Sometimes Love...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rocky loved Carrie and she loved him. That should have been the end of it, but like the song says "Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough".

" ... I could never change you,
I don't want to blame you,
Baby you don't have to take the fall.
Yes, I may have hurt you,
But I did not desert you,
Maybe I just wanted to have it all..."

"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" by Don Henley

Rocky picked up his cell phone and turned it on as he held a cold can of soda against his cheek. Once his old but reliable phone powered up, it chimed that he had a voice mail. Rocky already knew who it was from. In fact, he could picture his wife Carrie impatiently drumming her perfectly lacquered fingernails against the polished walnut surface of her antique desk when his cell phone sent her immediately to voice mail. He hit the retrieve message button and listened to the recording.

"Damn it, Rocky, I hate it when you keep your cell phone off," she'd said peevishly into the phone. Then her voice softened, "I've got a big presentation at three, and I need to talk to you beforehand. Call me please, I love you."

Rocky knew that Carrie loved him to death, yet his refusal to leave his cell phone on all the time irritated the hell out of her. Of course, in her heart, she knew that he'd call her back before the meeting. He had never let her down in the six years they'd been married, and she would know he wouldn't this time either. It was easy for Rocky to know she loved him, because before he came into her life, her longest relationship had barely lasted six months. She swore to him that he was the best thing that ever happened to her, and that she planned on being married to him for the rest of her life.

Carrie was the Director of Market Research for Brown and Manfried Advertising. She was one of only four department heads in a company of over two hundred employees, and the youngest to boot. She claimed that her career success was more Rocky magic. Oh sure, she had done the work and earned the promotions, but it would have never happened without her husband's encouragement and advice. When she met Rocky, she had been marking time out in a cubical, waiting for quitting time so she could go out and party. Rocky settled her down, gave her focus and her career had skyrocketed.

While Carrie was pensively reviewing her presentation on her laptop one more time waiting for his call and Rocky had been trying to clear his head as he groggily arose from the ground. He was on the ground as a result of a wicked right cross delivered by a pissed off, six foot, three inch, two hundred and fifty pound framing carpenter he had just fired. Rocky caught the man drinking on the job, and immediately canned him. The big carpenter had taken exception to being fired, and laid Rocky out.

One of the newer, younger, framers looked incredulously at the other carpenters on the job, because the men made no move to help their boss. One of the older men gave him a slow smile.

"There's a lesson in this for you, sonny, just watch and learn; sometimes it ain't the prettiest horse that wins the race," the old carpenter advised.

The younger man didn't see how much of a lesson could be taught there that day, not when the boss was twenty years older, four inches shorter, and at least fifty pounds lighter than the man he had fired. Get an education he did, though, as Rocky picked himself off the ground and commenced to spend the next five minutes kicking the bigger man's ass all over the job site.

Rocky made sure the man he fired was off the job site before pulling out his cell phone and turning it on. Once he listened to Carrie's message, he hit two on his speed dial and called her cell. He smiled at the pleasure in Carrie's voice, when she found it was him calling.

"I'm sooo glad you called, Baby. I'm really nervous about this presentation," she said.

"I know you are, Honey, but you're well prepared and as ready as you'll ever be. Lay it all out like you rehearsed and answer their questions honestly. It'll be over before you know it," he replied, "and you'll be great. I know it."

They talked for a couple of minutes longer, with Rocky making sure she felt much better by the time they hung up. He knew he was the rock upon which her life was anchored. As a matter of fact, her whole family depended more and more on him. When there was a problem in her large and raucous extended family, they all turned to him for the solution. She told him once that he was The Man, no doubt about it, and that him being her man made it all the better.

Rocky had no doubts whatsoever that Carrie would pull off the presentation. He could almost see her as she stood and turned towards the full-length mirror, tucked out of anyone's sight except hers, between her bookcases and studied her reflection. When she was promoted, Rocky snuck one of his crews into her new office on a weekend and remodeled it as a surprise for her. The mirror was a touch he knew she'd appreciate, because Carrie was more than a little vain about her appearance. She had a right to be, he thought, because she was an attractive woman. She had medium length auburn hair, expressive brown eyes and a generous mouth. When she smiled, her face lit up and that made her even prettier.

Yes, her face was pretty, but her body was incredible. Carrie stood five-seven and weighed one hundred twenty-eight pounds. She was trim and toned with medium B cup breasts, shapely legs, a washboard stomach and a butt to die for. Carrie had attended college on an athletic scholarship. She played varsity soccer and volleyball and was a starter in both sports until a knee injury in her senior year ended her competitive career. She worked out like a fiend to keep her body in the same delectable condition it had been back then.

The possessiveness that Carrie felt towards him was a part of her nature that detracted from all her positive qualities. Carrie was self-centered and materialistic, and Rocky was her prized possession. Yes, she loved Rocky, but she loved herself even more. Another reason Rocky was perfect for her was that he indulged her to the point that she now felt entitled to have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Carrie was spoiled rotten and everyone knew it. Rocky was partly to blame because he spoiled her himself. It pleased him that she needed him. The more he indulged her, the more she needed him. It became a vicious circle and neither of them could foresee the consequences.

While Carrie was preparing for her presentation, Rocky was headed back to his office to clean up and change his shirt. His face was swollen and hurt like hell. He knew he looked even worse than he felt. As soon as he walked through the front door of the restored two-story house that served as his office, Maria, his office manager, jumped up in alarm.

"Good God, Rocky, what happened to you?"

"I fired Tim Wilson for drinking on the job. He didn't take the news well."

In spite of her concern, Maria had to laugh at Rocky's understatement. Rocky could make her laugh no matter how bad she felt. It had been that way from the first time she met him when she applied for her job. She had been in desperate straits then, a young single mother with a two-month-old baby daughter. She had been leery of his kindness; afraid he was just one more man out to take advantage of her. Of course her fears turned out to be groundless. Instead, Rocky became her knight in shining armor. By the end of her first day as an employee of Simmons' Construction, Maria and child were ensconced in the apartment above the offices, as Rocky and two female drywall finishers stocked the refrigerator. Within six months, she was enrolled in the local community college, working on her business degree. Now, four years later, she practically ran the company.

While Maria was poking through the first aid chest looking for a cold pack, a tiny dark haired dervish in a yellow dress came tearing into the room and wrapped herself around Rocky's leg. Rocky swooped down, picked the little girl up and swung her around as she squealed with glee. Maria found the ice pack and crushed it to activate the fluids inside. She peeled her daughter, Amanda, off Rocky and sat him in a chair to minister to him. Amanda was big-eyed as she took in Rocky's battered face. She held his hand and told him he'd be all right, because her mommy could make any boo-boo better. Maria hid a smile when she noticed Rocky's eyes light up at Amanda's solemn declaration. Her boss was a big softy, no matter how macho he appeared outwardly, and Amanda had his number.

Maria Lopes had a pretty face and waist length, raven black hair. She was petite, with breasts almost disproportionately large for her frame. Her body was not as good as Carrie's, but then not many women's were. Yet she knew she was attractive and she did nothing to hide the fact, especially around Rocky. For his part, Rocky looked but did not touch. Rocky was as faithful to Carrie as an old dog. Still, his affection for Maria was real, and he felt a genuine warmness in his heart towards her.

Rocky hung out at the office for the remainder of the afternoon, catching up on some paperwork and working on job schedules. At five he turned off his computer, kissed Amanda goodbye and headed home. As he aimed his pickup towards his house, Rocky grinned at Amanda's antics that afternoon. He loved children and had enjoyed the hell out of raising his two from his first marriage. Now they were both out on their own, and the prospects of grandchildren seemed far in the future. He'd love to start another family with Carrie, but she had been adamant from the beginning of their relationship that she wasn't interested in becoming a mother any time soon. Oh well, he sighed; he loved Carrie too much to make an issue of it. Amanda was a wonderful surrogate daughter. He smiled again, just thinking about her and her mother.

Life was good to Rocky. He loved his job and the people he worked with, especially since Tim Wilson was no longer in his employ. Both Maria and Amanda added a little spice. Yep, life was good to Mr. Rocky Simmons.

Carrie was in a very good mood when she walked into Clancy's Pub at six that evening. Her presentation had been a big success so she had something to celebrate. It would have been even better if Rocky could have made it but she understood when he begged out because he'd had a rough day. A number of her coworkers were already there, and had pulled two tables together. Clancy's was an upscale pub with a nice menu and a congenial atmosphere. Carrie slipped into a chair and ordered a glass of Chablis as she joined in the conversation at the table. Most of the partiers were from the creative side of the company, so the conversation was lively. As they talked, Carrie noticed that one of the women was new. She was a tiny elfin-faced cutie, but seemed awfully shy. Carrie introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Carrie Simmons. You must be new. Welcome to the monkey house."

The new woman gave Carrie a shy smile and extended her small hand.

"Amy Bridger. I just started Monday as a copywriter."

When she took Amy's hand in hers, she felt that tingle she used to get when a woman captured her interest. Carrie was decidedly bisexual; she had as many female lovers in her past as males. Amy Bridger was exactly the type of woman to whom Carrie had always been drawn. She loved the small quiet ones; they were always such a challenge to seduce. Carrie and Amy talked on and off for a couple of hours, and found they had loads in common. They liked the same music; had the same taste in clothes and had even attended the same university. They left Clancy's as fast friends, with plans for lunch the next day. Carrie was excited about finding a new friend that shared many of her interests. Carrie loved her sisters, but more and more all they talked about was their kids, so it was nice to have a woman with whom to talk to about other things.

Carrie arrived home from that first fateful meeting with Amy at nine, just as Rocky was getting himself a glass of tea from the kitchen. Carrie's first indication of Rocky's day was the visage of his swollen and bruised face under the bright kitchen lights. Carrie's hand flew up to her mouth and she looked suddenly faint. Unlike Maria, Carrie had never been very good at handling medical emergencies. Rocky saw her stricken look and rushed to the sink to get her a glass of water as she slumped down onto a barstool.

"I'm fine, Honey. Really I am. It looks worse than it is," he said quickly.

Carrie took the proffered glass and drained half of it in a gulp.

"Jesus, Rocky, what a thing to spring on me. Why didn't you tell me about this on the phone earlier; I would have come straight home to take care of you. What the hell happened to you anyway?"

Rocky saw she was working her way up to being pissed off at him, so he hastily replied.

"I didn't tell you on the phone, because I didn't want to spoil the great day you were having. As far as having to take care of me, it wasn't necessary because I hardly feel it," he lied.

She looked at him critically, but he showed no trace of discomfort or pain. Still, she was irritated that he hadn't told her about it, even though she knew he was right in what he had done. She quizzed him on what happened and stared at him in disbelief when he finished the story.

"Isn't Wilson that big guy who was in jail for a while? He is half your age and twice your size. What the hell were you thinking?"

Rocky shrugged, he was beginning to be irritated by her attitude.

"I was thinking he was drinking on the job, so I fired him. I also thought that since he sucker punched me, he needed his ass kicked, so I did. Now I'm thinking about taking you to the bedroom and putting my face between your legs until it feels better," he said gruffly.

Carrie's eyes grew bigger and bigger as he talked. When he went all cave man on her, it made her knees weak. Rocky was the manliest guy she'd ever met. She gave him a smoky look and slowly hitched up her skirt above her thigh high stockings.

"As your nurse, I think the sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you'll be well," she said huskily.

Carrie and Amy's friendship blossomed as they hung out together. Carrie felt as close to Amy as she did her own sisters, and Carrie was Amy's hero. Carrie introduced Rocky to Amy a week or so later, when he joined them for a drink after work. Rocky liked the shy young woman well enough, and he was very pleased that Carrie had found a friend with whom she had so much in common. Amy, it seemed, loved to shop for clothes as much as Carrie did. It didn't hurt Rocky's feeling a bit to be relieved of the duty to accompany his wife on her forays to the mall.

Carrie and Amy shopped together at least two evenings a week. They would leave work and meet at Bennigan's at the mall for supper, then canvas the mall for bargains for a couple of hours. Amy also started spending at least one day of the weekend, hanging out at the Simmons's pool with Carrie. They would drink wine and gab as they worked on their tans. Rocky would work in the yard for part of the day, then join them at the pool. Having two good-looking women lounging around in skimpy bikinis didn't hurt Rocky's feelings a bit. Later, he would man the grill while the women made salads and side dishes.

Rocky once asked Carrie why Amy never invited a guy to spend the day with them. Carrie replied that Amy had just ended a long-term relationship and wasn't up to dating again quite yet.

Carrie never tried to seduce Amy, although she felt attracted to the younger woman. They would have remained just friends if Amy hadn't become infatuated with Carrie. Their relationship changed in Carrie's Toyota Sequoia, while parked on level seven at the Galleria Mall parking garage. Carrie was in a very good mood for some reason that day. She had been vivacious and funny all evening. In addition, she was wearing a soft tan wool skirt and a silk blouse that looked fabulous on her. They were still laughing when they made it back to Carrie's big SUV. Carrie was about to turn the key, when Amy put her small hand on Carrie's forearm. When Carrie turned her head to see what Amy wanted, their eyes locked together. The next thing Carrie knew, they were kissing passionately.

Carrie was correct in her assessment that Amy was a neophyte in Sapphic love, and the older woman delighted in showing her what she had been missing. Carrie's every touch elicited soft whimpering moans from her sweet young friend. By the time Carrie's skillful strong fingers delved into Amy's sodden panties, the car reeked with the aroma of Amy's arousal. While Carrie drove Amy back to her place, the younger woman sat perched on her seat looking dreamily at her friend. She was well and truly smitten. Amy still lived with her parents until she could save enough money to move out on her own. When the women arrived in front of Amy's home, they exchanged a steamy kiss before Carrie departed.

Carrie enjoyed the encounter as much as Amy had. She was amazed at how aroused Amy made her, and she was eagerly looking forward to more. As she drove home, she felt no guilt or remorse about what had happened. Amy was her friend; sex was just a physical manifestation of that friendship and nothing more. It was not a threat to her marriage and it did not lessen her love for her husband. The thought of a physical relationship with Amy was a naughty little secret that would add some spice to her life. She would keep this side of the relationship a secret, of course, and that would make it all the more exciting. In the meantime, Rocky would reap some of the benefits of the lust Amy sparked.

That something wasn't right began to dawn on Rocky on a Sunday about a month later, when he, Carrie and Amy were at the large reservoir that was twenty minutes from their house. They were riding Carrie's jet boats. Carrie had purchased the pair of red personal watercraft the year before. She loved speeding around on the powerful little crotch rockets. Rocky often wondered what sensations the vibration created in her little pussy when she rode one. He only knew she was always horny afterward. On the day in question, Rocky took one boat while Carrie towed Amy on the other, as she taught her young friend the relatively easy task of driving the things.

After a few laps around the lake, Rocky surrendered his boat to Amy and the women sped off around a bend in the shoreline. They stayed gone for over an hour, and for at least half of that hour, Rocky didn't hear the jet boats. Then he heard them cranking up somewhere about a half of a mile away. A few minutes later, the women came roaring around the shoreline and out into the center of the lake. After a few fast loops well offshore, the two women idled the boats up to the shore, where Rocky sat in a lawn chair reading. Rocky walked down and helped them tie off the boats.

"You guys were gone a long time. Where did you go?" he asked.

Amy quickly turned away as Carrie smoothly answered.

"We rode along the shore until Amy got the feel of the boat. She caught on quickly, so after we eat, we are going to have a race."

Rocky nodded. He didn't give away that he had just caught Carrie lying to him for the first time that he knew of since they met. Rocky surreptitiously studied the women while they ate the picnic lunch that Carrie had packed for them. Carrie was her normal bubbly self, but Amy was quiet and wouldn't or couldn't meet Rocky's eyes. Rocky knew that Carrie had been in relationships with women before they met. With a sinking feeling, he surmised that something had happened between the women, and Amy was feeling guilty about it.

Rocky kept his thoughts to himself and acted normally, even though he felt as if someone had just stabbed him in the heart. He wasn't about to say or do anything until he had his facts straight, then he would do what was necessary. The dangerous thing about dealing with Rocky was people's tendency to underestimate him because of his easygoing nature.

Rocky found the thought of his wife being with another woman arousing, but only in the context of their marriage. What man hasn't fantasized about such things? Still, cheating is cheating, regardless of the sex of the other person. The issue was openness and trust. He was realizing he couldn't trust his wife to be truthful to him. What really amazed Rocky was the notion of Carrie putting their marriage in such jeopardy. Carrie had always taken such pride in being his wife and never failed to flaunt their togetherness in front of friends and family. He was beginning to have an inkling that Carrie's penchant for putting her wants first included even their marriage.

Carrie came to bed that night, wearing a satin teddy that showed off her body to perfection. It was an outfit she wore when she planned on seducing him. She could have been wearing flannel pajamas as far as Rocky was concerned. He wasn't about to make love to her until he knew if she was sleeping with someone else. Rocky wasn't about to settle for sloppy seconds, even sloppily licked seconds. He made noises as if he had an upset stomach. Carrie was disappointed, but accepted his excuse.

When Carrie was sleeping soundly, Rocky went out to his truck and retrieved his voice activated digital voice recorder. In normal times, Rocky used the recorder to tape conversations with clients, to prevent confusion as to what each party had agreed. The recorder was made by Sony and was state of the art; it even included a computer interface cable that allowed recordings to be downloaded onto a computer. The recorder had a dynamic clip-on microphone with a ten-foot lead. He hid the recorder under the seat of Carrie's Toyota SUV and threaded the microphone under the floor mat and the front edge of her dashboard. He tested the microphone by sitting in the driver's seat and talking in a low tone. The sensitive microphone worked even better than he had hoped. He carefully concealed the wires for the microphone and closed up the car.

Sleep was hard to come by that night for Rocky, as he tossed and turned, grappling with what he suspected. Carrie lying to him so blatantly had rocked him to his core, because one thing that he would be willing to bet on was that she was truthful to a fault. Yet, something had happened that day and she lied about it to him, smoothly and cavalierly. Rocky's knowledge that Carrie was bisexual, combined with Amy's guilty look, pretty much convinced him why. Rocky was going to get to the bottom of what (if anything) was going on before he took any action. He would not go off half-cocked, but if something were going on he would bring it into the open and deal with it.

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