Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Homecoming continues the story of the USS Yellowstone returning home after a six-month deployment. Petty Officer Meadows and his friends Bailey and Jones, just shared a wild experience in their last port of call, Izmir Turkey, that none of them will soon forget. Each man is eager to return home to friends and family, but that might not be easy as the secrets they share, rip their friendships apart.

Sitting on the fantail, I felt the constant rumble of the ship's single screw thrashing in the ocean below me. As the prop turned unseen beneath the hull of the ship, it stirred up the bioluminescence in the water, leaving an eerie glowing trail in our wake. The trail distorted in the rolling ocean waves and faded as it stretched out over the distant eastern horizon.

The sun was beginning to dip low in the western sky when the 1MC announced, "Set condition dog zebra throughout the ship." A nightly occurrence, 'dog zebra' is a readiness condition resulting in the closing of all hatches and doors that lead to the outside skin of the ship. The military ships of the world have practiced this routine for decades because light will travel for miles over the open ocean, giving away a ship's position. In the days before radar, condition dog zebra was an essential way to sail undetected at night.

'Dog zebra' also happens to be Navy slang for three men having sex with one woman simultaneously. One guy fucks her pussy, one guy fucks her ass, and one guy has his dick in her mouth, thus "all openings are secured." Ever since I found out the meaning of the slang, I've chuckled to myself whenever I heard it announced on the 1MC but tonight was different, tonight I wasn't in the mood.

I looked to my right. Terry Jones was sitting next to me. He hadn't spoken a word for the last twenty minutes. Motionless, he stared out over the handrail at the vastness of the dark blue ocean in front of us.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "So what are you going to do?"

Jones's face showed no emotion. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out another cigarette. Placing it between his lips, he lit it using the fading ember from his previous butt. Until today, I've never seen Jones chain smoke. He flicked the used cigarette butt over the rail. It disappeared into the churning wake behind the ship.

"I'm going to tell her."

"Why?" I said raising my voice in frustration, "What good would it possibly do to tell her? Give it some time; you'll eventually forget about what happened in Turkey. Edith will never have to know about your indiscretion."

"Is that what we're calling it?" He huffed at me. "I'll know, and she can see right through me when I'm hiding something. I need to tell her the truth. I fucked up and I have to pay for it."

"Okay, you fucked up. It's not as if you had some torrid love affair behind her back. You spent one hour with a hooker when you were piss drunk. You barely even remember doing it!"

"Doesn't matter how much I remember, I let it happen," Jones said solemnly.

"You don't have to tell her. Besides, it's not all your fault. If Edith had picked up the phone when you tried calling her, you never would have gotten depressed, you never would have gotten shit-faced, and you never would have even gone to the fucking Compound!"

Jones glanced at me with steel eyes, "You want me to blame this on Edith? I got a letter from her yesterday. She told me she was sorry for missing my call. The baby was having a bad day. He had a fever and he wouldn't stay asleep, so she turned off the phone ringer. She just forgot to turn it back on when she went to bed." He took a drag on his cigarette and his eyes slowly drifted back over the waves, "I should have known that she would have a good reason for not answering the phone."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, "It sounds like too convenient of an excuse to me. What about the things your parents said, what about the stuff that your in-laws told you when you talked to them? I thought they said Edith had been acting strange these last few weeks. Hell, even your neighbor, what's her name?"


"Yeah, Lisa even told you that something wasn't right."

"Lisa was acting strange on the phone, but she never said anything specific about Edith."

"Okay, so ask yourself, why was Edith acting strange to your family, and why was Lisa avoiding your questions? A lot of weird things happened that night and you can't blame yourself for all of it."

Jones shook his head, "You're wrong because Edith trusted me to remain faithful, and I betrayed that trust, plain and simple."

The word 'trust' brought back a memory of a conversation with Bailey I had while at the bar in Turkey, Trust, it had to be mutual.

Jones never doubted that Edith would remain faithful while he remained deployed. His trust in Edith never wavered except for that one drunken night. He believed that Edith trusted him fully in return but she still made him promise repeatedly to behave before he left on this cruise. Why did she make him promise if she really trusts him? "Maybe you're not the only one who betrayed that trust."

Jones spun to face me and gave me a look that would make an infant cry, "What the fuck are you talking about Meadows?"

"Just something Bailey told me back in Turkey."

"Bailey," Jones scoffed, "What the fuck does he know?"

"I'm serious. Bailey told me that Edith flirted with him."


"That's what I said. I guess during the going away party at your house back in May, Edith grabbed his ass in the garage."

"That son of a bitch, I'm going to float test him!" Jones threw his cigarette overboard and jumped to his feet.

I grabbed his arm, "No!" Jones hesitated but the look on his face warned me to let go or risk losing my hand. "You can't say a word to Bailey. He walked away from her and nothing happened. I promised him that I wouldn't tell you."

"Then why the fuck, are you telling me?"

I let go of his arm, "Because you're my friend and I hate to see you brooding like this."

"So you think that telling me that my wife flirted with one of my friends is going to make me feel better?"

"No, not exactly in that context, I guess I'm just saying that you set the standard pretty high. I don't know what Edith was thinking when she groped Bailey, but maybe you need to give yourself a break, that's all. Six months apart is a long time. Everybody slips up, but they get over it and move on."

Jones started cracking his knuckles while he slowly sat back down and returned to staring at nothing.

After a long pause he spoke, "Why do you think Bailey told you about my wife flirting with him?"

"Shit if I know. He was probably bragging."

"Maybe," He said while he rolled his head back. I followed his attention to the clear sky above us. The stars were just starting to become visible in the twilight, "Or maybe he was trying to convince you that my wife was a slut. That way you wouldn't try to stop him from hooking me up with that prostitute?"

"I ... I don't think Bailey would ... Do you really think he would do that?"

Jones didn't answer.

I stood up, stepped towards the handrail, and leaned on it. Below me, the bubbling wake behind the ship threw a fine mist against my face. I could taste the salt in the air as I breathed in deeply, "Are you mad at me for not stopping you at the compound?"

"No. It's not your fault. At the time I wanted that prostitute more than anything in the world," He sighed, "Besides, you're a wimp. I doubt you would have been able to stop me anyway."

I looked over my shoulder and smiled at Jones. At least he still had some semblance of humor.

A few moments later, the ship started to list a few degrees to starboard. The screw below us started to cavitate slightly as the USS Yellowstone began a slow, wide turn to port. A course adjustment as we headed for home.

In the past eleven days we'd traveled over three thousand miles during our trek west across the Atlantic. Tomorrow morning, the Yellowstone would enter the Chesapeake Bay for the first time in six months, scheduled to arrive at the Norfolk Naval Base Pier 11 around eight thirty.

Watching Jones light up another cigarette gave me the feeling that he probably wouldn't mind if the ship turned around and sailed back to the Mediterranean for another tour. I sighed; realizing there was nothing I could say to put his tension at ease.

I stepped back from the handrail and stood before my friend, "I'm going to head up to the shop and see what movies are playing. Are you going to be okay?"

"What do you think?"

I paused to study his face for a moment, "I think you need to see Edith's smile on the pier tomorrow. I think that when you hold her in your arms and give her the biggest hug of your life, everything will be okay."

Jones took a long drag from his cigarette, "Meadows?"


He exhaled a cloud of smoke in my direction, "Shut the hell up."

I coughed as the exhaled smoke quickly dissipated around me. I sighed to myself and thought as I turned to leave the fantail, Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of footsteps coming from the mess deck above. A quick glance at my watch showed that it was 0530. Reveille this morning was early so the deck apes would have enough time to prepare for our impending arrival pier-side.

I pulled back the curtains on my rack to find almost everyone in my berthing already stirring. My shipmates seemed to be in an unusually cheerful mood, most likely because we had finally arrived at the end of this six-month deployment nightmare.

I also was in a good mood until I tried to iron my dress blues. Some idiot had broken the last working iron. My dress uniform pants were a wrinkled mess since I forgot that I had hastily stored them in my sea locker after my last Quarterdeck watch. I cursed myself for not having the foresight to iron my pants last night. Without a way to fix the large creases that adorned my legs, I put on the wrinkled garment and hoped that nobody would take notice.

During morning muster, Chief Mills' keen eye instantly spotted my wrinkled pants within seconds of me falling in line. He stepped in front of me and gave my uniform a once over.

"Petty Officer Meadows, are you trying to test my patience?"

"No Chief."

"Then would you care to explain to me why your dress uniform looks like it was just pulled out of the scullery trash compactor?"

"All the irons in berthing were busted."

"Well there are other berthing compartments on this ship. I suggest you find one with a working iron. Keep in mind that I have first watch on the Quarter Deck this morning. If you have any intensions of seeing liberty anytime during my watch, then I strongly suggest you take me seriously."

I swallowed a lump in my throat, "Yes Chief."

Bailey and Jones were standing in line behind me, chuckling under their breath. Chief looked over my shoulder and gave them 'the look', silencing them both instantly.

After muster, I left the shop and started my search of the berthing compartments looking for a working iron. The call to man the rails went out just as I found one in the electrician's berthing. Hastily, I ironed my pants and put them back on. I flew out of the berthing compartment and sprinted up three ladder wells to get to the weather deck.

The cool November morning air hit my face the moment I opened the hatch. It felt good against the warm thick scratchy wool of my dress blue uniform. Without a cloud in the sky, the morning sun was blinding and I instantly regretted forgetting to bring a pair of sunglasses.

Walking aft, I found the ship-fitters shop's assigned manning position and joined my shop-mates standing at parade rest. Glancing back and forth, I noticed that Jones and Bailey were nowhere in sight.

The Yellowstone passed over the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel at eight o'clock sharp. Two naval tugs soon rolled in alongside us while blowing their horns in celebration of our arrival. With painful slowness, the Norfolk Naval Base crept into view off the port bow, and the excitement level of the crew went from anxious to impatient.

As expected, the ship pulled up to Pier 11 just after eight thirty. There was a massive crowd of cheering people swarming the pier security gate waiting to get a glimpse of their loved ones aboard.

It took the deck apes about ten minutes to get all of the mooring lines attached. After the last line was secured, the 1MC finally announced that we were dismissed from manning the rails. All that remained before the crew could start leaving the ship was to connect the gangway to the quarterdeck and hook up the all the shore connections for electricity, water, phones, steam, and CHT.

I headed down to berthing and packed a change of civilian clothes in my backpack. I didn't need much since I still lived onboard. I sighed to myself with that thought. While most of my shipmates are home sleeping in their beds, I would be returning to this hell hole sometime tonight. With nothing else to do but kill time, I made my way up to the Ship-Fitter shop to wait for liberty call.

When I arrived, I found the shop crowded with many of the repair department personnel impatiently waiting around in their dress blues. In the corner, I spotted Bailey and Jones having a private conversation by the television. The television was on, but only the AFRTS Logo was on the screen. I brushed off a chair, put down my backpack, and sat next to Bailey.

"How come you losers didn't man the rails?"

Bailey smirked, "I've seen Norfolk before, and I doubt it's changed much."

"You're probably right, but you should see the crowd of people at the entrance to the pier. It's about ten times as big as the crowd that saw us leave in May! I guess they really missed us."

Without a word, Jones stood up and walked the two steps to the scuttlebutt. He didn't make any eye contact with anyone as he moved. I could see his hand trembling on the button of the fountain as he took a long drink. Bailey and I shared a knowing glance. We both knew that Jones was fighting an internal battle with his conscience. Neither of us knew what was going to happen on the pier during his reunion with Edith.

Jones finished his drink and sat back down across from us. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Jones finally spoke, "So what do you two have planned when you get off the ship?"

Bailey responded like nothing was wrong, "Meadows and I are getting picked up by Jennifer. We'll go get something to eat and probably head back to her place. Not sure what we're doing after that."

I chuckled, "That's assuming Jennifer didn't destroy your car."

"Jennifer is a good girl and we've shared some very fond memories in that car," Bailey winked at me, "She would never let anything happen to Betty."

Bailey's Mustang, affectionately referred to as "Blue Betty" was the one thing on this planet that Bailey truly loved. Insinuating mistreatment of his beloved is the only way that I've ever known to get under his skin.

I continued to prod Bailey, "Well I don't know about that. If I remember correctly, Jennifer was pretty pissed off at you before we left." I motioned to Jones, "Didn't Jennifer threaten to kill that lying, cheating, son of a bitch, rat bastard at your going away party?"

Jones stopped staring at an invisible object on the floor and reluctantly joined the conversation, "Huh? Oh yeah, I do remember her saying something along those lines. You know Bailey; you really shouldn't piss off a woman like Jennifer. She's the type of girl that would cut your balls off while you sleep."

"Relax gentlemen. It was a small misunderstanding and I smoothed the whole thing out before I left."

I laughed, "By 'smooth out' you mean begged!"

"Believe what you want. All that mattered is that the day we left Jennifer proclaimed her undying love for me on the pier," Bailey brought his hands over his chest and closed his eyes as he emphasized, undying love.

"You never did tell us what you said to her to win her back," I said.

Bailey smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

"And I take it from that grin on your face that you're still not going to tell me."

"What can I say? She couldn't live without me," Bailey leaned back in his chair and changed the subject like always. "It sucks that you and Jones have to come back for duty tomorrow. Otherwise we could all go out and party tonight."

Now that the ship is back in homeport, the crew was split from three section duty back to normal six section rotation. Jones and I are in duty section two. Bailey is in duty section five.

"Yeah it sucks, but at least we're not in duty section one. Those poor bastards don't get to leave the ship until tomorrow," Jones added. "That would explain why Chief Mills was in such a bad mood at morning muster," I said while looking over my shoulder to see if Chief was within earshot.

Bailey laughed, "Oh I almost forgot about that. Nice pants by the way!"

I smiled and brushed a speck of lint from my now wrinkle free pants, "Thanks."

"Well you can rest assured that I won't be coming anywhere near this fucking ship 'til I have to on Monday," Bailey proclaimed proudly.

"Rub it in why don't you," Jones said with a hint of jealousy.

I shrugged my shoulders at Bailey, "It's not that big of a deal. I live here, remember?"

Bailey placed his hands behind his head as he leaned further back in his chair, "You really need to get yourself a sugar momma out in town that has an apartment. Living onboard is for suckers."

"Thank you, captain obvious."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the TV flicker. The AFRTS Logo vanished and one of the local cable channels appeared, meaning that the shore connections were nearing completion. A quick check of my watch showed that it was 1015 hours. Bailey started to raise the volume just as the 1MC announced: "Liberty Call! Liberty Call! Liberty Call for all Officers and Chief Warrant Officers." There was collective cheer that echoed throughout every compartment on the ship.

Over the next forty-five minutes, we impatiently watched TV while the 1MC called out every rank down the chain of command. Finally, around 1100 the call went out for us E-5's. After a mad rush to the Quarterdeck and a final approval of my freshly ironed pants by Chief Mills, our trio stepped onto American terra firma for the first time since May.

We passed through the pier security gate and entered the sea of family members still waiting to be reunited with their loved ones. We made it halfway through the crowd when a husky blonde-haired woman suddenly attacked Bailey. Jennifer surprised all of us when she grabbed Bailey around the waist and lifted his 190 lb frame off the ground in a giant bear hug.

"Well ain't you a sight!" She ground her lips onto his, "Did you lose weight?"

Bailey grunted under the pressure applied by Jennifer's arms, "Ughh! Put me down woman."

Jennifer dropped him to his feet and attacked him with another sloppy kiss, "God I've missed you." She dropped her hands to his ass and squeezed hard, "I missed this sweet ass, too!" Bailey began to blush as Jennifer continued to lay kisses all over his face.

Jones and I snickered at each other. It wasn't very often that we got to see Bailey thrown off balance.

"What are you two grinning at?" Jennifer said, "You're next when I'm done with this one!" She resumed a soul-sucking lip lock on Bailey.

Jones tugged at my sleeve, "I'll catch up with you later. I'm going to keep looking for Edith."

I nodded knowingly to Jones just as Jennifer yanked me into her clutching grip.

Her arms wrapped completely around me and held me tight. Her generous breasts squeezed against my chest and the fragrance of her hair entered my senses. It felt good being held by a woman again, even one as brutally strong as Jennifer. After shaking me up and down a couple of times she finally released me and patted me on my ass, "Welcome home, Kevin. You look good!"

I tried not to stare at Jennifer's healthy cleavage, "Thanks, so do you."

Bailey stepped next to Jennifer and put his arm around her waist. Pulling her close, they locked lips again. They looked happy together just like the rest of the reunited couples surrounding us. I watched them continue their embrace and I started to feel a pinch of jealousy in my gut. Bailey and Jennifer might not have a perfect relationship, but it was better than the relationship I had with, Rosie Palm. I was happy, as everyone else to be back in the good old USA, but coming home to someone who cared about you had to be that much sweeter.

Just then, I heard a familiar voice yell from the crowd.

"Kevin! Bailey!"

I turned around to see Edith pushing through the crowd behind me. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with the glare of recently shed tears. Jones was right behind her holding his two-year-old son, Greg, in his arms.

Edith leapt at me before I could speak, and was giving me a hug. Just as fast, she hugged Bailey, and waved politely to Jennifer.

"Looks like you found Terry," I said.

Edith was reaching for a tissue while trying to find her voice, "He was stumbling through the crowd, and he almost walked right past me."

Jones interrupted her, "You never told me that you cut your hair, I was looking for the wife I remembered!"

Edith turned her attention back to her husband, "I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you!"

Greg giggled loudly as mommy and daddy kissed. I hadn't initially noticed, but Edith did cut her hair. Before her blonde wavy locks were halfway down her back, now they barely covered her neck. The color also seemed to be lighter, with strawberry highlights. She looked radiant.

I watched Jones for any signs of his earlier tension. If there was any, I couldn't see it.

They released their kiss and looked at each other with dreamy love in their eyes. Both of them appeared as though they were struggling to hold back the tears of joy. Jones pulled Edith close and she buried her head into his shoulder.

Edith sniffled, "I've missed you so much!"

Terry lowered his head and kissed Edith on the top of her head, "I've missed you too."

Jones's eyes closed while Bailey, Jennifer, and I watched them in silence. Bailey and I glanced at each other and shared another knowing look. Jennifer didn't notice our silent nod as she pulled herself tightly against Bailey. She looked up and started her own lip lock on her man.

With all the kissing going on around me, I was starting to feel left out, "Can we get out of here before the ship has to leave on its next deployment?"

Everyone laughed and we all started walking towards the massive parking lots across from the pier. Jennifer positioned herself between Bailey and me. She grabbed our hands and led us across the street. Edith and Jones walked closely behind us wrapped in a warm embrace, every few steps sharing another passionate kiss.

It appeared as though I was right. Jones just needed to hold Edith in his arms and all the stress of the last two weeks would disappear. I breathed an internal sigh of relief. What happened in Turkey would stay in Turkey.

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