Another Sun Sets
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2008 by hunterindarkness

Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A chance meeting at sundown leads to an interesting mixture of domination and mystery

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Horror   DomSub   Rough   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Size  


"Did I ever mention how much I dislike sundowns"?

I guess there should be a reason for this feeling, but sadly, if there is, I can't put a finger on it. This has always been the case. I only know that as I watch the darkness and the cold close in on this world I can't help but think that this is just another ending. I prefer sunrises and the new beginnings they bring with them.

It was unusual to find me at this little coffee shop, sitting outsides, at sunset. I usually found my way home before this time, reclusive until the sun had finished it's decent and night had settled. Something, some fate or destiny, had kept me firmly planted drinking coffee till my heart rate head sped beyond it's normal pace from the influx of so much caffine. I grimaced as I watched the sunset, wondering what whim had kept me here despite my overwhelming urge to be home.

That's when she walked around the corner, just as the last rays of day were surrendering to the darkness. They highlighted her hair and allowed her form to be seen thru the sundress she wore, a pleasant form, a form of men's dreams, or perhaps their nightmares. It struck me as odd that though her figure was all but ablaze with those last rays that her face managed to remain in shadow. I watched as she approached, my curiousity ablaze, wondering what that face would hold.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when she stepped into the lights of the coffee house. She was plain. Not what I was expecting at all. She caught me looking at her and surprised me further when she pulled out a seat at my little table and sat down without asking.

She seemed of medium height, though I had yet to see from the proper perspective, but we were eye to eye looking at each other across the table. Her face, although plain, had an appealing quality to her. A quirky smile lay beneath a nose that was maybe a little too pointed and turned up just a little much. Brown eyes that stared openly at me, a sad look adding to the light lines that crinkled around them, turning her look into something of desperation rather then the look of amusement she was no doubt going for. I would guess her to be 20 or maybe 30 pretending to be 20. I wasn't sure.

"Buy me a coffee, straight up, no cream or sugar" she said. And I caught one of the shops workers cleaning tables, handed him the money, and asked for two.

We sat there, across from one another saying nothing. Only examining each other across the table as the sun finally settled in and night slid across the sky. The coffee flowing thru my system seemed as nothing as my heart now sped from this silent interaction.

Giving a little giggle, she got up, and taking my hand led me away from the coffee shop and down the street in the darkness between streetlights. She didn't say a word, but none was needed. The look in her eyes as we had sat across from one another spoke volumes. I was wise enough in the ways of the world to know where this was going.

I let her lead me, hand in hand, to an apartment building about 3 blocks away, and I followed her up several flights of stairs, watching the way her ass swayed beneath her dress. I found myself before a door, a crayon written number upon it, where normally a brass number would have been displayed. Room 403. She produced a key from somewhere and let us in.

I hate to admit it, but the details of the first room didn't stick in my head, it was dark inside and the only light came from a what was obviously a bedroom. A brief bit of light that I saw came thru the window from the streetlight outside. There wasn't much here, only a bed and a dresser, the room seemed naked without the normal touches that one finds in the home of a woman.

As we entered, her attitude shifted, and her sense of self confidence vanished as she seemed to take on the perspective of a shy young girl. She sat on the edge of the bed looking at the floor as her long brown hair streamed down to partly cover her face as though to hide her embarrassment. I stood there looking down, thinking to myself, is this what she really wants? But, doubts disappeared as she timidly reached out and took my hand and placed it against her cheek.

I stepped up to her, my hand sliding behind her head and grasping her hair, turning up a face filled with desperation, longing and lust. She silently reached out, still looking me in the eyes, and began unbuckling my belt and pants, and allowing them to slide to the floor, pooling around my ankles as my cock slide free. I kicked my pants to the side, still looking down, wondering if she or I would make the next move. She did.

Letting her eyes drop downwards, she gave a little gasp as she saw my limp cock hanging before her. I am no big man, but whatever gods deign to grant us favors had seen to have favored me with more then the average share.

"I've never", a pause, "I didn't know", another pause, "it would be that big" she stammered.

Grinning I told her "it will be bigger soon", and I heard her gasp.

She took my cock in her hand, a cold hand that sent a little shiver up my spine, as she lifted it to her mouth and licked the underside as though she was a little girl who had just been given a candy cane. Slowly, as though fearful, she took the my cock into her mouth groaning lightly.

My cock swelled in her mouth, quickly reaching it's full 9 inches and full girth, causing her to gag and struggle to take even half of it in. I took her hands, from me, leaving my cock still in her mouth and pushed them onto my thighs as her eyes looked up into mine. Grasping her hair, a bit more roughly this time, I held her head tightly as I stabbed my engorged cock deeper into her mouth.

She gasped in surprise, choking and still looking up, and I watched tears gather in her eyes. Not from fear, no, but the watering of eyes that are caused as one is overwhelmed by emotion as she felt my cock sink deeper down her throat. Little goblets of drool slide down her chin as I thrust my cock harder and harder into her mouth, feeling her lips slide across it as she took a little bit more in each stab.

Finally, she gagged hard, unable to take anymore, but still I did my best to drive my entire length down her throat. And oh, what a look of excitement flickered in her eyes. She liked this feeling of being used, of being taken, of being dominated. With one final thrust, my hands tightly wrapped in her hair, I forced my cock past that last bit of hesitation and buried it in her throat, holding her face tightly against my pubic hair as her hands tightened on my legs, her nails digging shallow groves and her breath catching as she lost her ability to breath.

Forcing her mouth off my cock, her breath rasping as she fought for air and streams of saliva stringing from her lips to my cock, I grasped her by her arms and raised her to her feet. Again, she assumed that she stance, her head hanging in submission, her hands by her side.

Her breath caught, then erupted in a moan, as I slid my hands to the front of her dress just above her breasts and ripped her dress open down the front exposing her firm breasts and letting it fall around her feet. It was with no surprise that I noticed she wore no bra or panties and my cock gave a little jerk of excitement at this.

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