Broken Wings
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a girl that tries to heal her wounds while falling in love with the wrong guy.

Angela sat in the back of the car sighing deeply ... She absolutely hated that shit! She got bored over the years but she couldn't tell her the truth. Somehow she couldn't bring herself to explain to her best friend what it felt like spending a whole night watching guys trying to get her attention and finally going home alone, while Georgia spent another night of amazing sex or at least a night of making out.

She hadn't kissed a guy for ages ... And now here she was sitting in a car of a handsom and interesting guy who tried his best to get into her best friend's pants. Even if that meant that he had to take her boring friend home before he could actually make a move on Georgia...

It wasn't like she was a virgin, because she wasn't. But the things that had happened to her were stuff that you spend your whole life trying to forget. Of course Angela couldn't explain that to guys who either paid no attention to her or were too horny to care about her little problem. And when Georgia was around there was no way they could see her. It was like she became invisible. Nobody looked at her red, curly hair or at her voluptuous figure or even at her face which was beautiful. All they were able to see was Georgia's flirty smile, her thin figure, her sexy outfits and they actually took turns trying to earn the chance to dance with her or speak to her.

As the years went by, Angela discovered that she didn't care if they paid attention but she couldn't stop feeling bad that every single one of them treated her as an obstacle, as an incovience that had to be overcome in order to get to Georgia. That's why she absolutely hated parties and tonight was one of those nights.

Her best friend since college years had dragged her to a friendly house where she could have fun (yeah, right!) and meet interesting guys (ha! ha!). And her biggest problem was that she had no car and no way of returning to her house without relying on one of Georgia's fans. So, she sat patiently in the back seat of the small car wondering what this fellow's name was anyway ... She actually had no idea! She tried to remember but she couldn't.

Georgia laughed at something he said and woke her from her reverie.

"Angela, isn't that funny?" She turned and looked at her smiling and Angela couldn't help it but smile back. She really loved her best friend and she felt a little bit guilty because of her previous thoughts.

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't paying attention. What did you say?"

"Well, James asked me about Peter. He thought he was my boyfriend!" she exclaimed in her deep voice laughing again. Peter was her best friend since they were kids and he prefered men although nobody realized that when they met him.

"Anybody who is jealous of Peter must be blind!" Angela saw James looking her through the mirror and she noticed for the first time his eyes. They were not blue or green, they were actually grey. Apart from the romance novels she used to read she couldn't believe that eyes like that really existed. They were cold at one moment but totally expressive the next.

"You have a very sexy voice", James said though it was not clear if he was taliking about Angela or Georgia.

"Oh, please! Wait until I get out of the car!", Angela said but Georgia winked at her playfully. Now they can't even wait until I'm out of the fucking vehicle, she thought thanking God when she noticed that they had arrived outside her appartment.

"Well, thank you James. It was very kind of you to bring me home. Goodnight."

She got out of the car before they could say a word and practically started running towards the building's entrance. Life was too cruel and she wasn't planning on spending another moment with those two. She was anxious to get inside her home which she considered to be her sanctuary.

As soon as she opened the door though she was sorry she left the car.

"Nick. What the fuck are you doing here?" she asked not really caring about the answer.

"Sis. That's not a way of greeting your brother". Nick, her half-brother was standing in her living room eating a sandwitch and drinking her Coke. He wore old jeans, a shirt and he looked like shit as always.

"You're not supposed to have my keys anymore, remember?"

"Well, you never got them back and I needed somewhere to stay ... What are little sisters for, right?"

Angela walked towards her refridgerator and got a Diet Coke for herself. She wouldn't let that asshole affect her again. She had promised herself that a long time ago. She tossed her own keys on the table and she got out of her coat.

"Have you lost weight?", he asked and the sarcasm was evident in his voice. Of course she hadn't lost a pound since the last time he saw her. She was the same, old Angela. Tall, a little clumpsy with a "rich" figure as she used to say in order to describe herself. She knew that she wasn't fat, but Nick always commented on her body to make her feel bad.

"So what do you care? As I recall, and my memory is excellent as always, my body, my mind and my life are none of your business". She hoped that she sounded as cold as she felt inside.

"Be careful there little sis or else you will become a spiteful spinster. Still no man in this house? Well, nevermind ... I can take care of you", he said and it sounded almost like a threat.

"Listen you prick and listen carefully because I have no intention of saying it again. I don't give a fuck what you do but you will stay away from me or else I will call your father and tell him everything that you have done and then guess what? No more money for you from daddy! You might actually have to work!"

He made a sudden a move and for a moment she thought that he was going to hit her, but then he smirked and said nothing.

"So, you can stay here for tonight but tomorrow you'll be gone, understand? Sleep on the couch, the blankets are over there", she said and she pointed at the other end of her couch where two warm and cozy blankets were folded. She turned around and was heading for her bathroom when she heard his voice.

"What? No goodnight kiss?"

Angela was born when Nick was 6 years old. Nick's father and their mother were already divorced by that time and since Angela had never met her real father she used to think of John as her daddy. John, who secretly craved for a daughter loved Nick but he treated her like she was special. Although he was supposed to pick up only Nick for the weekends he used to take Angela as well and pamper her constantly. He bought her all kinds of candy, took her to the movies, help her study and in general he loved her like a father.

She reciprocated that love wishing that if she met her own father one day he could look like John, who with his black hair, brown eyes and his laughter was like a God for her. Nick on the other hand...

Well, Nick was always jealous that his father loved her too. He called her bastard and tormented her every way he could think of until she went to live with their mother in Europe and he stayed with his father. After that, they saw each other rarely and usually he came to her when he needed something, like money or a place to stay. Nick had no job or he was recently fired from one so John supported him financially. However, if he knew that he was treating her badly he would cut off the cash flow and Nick would be penniless.

She really hoped that he would fear her threat and leave the following morning or else she would probably have to call John for real in order to get rid of him. She wasn't afraid of him, although he had hit her several times in the past but she didn't want him to think that he could live with her or live off her money.

Anyway, she went to bed keeping her phone next to her. Just in case...

The light woke her up and she cursed silently. She got up wearing a robe because her appartment was always too cold in the winter. She went into the living room yawning hoping that at least one of her problems had disappeared. Nick, however was snoring and apparently there was no chance that he would leave soon.

Angela headed towards the kitchen and started preparing her coffee. At the same time she opened her laptop getting ready to work on the new novel that the editor had given her. She had to translate it from French and she had a feeling that it would be a difficult job. She worked as a translator ever since she finished college and it was something she loved. Having travelled herself in Europe with her mother she spoke fluently French, Spanish, Italian and Greek and when she took her degree in literature she knew what kind of work she wanted to do.

The coffee was ready, so she poured some in a mug, added milk and started working, but the footsteps warned her that her "guest" was awake.

"Goodmorning sis", he said shuffling his brown hair which always looked messy.

"Morning. I trust you slept awful and that you are getting your ass out of here in the next hour?"

"Actually I slept great. Aren't you a little too eager to see the back of me? What's wrong? Your boyfriend doesn't like it when you have guests? Oops! I forgot ... You don't have a boyfriend..." He took a cup and poured some coffee. She was looking at him as if she was going to srangle him and he couldn't help but smile that he had managed to irritate her.

"You ain't my boyfriend either...", she begun but her phone started ringing and she had to answer it. She talked for about five minutes and then returned to the kitchen looking serious.

"Now you really have to go. My friends are coming over and I don't want them to find you here".

"Are your friends pretty?" he asked trying to piss her off even more.

"For God's sake! I'm calling John. I'm bored with this game". She grabbed the phone but he stopped her from calling.

"Ok princess. I'll drink my coffee and then I'm gone. But some day you're gonna have to tell your friends a little bit more about me. It isn't fair that they know all these stuff about your well-paying job and all your trips to Europe and not know a single thing about me ... sis".

He was threatening her. The son of a bitch was actually threatening her. Now she hated him even more if that was possible. She went to her room faster than a speeding bullet, put on her jeans, a warm sweater, her coat and took only her keys.

The moment she reached the door though she felt compelled to add one last thing.

"Goodbye Nick and the next time I see your face I will call your father no matter what. Stay out of my life. You may forget that I even exist".

She got into the elevator in a matter of seconds and put her sun-glasses on. She had no idea where she was going but she knew she had to get away from him. Even after all these years he still had the power to make her feel bad and she wouldn't allow that anymore.

She left the building and the moment she turned right she heard a man calling her. When she turned around to see who that could be she was face to face with Georgia's latest victim, James.

He looked even better than he did last night. His hair was black and shaggy and his grey eyes were observing her. He hadn't shaved and that made him more attractive. Angela gave herself a mental shake and smiled politely.

"James what are you doing here? I thought you lived nowhere near my neighbourhood". Even as she said it she noticed that he was wearing the same blue shirt as last night.

"Well, I didn't sleep at my place last night. I..." His voice trailed off as if he didn't want to add anything else.

"Say no more. You slept at Georgia's". For a moment she hoped that the answer to that question was negative but he didn't deny it and that explained everything.

"Listen James, I have to go. I don't want to stay here any longer". She couldn't tell him why though and he kept looking at her waiting for an explanation. The door of her building squeaked and she was sure that Nick was coming towards her. Why did he have to see her with James?

He approached them quickly as if he was afraid that they would leave and he took her arm possessively faking feelings he didn't have.

"Well, well ... I take back what I said before. And you must be the poor guy who dates my sister, right?" He made a gesture towards James waiting for him to exchange a handsake but the other man made no movement.

For a moment he looked at Nick coldly and then he turned his eyes towards Angela who was definately pleading for this to be over.

"James Tomson" he said flatly. "And you are Angela's brother?"

"That I am. I don't think we have ever met before. On the other hand I don't believe that my sister ever had a boyfriend before".

Angela blushed at his comment but she didn't say anything. Obviously she was too ashamed that this prick was her brother. For some reason James felt the need to help her. He took her other hand and smiled, but the smile never reached his eyes.

"That's what I like about her. I wouldn't want some slut who has dated more guys than she can count. Angela is very special to me", he explained and he kissed her hand gently.

"That's something new", Nick retorted ironically.

"Anyway, we were getting ready to go for some coffee so if you don't mind Nick..." It was almost as if he waited for Nick to mind so that he could have an excuse to kick his ass.

"She's all yours", he said and he pushed Angela towards his way. "Have a nice time. I have to warn you however ... My sister is no virgin if that's what you expect".

Angela's cheeks turned all kinds of red before she turned her back and gently forced James to walk away. As soon as they were out of Nick's reach she stopped and looked at the ground unable to face him.

"What was that about?" he asked. "I've heard about vicious big brothers but they are supposed to hate your boyfriends not you yourself!"

"Nick is ... Well he is none of your business". She was stern and she was obviously preparing to leave. "Thank you for the rescue. Maybe I'll see you again with Georgia".

Somehow James was sure she didn't believe that and so he watched her go away puzzled without saying a word. And why the hell was a girl so puzzling when the night before he hadn't even noticed she was there?

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