breath was knocked out of her. Then, she straightened her arms and raised up her body. I pulled her closer towards me and locked her in place as I pounded her. Pretty soon, both of us were covered in sweat.

"Uh ... yes ... Uh ... oh god yes, fuck ... Uh ... me ... Uh ... fuck ... Uh ... me ... Uh ... fuck ... Uh ... me ... Uh ... fuck ... Uh ... me ... Uh ... fuck ... Uh ... me ... Uh ... fuck ... Uh ... me" she moaned out in time to the thrusts.

"What a sweet pussy ... so tight ... so wet ... so helpless ... my little bitch slave ... yessssss ... Mine to suck and fuck any time I want..."

I let go of one of her shoulders and started massaging a hanging tit. I pinched and rolled her nipple. I squeezed her wonderful C as I continued fucking her.

"Ohhh god ... I'm close ... uh ... so close ... uh ... Fuck ... uh ... me ... uh ... I'm going to come again ... Uh ... Ohhhhhhhh ... Uh ... Ohhhhhhhh ... Uh ... Ohhhhhhhh ... Uh ... Ohhhhhhhh ... Uh ... OH GOD I'm COMING!!" and she convulsed.

Which put me over the edge. I blasted a huge load into her pussy as I screamed at the ceiling. Then I collapsed on her back and we lay there, sweaty and panting. My cock softened and finally slipped out of her. I stood up shakily and helped her up. We kissed tenderly. I picked her up honeymoon style and carried her to the bedroom. I went to bed and she reached down and together we pulled off the covers. I laid her down and crawled into bed next to her. We lay face to face with our whole bodies touching.

Beth kissed my nose and said, "Compared to that, all the sex I've ever had sucked."

"You an incredibly good lover," I said.

Then I said, "And Steve can't have you back. If it's a choice between you or his friendship, it's no contest."

"I couldn't stay with him after this anyway..."

"I think it's going to be easy to fall in love with you." I said.

"Me too. Um, but, the master/slave thing is only during sex, right?"

"Yes Mistress," I said as her eyes widened...

But that's another story.

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