Looks Can Be Deceiving

The Ilaran's conquest of this new world was expected to be quick and total. The Primals, as they were called, had no distinctive technology and shouldn't have stood a chance. They were humanoids who lived in huts and caves. Not one Primal weapon had registered on the Ilaran scans of the planet. Clothed in animal skins that covered key areas of their bodies, their technology would have been rudimentary at best.

Landing their forces the Ilaran an insectoid race attacked the Primal settlements with state of the art weaponry. Firing energy projectiles that ripped apart dwelling they found nothing under the devastation. No Primals appeared from them, thus none ran into the surrounding forests and jungles that surrounded each settlement. The Ilaran were at a loss as to what to do. They no longer had a plan of action. Everything had been built on the assumption that the Primals would have been caught by the surprise attack.

Some of the Ilaran commanders, who were in charge of each of the four regiments, numbering a thousand strong each, ordered a search. Reporting in on their progress they expected no real danger. While this might have been a nuisance, it was a temporary one. What they didn't know was the further they went into the trees the worse their communication with their ships overhead.

The attacks came in perfect unison as Primals burst forth as soon as the Ilarans were far into the wilderness. Now the Ilarans could not call for back up and faced an enemy they had never truly seen. Primals, who days before had stood 6 foot on average. The Ilarans themselves were no bigger than that, ranging from 5 foot to a little 5'9. The Ilarans consisted of every color except white outside of their pupae stage in their early life.

What the Ilarans faced now was not 6 foot individuals but twenty foot behemoths with hands spanning over thirty inches in length. With those monstrous hands the Primals picked up the defending Ilarans and hurled them into the trees. Some Ilarans struck branches and trunks with an audible crunch, while others flailed all six of their legs before died on impact with the ground.

Ilarans chittered in high pitched noises that acted as their form of screaming. The air itself seemed full of their sounds as the smart ones broke and ran. Those who stood and fought found that tossing their enemies, was not the only tools of death the Primals could dish out. One Primal grasped a large boulder in his right hand, ripping it from the earth. Three Ilaran armored transports fired on him in unison, but he merely shrugged them off. Aiming at the middle one he hurled the boulder with the full weight of his arm.

The Ilaran commander inside didn't even have time to cry out before his entire vehicle was totally crushed by the boulder. One the transports joined the fleeing infantry while the other lay down cover fire. Green blasts of energy, made to take out entire squads struck Primal skin trying to keep him back. A second Primal burst from the trees and grabbed a hold of the transport. Metal gave under the male Primal's fingers and if it were nothing.

With a single effortless pull of his arm he ripped the outer casing open, and exposed the personnel inside. The Ilaran crew desperately used rifles and pistols to fire into his face and neck, hoping to stop him. Angered by the slight sting of each shot, which never once even managed to mark his impenetrable skin, the male began to smash the vehicle into the ground with both hands. Metal crunched and bent and soon the equal annoying chittering from inside the transport became silent.

Discarding the now destroyed transport the male tossed it aside managing to kill a squad of Ilarans who were still firing on him with it. Like creatures of myth and nightmare they continued their killing, becoming more and more enraged. After laying waste to the survivors, and leaving only scattered and ruined bodies of foes in their wake, the Primals gave pursuit to those who fled.

Ilaran commandoes and regular troops rushed aboard their transports, desperate to escape. Pilot watched in horror as dozens of Primals rushed their ships with unbelievable speed and ferocity. Lines of infantry were trampled as they tried to get aboard and the pilots couldn't take off in time.

Some managed to try but were knocked out of the air by hurled boulders and trees. Not one of them managed to get out of range. Those that did not explode in mid air were ripped to pieces by Primals who swarmed over them. Males were joined by females as they feasted on the Ilaran dead, sating their ravenous hunger as their metabolisms had increased with their size.

The Ilaran fleet commander could only listen in horror along with the rest of the fleet as the Primals finished off the last of the Ilaran invasion force. When systematic attacks were ordered by the commander to obliterate the attackers, the fleet bombarded the planet. While soil and plant life in the area was scorched away, the Primals still remained and began withdrawing to the forests and jungles that hid their life signs.

"Did we manage to catch any of them?" The Commander a black colored male asked, hoping to have something positive to give his superiors after this debacle.

"Only one female and an infant sir. The female was captured in one of our transporting nets, apparently as she was getting clear of one of the areas we targeted. We have managed to keep the two of them contained. For how long I don't know." The communications operator said to his left on the bridge.

"What do you mean?" The Commander said turning to the purple colored operator.

Keying in one of the buttons on the console the operator brought up the audio.

"Help! Somebody help us! The pris... (explosion in the background) ... has escaped. Trying to contain him. Monitors on that level down. Causing surges through out the ship. Aaaha! (Last explosion followed by silence.)" A voice that could only be the ships captain from what the Commander could recognize.

"Sir, by all my scans, that ship has iniated it's self-destruct. A countdown is being sent to all friendly ships so we can get clear." The sensor's operator said. His exoskeleton was also black like the Commander's.

"Helmsman get us clear immediately! Send the same order to the rest of the ships." The Commander said. This situation was getting worse and worse.

The explosion hid the launch of a small escape pod that was launched into a waiting wormhole which shot it clear of the ship's destruction. Drifting for days the unit managed to keep the occupant alive as it neared a green and blue world circling a solitary sun.

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