Snow Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cindy's mom left her dad. He's had a hard time, but something seems to have put a bounce in his step.

Cindy Barlow slowed to a fast walk as she turned onto her street. She'd started her run in the pre-dawn darkness; aware of the carpet of newly fallen snow but not seeing it. During her run the lightening sky had slowly revealed trees and shrubs - not to mention cars and rooftops - silent beneath the recent snowfall. Turning onto her street the sun crested the distant mountain range revealing the winter setting; a sparkling tableau of pristine white. It was perfect; still reveling in the sharpness of the cold morning air and the silence of her footfalls in the newly fallen snow Cindy walked slowly down the street.

She turned up the snow-covered driveway to the mudroom door. Entering she stamped her feet twice, opened the kitchen door and entered. Having spent the last five months at a college too many zones away - being home was sweet. She inhaled deeply letting the rich fragrance of freshly brewed coffee brightened her smile.

"Morning Dad," was preceded by a kiss and followed with a hug. "I'd forgotten how much I love running after a light snowfall; everything is so fresh and beautiful. I kind of miss that in California." She smiled in the comfort of home as she poured herself a cup and sipped. Everything about the house seemed fresher, nicer than her last visit. In fact, as Cindy glanced around the kitchen she noticed that it wasn't just orderly; it glowed. Fresh fruit filled a bowl on the counter and there were flowers - real flowers - in a vase on the sill of the window above the sink.

"It is beautiful isn't it?" Frank sighed with a deep satisfaction. "It's great to have you home honey. I have to give the Jenkins credit for having the wedding right between these February holidays, gives people a chance to do some skiing. It does make me feel like an old man though, hard to believe that little Scotty Jenkins is getting married."

"Little Scotty? Dad, Scott is at least seven inches taller and has forty pounds of solid muscle on you." Cindy Barlow, all 20 years of her, smiled in fond remembrance of the object of her youthful ardor. She had enjoyed many a fantasy of Scott Jenkins introducing her, sometimes coercing her into the (at the time) unknown ecstasies of love. Yet while those ecstasies were now known, Scotty was no longer available.

She quickly covered her mouth with her cup as she felt her face flush in memory of her first Scott Jenkins inspired orgasm. A sleep-over at her best friends - who just happened to be Scott's little sister - house had found Cindy upstairs when Scott came home from football practice. With his sister downstairs Scott must have thought he was upstairs alone in his bedroom as he stripped off his clothes. Cindy watched from the adjoining bathroom until he stood naked in front of his closet mirror. Cindy stood entranced at the nude figure not ten feet away - thank God he'd turned on his stereo to mask the thundering of her heart. It was only when he pulled on a pair of sweat pants that Cindy retreated to the safety of her friend's bedroom; flush with the knowledge that there was nothing little about Scott Jenkins.

That night as she listened to the soft, regular breathing of her friend beside her Cindy found herself reaching between her legs and touching herself; her hand sliding beneath her panties into the warm cleft between her thighs. What had been - up to this point in her life - gentle exploratory touching became rhythmic probing and rubbing. She felt an intensifying pleasure just above the entrance to her cunt and concentrated there. The pleasure grew and grew as she masturbated to orgasm; shaking, then stiffening quietly. Her whole body felt alive and new; smiling in the revelation that she now knew what all the fuss was about. Cindy decided right then and there that masturbation would become a regular part of her bedtime practice.

In the quiet afterglow, at the border of sleep and dreaming Cindy wondered what might have happened if Scotty had seen her. What if he caught her watching? A delicious fantasy filled her young mind and she began to masturbate again.

Scotty, still naked, turned suddenly towards the bathroom and covered the distance before Cindy could exit. The door opened and Scott stood there naked and angry.

"Were you spying on me?" Scott towered over her.

"No - I was just finishing and I heard a noise, I saw you..." Cindy's voice trailed off as she focused on the growing appendage before her. Not only was it growing, it was getting closer as Scott walked toward her. She hardly noticed his hands on her shoulders as he pushed her to her knees. There it was, right in front of her face. Then it was on her lips - pushing persistently - then past her lips; Scott Jenkins cock was in her mouth. His hands caressed her head and hair as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. And then they were naked on the floor and Scott was touching her, just like she was touching herself now. A second, more powerful orgasm swept through her and she'd drifted off the sleep in its echo.

It became one of her favorite fantasies with all of its delicious variations; caught by Scott and offering to do anything if only he wouldn't tell. Coerced by Scott forced to be his slut. Worshipped by Scott, his unquenchable need to please her in any way he could. Oh Scotty, oh Scotty, oh Scotty, and oh that nothing had ever come of it. Cindy suppressed her desire to rub her thighs together; she'd wait until her shower.

"I haven't met Scott's fiancŽ Gretchen - have you Dad?" Cindy peered over her cup at her Dad. He seemed different too.

"No, but I hear she's gorgeous. If Pamela is happy with her she must be quite a girl. I wish them great happiness in their marriage." Frank paused for a moment. Cindy watched as he looked down at his hand. She noticed that he wasn't wearing his wedding ring - when had that happened? Why hadn't she noticed it last night? Now that was something to be inquired about later.

"Dad, is mom coming to the wedding?" Cindy watched her Dad closely as she introduced the subject. Well he wasn't frowning - that had to be a good sign.

"I assume she is. She's known Scotty all his life." Frank looked at his daughter and shrugged. "Don't know about George."

There it was. Almost a year had passed since Dorothy Barlow had run off with her high school boyfriend, George Koswalski. The two having reconnected at their 30th high school reunion, embarked on a torrid affair. During the months that followed Dorothy had used visits to her sister as cover for meeting George. The result was Dorothy and George both leaving their marriages and running off together. It had been a huge and messy scandal. Frank had been shocked, as much by his own cluelessness as by her betrayal.

"Wow Dad said his name without blowing up." Cindy turned her head slightly and looked directly at her Dad. This was the first time since her mother had left him that he had spoken George's name without any trace of anger. "What's going on Pops? I know you were happy during the holidays and everything but ... I figured it was just the spirit of the season and me being home from school. I mean I'm really happy that you're getting past all that's happened - I think its great." Cindy stepped back and looked her Dad over. It wasn't just the house that that was different, her Dad stood taller, with a calm confidence. Slowly the pieces began to fall into place. "You know if I didn't know better, I think you've gotten yourself a girlfriend? Ohmigod that's it! I can see it in your eyes. You do have a girlfriend!"

Frank blushed slightly, started to say something then thought better of it. Instead he decided on deflection. "Don't you need to shower? I know I need to get to the office. I'll see you tonight sweetie. Bye."

"Fine, I'll let it go for now Dad, but tonight, after dinner ... the inquisition will begin." Cindy fixed her dad with her gaze. "I've got questions and I expect answers."

Frank kissed his daughter, rinsed out his cup and left whistling a cheery "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" as he walked out the door.

Cindy peeled off her running gear as she walked to her bedroom. She was pleasantly surprised at her comfort level given that her dad was seeing someone. She realized that she was happy because he was happy. He'd been so angry, sad, and depressed when her mom left. Cindy's own reaction had been disappointment bordering on disgust. She had reduced her contact with her mom to e-mail, the occasional phone call, and little more. Whoever her dad was seeing must be pretty amazing. She was looking forward to the evening's interrogation.

Cindy got the shower going and sat to pee. Wiping herself she noticed she was a little stubbly. In a flash she recalled that she had left her razor in her bathroom back at school. No problem she thought as she walked to her dad's bathroom in search of one. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Fortunately, she found one (complete with blades) of her mothers in the back of a drawer. Leaving the master bath Cindy walked to the bedroom sitting window to enjoy the view.

The view out this particular window was one of her earliest winter memories. There was no way to count the numbers of hours she had spent looking out this window. She loved the sight of the bare trees and shrubs dusted with snow. She took comfort in the perfectly smooth expanse of snow-covered lawn. It was one of her dad's points of pride, uniformly green in summer, this morning flawlessly white with the light snowfall of the night before - no that wasn't correct. Cindy blinked in amazement. There was a line of footprints crossing the yard from the back gate toward the French doors beside the window. Cindy's eyes widened as she realized the direction of the tracks.

Cindy ran back to her bathroom and pulled her running clothes back on. She exited via the kitchen and circled around back of the house. She stopped at the French doors. The footprints were about the same size as hers. Cindy followed the tracks as they lead across the yard, out the gate, and along the old walking path.

A thrilling warmth filled Cindy as she followed the trail. These tracks belonged to her Dad's girlfriend - that was an obvious no-brainer. That meant that her Dad's lover had been with him last night and "snuck off" this morning. Cindy smiled at the delicious irony. To think that her dad was hiding his lover from her the way she had done the same when she was younger made her smile even more. The memory of Ryan Johansson and their passionate loving turned Cindy's physical warmth into needy sexual heat; she'd yet to meet a guy quite like Ryan.

OH GOD! She recalled when Ryan had been frustrated waiting for Cindy's period to end. Cindy for her part had teased him mercilessly as he walked her home, telling him how horny she was now that her period was over but that they couldn't do anything because her Mom was home. Cindy was surprised to find a note saying not to expect her Mother until seven that night. Ryan was reading the note over her shoulder. She heard him chuckle.

Ryan wrapped his arms around her, squeezed her breasts, and gave her nipples a good, hard rolling twist. Cindy reached back and grasped Ryan's hard cock; only her efforts to grab came off more as a series of groping strokes. Ryan responded by thrusting a hand down the front of Cindy's shorts, reaching for her clit. Cindy realized his objective - it would only take a couple of strokes to turn Cindy insatiable. She tried to pull his hand out and failed as Ryan's long index finger pressed and circled her clit. Cindy unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down in surrender. Ryan was relentless over the next three hours, as he fucked Cindy again and again and again. That afternoon had marked Cindy's transition from parceling sex out to Ryan to earnestly seeking the opportunity.

Cindy made a mental note to look Ryan up while she was home.

Cindy turned her focus back to the tracks in the snow smiling at her detective skills. She already knew that her Dad's girlfriend lived within walking distance because the tracks had not stopped at a convenient parking area - no need for a car. She also knew that her dad's girlfriend was in pretty good shape; obstacles were taken in stride and in one place she had jumped onto and over a small wall. And most surprising of all was the tracks indicated a slow measured pace. Her Dad's lover wasn't running home - she was strolling! - got some good loving last night, eh - or was it this morning? Cindy loved this!

The tracks continued, angling up from the path, crossing a street and then leading into an alley. This was familiar ground, Cindy had been in this alley innumerable times. The tracks stopped at an outside stairway that led to a grandmother unit above a garage. Cindy looked down at the tracks that stopped at the landing and up the stairs again. Her heart began to pound. She climbed the stairs and knocked twice.

"Just a minute, I'll be right there." Cindy felt her stomach tightened. The door opened and a blast of heat escaped. "CINDY! I was just thinking of calling you. Come on in. It's so great to..."

"Cut the crap Jessie." Cindy pushed past her best friend and quickly scanned the one bedroom apartment. She looked down at the floor beside the door and saw a pair of UGG boots standing surrounded by a small puddle of water. "How long have you been doing my Dad? And don't bother trying to deny it. I followed your tracks here; your boots are still wet. You left his bed this morning didn't you ... well? Tell me."

Jessica Jenkins removed the towel from her head and walked to her closet. She let the towel around her drop to the ground and looked over her shoulder, "I have nothing to deny."

"Damn right you have nothing to deny. How long has this been going on?" Cindy was incensed; her best friend was having sex with her dad - it was outrageous.

"I really don't think that's any of your business Cindy. Frank and I are both adults and..." Jessie strove to maintain her poise. Thank God she had decided to shower first, then eat. It would have been very uncomfortable to get into all of this with Frank's semen oozing from her (not to mention whatever residue may have been on her lips and chin!) Up until this moment Jessie thought that everything was comfortably under wraps.

"None of my business - oh really? Well what about your mom Jess, does she know? Because I'm sure she'd be very interested to know that you're shacking up with a fifty one year old married man."

"We've been together since September." Jessie ignored Cindy's implied threat to tell her mom - not that she didn't take that threat seriously. Jessie doubted that Cindy understood her real concern in that regard. Pamela Jenkins would be hard competition for Frank Barlow if she knew that he was now available. Pamela styled herself the local matchmaker and she wouldn't hesitate in sending an endless stream of willing women toward the available architect. No - Jessie knew that discretion was everything here. That's why she and Frank didn't go out on dates. Everything stayed at his house and up until this moment that had worked out very well.

"Six months? You've hardly bothered with a guy for more than six days. And what do you mean by "been together" Jess." Cindy walked over to a chair and sat down. This was crazy! Her best friend Jessica Jenkins and her Dad have been having sex since September? "You have to stop seeing him. He's my dad JJ."

Jessica finished dressing and walked into her kitchen. She began to make coffee and placed two bagels in a small toaster oven. "Look Cindy your Mom left him for that sleaze-ball George. Your Dad was miserable and you know it. I didn't plan on this happening. I didn't chase after him. But it did happened Cin and I'm glad it did."

"Ha, I bet you are. And I for one do not believe for one second that you didn't plan this. You used to hang all over him!" Cindy mimicked Jessica's throaty voice. "Oh Cindy, your Dad is so awesome, I-am-so-in-love-with-him..."

"Oh for crissakes Cindy I was twelve years old when I said that." Jessica slathered butter and raspberry jelly on the bagels and poured some coffee. "Okay, I'll tell you how we first hooked ... how we first got together. You know how much I love a good party, especially if I can go in a costume. Well I wangled an invitation to the Summer Beach party the Rotary puts on. It was at the Doubletree. I went as a Polynesian witch with all kinds of face make-up on so that I looked older. You know, so I could get drinks. I saw your Dad there. He was trying to have a good time, which I guess he thought meant getting pretty drunk. He went outside to clear his head and I followed with a glass of wine. I was just going to sit and talk with him but when I walked up he looked at me and smiled. I realized he didn't recognize me. I walked up to him told him, I had to disguise my voice, I told him it that what was in my glass was a love potion and I put it to his lips. He sipped and then I did too. And that's how it started."

"You drugged my Dad?" Her voice straining in incredulity Cindy leaned across the counter.

"As if, I would never do anything like that! I ... you're not going to like this any better ... I offered myself to him. Oh c'mon Cin when he didn't recognize me, I knew what I wanted to do, what I had to do, I couldn't stop myself. I pulled my top down, poured wine on my right breast and pushed my nipple to his mouth. Then I did the same thing with my left breast; I guess he had never seen a nipple ring up close before." Jessica recalled the thrill of Frank Barlow sucking and kissing her nipples that night, especially her left nipple. "He wouldn't stop sucking and licking. So I straddled his thighs and rubbed my hips against him until he was hard.

"The rest was pretty easy." Jessica recalled the exact moment that Frank Barlow's cock had penetrated her. He was drunk and he was horny and - oh God - was he hard. She had always wondered about being with an older man; she wondered no more. Maybe the alcohol made him last longer, maybe there was some other factor; but he simply fucked her hard and fast through orgasm after orgasm. Not that Cindy needed to know that.

"We both wanted it." She looked at her best friend and decided to be as honest as possible. Cindy deserved it. "He had booked a room so he wouldn't be tempted to drive after drinking. We went up, I insisted on keeping the lights out. We had sex until we both passed out. I woke up early and washed my make-up off my face and gave him a good morning blow job. He was so yummy."

"That's a little too much information Jess. God, I can't believe he didn't feel bad about taking advantage of you. I mean you and I are the same age. He's known you your whole life."

'Yeah, well he did feel bad. When he saw me without my make-up he totally freaked. Nothing I said made him feel any better. Oh Cindy he was soooo sweet. He said all the right things, "it was wonderful, I'll never forget this night, you're so beautiful, you'll find a great guy blah, blah, blah." I just listened and nodded, because I knew I had found the guy I wanted." Jessica placed her hand on the back of Cindy's. "Don't worry, I don't mean like falling in love and getting married and kids and everything. He's had a vasectomy after all. Although I would be his mistress if he asked me."

"Mistress! This isn't funny JJ. He's my Dad. Can't you see how bad this is? What if people found out? He could be ruined."

"Oh right? Look Cindy, we are very careful about not letting anyone else know. In fact as far as I know you are the only other one in the know. And for your information he is more worried about "my" reputation. Besides, the only thing that would happen if this got out in the open is that most of your dad's friends would be jealous and all of your mom's friends would be lining up for a piece of the action. He is such a good lover. That man eats pussy like a lesbo."


"Sorry, it's just that you've always been interested before in what I do with guys..."

"Your other boyfriends weren't my Dad! God this is so ... so..."

Jessica sat on the stool next to her friend. "Cin, your dad has been the best thing that ever happened to me - period. He talks to me like an adult. He treats me like an adult. Did you know he got me to enroll at the community college? He makes me feel like a woman, he makes me feel whole. And I don't think I'm the only one whose benefited from this - don't you think you're dad is happier now?"

Cindy nibbled her bagel and sipped her coffee. She reviewed the last few months. It was true, her dad was happier than she had seen in a long time, a real long time. "Yeah - I guessed this morning that he had a girlfriend. I told him I was going to give him the third degree at dinner tonight. I was happy for him Jess. I am happy for him. God this is so weird ... oh all right. Who am I to stand in the way of happiness? You might as well come to dinner tonight JJ. I'm sure you were planning on being there later anyway."

"Perfect." Jess hugged her friend. "Oh and Cindy there is no need for you to call me Mom."


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