Risky Encounters
Chapter 1: Seduction

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Seduction - Steve is a typical teenage boy of 15. He talks about having a lot of sexual experience but has none. Enter Megan, his best friend's 14 year old sister. She is very experienced for her years. She is also wicked, plotting and conniving beyond belief. Meg likes sex especially in public places. The more risky it is the more turned on she is. I hope you enjoy this tale and get a chuckle from it. Feedback will determine if more chapters are added.

Jim and I were sitting on the couch with the TV on and not watching it at all. We were talking about what most, teenage boys do ... girls. Specifically girls we would like to bang. (That was a slang term at that time for fucking) We bragged about our sexual exploits and of course, both of us were lying through our teeth. Neither one of us had any experience at all. I don't know about Jim but I was as virgin as one could get. We talked about other things, hot cars, rock groups, dreams of starting a rock band ourselves and so on. I was also feeling self-important for I had just gotten my driver's license, (Jim didn't have his yet) I talked about my plans to add this new ability into my sexual activity, which as I said before was non-existent. The subject always returned to girls though.

Jim had two sisters, one about eight and one fourteen a year younger than myself. I had never paid much attention to them although I did find Megan, the older sister attractive. Sexual thoughts of her just never crossed my mind; she was simply, just a sister of my good friend. She and her sister were just the pain in the butt's that we were forced to take along when we went to the mall or the theater or a lot of other places. It's funny to remember now that Meg and I were only a year different in age.

Jim's dad was a high-ranking sergeant in the Air Force and they lived on base. He was big and had a gruff voice. He was very impressive at all times and even more when he was in uniform. Although he had never been unkind to me or said anything harsh to me, I was scared shitless of him none the less. His mother was quiet and reserved seldom speaking but often smiling.

The evening wore on and passed into early morning and finally both of us of fell asleep on the couch. The rest of the family had gone to bed hours earlier. I was spending the night so that we could get an early start the next day on a hiking trip we planned to take in the nearby mountains. It would be the first time one of our parents didn't have to act as a chauffer.

Awakened from my slumbers by a shake on my shoulder, I thought, Jim we need to get some sleep if we are going to leave in a few hours. As I opened my eyes ready to say just that, I glanced at my watch and saw that was three am. Jim we don't need to get this early a start, I thought and then looked up and my eyes grew wide. There standing before me was Meg.

She put her finger against her lips signaling silence and then using her other hand and finger beckoned me to follow. She turned and walked away confident I'm sure, that I would follow. She was wearing a set of baby doll pajamas they were powder blue and the top was nearly translucent. She stepped into the kitchen, which was between the living room and the hallway that led to the bedrooms with me following.

"Do you want a soda Steve? I do." She said as she opened the fridge and bent over spreading her legs a little, as she did so. They had a natural looking tan that turned to white were her shorts normally covered. Just a hint of her butt cheeks stuck out of her pajama bottoms but it was definitely enough to rivet my attention. She strolled over to me and handed me a soda.

"Steve, I want you. I've had my eyes on you for a while," She whispered.

I wasn't thinking straight because I couldn't take my eyes off of her body. "What?" I asked stupidly.

"I want you. I want you to bang me, bag me, bop me what ever you want to call it," She whispered. Then she got my full attention to her words as she said, "Steve I want you to fuck me."

I swallowed hard and asked, "When Meg, where at." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Right now in my bedroom," She whispered and gigged quietly at my expression of shock.

"Meg you're my best friend's sister," I stammered.

"So," She said simply.

"So what would he say if he knew his best friend was fucking his sister? And as far as right now, well for Christ sakes your parents are sleeping in the room next to your bedroom," I whispered.

"So we won't tell Jim and as far as my parents are concerned, well we will just have to be quiet," she giggled.

Without letting me ponder more about the intelligence of going with her to her bedroom, she grabbed my hand and led me there. She shut the door and turning began to kiss me on the lips. She started to French me when I opened my mouth to lodge further protest. I was scared her dad would wake up. I was still fully dressed and Meg set about ending that condition. She unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off my shoulders. Her hands groped around and found the button my pants then unzipped them letting them fall to the floor. She slid my boxers over my hips and let them settle on the pants. Never once during the time she was stripping me did her lips and tongue leave mine. She stepped closer bringing her body in contact with mine. Her skin had always looked soft and now I knew it felt even softer. She still wore her baby dolls but her legs were brushing against mine and driving my mad. I could feel her body through the thin material of her pajamas and this added to my dementia.

Meg stepped away and pulled her pajama top over her shoulders then slid her bottoms down and kicked them free of her legs. She held out her arms and spread her legs a little putting herself on display. "Well do you like what you see?" She whispered.

I said something stupid and totally unromantic, "Does a wild bear shit in the woods?"

"I take that as a yes then," she chuckled.

"Yes," I whispered, "Yes," I repeated.

Meg had shoulder length, flipped under dark blond hair; blue eyes, and a few tiny freckles on each side of her nose. Her skin was tan with the exception of where her bikini swim top covered her and this was a lighter shade of tan. Her breasts were about the size of oranges, although if she took after her mother these would get larger. Her nipples were dark red and sat on top of areolas that were about an inch in diameter and dark red as well. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared out from it in the wonderful hourglass like figure you hear about. Another area of light tan showed where her bikini bottoms fitted her. This became a darker tan where her shorts usually covered and transitioned into the dark tan of her legs. Her pubic area appeared covered with soft looking light hair that hid nothing; it was just starting to grow as was mine.

"Well do you want me?" she whispered breaking my concentration on her body.

"Yes," I hissed.

"Then come and get me," she giggled and jumped on her bed.

I pulled my shoes and socks off, slipped the crumpled mass of my pants and boxers from my legs, and jumped on the bed by her side. My erection was almost painfully hard.

I crawled on top of her and we began to kiss once more. The softness of her body against mine was driving me crazy.

"We don't have a lot of time for making out so just stick it in," she whispered and then blew in my ear.

I lifted up and placed my shaft at her doorway. I slid it in slowly. It felt great. She was warm and tight but I don't think she was a virgin there was no hymen to break and she didn't act as if she was in pain the way I had heard it was for girls the first time.

I had just started thrusting when a vision flashed into my mind. It was a vision of two huge hands wrapping around my neck, pulling me off Meg beating the snot out of me and throwing me across the room. I swore I heard footsteps outside in the hallway. I instantly went soft.

"Aww, what happened?" Meg whispered as she felt me shrivel inside her, "You didn't come yet."

I apologized and told her of my vision.

She kissed me softly and then pulled my face away from hers so that she could look me in the eyes. She began to whisper, "Don't think of my Dad Steve, think of where you are and what we are doing. Do you like the feel of my nipples stabbing against your chest? Is my belly soft against yours? Now think of where your cock is. Is my cookie wet and warm? I think it is. Does it feel good to have my warm wet walls around you?" Meg smiled and continued, "that's better I can feel you getting hard again Steve."

I pumped and thrust while she ground against me and I came. As I spewed my seed inside her I froze in place, hot flashes surged through me and then it was over. I leaned down and kissed Meg who was smiling up at me knowing that I had just filled her womb. I collapsed my head beside her and hugged her.

"I'm sorry I didn't last very long Meg," I whispered.

We lay that way for a short time and then Meg urged me to get up. She turned my wrist and looked at my watch.

"Better get up lover and get back on the couch or my Dad will catch you for real. He gets up in less than an hour," She chuckled softly.

That was all I needed to spur me into motion. I jumped from the bed and started throwing on my clothes.

Before I left her room, Meg motioned me over to her and whispered, "I think I will just lie here for a while and feel your sperm inside me before I go to the bathroom and empty out. One more thing, Jim doesn't know it yet but I talked to Mom and I will be going with you two on your hike. Maybe we will be able to do this again on our hike if we can find some excuse to get rid of Jim for awhile." She chuckled evilly and winked, "Now go lover."

I hurried back to the couch and pretended to be asleep when I heard their Dad get up.

Jim protested loud and hard when informed that Meg would be going with us on our hike but he had lost a crucial ally in me. I couldn't very well protest when visions of the next encounter with Meg danced in my head. He lost the battle and Meg went with us. She gave me a knowing smile and a wink when no one was watching.

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