Etched In Stone
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - #5 A young exo-archeologist is failing miserably on his first dig and his circumstances are about to get worse. Between a scheming administrator and a visiting royal Volentin, he may lose more than just his nascent career. The betting pool says the odds are against him.

Jorie almost threw his scraper in frustration as the sat-phone at his hip buzzed with an incoming call. The formation was unnatural; there was no other plausible answer for the walls and spires. Yet, when he scratched off the first layers of weathered stone, he only found more sandstone. This was his third site in as many months that produced the same results.

He flipped open the phone.

"Hello," Jorie said, trying to mask his irritation with a calm tone of voice.

"I've got a job for you, if you're interested," the voice said.

Jorie let out a sigh of defeat.

"Yeah, you know I'm always up for a gig, Vantis. What have you got for me this time?"

Vantis didn't have a sense of humor. He presented himself as a man who was doing his job and making money. The fact that he was one of the assistant administrators for the Government Survey Services Administration didn't squelch his entrepreneurial drive in the least. The civil service code didn't explicitly ban his various enterprises, which was as good as condoning his side business as far as Vantis was concerned. Besides the posting at Tourmaline was too small for a full administrator who would notice the doings of its civil servants?

"We have a couple arriving on a private yacht from the central system in two days. They are seeking a nature tour with a side trip to exo-archeological sites. You're the perfect tour guide for this one," Vantis said.

"It would seem so," Jorie said. "How much and how long?"

"They're looking for a week's excursion. Your fee is 1200 credits plus tip."

The money was good, Jorie had to admit, and he needed the credits. The problem was his excavation permit was only good for three more months and losing one week out of the twelve left was going to hurt. He had had doubts before whether he would have time to produce enough data to convince the GSSA to extend his permit. He couldn't start over somewhere else because these GSSA archeology contracts were few and the contractor had to produce results. Time and credits, or the lack thereof, were damning him. He slammed his scraper deep in the sandstone.

"Yes, I'll take it," Jorie said. "I'll swing by your office late tomorrow to pick up the details."

"I'll see you no later than 16:30, Jorie. These are mega-rich clients and attention to detail and protocol is important," Vantis said as if to remind Jorie of his proper manners. "Bye."

The line went dead before Jorie had a chance to reply. Vantis had manners for the clients, but not for his sub-contractors, so it seemed. Jorie stared at his embedded scraper as he tried to organize his thoughts. Of course the clients were the richest of the rich. Who else could afford to send a yacht through light years of vacuum for a trendy frontier vacation?

Jorie wasn't feeling very trendy at the moment as he swatted at the flying bloodsuckers that kept dive-bombing his ears and face. Reaching to grasp the handle, Jorie wondered if he was really cut out to be an exo-archeologist, especially a freelance one. He had earned his university degrees with relative ease. However, when it came time for university slots and exploration teams, Jorie appeared to be the odd man out. The writing was on the screen when his credits were spent and the loans were about to come due. Lowest of the low, he had signed on with the GSSA for contract exo-arch work. He had no team, no back up, and he had to pay for his own tools.

The scrapper was stuck. The tool wouldn't budge with its head buried completely in the wall of sandstone. Jorie considered taking his trowel and digging out the tool, but he couldn't bring himself to simply deface the wall when it was an alien ruin. Well, he was pretty sure it was an alien ruin except for the lack of certifiable proof.

Stepping back from the wall to retrieve his canteen, Jorie felt a sense of impending defeat wash over him. He gazed upon the valley that spread out beneath his perch on the small mountain. Tourmaline was a stupid name for a planet, but the landscape was diverse and beautiful. When Jorie had received his mission packet, he first thought tourmaline was the energy-boosting additive in laundry detergent, even though he knew it was a semi precious gem. Okay, he realized later that tourmaline was a gem, after he had embarrassed himself at the bar in front of his more successful colleagues with his stupid one-liner...

He brushed the humiliating memory aside as he watched a Tourmaline winged predator swoop down from high above and strike the top of the forest canopy. The bird emerged with something brown and wiggly in its claws. Carrying on as if Jorie wasn't there, the bird aimed for a perch further up the mountain over Jorie's head.

Jorie turned back to the wall. Staring at his latest problem, Jorie realized that his tourists had probably already arrived. Acclimatization Protocols took up to 45 hours to reach their full strength, which meant two days on Tourmaline with her 25 hour, 12 minute and 44 second daily rotation on her axis. He toyed with the idea of returning earlier just to collect the scuttlebutt on the new arrivals. With less than five hundred people on the planet, anyone new was bound to stick out like a warning beacon.

A small flock of blue somethings with wings rose from the trees further out in the valley and turned west. Their alien calls echoed off of the mountains with an eerie reverberation. The exo-biologists had argued many times at that poor excuse for a bar whether the creatures were birds or mammals. Their blood was neither warm nor cold, but cool. The feathers were primitive compared to bird species on other planets. When Jorie added his two credits to the conversation by suggesting they were dinosaurs, he got a stiff punch in the arm from the woman next to him and a cold shoulder from the rest of the lot.

He liked the woman, too. Kita was a junior member of the biology team and one of the few unattached women on Tourmaline. She had sandy brown hair which she kept in a ponytail. Unlike her senior members who sported laboratory tans, Kita was a field specialist and spent most of her days in the sun, which made her all the more appealing.

The breeze on his cheeks brought him back to the choice of the moment. Letting his frustration win, Jorie decided to pack it up and go back to base. He left the scrapper where it was but placed a locator beacon beneath it on the ground for his return. In fact, he could add the site to the tourist itinerary and kill two flying dinosaurs with one stone.

Flying over the forest canopy in his assigned vehicle, Jorie peered down through the leaves, catching sight of meandering streams and clumps of twisted bushes. Once in a while he would see some of the larger animals, all of them herbivores, as they trotted through the underbrush. While he had seen photos of the larger predators, he hadn't seen a live one yet.

Besides the whisper of the wind slipping past, his craft was silent as it slid through the calm air. The modified fusion core engine (Fusion Adapted Device or FAD) barely vibrated unless the afterthrusters were engaged for an emergency boost. Only the shadow of the craft disturbed birds and animals in the top of the canopy as he flew past.

Descending out of the mountains into the rolling foothills, the thick forest canopy began to thin out into isolated clumps. Meadowlands bloomed with vines and flowers beside the great trees. The biota was the most diverse in these meadow clearings according to Kita.

The FAD proximity warning glowed yellow on Jorie's dashboard. A craft was nearby but stationary, which meant a FAD had landed. Jorie was delighted for he had chosen his flight path based on an off-the-cuff remark by one of Kita's superiors that he had sent her on some errand in the field to correct someone else's stupid mistake. The quadrant that the superior had specified wasn't that far from Jorie's usual route to and from his latest site.

He honed in the beacon and offered a silent prayer that he would find Kita with this FAD. Making a brief circuit of the site before he landed, Jorie caught sight of a human with a brown ponytail.

"Success, Captain Tiburn," Jorie said, quoting an infamously campy string of vids of a starship captain and his adventures in unexplored space. If Tiburn always got the beautiful maiden by the end of the vid, then Jorie, space explorer, should get his maiden as well. Especially since it was the femme fatale who uttered "Success, Captain Tiburn" with a husky voice in the third installment with all manner of double meaning intended.

Jorie landed and hopped out of his FAD with a wave of hello towards the distant figure. She waved back and then motioned him to come to her. Jorie jogged over, trying to stay on the faint game trail that led in the general direction of Kita. As he approached, he heard her mobile proximity detector beep, warning her that a large biological was approaching. The mechanical sound traveled strangely far across the quiet meadow.

"Hi, Jorie. I didn't expect to see you out here today. I thought you had a site that would keep you out through tomorrow," Kita said.

She knew his schedule, an interesting point to file away for later examination, Jorie decided.

"Vantis called with a side job," Jorie said.

"Vantis and his business ventures are going to be the death of us all if he isn't careful, or at least more discreet," she said. "I'm almost done. If you'll carry these specimen boxes back to my FAD, we can enjoy what's left of the afternoon, if you've got time."

"I've got time," Jorie said, snatching up the stack of boxes. One of them hissed.

After loading the boxes into the cargo hold, Jorie turned back and watched Kita come up the game trail with one last box and her tool belt. She looked delicious as she swung her hips.

Jorie stopped the saliva from dripping but he couldn't keep the smile off of his face. Kita seemed to be posing for him as she approached the craft, which made him grin all the more. She handed off the last crate without saying a word and opened the driver's door. Jorie got a good eyeful of her bottom half as she reached across to grab something on the other side. She emerged from the cockpit with a folded blanket and a bottle of purple liquid in a glass container in hand.

"Vantis offered me a finder's fee and a percentage if I could cook up a decent local liquor," Kita explained as she held out the bottle to Jorie. "Care to try the latest batch?"

Jorie followed her and helped lay out the blanket, setting out the proximity detector a few meters away. By the time, he got back to the blanket, Kita had removed her socks and boots. She motioned to him to do the same as she released the lid on the glass container and took a whiff of the contents. She made a face.

Jorie sat down cross-legged and reached for the tendered bottle. He took a whiff and found the smell strong and sweet.

"On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank the smell?" Kita asked.

Jorie took another whiff.

"Six," he said. Without asking, he lifted the bottle and swallowed a petite mouthful.

"A little bit sweet with a strong aftertaste of fermented rotting vegetable," he said. He took another taste. "Oh, it grows on you. I'd give it a distinct five, maybe a six if I don't get stomach cramps."

"Give me that," Kita said and swiped the bottle out of his hand. She took a sip. "Oh."

She took another sip. "I'd say it is a definite improvement over the last batch, maybe a five."

"The last batch was worse?" Jorie asked.

Kita laughed. "The last batch was so sweet I thought my teeth were going to rot out of my mouth. The roots of my teeth hurt. This batch is watered down four to one."

"Make it five to one and maybe it'll be drinkable," Jorie said, grabbing back the bottle to take another drink. [Jorie's been taking small drinks and sips. You can't say another gulp.] "Maybe you should add contee leaves during the fermentation process to leech out some of the sugar and add flavor."

They passed the bottle back and forth several times, taking larger drinks with each pass.

"Contee leaves?" Kita said, taking back the bottle for a slug. "I never would have thought of that. The tannins in them may just do the trick." She swallowed another slug. "But don't think I'm going to split the finder's fee with you."

Jorie took back the bottle to take a drink but a wave of intoxication swept over him before he could take a sip. Carefully placing the bottle down, he looked at Kita who seemed to be feeling her liquor as well. Her eyes were glazed.

"I don't want your finder's fee, Kita," Jorie heard himself say. "I want you naked. Now."

"Okay," Kita said.

She pulled her blouse over her head and quickly tossed off her bra. Jorie goggled her swaying breasts as she unbuttoned her pants and slipped them off.

She was naked and Jorie sat frozen, ogling what he had feared was an unreachable prize. Lurching to his feet, Jorie threw off his clothes, letting them fall wherever they landed. His cock was rigid.

He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to lick every millimeter of her skin and have her begging for release. Dropping to his knees in front of her, Jorie stared at her lips which were so full, so inviting. As he pulled closer to touch them, he heard a buzzing in his ears.

"What?" he said, a bit dazed by the liquor and their nakedness.

"I said, skip the preliminaries," Kita said in a matter of fact manner. "Get on top and fuck me,"

Whatever Jorie meant to do seconds before went out of his head. Kita said do this and he had no will to do anything but to comply. She lay down completely, spreading her legs for him as he hovered above her, waiting. Without subtlety, Jorie slid his cock into her pussy and began to stroke her. He didn't have sex or make love to her. She said "fuck" and that is exactly what he felt compelled to do.

For a woman he had been wanting since he first laid eyes on her, Jorie felt removed from the intimacy of the moment, as if he were merely obeying orders without any personal involvement. Kita moaned underneath him and he renewed his efforts to fuck her.

Jorie was breathing hard and sweat was beading on his forehead when Kita announced that she was close. She called for him to go faster. He did so automatically even though he was concerned in some distant corner of his mind that he might be taking her roughly.

Kita trembled beneath him and then cried out that she was coming. Jorie kept his pace until Kita called for him to come in her. Like flicking on a light switch, he did. He was moaning in ecstasy somewhere outside, but in his skull everything was blurring.

He collapsed and rolled off of her. His eyes formed one last memory of her heaving chest before he slipped into unconsciousness.

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