The Game
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, DomSub, Humiliation, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beautiful women kidnapped. Pawns in a game for the perverted rich.

Tammy Cameron hurried down the sidewalk, barely managing the umbrella in the stiff summer wind. The rain had let up, but the clouds were still ominous and thunderstorms were forecast. The black twenty-six year old mother smiled to herself as she pictured the homecoming. Husband Larry, a TV producer, and daughter Rose, three, would be arriving back tomorrow and she wanted to bake them something special as a welcome home.

A sudden gust of wind turned her umbrella inside out and instead of fighting the now broken ribs, she simply dumped it in the first trash can she passed, pulled the collar of her coat as high as it would go and struggled with the bag of groceries for the remaining three blocks.

Even wearing a full length raincoat Tammy turned heads on the street. Now an advertising executive, she had been a former Miss New Jersey and first runner up in the Miss America contest. Her mother had begun entering her into beauty contests at the age of three and by the time she was ready for college, she had won so many trophies, her father had built an additional display case to house them all.

Some women were beautiful of face while others had bodies that drove men wild. Tammy had both. Add to those the fact that she was highly intelligent and Larry was forever reminding himself of how lucky he was to have her, especially since he had been the first and only white man she had ever dated.

Rose was the perfect blend of the two races, expressive brown eyes and heart melting smile. Although a beautiful young girl, Tammy was reluctant to subject her to the beauty contest gauntlet. Rose didn't seem to miss it, happy as a bright, normal preschooler with lots of friends.

Hurrying up the steps as the rain began spattering again, Tammy made her way into the building and to their apartment. Unlocking the door, she set the groceries on the hall table, shook the rain from her coat and hung it to dry. The groceries could wait, she thought as she withdrew a small package from her coat pocket and proceeded to the bedroom.

She had visited a "Victoria's Secret" today to get a little something to make Larry's welcome home special. She wished she could have gone with them on the trip to his parents' but, unfortunately, there had been a major account in crisis which had dictated her staying in the city over the weekend. Despite both she and Larry being quite busy with their jobs, this was one of the few times in their seven years of marriage they had spent a night apart, let alone three.

Tammy unwrapped the sheer, black negligee. She smiled, feeling a bit naughty since the entire outfit fit in the palm of her hand. But she knew Larry would be appreciative, one thing would lead to another and...

Quickly she disrobed, put on the almost-there garment and inspected herself in the full length mirror inside their closet door. She was pleased that her dedication via a vigorous exercise regimen had paid off. Although she had gained the bare minimum of weight during Rose's pregnancy, she not only regained her figure within just a few weeks, but had managed to keep that figure, something she knew Larry appreciated. It didn't' hurt that when Larry was entertaining important members of the entertainment industry there was an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful woman at his side who could dazzle with both her looks and her wit.

In all modesty, Tammy knew her body was voluptuous. Her breasts were full and still rode high, giving her deep, alluring cleavage while her waist was tiny and her hips round and figure flattering providing the perfect figure, one that men drooled after. Her legs were no less eye catching with beautifully sculpted calves and thighs ending in trim ankles and small feet which were so alluring in high heels.

Tammy regarded the face which stared back at her from the mirror. She did not yet show any signs of aging, her complexion creamy and flawless, her big brown eyes glistening and expressive, complemented by unusually high cheek bones and petite nose. She wore her hair a bit shorter these days as many women executives did, but the layered style seemed made for her face, the total effect being wholesome and yet with a definite sensuality perhaps the results of her full and pouty lips.

She turned and admired the effect. Yes, it was outrageous for it hid almost nothing, the bra and thong virtually strings instead of material. Yes, she looked like a call girl -- actually a very high priced call girl for Tammy was gorgeous with or without clothes.

Despite her beauty contest background and the endless compliments from men and women, vanity did not haunt this lovely woman. She remained aware she was the genetic result of two other people and her looks could be attributed to them, not her. She accepted her good looks and didn't mind that they sometimes got her in the door of clients, but at the same time she was proud of her intellectual abilities and knew that despite what others might gossip about, she had earned her way to her present position with brilliant ideas, not on corporate couches or in hotel bedrooms.

Confident Larry would be pleased, she changed into some silk PJs and returned to bring the groceries into the kitchen. Humming a song she had heard on the radio she took out the mix and milk and began the process of baking Larry's and Rose's welcome home cake.

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