Sunderland Magic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young female researcher works to makes discoveries about her magical world, and is surprised by what she finds.

Her eyes followed the red liquid as it flowed through the coiled plastic tubing and entered the glass collection beaker that was sitting on her laboratory table top. She needed 5 more milliliters of the stuff and then she could analyze its magical content and complete her thesis. Alison was a 24 year old master's student at the University of Sunderland and was apart of the first wave of bio-magical researchers that the kingdom of Sunderland had ever had. Wishing to stick to the traditional view that magic was a deep seated ability inseparable from the soul, most of the population refused to believe that there was a biological basis for their special abilities or that magic could be analyzed, quantified and experimentally manipulated.

But Alison was about to prove them all wrong. The red liquid that was painstakingly dripping into the glass beaker was what she called Potion de feu, and was actually an extract of her own Fire magic. It had taken her four years to determine the "fire gene" and then get it copied and expressed outside a human host. She had used bacteria as the amplification medium because they duplicate so fast, and it had taken her at least 6 months to find a bacterium that wouldn't spontaneously erupt into flames.

Alison was exceptionally proud of her work, and thought it was incredibly important for the future of her society. She was most excited about its potential use in magical medicine. The four elements each had aspects of the body that were under their jurisdiction to heal, but if a doctor of a magical element couldn't be found promptly it could lead to the life-time injury or even death. There was currently an Earth doctor shortage and people with weak bones and digestive issues were feeling its repercussions. If her project was successful, however, the magic needed could be bottled and a doctor of any element could use it.

She was so convinced that this was possible that she had encouraged her fellow graduate students to attempt to do the same thing for the Air, Water and Earth elements. Unfortunately, most people thought she was crazy to attempt her project, and since she also suffered from an extreme lack of funding, no one was interested.

Much to her pleasure however, two year ago a young Air warlock named Braden Matthews had taken her up on the offer. He even came with his own source of funding; all Alison had to do was share her lab space. With the knowledge that she'd already acquired from the Fire gene, Braden was able to quickly catch up to where she was with his own Potion de l'air. It had taken a little tweaking though, for while her bacteria had been flammable, Braden's enjoyed levitating.

And so, he was at that very moment attempting to recapture bright pink bacteria cultures that were flying around the room. He eventually admitted defeat and came to stand behind Alison as she worked, looking over her shoulder to see how the Potion de feu was coming.

"Do you think they make seat belts small enough for E.Coli?" Braden asked.

"Hmm, I don't think so Braden, but I look into it for you." She giggled at the visual of bacteria driving tiny little cars but before she could tell him about it he spoke,

"I don't think I have ever heard you giggle before, Ali. It's really cute." Her cheeks instantly blushed and she quickly turned back to look at her equipment. "Aww, don't be embarrassed. It suits you."

She had no idea what to say to that, so she figured a change in subject was in order.

"You might want to choose a different medium for your Air bacteria cultures. I think if we used a more gelatin-based medium they wouldn't be as likely to float away. It's not as good as a seat belt but it might work."

He was silent for a few moments and then replied, "Yeah, you're probably right. I'll try that first thing tomorrow. Have a good night Ali, and don't stay here all night like you usually do. You don't really need beauty sleep, but I hear it's good for you anyway."

She had let him walk away after his last comment and now stood frozen, completely confused. Braden had shared this tiny lab space with her for the last two years, and he had been nothing but strictly her friend. They cussed around each other like sailors to vent their frustrations, and he was constantly teasing her like she was his little sister. The only other time he had commented on her laughter was when he told her she snorted, and then pushed her nose us so she looked like a pig. But then in the space of the last 5 minutes he had flirted with her twice—that was what flirting looked liked right? What the hell was going on?

Inevitably she had ended up staying at the lab until late because she had to wait for the experiment to end, analyze the extract, ensure the extract's safety and then clean up. It had been past 10:00pm by the time she finally crossed the threshold of her apartment. But it was only 10:15 when she passed out on her bed naked, having been too tired to put pajamas on after getting her clothes off.

Alison was startled from her sleep. She wasn't exactly sure why, but she felt odd, on edge, like she was waiting for something she desperately needed. The clock on her nightstand read 5:00am, and she groaned at the thought that she only had 3 hours until she was to report back to the lab. She flopped herself back down onto her pillow and spent what felt like forever trying to force herself to go back to sleep. That proved to be a useless endeavor.

Alison was restless and anxious. She felt tingles in her arms and legs as if tiny fairies were dancing along her skin. But most noticeably and frustrating of all was the heat that was radiating from her core. As a Fire witch she was used to heat, but she was not used to this. This was an all-consuming blaze that licked at her moist center and refused to be tamed. She felt like if she was touched at all she would break apart. The images from the dream she had experienced earlier slowly started to filter back into her mind. There, there was the man that she wanted to touch her, the man she wanted to help break her apart.

He was a tall man, about 6'3'', with broad, strong shoulders that led down to the muscular arms he had crossed in front of his chest. He was leaning against the black-topped laboratory bench, wearing nothing but a white thigh-length lab coat and a smile.

Alison groaned as she felt a hand travel down her stomach, past the small thatch of curly brown hair, and into her wet folds. It was her own hand that was touching her in reality, but she envisioned it to belong to her sexy lab partner, who had now pulled her naked body against his hard chest and positioned her against the benchtop.

Her lover was silent but possessing. Capturing her mouth with his own and running his callused hand down the sides of her full breast, across her flat, toned stomach and further downward toward her soaking pussy. His tongue found entry into her mouth at the same time that his fingers found entering into her tight sheath. She let out an involuntary gasp and he delved deeper into her mouth with his tongue, seeking out hers. His fingers were slowly but rhythmically pistoning in and out of her and a tiny moan escaped her with each thrust.

The heat inside of her was growing hotter. Her knees were growing weaker and she had to wrap her hands around his neck to prevent herself from falling. She felt his thumb rub against her clit and she tore her mouth away from his so that she could release a low, guttural moan in response. She was climbing higher, closer to climax with each brush of his thumb, and her hips began to move against his hand, begging him to pump harder, faster into her.

The hand that he had placed on her waist to hold her against him slowly crept up her side and began massaging her full breast. He was gentle but strong and the slow kneading sent sparks of electricity down her spine. She felt like she was leaving her body, like she was stepping outside herself, but when his warm, moist mouth closed around her erect nipple, she slammed back into her body and shattered in orgasm. She was weak and shaking when she came back to consciousness and all she could hear was an annoyingly loud buzzing noise in her right ear.

She opened her eyes slowly, hoping to see Braden's broad chest, but instead she was greeted by the sight of her own lonely bedroom. With a sigh of disappointment she reached over to her alarm clock and hit the snooze button, hoping for just five more minutes with her dream man.

Never had a Wednesday been that particularly difficult to get through. She had arrived late, having snoozed for an extra 30 minutes, and when she finally arrived Braden was already hard at work at the desk that ran along the back wall of the room. When Braden heard her footsteps he looked up from his research and smiled. That smile was the exact same one she had envisioned last night, and he was once again wearing a lab coat; this time, however, he was also wearing pants. Just the thought of the illicit things she had done with her dream-Braden had her moistening between her thighs and growing increasingly embarassed at being in his presence.

The rest of the day continued in a similar fashion. Every time he brushed against her while attempting to maneuver around the lab machines and equipment, her pulse would race and her skin would tingle. It was a very long and frustrating day for her, but not unfruitful. The preliminary analysis of the Fire extract she had done the previous night had been promising, and today she had found solid evidence that this extract contained the Fire molecule she needed. She was now working on organizing the next step in the research process: experiments on mice. She wasn't quite sure if she was ready to have fire breathing mice running around the lab, but she was incredibly thrilled with the fact that her project had finally gotten to this stage.

Braden was also having an excellent day by the looks of things. His extraction equipment was set up and a silver liquid was slowly beginning to flow through the intricate tubing. Now if I could just quit thinking about jumping his bones every 5 seconds, this day would be amazing, she thought to herself. As if hearing her internal thoughts Braden turned her way. She immediately blushed and busied herself at her desk.

"You've been staring at me all day Ali, and then when I look at you you turn away and blush like a school girl. What's up with you?"

"N-nothing's wrong with me Braden. I'm sorry if I'm being odd. I'll stop. I promise." Braden purposefully walked toward her and spun her chair around 180 degrees. Resting his hands on the arm rests, he leaned down to whisper into her ear,

"Oh, but baby I don't want you to stop." He said in a silky voice that caressed her from head to foot. You've been looking at me all day like you want to push me up against a wall and have your way with me and I am more than willing to fulfill your desire."

The only warning they were given was a small popping sound and then the papers she had been holding in her hands went up in flames. She squeaked and dropped them to the floor. Braden quickly stamped out the small fire that his words had elicited from Alison and then turned to see her backing away from him. He followed her until she bumped into the side wall of the lab and he placed his hands on either side of her head, trapping her there.

"W-what are you doing? We can't do this Braden we work together, we see each other everyday."

He leaned down placing small kisses along her neckline until he reached her earlobe and softly nibbled on it.

"I've wanted you for a long time now Ali. God you're so fucking sexy and you don't even know it. You have the sexiest hair," he said as he threaded he fingers through the silky, chocolate-colored tresses. "When you pull your pony tail down and shake your hair out after a long day and only I'm left around to see you ... god I have to keep myself from bending you over the table and taking you right there."

"You like my hair?" She asked.

"Its one of the many things I like about you Ali, I also enjoy your eyes, and your nose and your checks..." He continued to list off all of Ali's features, kissing each one as he went down the list, purposely avoiding her mouth.

She squirmed against him as he kissed down her neck and slipped his hand inside the collar of her lab coat so that he could push is off her shoulders. With a sigh she brought her hand up to still his,

"We can't do this Braden. At least not here. Not now." Her eyes were wide and starting to tear from frustration. It was incredibly hard for her to ask him to stop. She wanted him. She wanted him so badly she ached. But they were still at work and today was a very important day in the project; they couldn't just ignore their breakthroughs so that they could have mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex.

He reluctantly pushed himself away from her and rose to his full height. "So you agree that we could and should do this some other time?" he asked wickedly.

"Oh god yes." She hadn't meant to sound so desperate, but she was skating on the edge of sanity. He chuckled and leaned down to quickly place a kiss on her cheek before turning back to his work.

"You won't get away from me that easily next time little one. You got lucky."

She felt a shudder pass through her and she smiled as she pried herself away from the wall. She sat down at her desk and tried to concentrate on her new mouse project, but for the rest of the day her mind was actually filled with thoughts of all the naughty things she could do to make Braden moan her name.

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