Vacation with Stepdaughter and Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This the vacation my wife took with one of my stepdaughters after sexual relations with the stepdaughter. It has plenty of sex!!

Finally we were all able to agree on our vacation times and the place. We thought we would be taking our stepdaughter, her husband, and their children with us but the children's other grandparents wanted to take the children on an extended vacation in the mountains. So we were going to a more adult friendly vacation spot so we could really enjoy it. I was looking forward to the trip with some trepidation because of my sexual relationship with my stepdaughter. We had started that relationship on the move to Oregon by the other stepdaughter last year. We had been able to have several get-togethers in the year since then but not as many as I would have loved. Judy, my stepdaughter, is very aggressive in bed and learns fast so that we have had some unbelievable meetings. She sucked my dick and swallowed every drop in our first time last year and she continues to do that every chance she gets. And I love it. She also feels very free in asking me to perform oral sex on her as well and I love that also. But when we just get down to solid intercourse, she is truly unforgettable. She uses that body as a motor pushing and pulling me into her as hard as I can and as deep as I can go. It slides in so easily but it struggles to get out with her clamping on it and slowly letting it retreat out. She is draining me on every stroke. So how are we going to do that with my wife ( her mother), and her husband around in very close quarters? Fate enters its lovely head in this case and helps us to the absolute best vacation I have ever had.

Judy's husband was called by his company to a major company retreat for all their top execs during the very same week we would be on vacation. We hated that he would not be with us but it did open the door for Judy and I to play more. Since we were now down to three people, we thought we would take only one vehicle but that proved impractical and so Judy drove down in her car and my wife and I drove our car down also. We got there earlier than we had expected to so there were no real plans for that early period. My wife, Laura, wanted to go shopping while Judy and I wanted to go to the beach first. So Laura went shopping which left Judy and I together at the condo. She just looked at me and went straight into the bedroom taking off her clothes as she went. I did the same following behind her. We were two very horny individuals so we just tore at each other. She wanted that dick inside her that we did very little foreplay. We weren't sure how much time we had so we kind of went very hard and fast then tapered off to the delightful kissing and sucking. We were not able to actually finish the second part because of the time element but we got a great fuck in during the short time we had. I thought then that we might not get any real good long sessions but that we would get a lot of quickies. How wrong I was. We went out to eat that night and stayed around the condo that evening, be cause we were a little tired from the drive ( at least that was what we were telling Laura). We actually went to bed early so that we could have a full day the next day. My wife is a very hard sleeper and I was tired so didn't expect anything more to happen.

However, about 12:30, I felt a hand touching my leg and jumped to see what was going on. There was Judy telling me to be very quiet and follow her. Of course I did. She led me into the bathroom, closed the door, sat down on the seat and opened my shorts and pulled my already hard dick into her mouth. Oh, that felt so good. She sucked as if as she hadn't been fed for a very long time and it took me no time to fire my cum into her. She swallowed it and sat up and kissed me with some of the juice still in her mouth. She fed that into me so that I was swallowing my own cum. She then had me sit on the seat and got as close to me as she could so that I could taste her and she was absolutely delicious. I held her so that she put her feet on the seat next to me and her pussy was right in my face. You know, I don't think pussy is the right word for that wonderful delicious, sweet-tasting part of her flesh and body. After about 10 minutes of this and after she had cum 4 or 5 times, she then sat down on my lap and pushed my dick into her. She could move but I couldn't help much. However, she didn't need any. She is in such good shape that she bucked and rode and pulled and pushed that dick every which way it would go in her until she hit an unbelievable orgasm and sat down real hard on my lap. I thought we had made enough noise to wake any body at the beach but no one seemed to hear. After this mind-boggling experience, we both limped back to our beds and slept very hard and satisfied. So 2 fucks in one day on a vacation that I believed would be empty of sex was wonderful to say the least. More to cum...

We went out to breakfast the next morning and Laura wanted to go for a walk but I wasn't up to it. So she went by herself. Judy and just played with each other a little because we knew we didn't have time to do much else. Laura was actually gone longer than we thought she would but still it was best not to push our luck too far. Judy and Laura went shopping for awhile so that I just lay on the beach and rested for what I hope would be lots more fucking. They were back in a couple of hours and Laura said she wanted to talk to me privately. OH no, Surely she didn't hear us last night! Well it scared me but I played it as cool as I could and walked toward the beach with her. She then totally shocked me and amazed me by what she had to say. " First, I know what you and Judy have been doing. I have known since the trip last year." She said as I picked my jaw up off the ground. " Judy told me all about it when she returned last year and said she was at fault, that you did all you could to avoid the sex, so I approved. I knew she wasn't sexually satisfied by her husband and I had hope she wouldn't leave him because of that lack of sex. So I thought it would be great to allow you and her to take up the slack. We all love Ken and think he is great but still she needs and wants lots of sex." She continued. I couldn't say anything yet and didn't know what to say either. "And if you both think you fooled anyone last night then you are both dumb and deaf. You had much too much fun to stay quiet. " she added. " Now I guess you are wondering why I am telling you this now." She asked/ " well, it did enter my mind" I replied. " This morning there was a man sitting by himself at the restaurant. Did you see him? She asked. " I am not sure. Oh yeah, there was a black man there." I said. " His name is George. He walked out on the beach at the same time I did this morning and we walked together and talked for the entire time. He is very intelligent and is here alone. His wife of 3 months had to go a meeting in New York and he decided to come by himself since they had already paid for the trip." She continued. " he asked me to have lunch with him in his condo today but I think what he was really asking was ' could he fuck me?'". She stated. " He made a point of finding out about our situation with Judy, you, and me and I told him that Judy was not available if that was his intention. I then implied I might be", she said. " What", I said, " you told him that you wee available for him? I didn't now you were attracted to black men". " I have never told you about the time when I was 17 and in my last year of high school. You know that my dad had a hospital in my home town and I would visit him there quite a bit. I actually helped out around the place every way I could. I was getting ready to graduate and then go to college to study for a medical degree myself. I was very popular and had a great figure just about like Judy's now. The guys I dated were all trying to fuck me but I wasn't ready up until this day I am going to tell you about. This day I went to the hospital to help as I did so very often but it was sort of a slow day and there wasn't much to do. In fact my dad had gone to a meeting downtown and wasn't even there. Also several nurses were off too since they had to take time whenever they could. Dad had hired a black intern and was helping to train him to become a doctor there with him. His name was Thomas. I had head a great deal about Thomas from listening to the nurses talk. They were saying he was a real pussy hound and had already fucked half of the nurses in the hospital (they were all white) and that he would get them al before he finished his training. They also talked about the size of his dick, that it was huge. Of course, they didn't know that I was listening to all this and that I understood every word." She related. " All that talk intrigued me and made me very hot, much hotter than any of my dates. After I heard the nurses talking, I had become much more lenient with my dates and had even allowed one of them to undo my bra and play with my titties. I even felt his dick in his pants but got scared just when he and I thought we were going to do it." She continued. " So this day, Thomas was in my dad's office when I got to the hospital and so we just started talking. He was very complimentary and made all kinds of comments about me and my figure. He had flirted with me before so I knew he was interested in me but I didn't think anything would happen. He suddenly walked around the desk and reached towards my breasts and said there was something there and he would remove it. He did but left his hand there. I felt that his hand was burning my chest it felt so heavy. He was very close to me and started telling me how sweet I smelled and how soft my skin was. He moved his hand on my breasts and turned the palms toward me and told me how soft my breasts were but also how hard the nipple seemed to be. I couldn't figure how her knew about my nipple since I had two layers of clothes on. I was shaking not from fear but from desire. He already had me wanting him to go all the way. I knew I would not raise a single finger to stop him. He then oh-so-softly kissed me on the lips. I responded strongly to that. He then asked me if I would go back to the towels closet with him. Now the towel closet was back of the sections where patients were and was completely secluded. I knew that nobody ever came back there and that there was a couch back there also. Knowing this meant that I knew he was asking me to go there so he could fuck me. I said yes. I was going to fuck him there(that last part was only in my mind). " she said. "So we sent back there and sat down on the couch where he kissed me again but not so softly this time. For the first time ever, a man was putting his tongue inside my mouth. His hand were undoing the buttons on my blouse and pulling my short skirt up. He had one hand on my pussy while continuing to remove my blouse. I was so ready; I was helping him all I could. When suddenly the door opened and the leading nurse came in yelling at me to get up and get dressed. Boy I jumped up and tried to run but she stopped me. She said that she would not tell my dad if I didn't tell what she was going to do in here with Thomas. I quickly agreed and went for the door. I looked back and saw that she was getting undressed so that Thomas could fuck her, and she was married to one of our neighbors and I had babysat for them", she continued.

"so she fucked him there and my date that night got very lucky and fucked me in his car." She finished. " Wow, what a story, but did you ever fuck him? Asked I. " No, I never did and always regretted it. So I want to make up for that time his afternoon with George while you and Judy have a great leisurely fuck all afternoon." She said. " That sounds great to me. Does Judy know what you are going to do?" I asked. " Yep, and she is all for it" she stated. " Now go back to the condo and get to work" she said.

I was totally astounded by what Laura had said but was tickled to death for her because it would lead probably to a much better sex life for me as well. I would love to watch!!!!!

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