Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lusty thought from the shy best man was accidentally spoken out loud and caught the attention of one of the bridesmaids...

"To the bride and groom" the gathered crowd echoed my words and followed them with a roar of approval.

I found my seat gratefully and watched as the wedding guests began to move around the reception room within the old country house. Since I had been almost attached to the groom since early this morning, I took the opportunity to catch my breath and find a few seconds alone, but once I had dropped down the stone steps outside, the red glow of a cigarette revealed the presence of another in the shadows.

"Great speech," said a feminine voice: I recognised it as one of the bridesmaids but I couldn't see which one yet. "Revealed enough to be interesting and left us wanting more."

"Thanks," I said instinctively, "just like the bridesmaids' dresses..." I trailed off the end of the addition, not sure whether it had sprung from the excessive number of toasts or the supreme confidence of a man whose words had earnt rapturous applause.

There were three bridesmaids: Kirsty was friendly, classically beautiful but - aside from the ceremony itself - apparently inseparable from her nervous boyfriend; Liz was warm, philosophical and conservative; but it was Jade who came into the light to show her reaction to my unexpected words. Her extremely pretty face displayed something between surprise and faint humour - I lost myself in her amazing eyes staring back at me for only a few seconds, until she looked down to where her delicate cream shoe was extinguishing her smoke. As she walked past, she flashed me an impressed grin that did wonderful things to many parts of my body - but I did not attempt any more words, and let her go.

I waited a couple of minutes, trying to work out how those words escaped to find her ears, but soon the cool air persuaded me to head back to the noisy crowd of dearly beloved family and friends. Then I heard barely restrained swearing and out of the darkness I saw Jade's back, her arm bent awkwardly over the shoulder trying to reach something. She heard me coming and flicked her now grimacing head to see who it was.

"Will you help me?" she pleaded softly, "my zip is stuck!"

"Of course," I replied automatically, "up or down... ?"

My unintentional spoken thoughts had a greater effect than before, her frustration instantly replaced by a questioning grin and her big brown eyes burning into mine.

"Which would you prefer... ?" she offered softly, her dilated pupils glistening in the minimal light.

Now I was the one caught by surprise and my response was entirely reactive: my fingers barely made contact with the metal and the zip was closed. She looked a little disappointed and turned to walk back; my unconscious decided to intervene one more time:

"Maybe I can try the other way later."

She paused, her head slightly turned towards me, then continued back into the grand old house.

Dejected at my missed opportunity, I slouched back inside and followed the racket to where most of the guests were dancing to some eighties song I had hoped I'd forgotten. Only Jade's dancing brought a smile back to my face and she sauntered over to me in time with the electro beat. Wrapping an elegant arm around my shoulder she kissed me lightly on the cheek then pulled my ear to her lips.

"Maybe you need to try harder," she said, barely audible over the so-called music, but enough to burn my ears in the same way her lips had touched my face. The front of my morning suit trousers was tented. I shifted uncomfortably, and as if to compound my embarrassment, her eyes dropped to its source and slowly, made their way up my body, widening with her grin. "You are trying harder..." she almost giggled and swung herself back to the dance floor. Though not before her delicate hand had traced brief yet wonderful paths over my erection.

Another arm slapped itself around my neck - I turned to see the smiling groom, a little sweaty from his own exertions on the dance floor - or maybe an early visit to the bridal suite? He said nothing beyond his huge smile, which told me what he wanted to say - and he offered me his glass of something brown before striding out to the dancing guests and a huge cheer. My eyes never left Jade. To hell with being subtle. And shy. And "proper". Her fabulous body swirled around to the beat and her own eyes connected to mine whenever she could, and once I'd downed the burning liquid - a nice whisky actually - I walked purposefully to where she owned the floor, stuck out my arm and offered her my hand, as if for a dance.

"Can I have the pleasure... ?" I started, deliberately trailing off before the expected end of the request. She sparkled again and her mouth opened slightly to allow her tongue to wet her upper lip. I was at least another drink away from kissing her right then, but I think the brightness in my own eyes and shallow breathing quietly shouted that I wanted her.

She carefully took my hand with a clearly impressed smile, and I had to hold myself back from running her off the dance floor - instead we walked slowly, with no questioning as to why I was leading her away from the rest of the party. Out of the main room, we stopped at the bottom of the grand staircase, where the volume of guests was reduced to the odd one or two, thinking about how to leave early or to persuade someone to stay the night - but I gave them a quick lesson in decisiveness. I didn't give Jade a chance to breathe before my lips pushed hard into hers, but her initial surprise relaxed her mouth, which parted enough for her tongue to probe my own; relaxed her eyes for them to almost close, just the bright centres of her pupils burning this memory into my brain forever. One of my hands pulled her head closer to mine - if that were possible - and the other moved meaningfully down the sheer fabric of the back of her dress, to where the delicate curve of her back reversed direction over her wonderful, wonderful rear, which was where my roving hand remained.

She broke the kiss breathlessly and with a hint of puzzlement, but a whole lot of lust in her eyes, turned and dragged me up the stairs. I expected that I would have to watch my eagerness, not anticipating that Jade would want this as much as me, and it was less than a single minute before I slammed a door shut and found myself alone with a glowing bridesmaid: Jade's eyes full of fire, the tailored dress not attempting to hide her curves. Later, I would notice the wonderful restoration of the room, but now I could only see Jade turn slowly until her back was towards me, her hands supporting herself against the wooden fireplace and with a slight flick of a bang from her hair, a single brown eye fixed mine and her lips mouthed the words again:

"Will you help me?"

My nervousness was long gone. Any pretence of this being anything other than unsatisfied lust was long gone. She hissed her erotic curses whilst my hand boldly lowered the zip from between her shoulder blades to the small of her back. She wiggled twice and the dress moved smoothly to the floor, revealing a very naked Jade. My hand returned to her lower curves, but this time continued their journey around and around until my fingers found an intense warmth, dipped into the honey moisture and stirred her flowering opening until I thought she would collapse. My other hand was deftly unhooking my trousers, and they too fell to the ground, leaving my hardness contained by my cotton shorts. Jade helped me with that - that ability was surprising, especially given her prone position, but my initial thought of "how did she... ?" was cut off by the insistence of her hand around my stiff cock, jerking me as if I could get harder than I was. Satisfied that I wasn't about to droop, she guided me between her legs, and with some very impressive manoeuvring, I was inside her.

I gasped at the heat - I was sizzling between her legs, and it seemed like the movements of her body along my length was only increasing the incredible warmth that surrounded me. Both my hands were on her hips and I met her rhythm with equal force, making her dangling breasts pinwheel with each harmonious thrust.

"Don't ... fucking ... stop... !" she spat her needless words out over the fireplace and then her moans became more guttural. One of my hands moved around from her side to hold a breast, feeling the stabbing nipple in my palm - and I caressed it gently, leaving no inch untouched. Each new nerve that I found was adding to her building orgasm: my cock was now throbbing alternately with her constriction around me and my own climax neared. But not before she let out a brief yet loud scream that died to a sigh in her throat whilst it shot down her body to where we were joined. I felt a renewed tightness around me, increasing my own sensation beyond what I thought was the peak - and as she shuddered through the aftershocks of her first orgasm, I began my own.

"Cum in me! Cum in me! Cum!" she chanted and who was I to deny her request? I felt like my whole being had exploded: the energy in my body centred to my balls, and I held it there as long as I could take it, before it gushed out of my cock. She jerked in response as I flooded her insides and the tensions of the day were relieved to find such warmth once released. And even after my many spurts became dry jerks, the orgasm continued around my body and I realised my hand was squeezing her breast tight. The first hint of my returning propriety let it go instantly.

"Put your hand back!" she said hoarsely and guided me to the red handprint on her body. I was coming down from the very high, but I wouldn't again stop caressing this beautiful woman in front of me.

Eventually, she slowly pulled away from me - I hadn't really gone soft, so when she turned with a seductive smile and her hand continued the caress that her pussy had been providing, it was not long before I was eager for more of Jade.

"Wow!" she said, inflating both my ego and my prick, "that was a good start." Her caressing hand was now pulling my stiffness faster and her eyes couldn't decide whether to look at what had just been buried between her legs, or into my eyes staring wide back at her, "and this is a fucking good cock," she added, moving her face so close to mine that I couldn't focus. Or maybe that blur was because of the combined sensation of her tongue exploring my mouth in unison with her rapid hand. I was surprised to find myself pull my lips away and warn her that I was close again.

"Already... ?" she said in disbelief, before softening her wide eyes to glance down to where my second orgasm was seconds away, "what a night we're going to have..."

Her hand slowed and became a gentle caress which pulled me back from the edge, but kept me simmering entirely under her control. We stared at each other for a long time, interrupted only by the noisy opening of a door and another bridesmaid dress - unlike Jade, Kirsty was wearing hers. My surprise stared at Kirsty. Kirsty's surprise stared first at me, and then at Jade - and then at the growing puddle on the floor beneath her. Jade just grinned from ear to ear.

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