Alice's Next Weekend
Chapter 1

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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alice gets an invitation for more fun with a friend. Codes apply to the whole story, they may not apply to each chapter.

Alice was tired and cranky and glad to be headed home. It wasn't that she had anything against Christian martyrs or Greco-Roman love gods; it was just that a month of omnipresent Hallmark fuelled misrepresentation got on her nerves. And all of the teenagers in the sappiest stages of young love at work. Add in her vanilla coworkers who were always trying to set her up with a "nice" man this time of year so she wouldn't be alone on Valentine's Day, and she had had enough.

"Alice" she heard as she opened the door, "I signed for a package for you, it is on the coffee table," her cousin said.

"Who would be sending her something on Valentine's Day," she thought. "Well only one way to find out." She cut open the package and saw several smaller boxes and an envelope that said "Read Me First."


My wife and I had planned a week in the Caribbean, but she has to go put out a fire at work before she can finish quitting. Would you like to join me for President's Day weekend? I hope so, because you ticket is in this envelope. Give me a call on my cell if you can make it. There should be enough time between when you land and she has to take off for you to meet my lovely wife.

The boxes are an outfit to wear for your first night here, and a Valentine's present.

Kisses and nibbles,


Alice remembered that her friend and sometime play partner, J, had recently won an insanely large lottery and was now semi-retired. She wondered what was in the boxes. "Let's open the one with the heart paper first," she thought. "Oh my gods, it is giant tentacle dildo, this could be very fun." Next she opened a flat box and found a complete school-girl outfit, down to the white panties and knee sox. The last box had saddle shoes and another envelope. It was a report card for Miss Alice, it had two A's a B an F, and a note, "Alice, will not focus in class, and is a constant disruption; I fear she is not receiving enough discipline at home."

"Well, I can guess what Friday night will be," She grinned as she grabbed her phone to RSVP.

First class was nice, but Alice was glad to be back on the ground. She looked around for J, but didn't see him. Suddenly Alice squealed as she was swept into the air by a large man in a very loud shirt and then returned the hug. "Alice, this is my wife, Kitty, Kitty Alice."

"Alice, I am so glad to finally meet you, I just wish I had more time to get to know you before I had to go," said the stunning red-head. "I am just glad you could come down so that at least you and J can enjoy the weekend in the sun, while I am stuck dealing with morons in the Midwest. Oh, I hear them paging my flight, you two have fun and don't break anything I am going to want later." She hugged Alice, hugged and kissed J and went off to catch her plane.

J and Alice collected her bags and took the rental car back to the resort. "Alice, I hope you will like the plans I made for this evening, there will be a surprise I think you will love as well."

"I am just glad to have a long weekend in the sun and warmth, instead of being stuck in the snow," she responded.

"Do you need to rest or do you want to get started when we get there?"

"I am ready for some fun if you are," she smiled.

"Then I will show you to a room you can change in. When you are ready, join me in the living room."

"Daddy," Alice called as she came into the room, "I have my report card."

"I know sweetie. Miss Crabtree called me and told me what your grades were. She also expanded on the note she wrote on your conduct grade. She says you have been showing the little boys your panties, but I don't believe her. Is this true?" Daddy J asked.

"No Daddy, it's not. She is just picking on me. She is always staring; I think she is trying to look at my pretty little panties herself."

"That's what I thought, but I still have to punish you for the F. I can just whip you 20 times with my belt, or..."

"Or what Daddy?"

"I can punish you like punish Mommy and her friends when they need it. They seem to like it." J continued.

Alice stomped her foot and said, "I'm a big girl; punish me like Mommy and the other big girls."

"OK, take off your cute little panties and lean over the back of the couch."

"Yes Daddy." She said as she obeyed.

J walked up behind her and lifted her skirt. Thwap, thwap, thwap, his hand came down on her ass. He reached out and felt the wetness dripping from her cunt. "Oh-ho, only naughty girls get excited by a spanking. Really naughty girls get fisted. Are you a really naught girl Alice?"

"Oh yes Daddy I am really naughty."

"I thought so, hmm, I don't think we are going to need any lube, your juices are running down your legs." He stuck one finger in, and then the next until his whole hand was up her cunt.

"Oh Daddy, harder, really fist my cunt hard." He started moving his hand faster, almost punch fucking her, she was squealing, whimpering and finally she screamed. The only thing that kept her from falling to the floor was the fist still deep in her cunt. J gently lowered Alice to the floor and removed his hand. He picked her up and sat on the couch holding her in his lap, cuddling her until she woke up.

"J, that was awesome, I haven't blacked out from a fisting since the last time we were together. So what is the surprise you mentioned?"

"Are you ready for playing some more, or do you need a break?"

"My pussy is done for the night, but I am up for anything else."

"Let me go make sure everything is ready. Keep the school-girl out fit on, OK?" He got up and went into the other room.

Hmm, Alice thought, what could he have in store for me now?

"Little Alice come in and get your surprise."

Alice crossed to the door a peered inside. She saw a beautiful young woman wearing horn-rimmed glasses and the remnants of a 1950's teachers outfit bound to a St. Andrews cross set up in the center on the room.

"Alice, Miss Crabtree here has admitted that she lied on your report card and has promised to correct your grade, she has also expressed a desire to make it up to you for your being punished."

Alice remembered that J had said he might bring his sub Cindy along next time, this must be her.

"Alice, her are some toys you can use to punish her for being mean to you." J said as he pointed to the top of the dresser. It was covered with clamps, crops, floggers even a cane. Alice even noticed that some of the toys had extra small handles, to suit her smaller hands.

"She can take a lot, and she loves pain. Her safe word is Brussels Sprouts. She hasn't been fisted yet, I don't want to break her by starting off with one of my giant paws and Kitty isn't into it. Your petite little hand would be perfect for opening her if you want." J whispered in her ear.

"Please, Alice, I'm sorry, don't hurt me please. I didn't mean to get you punished, I just wanted you for myself, I was hoping your Daddy would have me tutor you and I could seduce you." Cindy begged.

"To late bitch," Alice snarled, she was feeling particularly evil after subbing to J and she wanted to see just how much Cindy could really take.

Alice picked up a pair of clover clamps and handful of fishing weights from the dresser. She caressed Cindy's dripping cunt and parted her large inner lips. She attached a clamp to each lip and hung 12 oz. off of each one. She looked through the floggers and picked up the purple elk hide model.

"Aw, look at your hard little nipples. You must be cold. Let me warm them up," she chuckled evilly. Cindy moaned as Alice started flogging her tits. She went on for several minutes, until Cindy's tits were bright red.

"Well Miss Crabtree, I'll let you down if you let me fist your tight little cunt."

"Please Alice, anything, just please don't hit my titties again, and please take those awful clamps off my pussy, I'm sure it is all stretched out." Cindy pleaded.

"Silly teacher, that's nothing compared to how stretched it will be when I am finished." Alice put the flogger down and removed the clamps. She knew that no matter how wet Cindy was that as a fisting virgin she would need a lot of lube she looked around and saw J holding a big pump bottle of lube. She held out her hand as J pumped several squirts and the rubbed it allover her hand past her wrist. He grinned at her and said, "Open her up good; someday I want to do it to her too."

Alice started petting Cindy's pussy, avoiding her clit, but spreading her moisture. She started with two fingers which went in easily. Alice remembered how thick J was and realized that it would take at least three fingers to match. Her third finger went in easily as well so she added her pinky. Cindy's cunt was getting tighter, so she spent some time fucking her with four fingers until she loosened up a bit. Alice folded her thumb into her palm and gently worked her hand into Cindy's opening. Cindy moaned. "More, give me more, it hurts soo good."

Alice fisted Cindy hard and fast until Cindy screamed and went limp. She didn't quite pass out but she was close. J quickly unstrapped her as Alice slipped her hand out. J scooped Cindy up and he took her next-door to the king sized bed and set her in the middle. J slid in on one side and Alice slid in on the other.

"Sleep well ladies, I have more fun planned for tomorrow." J said, as the all drifted off.

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