Londons Burning
Chapter 1: Disaster Strikes

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Disaster Strikes - Thi is a story of the war and one young orphan sailor, who although severely wounded lived to discover his parents, have a varied love life, and become a hero. It is a fictional story but is also a tribute to those who suvived the Londonblitz

15th February 1941

It was just dusk as the small group of Hunt Class destroyers entered harbour on this February evening in 1941. The leader HMS Melksham commanded by the flotilla captain Capt the Lord Radcliffe led the weary battle stained half flotilla into Portsmouth harbour. The leader was closely followed by HMS Corsham and three other destroyers of the group when suddenly and without warning out of the low rain cloud came a small formation of ME 109's. machine guns and cannon blazing as they strafed the sitting targets below them.

The shore AA batteries opened up quickly and two ME 109s bit the dust, crashing on a nearby beach but the damage had been done. The bridge of three of the destroyers had been severely strafed, and although the material damage to the ships was minimal, they left behind a large number of dead and wounded men, both on the bridge and on the focsle where seaman were busily getting the ships ready for berthing...

It was early in the war and the Royal Navy still had much to learn about defending ships entering and leaving harbour. In particular the ever present dangers of entering harbour when they were in close formation, in a narrow channel.

The ships gunners quite naturally were also thinking more about the next run ashore or being home with their families and being able to relax for a few days, rather than the possibility of imminent attack from the air...

They all knew that the ships were earmarked for a short refit, and an increase to their anti aircraft armament, and so obviously the possibility of a few days leave was foremost in their minds. The war in the Atlantic and on the East Coast against E Boats was hotting up, and the destroyers and their ships companies were being worked to the limit of their capabilities. The shortage of suitable convoy escorts put more pressure on these small destroyers, and they were being asked to do a job which was largely beyond their design capability.

Chaos rained on HMS Melksham as Lord Radcliffe the Captain, and his First Lieutenant were killed outright together with both the lookouts. In addition the Yeoman of Signals Tony Nash was badly wounded and was the only member of the bridge complement still barely alive as the ship yawed off course.

Tony Nash seeing the ship veering towards the harbour wall, just seconds away from disaster quickly realised that if the ship sank here, it would block the entrance to this vital harbour. Despite being badly wounded, and losing a lot of blood, he managed to get to the voice pipe to tell the Coxswain to reduce speed and alter course, at the same time he told the Coxswain that all the bridge officers were dead or badly wounded before he too collapsed in a pool of blood.

It was about two days later that Tony gradually woke, to the cloying smell of disinfectant and rubber bed sheets and became aware of his surroundings in the naval Hospital at Haslar. He was in a lot of pain and he struggled to get to grips mentally with what had happened to him. In the following days he had a number of mates from the ship visit him, who told him that the ship itself was not too badly damaged but the attack had killed over 20 sailors from both the Melksham and the Corsham. He was however being credited with saving the ship, and the new captain had recommended him for an award ; his prompt action having saved the ship from going aground or sinking and closing the harbour entrance.

It was two days later that he was eventually told that his best friend Alan Stokes who was the Yeoman of Signals on the Corsham had died from his wounds. Tony was heartbroken, Alan and Tony were like brothers both having been brought up in the same orphanage, and they had come through their naval training together. Alan had recently married, Tonys ex girlfriend, and his wife Joan was living in Portsmouth. Tony had quite naturally been his best man at the wedding. Alan and Joan had only had two nights of married life before they had sailed on another east coast convoy.

Tony like Alan had no home or known relatives. He had been found abandoned on a doorstep in Central London on the day he was born on September 10th 1918 he was only a few hours old when he was found ... He had been told as he grew up in a London orphanage that he had probably been born a proper cockney, as he had been born within the sound of the Bow Bells. Nothing had been left indicating his identity, the only thing that he now had was the knitted shawl that he had been wrapped in. Now the only valued possession he had from his childhood days.

His name had been given to him by the orphanage, and despite extensive searches, no trace of his parents was ever found, and as the years passed Tony gave up his half hearted search for his parents and concentrated on his naval career...

It was there in the orphanage that he had first met his best friend Alan Stokes. Alan was an orphan and had come to the Dr Barnardos orphanage when his parents had been killed in a house fire. Both boys got on well, and being roughly the same age they became almost inseparable as they grew up. In their early teens they had been sent to the SS Arethusa which was a boys naval training ship which specialized in taking young boys who were orphans, and who had an interest in joining the Royal Navy or the Merchant Marine. It was run by a sea -faring charity, and they gave the boys a good basic education and grounding in seamanship. When he was sixteen they had both qualified for entrance to HMS Ganges the Royal Navy boys training barracks at Shotley nr Ipswich.

HMS Ganges was a hell hole; the discipline was dire, and in many ways was more akin to a prison than a training ship. Instructors carried rope ends or sticks and boys were frequently beaten for minor offences. The officers turned a blind eye to the instructors disciplinary misdemeanors no doubt feeling that they knew what they were doing. However, the technical training was good, and Tony was also able to improve his basic educational skills while he was there, and he survived to join his first ship together with Alan as a boy signalman in 1935.

The pre-war years saw them gain a lot of useful experience on a number of ships and qualify for their leading rate. With the outbreak of war and the rapid expansion of the Royal Navy, and after qualifying at the Signal School. Tony and Alan both got quick promotion to Yeoman of Signals and they were both well on his way to becoming a Chief Yeoman.

It was Tony that had introduced Alan to his wife Joan. She had been Tonys girlfriend for At the time but after meeting Joan and Alan had clicked and although at the time Tony had been sad at losing Joan to Alan, he was happy that Alan had married a girl who would make him a good wife. Her family liked Alan and the future looked bright for them both. They had both wanted a family, but alas time had been against them.

Tony was devastated that he could not go to the funeral. He was bed bound and the doctors told him that it would be weeks before he could walk, if he ever walked again. The doctors told him that there was a lot of work to be done in reconstructing his knee.

A few days after Alans funeral a disconsolate Joan came to visit him. She was heartbroken and she told Tony that she had hoped that she would be pregnant after their honeymoon, but it did not happen. Her family had been very supportive and wanted her to go home to live with them. Tonys heart went out to Joan. She had been a bright lively girl before Alans death, but she had changed; now she was much quieter, she was still a very pretty girl, but she had lost that vital spark which had first attracted Alan.

Then one day she said "Alan gave me this ring to give to you before he sailed. The lady that he bought it from said the ring had very special and very powerful qualities, to the right owner. Apparently she said the owner must use those qualities to do good and must use the unique powers of the ring with care and discretion. She said the special qualities would give him protection against evil. Apparently Joan said the old lady would not elaborate on what those qualities were. Alan had worn the ring for about three months, but he did not find any of the qualities that the lady enumerated, so he then decided to give the ring to you in the hope that it would bring you some luck and happiness."

Alan thanked her and put the ring on straight away. He was pleased to have something personal of Alans to remember him by. As soon as he put the ring on his finger he felt a tingling sensation through his body, the nagging pain in his knee also seemed to diminish, and for the first time in a while, he felt mentally very relaxed. As soon as Joan had left Tony examined the ring with great care. It seemed to be made of silver or a metal that looked like silver and had small emblems engraved around the outside that could probably have been Arabic.

Then just as he replaced the ring on his finger he had a vision of an elderly bearded man in a robe who said to Tony. "Welcome my son to the power of the ring. This ring will only help you if you use it for good. It will warn you against danger to yourself, and others close to you, and as time goes on you will find that the ring has many beneficial qualities. If you abuse the rings powers then those powers will disappear. By using the ring for good you will find that the powers will gradually increase. The ring has a terrific potential to the right owner. The ring will warn you only once if you attempt to misuse its powers. You will not get a second warning."

As Tony came back to reality he heard a nurse say "Tony what happened, you were in some form of trance?" Tony grinned at her and said. "No nurse I was only daydreaming."

Soon Joan was visiting Tony every day and bringing him little gifts of fruit and books, and gradually she took over doing his personal chores like doing his washing, and then she progressed to giving him a very possessive kiss on the cheek and a hug when she arrived and before she left. The doctors were astounded at the pace at which his knee was healing, and now they were more confident that his recovery would be quicker than they had anticipated. They told him that he probably would always have a limp, and may have to use a stick but they were confident that sometime in the near future he would walk again.

Then one day when Joan was visiting him Tony suddenly found he could read her mind. What he saw was an image of Joan and Alan having an affair behind his back while he was still going out with her and Alan was saying to her.

"You must tell Tony about us or I am going to finish with you. He is my best friend, and I will not continue to betray him like this."

Then one day as he lay in hospital Tony got the vision of Joan telling a lady that she was planning to marry Tony as a replacement for Alan. In the vision he heard her say.

"Tony is good man, and I will be a good wife, to him but he is not like my Alan. I don't love him like that. I can never love any man like I loved Alan."

For the first time it hit home just how powerful the ring was becoming in his life. He even considered taking it off, but he hesitated, so far the ring had only done him good. It had done nothing to harm him so Tony decided that he could live with it for a while longer.

At the Tony felt quite shattered by the vision, it took him some days to come to grips with what he had seen and he was quite determined not to be trapped into marriage with Joan. He realised that the power of the ring had given him a warning about Joans intentions. He was fond of Joan, but he was not in love with her, and he knew it would be a big mistake for both of them, if he were to marry her."

One day shortly after this vision a Naval Commander came in with two photographers and a young lady wearing a WRNS First Officers Uniform, and asked the ward sister if they could speak to Tony. Joan happened to arrive in the ward at almost at the same time, and followed closely behind them. The commander then approached his bed and asked.

"You are petty Officer Tony Nash."

"Yes Sir." Tony replied.

"I am pleased to inform you that you were recommended for, and have been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. For your action in saving your ship, when it was under attack, although you were severely wounded yourself. May I be the first to offer you my Congratulations? Now I have some press people here who would like to talk with you, take some photographs and have a brief interview with you. Is that OK?"

"Oh yes sir."

It was just then that Joan intervened and took over combing his hair and tidying his bed.

The Commander looked a bit confused and said. "We understood that you are not married."

"I'm not sir. This lady is the widow of a close friend of mine who was killed the same day on the Corsham."

"I'm so sorry for your loss." He said to Joan, then quietly and very diplomatically ushered Joan out of the way telling her that the photographs they were about to take were for the official records.

Then the cameras started to flash. The young lady then came and sat by the bed. She introduced herself as Sady and told Tony she was with the public relations department of the Port Admirals Staff. She had her note pad and pencil and wrote quickly, while she interviewed Tony about his background, and the events of the day when he was wounded. She ended by telling him that there would be a press release the next day to the national press when a number of bravery awards would be announced, and that he may in due course get notice of an investiture at Buckingham Palace to be presented with his medal by the king himself...

One day after about five weeks in hospital and he had made a significant recovery, the welfare department sent a lady to talk to him.

"I understand that you will be considered soon for possible release but we have a slight problem because you do not have a permanent home address. Joan quickly intervened and said.

"Tony will stay with me; I am his closest family now."

Tony felt a bit confused and a little angry at Joan's comments. But he did not want to hurt her feelings by turning her down flat. He realised that staying with Joan may help her overcome her sense of loss over Alan.

Tony said. "I am a bit nervous about going out on my own. Could I try an overnight, or a weekend with Joan first, but I do need to go back to London to continue my search for my parents as soon as I am fit." The welfare lady seemed relieved and said. "That seems like a good idea."

It was a week later that Tony ventured across the ferry from Gosport to Portsmouth with Joan at his side. He was a little tired, and his leg ached and he went to bed quite early. As he entered her apartment Tony had a very clear vision that Joan was planning to seduce him that very night. She had everything carefully planned, he could actually see her in the vision protesting that he was seducing his best friends widow, and attempting in her own way to blame him for the seduction. The warning upset Tony a bit as he thought it smacked of duplicity on Joans part, but the warning gave Tony a chance to develop a strategy to Joans seduction plot. He had no objection to making love with her, but he was not going to let her use it to coerce him in any way.

He woke about two hours later as Joan slipped into bed beside him. Tony realised the vision had predicted this would happen. He had always found Joan a very sexy and very desirable girl, but marriage to Joan was definitely not on his agenda. He was glad that he had been forewarned. He had strong feelings for her as a friend, and was concerned that he did not hurt her. He knew he had to let her down lightly.

He took her in his arms and held her. He could feel her heart beating and he put his head down and started to lick her nipple he could feel it harden and he felt Joan begin to move.

"Tony dear what are you doing."

"You're hard dear and this all wrong I'm your best friend's widow she exclaimed with feigned surprise, but as she spoke she snuggled closer and kissed him on the cheek.

"But you were the one that got into bed with me Joan." Tony said quietly.

"Tony darling you know this is all wrong?"

"Yes I know." Tony said quietly as he released her and said. "Perhaps if that is how you feel you had better go to your own bed."

Joan burst into tears. "You don't want me any more? Is that what you are saying?

"No Joan I am not saying anything. I just don't want to cause you any more grief. I thought you wanted to make love, but we can only do that if it is what you really want."

Then just as though she had come to a decision Joan moved closer to him and started nibbling his ear her warm breath tickling him, and the exotic smell of her warm body filling his nostrils,.

Then he felt her free hand playing with his cock.

She laughed gently. "Tony I miss Alan a lot. But if we do this we will have to be very careful. You are tempting me, and I love you, and for the first time since Alan died you are making me feel like a proper woman and making me feel really wanted. I miss Alan so much and you make me feel as though he is here with me."

Then she started smothering his face with soft wet kisses as he grabbed her and pulled her over on top of him. She felt very soft and very sexy, her body was warm and still had that smell of a sleepy woman, with just a faint hint of the erotic perfume she had been wearing the night before."

Within minutes she was laying between his legs. She was rubbing her body hard against him and he was enjoying the feel of this sexy female against his body. He could not think about her as Joan his best friends wife. He wondered whether Alan would approve if he was looking down on them...

She whispered "Oh Tony I know this is all wrong but I want you badly." Tony could feel her body rubbing against his cock

"Yes Joan, I want you to." he said.

He looked up at her and it was his turn to smile as he saw the lust in her eyes. She leaned over and gave him a smile and a long passionate kiss on the lips.

Tony gazed into her eyes as he kissed her back, he realised then just how beautiful Joan was. He knew in his heart, that if they made love now, it would probably not be the last time. He wondered whether he should stop, but he could not ignore her wishes now. He knew that if he stopped she would feel rejected and he knew also that he had to try and let her down lightly, if he decided that their union was not to be. She gazed down at him her eyes showing her indecision, she was panting a little bit and a look of concentration in her eyes Then she bent down and once again their lips met. He somehow knew then that she had made a momentous decision and they were destined to become lovers at least for the present.

At the same time he felt his cock slip between her legs and rub against the lips of her vulva. The warm sticky moistness, told him that playtime was over and that she wanted him to get down to business."

Are you ready?" he asked

She gave a wide-eyed little nod of her head.

"Then put me in " He said quietly.

She reached down shuffling her body a little as she grabbed his cock and lined it up with the entrance to her love tunnel. She held his cock in a firm but gentle grip. She rubbed him up and down her vulva lips. She placed him at the entrance to her pussy, taking her weight on her hands as they rested on his hips

Gradually she let her body sink on to his cock until he could go no farther. She started moving up and down gently and within seconds he knew she was having her first orgasm, as she came with a little wail of contentment...

Tony pushed against her to prolong her orgasm, when she finished cumming she looked up at him in awe. She put her arm up and pulled his face down to kiss him.

"That was fantastic and the first time since I lost Alan."

They spent the next hour proving enjoying each others bodies. Each time Tony made sure that he did not cum inside her. She came several times even stronger than before as he did. Her moans and screams were loud, and often proving beyond all doubt that she was still capable of enjoying sex.

Joan really was an incredible lover; Tony marveled that she had managed without sex since the loss of Alan. She seemed to be able to come time after time no matter what he was doing to her. After an hour they both fell back exhausted, she rained long slow passionate kisses on his lips before they fell asleep again with her head still on his shoulder

Breakfast was a quiet affair and Joan seemed to be rather shy. Eventually she broke the silence

"I enjoyed last night Tony, but I still feel a bit disloyal to Alan, it is only six weeks since he died, but I know Alan would want us to be together if he had a say. He loved us both, and you are so much like him in so many ways."

Tony looked at her and said quietly. "Joan I love you, but I am not sure that I am in love with you just yet. We must wait awhile and let some time pass before we can make any life changing decisions. I know however, that you will always be an important part of my life no matter what happens. But you must come to terms with your loss in your own way. I will always be close to you, but neither of us knows what the future may hold."

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