Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Robot, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I find myself on an agricultural planet of an interstellar civilisation. I'm the only human there. What should I do? Sex is to come later.

It's quite disconcerting to find yourself in a dark meadow, when you last looked you were in a city at noon. I'm not a big stargazer, but I know that there is only one moon orbiting our planet. I was scared. Really scared. Wouldn't you be? When I gained access to my motory functions after a while I stood up (naturraly I landed on my butt at the shock), and seen some lights on the horizon.

'Anything is better than being alone here' I tought, so I started walking in their direction.

And I walked ... and walked ... and walked... (You get it.)

After a while exhaustion got the better of me and I collapsed.

When I woke I were still alone, still didn't know where, but at least the sceen wasn't so frighteningly different. I mean some trees, green grass, the ground looked as it should be, and when I looked towards where the lights were last night I saw a big metal structure. At least some kind of civilisation.

After a while I crossed a small creak and drank. You don't know how sweet the water was after so much walking.

When I got to the gates first nothing happened. I didn't see a way to open the gates and no one answered my knocing. Then a disembodied voice came.


"My name is Akos."

"Unknown serial number. Identify!"

"I don't have a serial number. I'm human. My name is Akos."


" ... Human? ... There are no human on this planet ... I didn't detect any spacecraft landing..."

"But I'm human. Look at me!"


" ... Optical sensors online ... Analysing information ... Confirmed human presence ... Opening main gates ... Standby..."

When I walked in, I found myself in a courtyard. Across the yard, on the wall I saw a big screen activating. Lines swirled and then they formed the contours of a face.

"I'm the controller. I supervise the agricultural production on this planet. Where are you from? How did you get here? What do you want here? Are there more of you here? Answer my questions!"

"Hmm ... Let's see ... I'm from the Earth ... I don't know ... I don't know ... To get home, some food, information ... I don't think so..."

"What kind of answers are these?! How can you not know?!"

"One second I was on my planet, the next I was here. Probably you know more about how than me, because on my planet, people only got as far in space as our moon."


" ... There was an anomaly on the sensors yesterday at 22:00 ... Probable cause not identified ... You can find sustenance int he highlighted direction ... Currently I can't provide travel to another planet ... You will be provided ways to access to information..."

"Thank you."

" ... One more thing ... You will have to pay for your lodging and food if you plan to stay here..."

"Pay? How? I don't have money!"


" ... You can be employed here ... Do you know how to repair and maintain the Zx100 type agribot?"


"Doesn't matter. You will be provided whit training. Please eat then follow then contact me."

"How do I contact you?"

"Simple voice command."

So I followed the lights to the 'sustenance' then called the controller.

I was guided to a room which's only furniture was what seemed like a surgical bed.

"Please lay down ont he medical analyser, and I will commence a check-up and begin your training."

I did so, a light came on, and after a few minutes it gone out.

"Procedure complete. You are 78% healty. Most problems will be cured during your sleep cycle. Additional muscle training will be needed. Your food will be enhanced whit neccesary nutritions."

"Report to duty in Reapair Bay 6."

Lights came on, which I followed, and I got to a big warehouse. A small part (around 50m2) was bare. A few minutes later a big combine whit four mechanical arms came in and said:

"Block failure in block 12-4-32."

And I knew what it was talking about. These things were made modular for easier maintain.

"Why didn't you got yourself a spare? Why am I needed? It should be an automatic change."

The controller answered my questions.

"Access to spares have been cut off. Access to Homeworld have been cut off. Currently no answer is received to any inqueries on any channel. You have been given the knowledge to operate repair machinery."

Andi t was true. I knew I need a An-Man to do the job.

"Where is an Analyser-Manipulator unit?"

"It will be provided if you press your palm here."

I set to work. It wasn't too hard, I just put the small thing that looked like a scientific calculator to the bad block, it beeped a few, I read the readout, pushed a few buttons and it was done.

"It's quite easy! Why do you need me?"

"For maintenance reasons I didn't get small manipulator arms. Too high risk of failure in extended usage. My directives say that I change the bad block to a spare and send it back to Homeworld to repair. Currently I only have 15% of the needed spares and just 75% of the Zx100s are in operational condition."

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