Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Samantha wants to be with Tyler, but there's one very persistent obstacle standing in her way...her ex-boyfriend.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual  

Tyler wasn't really fond of the whole bar scene but he was coerced into it by a few of his co-workers. It was Friday night, he didn't have a date, so he figured what the hell. Little did he know that Julie, one of the girls who'd been prodding him to go out on a date with her friend Samantha, had invited her along this evening.

He knew Samantha, she'd hung out with Julie at the company picnic before and she'd hung out with them at the bar occasionally on Friday nights, too. He was instantly smitten with Samantha but knew she was off limits because she had a boyfriend. Tyler was unaware that Samantha and her boyfriend had broken up a few weeks after the picnic, he hadn't seen her in a few months and wondered why Julie was suddenly so interested in getting the two of them together.

As he approached the table he saw Julie sitting at, he'd heard a woman shouting at someone. "I'll do what I want when I want!" she snapped.

As Tyler drew closer, he saw that it was Samantha doing the shouting. She was shouting at Alan, her ex-boyfriend. "Did I come at a bad time?" Tyler asked Julie as he pulled a chair up to the table, glancing over at Samantha and Alan.

"No. Sam broke up with Alan a few months ago and he followed her here. It's almost as if he's obsessed with her 'cause he's been following her a lot lately. The asshole just can't seem to take no for an answer I guess."

"Hi Tyler," Sam said, turning briefly to him then back to Alan. "Why the hell are you still here, shithead?" she hissed at Alan.

"You need to come home now!" Alan huffed. "We've got some things to talk about!"

"We have nothing to talk about," she barked back. "You cheated. You got caught. End of discussion! Now get the hell outta here and leave me alone!" She turned her back to Alan, working hard to hold back her tears.

"Maybe I should go," Tyler told Julie as he got to his feet.

"Nonsense! Sit your hiney back down, Ty!" Julie said.

"Is he gone?" Samantha whispered at Julie.

"He's standing at the door watching you," she whispered back.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, Tyler," Sam said as she looked up at him and forced a smile.

"No problem," he said quietly, not making eye contact with her.

She'd always found Tyler attractive with his collar length black hair and blue eyes. He was slightly taller than her, standing about six foot one. She knew that Julie brought her here tonight to set her up on a date with Tyler and Alan had some how found out.

Samantha looked over her shoulder to see that Alan was still standing at the door watching her. She asked Julie to switch places so she could sit next to Tyler. Looking around nervously, Tyler made it a point not to look Samantha in the eye. He caught himself staring at her in the past and with her angry ex-boyfriend so close by, he didn't want to end up in a potentially bad situation.

Samantha was by all standards beautiful. She was a bit taller than average, standing about five foot nine. Her long dark auburn hair fell just past her shoulders, framing her beautiful slim face. With deep, dark green eyes, she had no problem using them to get what she wanted from men. She knew they couldn't resist her charms if she gave them just the right look.

"Why the hell is he still here?" she asked Julie.

"I dunno, but he's coming back over," Julie said, pointing toward Alan.

Samantha turned to Tyler and said, "Kiss me!"

"Wha --?"

"Kiss me!" she said again and pulled him to her.

He looked up and saw the anger in Alan's eyes just briefly before he responded to Samantha kissing him. He closed his eyes, pulled her closer and gently grazed her lips with his tongue. She parted her lips to allow him access and let out a soft moan that was muffled by his mouth. Pulling herself onto his lap, she wrapped her arms around his neck, locked in a heated, lingering kiss.

"Cut the act, Sam!" Alan snapped.

Reluctantly breaking their kiss, Samantha looked deep into Tyler's eyes before she turned to Alan. "It's no act," she said breathlessly. Tyler just sat there speechless. Sam was still sitting in his lap with her arms around him, her head was spinning, her pulse was racing.

"You're dead asshole!" he barked at Tyler before he turned to leave.

Tyler ignored Alan's threat and cradled Sam's chin in his hand then turned her to him and leaned in to kiss her again. She pushed away, a look of anger and confusion in her eyes.

"What are you doing?"

"Kissing you," he said, leaning in to kiss her again. Sam stood up and walked back around the table, leaving Tyler to wonder what the hell just happened between them.

"I just wanted you to kiss me to make Alan leave," she said coldly. "Did you think I -- you and I --?" Tyler broke eye contact with her. "You did!" she said, stifling a laugh.

Tyler didn't acknowledge her or anyone else at the table as he got up and hurried for the door. He was confused about what had just happened. She kissed me back, she seemed to be enjoying it, but was she just using me? he thought as he put his jacket on and headed outside, shoving his hands hard in his pockets.

Back inside the bar, Julie was scolding Samantha. "Dammit, Samantha! You know he's got a crush on you, right? You just annihilated him!"

"It was just a kiss, he'll get over it!"

"If it was just a kiss, how come you look so guilty?"

"I dunno," Sam said quietly. She grabbed her jacket and her purse, said her good-byes and raced for the door hoping to stop Tyler from leaving.

As she looked around the parking lot for his car, she wondered what she would say to him. Did I really enjoy that kiss? Why the hell did I just brush him off? She glanced around the parking lot again and saw Tyler leaning against his car, his arms on the roof, his head resting in his arms. She walked over to him.

"I'm sorry, Tyler," she said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"It's cool," he said, not looking at her as he reached down to open his car door.

"No, it's not cool," she told him, taking his chin in her hand and turning him to face her. "I shouldn't have used you like that. I'm sorry."

"Sam, it's okay," he said quietly, pulling away from her and getting into his car. "For what it's worth, Alan's an idiot for cheating on you." He closed his door then started the engine.

"Tyler!" she shouted but he'd already started pulling away.

She felt a hand on her shoulder as she stood there watching Tyler pull out of the parking lot and drive out of sight. She turned to see Alan standing there, a smug grin on his face.

"What the hell do you want?" she hissed at him as she turned to head back into the bar.

He grabbed her arm tightly and spun her around. "What the hell was all that about in there?" he snapped.

"None of your fucking business!" she said jerking her arm away from him and walking toward the building again.

"Oh I think it is my business!" he shot back, following behind her. "Who the hell was that guy and why were you kissing him?"

"Who he was is absolutely none of your business. Who I kiss and when is also none of your business!" she barked over her shoulder at him. He pulled her back just as her hand wrapped around the door handle at the entrance.

"I still love you, Sam. I want to work things out."

Her mood calming a little, she crossed in front of him to sit down on the bench opposite the door. "Alan, please don't make this any harder than it already is," she said calmly. "I think it's best if we leave things as they are."

"It's that other guy, isn't it?"

"Who? Tyler? No -- Yes -- I don't know, Alan. Julie invited us both here tonight to set us up on a date," she explained. "He never seemed interested in me until tonight. I only kissed him to get you to leave, but the way he responded, I think I'd like to see where things could go with us. I feel really bad for the way I treated him tonight, but he may not want anything to do with me after what happened inside."

"I can accept that, Sam. I know I was a shithead to you," he said, sitting down next to her.

They talked for a few more minutes and just as Alan was getting up to leave, Julie came out. "What are you two doing out here? Where's Tyler?"

"We were getting some things settled between us," Alan told her. "Take care of yourself, Sam." He gave Samatha a quick wave then headed for his car.

"Everything okay?" Julie asked.

"Yeah. Everything's fine," Samantha replied.

"Where's Tyler?"

"He left," she said. "I really need to find him so we can talk, Julie. Do you have his number?"

"Yeah," she said, reaching in her purse for pen and paper to jot down Tyler's number.

Tyler was hesitant to forgive Samantha for what she'd done to him last Friday night, but at the same time he was willing to at least go on a date with her to see where things would go between them.

They agreed to meet each other at a restaurant not too far from either of them, just to talk and get to know each other. They had also agreed to go "dutch" and keep it a light, friendly date.

They talked and laughed while they ate and Samantha realized that Tyler was a pretty great guy and Tyler was really happy with his decision to go on this date. He was already smitten with Samantha and after a few hours with her, he'd fallen head-over-heels. He didn't want to rush things and scare her off, but he was open for anything she suggested to him at this point.

After dinner, they were both left with the decision as to where the date would go next. Tyler walked Samantha to her car then offered his hand to say goodnight to her. She grabbed his collar and pulled him to her for a kiss.

"Let's go back to your place," she whispered while their lips were still engaged in a heated kiss. He broke the kiss, looking deep into her dark green eyes.

"Uh -- um. Okay," he stammered. "You wanna follow me or do you wanna come get your car later?"

"I'll follow," she said, holding onto him and her car to help keep her balance and prevent her weak knees from buckling. He helped her into her car then kissed her cheek softly before he turned away and walked to his car.

He only lived five minutes from the restaurant, but the anticipation of having Samantha in his house and in his arms again made the short drive seem like an hour. Finally pulling up into his driveway, he turned off the engine and paused briefly before getting out of the car. "Don't rush it," he whispered to himself.

Walking to her car, now parked behind his in the driveway, he opened her door and helped her out. They walked hand-in-hand up the long sidewalk that led to his front door. He pulled his keys out of his pocket, slipped the proper key into the lock and opened the door. Tyler entered first to turn a light on, but before he was able to flip the switch, he felt a sharp blow to the side of his head and felt Samantha's hand jerk from his. He was unable to help her as he collapsed at the threshold.

Jagger was Alan's best friend and a constant annoyance to Samantha. He and Alan could have been twins, both with short -- almost spiked -- blond hair and bluish-gray eyes. Jagger was the same height as Alan, just a few inches taller than Samantha. He'd always flirt relentlessly with her, promising her that the day she and Alan broke up, he'd sweep her away.

Samantha woke up in a dark room, uncertain of her surroundings. She rubbed her eyes and looked around, trying to focus on this unfamiliar environment. She felt a pain on the back of her head and realized she'd been knocked out. When she rose to her feet, she stumbled in the darkness only to find that she'd been restrained to the bed.

"Tyler?" she called out fearfully. "Where the hell am I?"

Her words didn't fall on deaf ears, Jagger was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, just out of her reach. He watched as she tried to get free of the shackle on her ankle and heard her sigh as she gave in to the fact that she was obviously not going anywhere.

"You're at my house, Sam," he said quietly.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"After all this time, I can't believe you don't recognize my voice," he said, a slight tone of sarcasm in his reply.

"Jagger?" she asked, surprised. "What the hell is going on here? Where's Tyler?"

"Tyler's at his house," he said, getting to his feet and turning on a small light next to the bed. "You look beautiful."

"What happened? Why am I chained to the bed, Jagger?" she asked, trying to mask the fear in her voice.

"I told you that when you broke up with Alan, I would sweep you away," he said, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips for a soft kiss. "I've waited a long time for this, Sam." He began removing his shirt and unbuckling the belt that held his jeans up.

"Y -- You wouldn't," she said, cowering against the wall. "Please, Jagger. Don't do this," she begged.

"You'll enjoy this, Samantha. I promise," he said. As his jeans dropped to his feet, he pulled his shoes off with his toes and stepped out of them. He opened a drawer in the small table next to the bed and pulled out a syringe. He sat beside her on the bed. "Hold still and this won't hurt," he told her as he grabbed her arm.

Before she could pull away from him, he injected the needle into her arm, slowly pushing the plunger and releasing the clear liquid into her bloodstream. "Jagger!" she shouted.

He rose from the bed and walked back to the chair he was sitting in. Not taking his eyes off her, he sat down slowly, gaging the expression on her face. "Should only take about ten minutes for that to work," he said, smiling at her while she gazed at him blankly.

"Wha -- what was th -- that?" she asked breathlessly.

"Just something to make you more receptive to me, love," Jagger told her smugly. "In a few minutes, you'll want me so bad, it'll drive you crazy."

"I -- I don't want y -- you. I w -- want Ty -- Ty -- " she stammered as her head fell to the pillow on the bed.

Tyler woke up in his bed confused. He felt a pain in his head and when he tried to get up to get some aspirin, he felt the sharp pain of a needle in his neck. His vision blurred and his head fell to the pillow. He thought he'd felt a woman in the bed with him. Thinking it was Samantha, he drifted off to sleep.

"Jagger!" the woman shouted. "I want you now!" She realized there was a man sleeping next to her and with clouded vision, she turned to look at him. He was smiling softly and she knew he'd be easy to take care of while he was sleeping. "Finally," she sighed as she pulled the covers back and found his rigid shaft at full attention.

As she lowered herself onto him, she heard him let out a soft grunt. She moved up and down slowly, feeling every inch of him deep inside her. She leaned over him, kissing his lips softly then nibbling on his chin. "Mmmm, Jagger. You feel so good inside me," she whispered as she continued to ride the man she thought was Jagger.

Tyler's body responded to this woman on top of him, his hands automatically finding her hips and pulling her down onto him. He tried to open his eyes to look at Samantha's beautiful face, but it seemed impossible, his eyes were open, but he couldn't see anything. After blinking a few times, his vision seemed to clear and he saw Samantha looking down at him, her eyes filled with lust. His hips thrust deeper into her, causing her to let out a gasp. As she undulated above him, it brought him closer to the brink of his own pleasure.

"Samantha," he uttered in a whisper. With a jolt, he felt his muscles tighten and he released himself deep inside her, hearing her utter that name so unfamiliar to him again.

She collapsed on top of him, immediately rolling onto the bed, letting out a satisfied sigh. Tyler fell into a deep sleep, his mind clouded with visions of Samantha in his bed, totally unaware of the male intruder in his bedroom. He took the woman in his arms and carried her out of the house. She wrapped her arms around the neck of the man she thought was Jagger as he placed her in the back seat of his car.

He returned to the house, wiping away all traces of anyone being there then closed and locked the door behind him. "That'll teach you to kiss another man's woman, you asshole," Alan said as he got into his car, started the engine and sped away with the unconscious woman in his back seat.

Samantha felt his heat as his body pressed against hers, kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. She tried to open her eyes to see Tyler, but her vision was clouded. She felt that the shackle on her ankle had been removed and thought that it was just a horrible dream she was having.

Still, she knew her eyes were open, but she couldn't see. Feeling his lips kiss down her body caused her to tremble. Blinking a few times, the man over her came into view. She saw Tyler's deep blue eyes looking down at her, seeing his desire in them as he smiled then continued his determined pleasuring of her body. He kissed down her flesh, stopping at each breast and nibbling softly, causing her to let out a soft whimper. His hand found it's way down her torso, across her firm stomach and rising pelvis to her slit, feeling her warm wetness instantly. He gently slid two fingers inside her and felt her hips immediately rise to meet his hand.

"Mmmm, Samantha," Jagger whispered, feeling her body writhe beneath his touch. "I've waited a long time for this."

"Tyler," she uttered in a whisper. She felt her orgasm work it's way up from her toes. Samantha thrashed about on the bed, feeling waves of sheer pleasure wash over her. As her body fell limp, she felt his lips on her skin again, gently kissing up her stomach to her breasts. She felt the warmth of his tongue as he teased and sucked on each nipple, bringing back the sensations she'd felt just moments before.

She closed her eyes as they kissed and felt his tongue probe into her mouth. He positioned himself over her, the tip of his cock just grazing the slickness of her opening. She opened her legs wider, inviting him in.

"I want to feel you inside me, Tyler," she sighed as she raised her hips to meet his.

Without hesitation, he thrust into her, hearing her let out a soft whimper as his thick cock impaled her. Jagger felt her legs wrap around him, moving his hips with hers. He thrust hard and deep, pulling almost all the way out, then plunging back inside her. The walls of her pussy squeezed his hard member as his pace quickened. He felt her orgasm roll through her as she cried out another man's name. With a few more deep thrusts, he tensed up and released his hot, thick liquid deep inside her.

"Oh God Samantha!" he cried as he continued to shoot his load into her. He collapsed on top of her, completely spent. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck, uttering Tyler's name once more. He rolled off her and onto the bed.

Jagger pulled himself to his feet and heard Alan's voice outside the door. He pulled on his jeans and just as his hand touched the doorknob, the door flew open. Alan stood there looking at Samantha on the bed, seeing a content smile on her face.

"What the hell's going on in here?" he asked Jagger.

"What do you think?" Jagger asked walking past his friend and sitting down in a chair in the living room. "I can see why you didn't want to let her go, Al. She's a great fuck!" he said smiling while lighting a cigarette.

"You weren't supposed to fuck her, Jagger!" Alan said, taking the cigarette his friend had just lit.

"How could I not?" Jagger replied smugly. "Where's Mandy?"

"Back at my house for now," he said. "We gotta get rid of Samantha first. Mandy would be pissed if she saw her here."

"Yeah, I know. I just hope that stuff we gave them works like it's supposed to. Where did you get that stuff anyway?" Jagger asked, lighting another cigarette.

"My dad told me about it. He said they use it on lab rats mostly. I broke into his lab and stole some. For a scientist, he's not too bright. He didn't even question me when I started asking about the effects that stuff would have on humans," Alan said. "Anyway, we gotta get going. I'll take Sam to her house and you can go get your fiancée from my place," he finished then he crushed out his cigarette and headed for the door.

Samantha woke up in her room, confused and wondering exactly how she got there. She didn't remember leaving Tyler's place last night after they had sex. She felt a pain on her ankle and pulled the covers back to reveal the outline of a bruise forming around the diameter of her ankle. She stared at it blankly, "How the hell did that happen?" she said aloud into the emptiness of the room.

She pulled herself to her feet and nearly fell to the bed again, feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Pausing for a moment before she took a step, she felt the pain on the back of her head as well. She reached up to massage the pain and felt a bump just above her neckline.

What the hell happened to me last night? she thought as she headed to the bathroom.

Samantha stared at herself in the mirror and saw her bloodshot eyes reflecting back to her. Her hair was mussed and her mascara was smeared. She knew she must have been exhausted when she got home last night, she always remembered to remove her make-up before going to bed. Turning to the shower, she turned the hot water on full blast, letting out a gasp when she felt how hot the water was. She turned on a bit of cold, stripped off her pajamas then stepped into the steamy shower.

Her thoughts drifted to Tyler and she began to wonder if it was just a dream she'd had. He wasn't as gentle as she thought he'd be with her and his kiss was different than what she remembered. "It must have been a dream," she said to herself.

As she was washing, she noticed a small welt on her right arm, just above her elbow. She rubbed it and thought it felt like something had bit her. She tried her hardest to recall the events of the previous night, but the last thing she remembered was walking up Tyler's sidewalk and holding his hand while he unlocked his door. Did I leave right away? Did I stay with him but leave later? Did we have sex? Her mind was cloudy and she couldn't help but let out a frustrated sigh. Why can't I remember what happened?

She finished her shower, dried off quickly then took another towel and wrapped it around her wet hair. She searched for her purse, pulled out Tyler's number and called him, hoping he could shed some light on what had happened between them last night.

Tyler woke in a daze to his phone ringing. He fumbled to answer it, only to drop it before he could look to see who it was. Reaching around blindly on the floor, he finally got a hold of it, opening it and talking before he brought it to his ear. "Hang on a sec!" he said loudly, fumbling to bring the phone to his ear.

"Tyler?" Samantha asked.

"Yeah. Hi Sam," he said, feeling confused himself.

"This is gonna sound strange, Ty, but did we -- um -- did we -- have sex last night?" she asked quietly.

"I don't know, Sam. I thought we did, but now that I see you're not here, I'm guessing it must have been a dream. I don't remember much of anything after we got back here," he said, pushing himself up in bed and leaning back against the headboard.

"If it was a dream, we were both having it," she said. "You were pretty rough with me last night, it wasn't like I thought it would be. That's all I remember."

"Yeah, I thought the same thing. Something wasn't right about it, but I couldn't put my finger on it," he said, turning on the bed to rest his feet on the floor.

"Maybe we both had a bit too much to drink?"

"I only had one glass of wine and if I recall, you only had one, so that's not it," he said. He got to his feet, walked into his kitchen and looked through the cupboards to account for any missing alcohol. There was none. His house was as he'd left it when he left for their date. "From the looks of things, we didn't have anything to drink when we got back here either."

Feeling a pain in his head just above his right ear, he reached up to massage it and felt a small bump. He went into the bathroom to find himself some aspirin. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he saw a small welt on his neck, just below his left ear. "What the hell is that?" he said aloud.

"What the hell is what?" Sam asked.

"Oh, nothing," he said, examining the welt closer in the mirror. "I need to grab a shower, Sam. I'll call you later and we can get this sorted out."

"Okay, talk to you later," she said and the line went silent.

Tyler set his phone down on the edge of the sink as he ran his fingers over the welt on his neck. It wasn't painful, but he didn't know how he'd gotten it. Maybe something bit me, he thought then he turned and reached in to start the water for a shower.

He showered quickly and thought back to the previous night. Samantha was in his bed, but it wasn't like anything he'd imagined she'd be. She was almost animalistic in taking her pleasure from him, not caring if he felt pleasure himself. Something just wasn't right about all this. He finished his shower quickly, wrapped the towel around his waist then headed into his room to get dressed.

Alan had hoped his plan to lure Samantha away from Tyler would work. He was worried about the side effects of the drugs he and Jagger had injected into them, but he was more focused on the long term results of their manipulations. He showered and got dressed then paced his bedroom trying to get the exact words in his head before he called Samantha and got the ball rolling further on his plan.

Just as he was reaching for the phone, it rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw it was Jagger. "What?" he said abruptly.

"We've got a problem, Al."

"What's the problem?"

"Mandy remembers what happened to her last night. I thought you said they wouldn't remember?" Jagger barked.

"That's what my dad told me, but I guess it doesn't work on everyone," Alan snapped back.

"Well, Mandy just packed her bags and left. She knows what we did and she says if I go after her, she's going to the police."

"Fuck that. I ain't worried about her. I need to call Sam and see if she remembers what happened to her last night. I will deal with Mandy later," Alan said, hanging up the phone. He immediately picked it up again and dialed Sam's number. He brought the phone to his ear and waited impatiently for her to answer.

"Tyler?" Samantha said on the other end.

"No," Alan said.

"Alan?" she replied.

"Yes. How're things going, Sam?" he asked, trying to conceal the nervousness in his voice.

"Fine. Is there a reason you're calling me?"

"Actually, there is. Jagger just called me and told me that he caught Mandy cheating on him last night."

"So what's that got to do with me?"

"He said it was with your friend from the bar. Tyler. I think that was his name, wasn't it?"

"I was with Tyler last night, we -- " she started, but abruptly stopped. He heard her let out a gasp and was pretty sure that she didn't remember what had happened to her last night. "Alan, I gotta go," she said and hung up before he could reply.

He called Jagger back to inform him that Sam took the bait and also to let him know that if Sam contacted him, they needed to have their stories straight. He went into the kitchen to fix himself breakfast, a huge smile on his face. His plan seemed to be working so far. He just hoped Jagger didn't go overboard with his part of the plan.

Angry and confused, Samantha fumbled with the phone to call Tyler again. She wanted answers and apparently he knew more than he was telling her. As she waited for him to pick up the phone, she tried to calm herself.

"Hello?" Tyler said.

"Something didn't seem right about last night, huh? Well I'll tell you why it didn't seem right, asshole! You were with another woman!" she hissed, not containing her anger as she'd hoped. "Did you throw me out so you could call her over and fuck her? Why the hell would you lead me on like you did? Why is it I always seem to hook up with men who want to fuck everyone but me?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Samantha?"

"Alan just called me and told me that his best friend's fiancée was caught cheating on him with you last night. How do you explain that?"

"Who -- what -- I don't even know who Alan's best friend is, let alone the guy's fiancée," Tyler said, matching Samantha's anger.

"His best friend's name is Jagger. His fiancée is Mandy. Alan told me Jagger called him and said Mandy was fucking you, Tyler. Now how would he know that unless that's what happened?"

"I don't know," he said. He heard a click and the line went silent. Staring at the phone in confusion, he sat down at the table then rested his head in his hands. He heard a knock at the door and slowly got up to answer it. He looked through the peephole and saw a blond woman standing there, looking angry and confused. He pulled the chain across the door before opening it.

"Can I help you?" he asked through the partially opened door.

"Yeah. My name's Mandy and apparently you and I had sex last night," she said. Tyler just froze. Samantha was right, but how the hell did this happen?

Tyler closed the door and removed the chain. He opened the door wider and invited her in. She took a few steps into the house, stopping short of the living room then just glared at him.

"I'm a bit confused about things, Mandy. How did you and I end up in bed together?"

"I'll tell you how," she started. "That rat bastard best friend of my fiancée, that's how. Apparently he's obsessed with some woman named Samantha and he drugged both of you. They drugged me too and set it up so that we'd have sex. Alan's plan was to get Samantha away from you by making her angry with you. In the process, my fiancée got his reward for a job well done and he fucked your girlfriend."

Tyler stared at Mandy with a look of shock on his face. He couldn't believe what she was telling him. How did he know she wasn't part of this whole mess? "Mandy, would you like to sit down?" he asked, motioning her to the living room. She walked past him and took a seat on a chair in the corner of the room.

"So everything that happened last night was just so Alan could get Samantha back?" he asked, wanting her to clarify what she'd just told him.

"Yeah, it seems so. According to Jagger, your girlfriend thought she was with you. I left his sorry ass and told him if he came after me, I'd call the cops. I figured you'd want to know so you and Samantha could deal with this in your own way."

Tyler heard another knock on the door. He was still confused about what had happened and when he got up to answer the door, he didn't look through the peephole to see who it was. Jagger kicked the door open farther, causing Tyler to stumble backwards and trip on the rug in the foyer. Struggling to get to his feet, he felt something cold and hard pressed against his temple.

"Don't fucking move, asshole," Jagger said, holding a gun to Tyler's head. Jagger turned to see Mandy sitting in the living room. "Come back for seconds, bitch?" he snapped at her.

"Don't even go there, Jagger. I told him everything," she snapped as she rose to her feet and walked toward him. She stopped when he pointed the gun at her.

"Take one more step and I kill you both," Jagger hissed. He turned back to Tyler, still crouched down in front of him. "I hope fucking my fiancée was worth it, asshole." Jagger felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him away from Tyler.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Alan asked. "This wasn't part of the plan!"

"He fucked Mandy!" Jagger barked.

"You fucked Samantha!" Alan snapped back at him. "You weren't supposed to fuck Samantha, we just wanted her detained while we set Tyler up!"

Jagger lowered the gun and backed further away from Tyler. He turned to Alan and pushed him out the door. Mandy walked over to Tyler, helping him to his feet. She turned then walked out the door to leave and Alan pushed her back inside.

"It's our word against yours," Alan said to both of them. "The drugs we gave you won't be detectable in your system in another hour or so and since Tyler and Samantha don't really remember much of what happened last night, Mandy is the only one who can corroborate our story."

"You prick!" Mandy hissed.

"Shut the hell up, I'm not done with you yet," Alan said to Mandy. He turned to Tyler, "Now we can make this real easy for you, buddy. Just admit to Samantha that you slept with Mandy and leave her alone. She won't want to see you anymore and you can go on with your separate lives."

"She's never gonna -- " Tyler started, Alan interrupted.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted. "Don't tell me what Sam will or won't do. I know her better than you, shithead. Just admit to her what happened and stay away from her. I don't want to have to hurt anyone, but I will if you don't cooperate. Now, where's your phone?"

Tyler reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He handed it to Alan who handed it right back to him. "Oh no. You're calling her," Alan said. "You're gonna tell her exactly what I tell you and if you try to tell her anything differently, none of you will ever see the light of day again." Alan pulled Jagger's gun out of his pocket and pointed it at Tyler, giving him no other choice than to do what he was told.

"You're gonna tell Samantha that when you got home last night, you found Mandy waiting for you in your bed. You sent her home then spent the night with Mandy. Tell her that you know she's still in love with me and you didn't want to get in the way of us getting back together," Alan told Tyler. "Don't give her the chance to argue. If she starts arguing, you hang up. You got that?"

"Yeah," Tyler said as he slowly opened his phone and dialed Samantha's number. He told her everything Alan said, hearing her cry when she tried to argue with him. He closed his phone and stared at Alan. "Happy now?" he snapped. "Get the fuck out of my house and take her with you," he added, grabbing Mandy's arm and pushing her into Alan.

"If you try to contact Samantha after we leave, she's dead. Got it?" he said as he backed out the door but kept the gun pointed at Tyler until he was out of the house.

Tyler watched as they all drove off, wondering how he could get word to Samantha about what was going on without them knowing it was him who told. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Julie asking if Samantha had an email address. He jotted down her email address, closed his phone and headed to his room to boot up his computer. He hoped Samantha wasn't too angry with him and would read his email.

He emailed her letting her know what had just happened and told her to get herself someplace safe. He clicked SEND and hoped she'd read his email before Alan arrived at her house.

"Hello, Samantha. Going somewhere?" Alan's voice said behind her as she walked out of her house. She turned to see him sitting on the steps of her porch and Jagger leaning against his car in the driveway.

"I gotta go to work, Alan. What do you want?" she asked nervously, knowing she took too long to get out after reading Tyler's email.

"It's Sunday, Sam. I know for a fact you don't work on Sundays. Try again," he said as he got up and grabbed her arm then dragged her to the car.

"Let me go!"

"Not until you tell me where you were going!"

"None of your business, Alan!" she barked, trying to pull free of him.

"Did you enjoy fucking my best friend, slut?" he asked as he pinned her up against the car. "I know he enjoyed it." Jagger chuckled quietly beside them.

"You drugged me, asshole! I had no control over what happened and you know it. I also know you drugged Tyler and set him up with Mandy," she said, yanking her arm out of his grip.

"Did pretty boy call you?" Jagger asked. Samantha didn't answer and kept her gaze fixated at the ground. "Oh, what an idiot. I guess he doesn't care about you as much as we thought."

"No. I figured it out for myself. I'm not stupid," she said, turning to Jagger to slap him. He reached out and grabbed her wrist before she could make contact.

Alan grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her, tying them with a piece of rope. He dragged her back into her house then threw her hard onto the couch. Jagger pushed her back and wrapped a towel around her mouth then another around her head, covering her eyes.

"What are you gonna do, Al?"

"Make her forget that pretty boy," Alan said, smirking down at Samantha.

She squirmed on her sofa, trying to work herself free. She felt hands on her ankles, holding them together while they were tied also. One of the men grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She felt hands around her waist and one of them put her over their shoulder then carried her to her room and tossed her on the bed.

She felt something cold and hard against her neck, then she felt her clothes falling away from her body. Samantha squrimed to get away, but Alan positioned himself over her, effectively pinning her to the bed. He pulled the gag off her mouth and in one quick motion pressed his lips hard against hers. She allowed his tongue to plunge into her mouth and waited for just the right opportunity to bite down. When she did, he pulled back, his hand coming down to slap her across the face.

As Alan was pulling her jeans off, he heard someone pounding on her door. "Get rid of whoever that is!" he hissed at Jagger. A few minutes later, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and turned to see Tyler standing there, ready to swing a baseball bat for the second time.

"Get the fuck off her now. The cops are on the way, asshole!" he said, taking a stance and getting ready to strike again. Alan pulled the gun out of the waistband of his jeans and aimed it with somewhat unsteady hands. Tyler swung the bat again and knocked the gun out of Alan's hand, causing him to pull the trigger before it was released. The bullet found it's way into Jagger's chest just as he re-entered the room.

The gun fell to the floor and Alan lunged at Tyler. "You just killed my best friend, prick!" he shouted, tackling Tyler to the floor and wrestling the bat out of his hands.

"No. You killed him!" Tyler shouted as he ducked the swinging bat. Before Tyler could make another move, two cops had guns on Alan and they forced him to the ground. Samantha laid on her bed, still tied and unable to do much else but sob uncontrollably. A third cop finally untied her, allowing Tyler to hold her while they restrained Alan and took him out of the house.

"It's okay, Sam. You're safe now," he whispered as she buried her face in his chest. Jagger wasn't dead so an ambulance was called. As Jagger was being wheeled out of Samantha's bedroom, one of the cops asked Tyler for a statement. He laid Samantha gently on her bed then kissed her forehead and promised he'd be right back.

Tyler told the cops everything Mandy had told him. The officer told Tyler that when she was ready, Samantha needed to make a statement also. He took the card offered by the officer and showed him out and quickly returned to Samantha.

"You okay?" he asked quietly. He saw her sitting on her bed, her knees brought up to her chin, her arms wrapped around her knees.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you, Tyler. I -- you -- you saved my life."

"You're welcome, Sam. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you," he said as he sat down bsside her on the bed.

Samantha looked down at herself and realized she had no jeans, no shirt and her bra was just hanging on her, the straps having been cut by Alan. She pulled the covers over herself, blushing. "Sorry," she said quietly.

"Don't cover yourself, Sam. You're beautiful," he said, tugging at the covers and feeling them pull away with little effort. Tyler got to his feet, looked down at her and took in her beauty. He saw her embarrassment under his gaze and turned his eyes away. Running his fingers through his hair, he turned to leave.

"Stay with me," she said quietly.


"I want you to stay, Tyler. I'd feel safer if you stayed here tonight."

He turned and grabbed the afghan off the end of the bed. "I'll sleep on the couch. G'night, Sam."

"If you stay, I want you in my bed, not on the couch," she confessed. She got to her feet and closed the small distance between them. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him even closer to her for a slow, lingering kiss.

"Are you sure you want this after what happened?"

"I wanted you before all that happened, Tyler," she said as she found his lips with her own again. He picked her up, cradled her in his arms then walked to the bed and laid her down gently.

Tyler and Samantha made love slowly, but the feelings, the movements were more intense than either had ever experienced. They fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from the events of the weekend and their intense, passionate love making.

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