Strangers to Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Historical,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In 1902, a 23 year old woman is practically a spinster. Leanna is left to fix up and sell the farm after Grandfather dies. Help arrives in the form of James Turner - a man with a ghost and a quest and no time for a woman.

Leanna was lost. She had been past this particular tree twice now. The reason she knew this was that she had set three stones beside it, just like she had been taught. Grandfather had tried to teach her. She just wasn't the best student.

At 23, she should be married with babies by now. Not running around the countryside, alone. It wasn't proper and she put herself at risk of being thought of as a loose woman. In 1902, women were considered spinsters at her age and if caught out wandering alone, someone might think she was like one of those 'Ladies' that lived in the brothel in town. Her reputation would be ruined and she'd never marry! Part of it was that she had taken care of Grandfather for the last 2 years - no time for romance. An independent streak that Grandfather said she got from her mother didn't help either. The men that had been interested in her found her too forward and opinionated. Not very good wife material. She also exuded an unconscious sex appeal that men liked in a mistress, but disturbed them when contemplating a wife.

Well, now what? No horse. No water. No food. And it should be dark in about an hour. Why had she thought that she would remember that short cut? Annie had only taken her that way once and it was from Grandfather's farm to Annie's house in town. Going in the opposite direction had gotten her all turned around. She had never had a good sense of direction and Grandfather used to say she could get lost going from the kitchen to the dining room. 'Damn!' Leanna looked around quickly with a guilty feeling hoping no one heard her cuss - and then hoping someone did!

Sighing deeply and picking up her skirt, she started to set off again but stopped after only a few steps. Which way to go? The sun was in the west, but she had no idea if she should follow the sun or not! Suddenly tired and at her wits end she sank down to her knees, tears welling in her eyes. She leaned against the tree and closed her eyes.

Leanna woke abruptly, terrified. It was dark! She was still lost and now she was hungry and thirsty and it was DARK! As she sat there crying, she heard a sound. She got very quiet and held her breath. Standing slowly and trying to be very quiet she listened but could only hear her own heartbeat. What if it was an animal? She turned to the tree and looked for a way to climb it, but couldn't get a good purchase.

'Miss?' When she felt the hand on her shoulder she screamed and pulled herself into a ball at the base of the tree.

'There, there, I'm sorry! I should have said something but you were so ... please stop, I'm so sorry!' The stranger stepped back, hands raised, the look on his face almost panic stricken at her tears and the abject fear on her face. He also noticed that she was beautiful. Creamy skin, pale eyes, her golden hair caught up in a ribbon that couldn't contain the curls that fell around her face. Her day dress had a proper high neckline, but did nothing to hide her womanly curves. And her curves were very alluring. James kept murmuring his soothing noises and after a bit, she seemed to calm, her crying turning to sniffles, but her fear still palpable.

'I'm James Turner. And you are? Please tell me your name. Are you lost?'

Hiccups prevented her from speaking at first. When she could finally speak, she looked at him for the first time.

'I'm Leanna Grayson and yes, I'm lost. I've been lost all afternoon and now it's dark and I'm hungry and I didn't even bring a horse today because I thought I'd enjoy the walk! Even the stupid horse knows where home is!' She pounded her fists on her thighs in frustration, momentarily forgetting that she was alone in the woods with a stranger.

'Do you live in town, or on a farm?' James asked this while taking his canteen from his saddle and handing it to her. While she drank her fill, he pulled out some jerky from his bag. She took the jerky eagerly and thanked him before confirming that she lived on a farm.

'Does anyone know you in town?'

'Of course! I've lived here the last 10 years. But I can't go to town with you!' What would people think? Oh, my lord! What would people say? She could see the horrified looks, hear the accusations, imagine the old ladies with their heads together, whispering. 'What am I going to do?' The tears began again, much to James' horror. Without thinking, he reached out and took her in his arms and as she dissolved into tears against his chest, he tried to come up with a solution. He was acutely aware of firm breasts pressed into his ribs. She was about a head shorter than him - her cheek nestled just at his shoulder and he could rest his chin on the top of her hair. The scent of her hair, the feel of her face pressed into his chest, the soft-firm roundness of her breasts, all conspired to make him aware of his own anatomy. With regret, he pulled back from her in order to look into her face but his hands remained on her shoulders.

'I've got it! We'll ride to town - provided I don't get lost myself - and I'll leave you and my horse just outside of town. I'll go to the saloon and ask for directions to your farm. I can say I'm a cousin. Who do you live with?'

'No one right now - Grandfather died recently and I haven't sold the farm yet. There are still animals that need care, so I can't just leave.' Realizing the closeness and the intimacy of his hands, she pulled away and stepped back a few steps.

'Perfect! I can say that your Grandfather contacted me before he died and that I am to help you sell the place. Would anyone dispute that? Your finance or maybe, your husband? Parents?'

Leanna thought long and hard. An unknown cousin might work. Grandfather had not been very sociable and she was the only family anyone had ever met other than her mother and she only came to live with him after her mother had died ten years ago.

'I'm not married or engaged and my mother died 10 years ago - that's why I lived with Grandfather. As far as I know, I haven't any other family but I think this will work! But what am I to do with you after we get to the farm? You can't just stay there.'

'Do you have a barn? I could stay there until the place sells and then be on my way. I have nowhere I need to be and a rest would do me good. I can help out around the place, help you get ready to sell and then leave to 'go home' when you're all settled. This just might be a perfect situation for both of us. Are you game?' Actually more than perfect, he thought to himself, time for things to quiet down and for him to plan his next move. Besides that, she intrigued him and he couldn't stop his body from remembering the feel of hers pressed against his.

Leanna tried to think of alternatives, but just couldn't think right now. She was sure that questions would come up, but tomorrow was soon enough to deal with that. She just wanted to go home!

'This has to work and you're right, I can't think of any other solution. Do you think you can find your way to town?'

'Pretty sure. See over there? The sky is lighter than anywhere else? My guess is that's the lights from town. Let's head in that direction and by morning we should be at your farm.'

Helping her into the saddle and settling behind her, he took the reins and led the horse in the direction of the light. Swaying in the saddle, Leanna dozed. She dreamed of a tall stranger with deep brown eyes, his chestnut colored longish hair tied back with a piece of rawhide, his gentle hands with coarse calluses, strong arms and deep voice.

Her last thought was, 'What if... '

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