Leap of Faith
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nicole is running away from her past after the two people she cared most about betrayed her in the worst of ways. She gradually makes a new life, somewhere far away; away from the memories. But can Nicole learn to forgive... and will she ever be able to trust again?

Rain streaked down the windows in greasy rivulets, distorting the myriad of reflected lights. The bus trundled on, rumbling through the dirty streets and by-ways of the dreary town. Eventually the houses and factories gave way to endless fields and flat scrubland. It was featureless and grey — just like the rest of Nicole's world.

She sat huddled next to a grubby window with her face pressed to the cold glass. Her cheeks were damp with salty tears and her pale blue eyes gazed unseeing out into the bleak countryside. Her mind was focussed inwards, continually playing the reel of memory that had brought her to this miserable point in her life.

The two people, who had meant everything to her, had betrayed her in the cruellest of ways.

"Is this seat taken honey?"

Nicole snapped out of her reverie when the bus pulled away from another remote bus stop. She looked up, her eyes still blurred with tears, to see a young woman smiling at her, her long red hair braided and tied with bits of ribbon. She wore a short denim skirt with black leather biker boots and the hint of a tattoo peeked out from the front of a ragged tee shirt.

"Erm ... no," Nicole said, wondering why when the bus was half empty, the girl wanted to sit next to her.

"Cool," the girl grinned amiably, her green eyes sparkling brightly. "My name's Danni, what's yours?"


"Like the car ad..."

Nicole stared at the girl in bemusement. What the hell was she talking about? For a moment she forgot all the reasons she came to be sat on this bus with a small bag containing everything she owned, plonked at her feet.

"Ya know, the french chick in the car advert from a few years back — Papa, Nicole!" The girl burst out laughing merrily and Nicole found herself almost smiling too. Danni's sense of humour was infectious.

"Oh I see," Nicole said slowly, privately thinking that no, she didn't see exactly.

"So ... where're you heading?" asked Danni, eyeing the holdall bag on the floor.

Nicole shrugged. She honestly had no idea where she was heading. The final destination had seemed unimportant when she jumped on board the first bus leaving the station a couple of hours ago.

"I err ... don't know," she replied. It sounded totally lame and she really wished this nosy girl had sat somewhere else. The last thing Nicole wanted to do was talk about everything. That required her to then THINK about it — which was painful.

"Okay, let's try another question," Danni said dryly. "Have you got anywhere to stay at this mystery location that you're not going to?"

Nicole looked at her and felt the tears welling back up again. This annoying girl actually had a point — she had nowhere to go to, nobody to ask for help and very little money left. She really had landed herself in dire straits.

The trouble was, when she had left, she had done so in a blind rush. She had flung some clothes into a bag and grabbing her purse, she had run out of the door and onto the first bus that came along. The image of Sean and Kate, naked and entwined on their bed, was permanently etched on to her retinas. Whenever she shut her eyes, she saw them locked together in a carnal embrace. It felt like acid was being poured on the open wound each and every time she remembered the gruesome tableau.

If only she hadn't returned early from her evening class, she would never have caught them out. She still had no idea how long it had been going on — possibly months for all she knew. Nicole felt so stupid. She couldn't quite believe she had been so blind to what had been happening.

They had made a fool out of her. There was no way she could stay in that flat with the two of them — so she did the only thing she could do — she ran.

"I'm sorry," Nicole sniffed, unable to stop the tears falling relentlessly down her cheeks. She could taste the salt as it trickled over her dry lips.

"That's okay honey — here have a tissue." Danni pulled a dubious looking wad of tissue from her bag and passed it to Nicole. "Your mascara is running," she added helpfully.

"Thanks," mumbled Nicole, dabbing at her red eyes and wishing she could erase the last twenty-four hours. In fact, make that the last three years — that way she would never have met Sean and fallen in love with him.

All those people who said it was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all — spoke rubbish. In her opinion, it was far easier to keep your heart locked up securely, than give it away to someone who didn't deserve it.

"So ... I'm guessing that you have nowhere to go tonight?" Danni asked perceptively.

"No." Nicole was beginning to realise that running away blindly was perhaps rather hasty given her precarious situation. She had barely enough money to pay for a room in a fleapit for the night. And with no job ... it was not looking good.

"Tell you what, if you want to, you can stay with me 'til you get sorted?"

Nicole wiped her eyes and stared at this strange looking girl with the scary make-up and pierced eyebrow. Why on earth would she want to help her? She didn't know her from Adam.

"I can see you've had some kind of trouble and between you, me and the bus conductor, I was in that place once upon a time," Danni stated gravely. "Somebody helped me and now I'm trying to help you — Karma it's called."

Nicole wasn't so sure about Karma, but she recognised when fate was stepping in to give her a helping hand.

The street was steep and the rain continued to hammer down on the cobbles in huge drops that soon soaked through Nicole's thin coat. She shivered slightly as she followed Danni past small touristy shops and quaint tearooms. The smell of salt in the air coupled with the sound of gulls wheeling high above almost made her smile.

She loved the seaside and had experienced a brief spark of excitement when the bus finally came to the end of the line in the scenic seaside town. Danni had chattered every mile of that journey, seemingly determined to distract Nicole from her abject misery. Surprisingly the ploy had worked — Nicole had for a while forgotten the sorry train of events that had brought her to the town and she found herself rather enjoying Danni's light hearted anecdotes and mindless gossip about pop stars and television programmes she liked.

"Not much further," Danni told her as they tramped down a side street. The sky was black and the wind was picking up; a harsh biting wind blowing straight off the sea. In the far distance Nicole imagined she could hear the surf crashing on the beach.

In reality this was unlikely as the bay was too sheltered to experience huge waves. It was a natural harbour and hundreds of small craft were usually moored there throughout the summer. The best sand beaches were the other side of the headland and that was also where the majority of the shops and amusement arcades were situated. This part of town was the old town — quiet, with narrow streets and scruffy Victorian boarding houses.

Eventually they reached a red door next to a small café and Danni pulled a key from her pocket. "Home sweet home!" she grinned. "I should warn you though, my brother is a pain in the arse, so just ignore him — I try to."

Nicole followed Danni up two flights of narrow stairs until they reached another door. "Rob, I'm home," she yelled, her voice echoing through the small flat.

"Did you buy some milk?" The muffled voice came from the other side of a door and a few seconds later a young man appeared, running a hand through his tousled blond hair.

"Oops!" said Danni with a rueful grin. "I forgot..."

"Aww Danni! I could have gotten some if I'd known!"

"Nicole, this is my brother, Rob," explained Danni. "Rob, this is Nicole — I said she could crash here for a bit."

Nicole looked with embarrassment at Rob, taking in the tight tee shirt and Nike tracksuit bottoms that clung to a muscular body. He was pretty damned hot and she was stood here feeling like shit warmed up, her lanky hair plastered unattractively to her head.

"Another stray, Danni?" Rob said dryly and Nicole felt her cheeks grow even warmer. Oh great — Rob was pissed at her being here.

"Yeah — just like you dickhead! When exactly were you were moving in with Lizzie? Months ago last time I checked, so shut it."

The two siblings scowled at each other for a few chilly moments and Nicole tried to wish herself away on a magic carpet. It didn't work.

"Sorry, Nicole," apologised Danni. "My brother has forgotten his manners, but while he's making you feel a little more welcome, I'm off to Mrs Dryzmalski's shop for some milk. Just as well she stays open all hours!"

She grabbed her bag and disappeared back through the door, leaving Nicole and Rob staring at each other awkwardly.

"So..." he ventured after a long pause. "Where did Danni find you then?"

"On the bus," replied Nicole. "I had nowhere to go and she—"

Stopping abruptly as tears threatened to overflow, Nicole hurriedly wiped her eyes on the cuff on her coat.

"Hey, I didn't mean to have a go at you — sorry!" Rob looked chastened when he saw how upset she was. "I just know how much of a soft touch she is and I hate to see her taken advantage of. Not that I do that of course..." he grinned, his eyes crinkling up attractively.

"Come on through and take your wet coat off — you're dripping all over our lovely carpet."

Nicole looked down to see a hideous threadbare carpet, swirling with psychedelic colours. When she looked back at Rob, she realised he was laughing at her and she smiled despite her sense of embarrassment at crashing in on two complete strangers.

"Joke!" he said light heartedly. "Follow me and I'll put the kettle on while we wait for my darling sister to return."

Nicole took a seat at the scratched pine table, her bag dropped on the floor beside her. She felt like she was dreaming — any time now she expected to wake up and find herself back in bed with Sean snoring next to her.

For a moment she allowed herself to think about him.

She remembered how he felt snuggled up to her; the scent of his skin and the feel of his hand on her body. If she tried really hard she could picture him as he turned over and kissed her, his lips soft on her mouth. But these thoughts were painful and only led her to other images of Sean kissing Kate; touching her body as he had touched Nicole's.

"So, what brings you to our lovely town?" asked Rob while he washed up some mugs.

Nicole tore her thoughts back to the present and lifted her blue eyes towards him. A stray tendril of mousy hair drifted over her cheek and she pushed it back behind her ear. "I needed a change of scenery," she said flatly. Understatement of the century, she thought sadly.

Rob looked closely at her but evidently decided not to pursue the subject. "How long are you planning on sticking around?"

How long is a piece of string?

"Don't know..." Nicole replied. She sniffed as a tear threatened to escape and Rob glanced back at her, a tea towel in his hand.

"Look," he said gravely. "I don't mean to pry, but if you want to talk about it, I'm happy to listen, okay?"

"Thanks," she whispered. She couldn't quite believe he was being so nice to her — just like Danni had. Maybe there was a God after all. Maybe it would all turn out right in the end...

"I'm back!" yelled Danni and they both heard the front door bang shut.

"God she's like a bull in a china shop, that girl," muttered Rob.

"Tea or coffee?" he asked Nicole gently.

"Tea please."

"Next time we need milk, you're going to the corner shop..." Danni said darkly as she walked into the kitchen scowling. "If Mrs Dryzmalski tells me about her son, Jakob, one more time, I swear I'm gonna kill her! I get the distinct impression she's trying to marry him off to a 'nice' girl like me."

Rob snorted with laughter. "Has she confused you with someone else?" he sniggered.

"Oh fuck off!" Danni scowled at him. "At least I'm not a skanky ho like Lizzie!"

"Thanks, Sis!" Rob glared at her and threw the tea towel down, before stomping out of the kitchen with a face like thunder.

"Oops..." Danni grinned, looking far from sorry. She rolled her eyes at Nicole and proceeded to make their drinks. "Lizzie is his sometime girlfriend," she explained. "Trouble is she is also everyone else's sometime girlfriend! I've told him to dump her, but so far he hasn't quite managed it. He's too nice for his own good and Lizzie takes advantage something wicked."

She sipped her tea and stared off into the distance reflectively. "I just wish he'd meet someone who appreciated him. Lizzie just takes the piss."

Nicole could relate to that. Sean had taken the piss by fucking her sister behind her back. Poor Rob — yes, she knew exactly how he felt.

By the time Danni showed Nicole the bed settee in the living room, she was more than ready to sleep. Her eyes were beginning to shut of their own accord and she felt like a zombie. The prospect of sleep seemed a blissful escape from the horror of the day's events. She was emotionally exhausted as well as physically tired.

"You gonna be okay?" asked Danni from the doorway.

"Yeah..." said Nicole. She yawned heavily. "Thanks for everything, Danni. I don't know what I would have done if you—"

"Hey that's okay," interrupted Danni. "Get some sleep and we can talk in the morning." She shut the door, leaving Nicole in peace.

Once she had settled down on the sofa bed, Nicole soon found her thoughts crowded with images of Sean and Kate again. As hard as she tried, she could not push the pictures from her head. The tears began to rain down and before long the pillow was soaked. Her body was racked with painful sobs and Nicole wished that she could cut her heart from her chest and make it all go away. Eventually she fell into a fitful sleep.

Rob opened the lounge door quietly. It was still early; the sky was just beginning to streak with pale dawn light. He would have liked to have stayed in bed, but it was impossible. Once he was awake, he had to be up and about. It had always been the same with him.

Danni was still fast asleep naturally. She was far better left to awaken on her own as she was notoriously bad tempered if disturbed. He grinned at the memory of throwing cold water on her when they were kids. How she had screamed! She had gotten her own back though and he still had the dent in his head to prove it. Frying pans hurt when thrown in temper.

Nicole was stretched out along the narrow sofa bed, her dark blonde hair lying across the pillow in tousled waves. One arm held onto the edge of the duvet tightly and he could hear her breathing faintly. He wasn't sure why, but she intrigued him. There was something incredibly vulnerable about her and the sight of her pale sad face last night had touched him deeply.

He had no idea what had happened to her — she didn't seem inclined to talk about it — but he knew someone had hurt her badly. He could only hope that this person lived to regret it. With a sigh he pulled the door closed again. He needed to go for a run before breakfast; if he left it much longer the tide would be turning.

Nicole awoke feeling immensely disorientated. For a split second she reached out her arm expecting to feel Sean's warm back. Instead she encountered the rough texture of the sofa arm. With a pang of misery the events of the previous day flooded through her consciousness like bile and she curled up tightly in a futile attempt to curb the pain.

Slowly the intensity of emotions receded and she pushed the horrible images firmly back into the locked room within her mind. There really was no point in rehashing it all over again. She couldn't change any of it. What's done is done, she thought miserably. Today was the first day of a new chapter in her life and she just needed to bloody get on with it.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes blearily. They felt sore and swollen from all the tears she had shed. Her back ached and every muscle in her body protested as she moved. The sofa bed was hideously uncomfortable but it beat sleeping in a bus shelter. It was still fairly dark outside and Nicole had wondered what time it was — her watch was back in the bedroom of her old flat so she had no way of telling. But she didn't want to think about the 'old flat', so she erased the thought.

Pushing the duvet off her legs, she stood up yawning heavily. After the bathroom, she needed a drink — her mouth felt all dry and woolly. Once she was dressed and Danni appeared, she supposed it would be time to make a move and go job hunting. There had to be plenty of casual jobs in a seaside town like this.

Only when she had a regular income could she make more plans for the future. Maybe then she could find somewhere more permanent to live. There was no way she could continue to rely on Danni's kindness for much longer. One night was acceptable; much more than that was a major imposition.

Nicole dragged her weary bones into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. The small window above the sink looked out across the roofs of the town, the view stretching down towards the sea. In the distance Nicole could see small boats bobbing placidly. It looked surprisingly picturesque and for a moment she forgot all the reasons why she was here.

Then she remembered and she determinedly blocked the images. It was time to pull some clothes on. With the mug in her hand, she wandered back out of the kitchen and straight into the arms of Rob as he burst through the front door, his running vest dark with sweat.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" Nicole apologised profusely when scalding tea splashed his arm.

For a moment she was trapped against the hard wall of his body, the scent of fresh sweat tickling her senses. Her heart thudded in her chest and she was suddenly aware of how undressed she was. All she wore was a tee shirt and some shorts. They had been the first things she had pulled from the basket of clothes back at home. If there had been more time to pack, there were many things she would have taken — but she hadn't.

Rob gently extricated himself and rubbed his arm ruefully. "Ouch!" he commented when he saw the pink mark where the tea had splashed him.

"Are you okay?" asked Nicole, wishing that for once in her life she wasn't so clumsy.

"I'll live," he grinned. "Right, I need a shower..." He flashed a smile at her and vanished into the bathroom leaving Nicole with a sudden sense of disquiet.

Rob stood under the needle sharp spray thinking about Nicole again. She had resembled a startled deer when he crashed into her in the hallway. He had found her body more than a little arousing when she was briefly pressed against him. His cock reacted immediately to this train of thought and he felt himself harden.

This is stupid, he muttered crossly, reaching out to grab the shower gel. He had more than enough on his plate at the minute. Lizzie was running rings round him and he needed another woman like he needed a hole in the head. More to the point he didn't need a woman with problems. Vigorously he scrubbed his skin with the flannel and washed all the sweat away. His body felt achy from the long run down the beach; but it was a good feeling. Exercise was great — it took his mind off all the crap in his life.

The busy café was packed with tourists seeking shelter from the biting wind and rain. The squall had hit right out of the blue. One minute the sun was shining warmly and the next, the black clouds rolled in across the bay like a dark malevolent curtain. In seconds the heavens opened and the town was drenched.

Nicole had seen the storm clouds brewing and she watched the rain through the window when it began to fall outside. She paused in her task of clearing tables, remembering the time they had danced in rain, barefoot in the park one summer night. Sean had spun her round, laughing when she complained of feeling dizzy. Eventually they had collapsed in a heap beneath a huge oak tree, lying amongst the long grass, kissing as the rain drops disappeared into the parched earth.

For a moment the noise and bustle melted away and she felt the prickle of the dry grass on her back. She tasted the salt of his skin when he kissed her and she inhaled the warm musky scent of his flesh as he pulled her into the curve of his hard body. She felt the tears begin to fall when she realised it was over and he was never going to do any of those things again...

"Nicole!" The voice in her ear made her jump. "Are you okay?" Danni stood staring at her with a mixture of sympathy and irritation.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm fine," said Nicole hurriedly wiping her eyes.

"I thought the Mother Ship was calling you and we'd lost you there!"

Nicole laughed despite herself. "Sorry, I just remembered something silly."

Danni could see from the pain etched on the other girl's face that it was nothing silly. But she knew better than to push things. It had been two weeks now and although Nicole was slowly showing signs of recovery, she was a long way off being healed.

Bits and pieces of the puzzle had slipped out here and there, but the whole story still remained an intriguing enigma. Danni had tried to encourage Nicole to open up, but she stubbornly refused to talk about what brought her here. It was annoying, but Danni knew better than to pry. Nicole would talk when she was good and ready. Until then Danni would have to remain patient.

"Come on," she said quietly. "Let's go for a break. Madeline will manage for ten minutes." Danni grabbed Nic's arm and pulled her through the kitchen and into the doorway of the back yard. The view was hardly scenic, but at least it was quiet out there.

Rain dripped down, the downpour slowly beginning to recede as blue sky peeked through the heavy clouds once again. Sea gulls wheeled and cried in the distance, an endless orchestra of sound drifting up from the harbour.

Danni pulled a packet of cigarettes from her jeans pocket and lit one, sucking in a lungful of smoke with an expression of blissful pleasure. The smoke wafted over towards Nicole and she grimaced slightly. "Disgusting habit," she commented, as she had every other day of the last week.

"So sue me," Danni said flippantly. "Do you mind if I go out with Craig tonight?"

"No, 'course not," said Nicole in surprise. "You don't need to babysit me every evening."

"I know I don't. Trust me I would prefer NOT to be going out with Craig at all!" She said this in a low voice. Craig was one of the cook's currently working in the kitchen and he had been after Danni for ages, but so far she had rebuffed his advances.

Nicole was not sure why exactly — he seemed nice enough so far as she could tell. He wasn't spectacularly good looking, but he had a sense of humour and clearly had the hot's for Danni. "Where's he taking you?" she enquired with a grin.

Danni rolled her eyes and took another drag of her cigarette. "There's a band playing at the Blue Parrott Club. He has two tickets and I figured I may as well go with him. If we were just going for a drink, I would have asked you to come too."

"So I can play gooseberry all evening?" scoffed Nicole. "I think not!" The last thing she needed right now was to be reminded of romantic shit. That was something she was resolutely pushing from her head. Men were not what she needed at all. The job in the café was suiting her just fine — it was mindless and paid crap wages, but it was enough to allow her to contribute towards the shopping and bills at Danni's flat.

Danni had been so good to her. Not only had she given her a roof over her head — she had also provided her with this job. The café was owned by her Aunt Susan, or Sue as she preferred to be called, and she was more than happy to take Nicole on as one of the other girls had just left for a better paying job at the local holiday camp. She was actually grateful when Danni dragged her in on the first day for an interview.

"Done any waitressing before?" asked Sue kindly as they sat at a quiet table near the kitchen entrance.

"Not exactly..." replied Nicole with a sinking feeling. There was no way she would be any good at it — she was far too clumsy.

"Well never mind, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon enough." Sue smiled at her, noting the dark circles under her eyes. "Danni will show you the ropes — she's been working here for years on and off."

"You mean I have the job?" said Nicole in surprise.

"Yes!" Sue stood up and glanced at her watch. "Could you do a shift this afternoon?"

"Err ... yeah, I don't see why not." It wasn't like she had anything better to do, Nicole thought miserably.

Her first shift had been a baptism of fire. The weather had turned unexpectedly sunny and the streets had soon been teeming with tourists all needing refreshments and ice creams. For five hours she had been rushed off her feet; taking orders and dishing out endless tea and coffee. By the time the café closed its doors, Nicole's feet were killing her. All she could think about was a long hot shower.

There was nothing like hard work to put things in perspective. At least it had taken her mind off Sean for a few blessed hours. That evening she collapsed on the sofa bed in the flat and fell asleep almost immediately. Thus began a whole new life in a different town. It wasn't perfect, but slowly she began to readjust to life without Sean and Katie around.

Nicole was half asleep on the settee when she heard the door slam loudly. For a minute she wondered why Danni had come back early. According to the clock on the shelf it was only half past nine and the concert was unlikely to be over yet. When Danni didn't appear in the room, Nicole reluctantly hauled herself off the settee and decided to go and find out all the gory details.

To her surprise, it was Rob, not Danni, who was stood in the kitchen staring pensively out of the window.

"Hey," she said warily. Rob was supposed to be staying at Lizzie's tonight. He had mentioned a party and had gone off earlier in a good mood, dressed in a new shirt and looking pretty hot, although Nicole was reluctant to admit she had noticed what he was wearing.

"How come you're back early?" She tried again when he ignored her first conversational foray.

Sighing loudly, Rob turned round to face her and Nicole saw the lurid purple bruise forming around his left eye.

"Oh my god!" she gasped in shock. "What happened to you?" His eye was already closing and by tomorrow it was going to look shocking.

Rob grimaced darkly. "I had an argument with an immovable object."

"It must have been a very hard one..." Nicole smiled faintly. "Let me put something on that eye," she offered kindly. "I might be able to keep the swelling down if I do something quickly."

"Thanks." He sat down on the wooden chair looking miserable as hell while Nicole rummaged in the small freezer compartment searching for something, anything, to use as an ice pack.

There was a small bag of frozen peas lurking at the back of the box. Deciding they were never going to be eaten, she shut the door and wrapped them in a clean tea towel. "Here," she said, "This will have to do."

The makeshift ice pack was cold and Rob winced when she placed it gently on his eye. He could feel the frigidity beginning to seep into his skin causing the whole area to go gradually numb. It was just a pity his heart was incapable of doing the same.

"Come on, tell me what happened," said Nicole quietly. "Who hit you and why?"

Rob paused before saying with a deep sigh, "Lizzie was being her usual self and flirting with all and sundry. One bloke was really coming on strong and I suppose I just lost it. I told him to back off and he started laughing, so I hit him." He laughed mirthlessly. "He was bigger than me and he hit me back..."

"And then what happened?"

"Then Lizzie threw a pint over me and told me I was a possessive lunatic. Last I saw of her she was leaving with the bloke I hit"

Nicole couldn't believe this girl was treating him so badly. Instinctively she reached out and hugged Rob tightly. "She doesn't deserve you," she said into his neck. His skin smelt faintly of beer and aftershave — not unpleasant.

Rob said nothing. He felt her arms wrapping round his neck and he wondered if she had any idea of the effect she was having on him. Somehow he doubted it. His misery receded and he began to enjoy the sensation of two soft breasts pressed against his chest.

Suddenly she pulled back, her face turning pink. "Oh god I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that..." she said when she realised what she had done.

"Hey, that's okay," Rob whispered, putting the ice down on the table. He looked at her intently. One eye was partially closed, but the other gleamed brightly. Her lips were a crushed raspberry colour and he could see the uncertainty in her face, attraction warring with fear of the unknown.

Tossing caution into the wind and firmly consigning Lizzie to past tense, Rob grasped the back of Nicole's head and kissed her firmly. For a second she froze against him, her body tense and her mouth closed. Then slowly she began to respond, lips parting softly and allowing his tongue access to the warm wet depths of her mouth.

She tasted sweet and intoxicating and he deepened the kiss, pushing his hands further into her soft hair. The pain and discomfort of his bruised eye faded in the glow of arousal and her arm crept further round his neck, her body tilting forward until she was virtually sat across his lap.

Rob broke the kiss and Nicole stared at him, her thoughts fuzzy and indistinct. Her lips felt swollen and tender, her body humming with desire. "I ... err..." she tried to say, but the words wouldn't come.

"I think we should..." Rob began to say, when they both heard the front door open and bang shut again. Nicole jumped away from him like a scalded cat just as Danni breezed into the kitchen, her lips pursed in a scowl.

"Remind me never to go out with that wanker again!" she growled furiously before noticing her brother's black eye. "Fucking hell what happened to you?"

"Don't ask..." He turned to look at Nicole, but she had her back to him and was busily filling the kettle up with water. With a sigh he realised that the moment was lost, so he grabbed the ice pack and left the girls to discuss Danni's date.

From the corner of her eye, Nicole surreptitiously watched him leave. Danni was busily relating the evening with Craig at the Blue Parrot Club, but Nicole didn't hear much of it. Her mind was reliving the feel of Rob kissing her and she felt her cheeks flushing hotly, so she quickly turned to make the tea before Danni noticed.

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