Time Push
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Time Travel, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Barbara-Anne Barrister was a normal 19 year old from the first half of the 20th century. While on her way to break off her engagement to a gambling suitor, the unthinkable happens! For reasons beyond the young blonde's understanding, she's hurled 66 years into the future! This child of 1941 must then rearrange her whole mindset when she meets the handsome African American who developed the means of her sudden timetrip. Can she shake the beliefs of her backward time and find true love?

Barbara-Anne Barrister wasn't lost. She just wished she were. Babs kicked off her heels, and pressed her stocking clad foot harder on the accelerator. Even with the Studebaker's windows all open the added speed didn't do much to ease the sweltering heat. "He promised!" she muttered, pulling at the dress clinging to her damp skin. "No more gambling! He swore it!" Now here she was driving through the desert trying to find a place called El Rancho Vegas! Robert had called late last night demanding she bring her engagement ring. He needed it to make good his bets. She should have known something was wrong! He had been so eager to go ever since the place opened three months ago. She should have read the papers! The El Rancho had gaming tables!

The nineteen-year-old blonde sighed. Last night she had told him that the wedding was off! He was stunned when she went on to say she never wanted to see him again! It shamed her to think of even telling a lie about flushing the ring down the toilet! Babs had cried for hours before calming down enough to start driving first thing this morning. He'd get his ring along with a piece of her mind, and that was it! Thank goodness she hadn't married him already! "Marry in haste, repent in leisure! That's what mommy used to say, God rest her gentle soul." Babs pushed the Studebaker to still greater speed.

After a few more miles of empty desert, Babs had a problem to keep her mind off of the heat. It was a problem growing more pronounced by every passing second. "Oh gosh! I can't stand it any more!" The young woman moaned and wriggled as she drove. Not a service station in sight. In fact, she hadn't seen any sort of a building in almost an hour. "I have to tinkle!" she cried out to the uncaring desert. There was no other option. Slowing down, she pulled the Studebaker off the road. Babs hadn't seen a car all morning, but her sense of modesty made her carefully drive nearly a half-mile out onto the desert floor. Still in her stocking feet, the pretty blonde scrambled from the automobile. In frantic haste she pulled the hem of her dress up and tucked it under her chin. "Nobody can possibly see me!" she reassured herself as she squatted behind the car. "Nobody will ever know!" There was no time for anything but crudeness. Hooking her fingers into the material of her panties, she roughly pulled the plain white cotton aside. She felt so ashamed of herself! In broad daylight, she was going tinkle outside! At least she was trying too! It was nearly a minute before the first trickle burst forth. "Oh goodness!" she gasped. It felt ever so good to empty her distended bladder! Her pee-pee hissed into the sand. Babs whimpered. Never having tried this before, she wasn't expecting any trouble. Wouldn't you know a wind finally made its way across the hot sand? The sudden gust added with inexperience worked against her. The mortified blonde couldn't help soaking her right foot and her lower leg with hot golden water.

The sand stuck uncomfortably to her wet foot as she climbed back into the car. Just as she pressed the clutch and eased it into first gear, a clap of thunder nearly deafened her. "Golly, what's that?" she shouted in surprise as a beautiful golden glow enveloped her and the car.

"System destabilizing!" Leon Edwards yelled over the sound of straining generators. "Scan focus point beginning to waver!"

"Leon, I'm getting a confirmed shift in gravity!" His research assistant Mike Fuji sounded stunned. "I'm measuring an actual change in gravitational force!"

"Can you recalibrate?"

"Negative! It's changing too fast! Gravity at .95 normal now! .88, .77! Gravity is at half Earth normal at the test site!" There was a whine and clatter as a hard drive failed. "Oh shit! I just lost the navigational software!" Mike pounded uselessly on his keyboard. "The guidance computer crashed! I'm talking total blue screen of death! The system's running without coordinates!"

Not now! The test mass had started to fade! It actually winked out of existence for a fraction of a second! The push had worked! The mass had entered hyperspace! Without any navigational lock there was no way to effect its relocation. The return of the test mass was heralded by sound of screaming metal. "Oh hell! Generator two is gone! Abort! I'm shutting it all down!" Leon slapped at the emergency cutoff, and ended mankind's first attempt at matter relocation through hyperspace. At least he thought everything was ended. His eyes opened wide registering a change on the monitor screen. The test mass was moving! Somehow, the rusted hulk of the 1940 Studebaker Commander had begun to roll. Roll nothing! The car took off like a bat out of hell! He watched in stunned silence as the battered wreck bounced its way over the desert sand. Battered? The spotlights were reflecting back almost mirror brilliant from the suddenly high gloss wax job! "Stop that car!"

Babs screamed! The sun was gone! It just winked out like a busted light bulb! Searchlights blinded her as she wrestled to get the car around the building she hadn't noticed before and back to the road. She didn't know what was going on! All she knew was she had to get out of this place! "It was the heat! I must have passed out or something!" she murmured as she regained the road. Was it even the same one she had been traveling? It was smoother, and much wider then she remembered. Heaver traveled, too.

Dr. Edwards felt ice form in his heart. He didn't understand what was happening. He did know they had to recover that car! Mike pulled up in the Lab's Hummer. "Drive!" Leon bellowed, as he flung himself into the passenger side. "Don't let it out of your sight!"

Mike floored it. "Our car can't run. I pulled the battery, and drained all the fluids. Even if the engine was in one piece, it's impossible for it to start."

"I know!" Leon couldn't believe what he was seeing as the gap closed between the vehicles. "Look at the license plate!" he gasped. Forgetting himself he sat up taller and banged his shaved head against the hummer's ceiling panel. "Oh my God! This can't be!"

Mike was rapidly closing in now. "License plate?" He looked more carefully. "Oh yeah. That thing's an antique!" He seemed to stifle a laugh. "Leon! We have to stop that car!"

Babs saw a flicker of light, and realized something big was following her! "Oh no!" she wailed. "I didn't do anything!" she cried, as the large truck thing grew closer. She could see light ahead. She didn't know what was so bright on the horizon, but she felt that was were she would find safety! She never had a chance. Something must have happened when she drove over the sand. With a bang, a tire blew. Once again Babs ended up off the road. The big yellow truck kicked sand wildly, as it came to rest blocking her possible escape. She started to cry when a huge Negro and a Japanese man rushed out of the truck. "Spies! You're spies for the Japs!" she whimpered, before passing out.

"What the hell? Did she just call me a Jap? What a bitch!"

"Never mind that now!" Leon scooped up the unconscious woman, and deposited her in the passenger seat of the Hummer. "I only hope that no 'Good Samaritan' reports this as a car-jacking!"

Mike grinned and cleared his throat. "Officer, I swear! The guy who carried the woman was huge! I'm talking HUGE! He looked just like that giant black dude from "Green Mile"! You know, John Coffey!"

Leon closed his eyes and counted to ten. "Yeah, but not spelled the same. Like I haven't heard that before! Very funny! Just have the car towed back to the lab, then meet me at my apartment."

Mike scratched his head in though, a slight but knowing smile on his face. Reaching into the vehicle, he pulled out the girl's purse. He cleared his throat. "Leon, did what I think happened, really happen?"

"We'll know for sure when Goldilocks wakes up." The doctor took a long look at the vintage auto. "I can't prove it yet, but I think that's the same car. The same car years earlier in it's timeline!"

Babs woke up with a start. Her heart raced when she realized that the big Negro man was driving her somewhere. "I, I won't tell on you, uncle." She said quietly, trying to sound calm and collected. "Don't you know how much trouble you'd be in, for kidnapping a white woman?"

"I understand why you're talking like this Miss. I don't really blame you, but listen to me now." He looked her right in the eyes. "You're safe. I'm not going to hurt you, but don't you ever call me uncle again! Understand?"

Even in the darkened vehicle, Babs could see he was telling the truth. "Gosh, you're sure an uppity nigger." She whispered.

He pounded a massive hand on the steering wheel, and took a route he had intended to avoid at all costs. "Close your mouth and listen to me! My name is DOCTOR Leon Edwards. You may call me Dr. Edwards, or Leon. If I hear uncle or nigger from you again, I'll drop you off right here and let you figure this out by yourself!"

Babs looked out the window to see where here was. What she saw made no sense! "The, the Eiffel T-Tower?" she stammered as they drove past the familiar French landmark. She'd never traveled before but recognized it from newsreels about Paris. The confused woman was glued to the window. There were so many people walking the streets. The way some of the women were dressed was downright shameful! After a few moments she saw something that chilled her soul. "What is this place?" she screamed as she stared at the Statue of Liberty! "Where am I? This is all wrong!"

"Miss, calm down!" Her driver grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "You're safe! You aren't hurt."

"I'm crazy!" she wrestled her hand from his, and covered her eyes. "I'm insane! Unc, um, Doctor Edwards, I, I'm seeing things! The heat must have addled my brain!"

"Oh shit! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done this! I let my anger get the better of me!" his voice lowered and he continued in much milder tone. "You aren't crazy, I promise you that. Tell me, what's today's date?

"July twelfth. Don't you know that?"

"You forgot the year."

"Okay. July twelfth, 1941! Don't you look at the papers?"

"There's no easy way to break this to you, so I'll just come out and say it. Today's date is June twenty-eight, 2007." He paused a moment. "I'm very sorry, but you happen to be the first human being in history to travel through time!"

Babs was about to call him a liar, but the words died in her throat. Everything was so different! The automobiles looked like something out of the funny pages. She heard a roaring, and looked up. A flying machine lifted up from behind a nearby building. The big fan sprouting out of the top somehow made it look like a huge glass and metal dragonfly!

The people were what really drew her attention. How could civilized folks dress like that? While Dr. Edwards waited for the traffic signal to change, she saw something really eye opening! Babs blushed deeply when she saw a busty fair skinned redhead kiss a Negro man. Right out in the streets too! Nobody even batted an eye even though the trollop wasn't wearing anything under the tight black undershirt she wore! The easy-girl's chest was very nearly as large as her own! How could she walk around letting them jiggle and sway like that? The woman must be a harlot! When the couple crossed the street, Babs just had to look away. The undershirt had printing on it. The redheaded tramp was actually walking around with the word BITCH written across her bouncing bosoms in large golden letters!

"Sixty-six?" she finally stammered. "I'm sixty-six years in the future?" She gasped, as she thought about Robert. He was twenty-two. That meant, if he was even still alive now, he would be eighty-eight! "He's an old man!" she blurted out. She started to laugh. The laughter had an edge of desperation to it, and Babs soon found she couldn't stop. "He's old! He's old! I really can't marry him now!" She finally stopped when she felt a stinging blow against her cheek. "You slapped me!" she said in total shock.

"I'm sorry Miss. You were getting hysterical." He took a deep breath. "Are you ok now?"

Surprisingly, she was. "Babs." She said quietly. "If I can call you Leon, then you can call me Babs." She held out her hand and his soon engulfed it. His grip had strength, but also a gentleness that somehow didn't go with its huge size. She asked the question that scared her most. "Will, will I be able to go home?"

His hand gave hers a little extra squeeze. "Babs I'll be honest. I just don't know. This was never supposed to happen." He pulled the truck into a parking lot. "This is where I live. You can stay here until I figure this all out." Leon got out of the car and circled around to her side. He opened her door and once more took her hand. "You don't have to worry Babs. I would never do anything to harm you."

She let him hand her out of the truck. She felt an almost electric shock. Her heart made a little thump when she stood next to him. All her life Babs thought she was too tall. At five foot nine in stocking feet, she always felt gawky around other people. She had often wished she could have been petite like mommy was. Leon towered over her! He must be nearly seven feet tall! He wasn't skinny either. He had the physique a prizefighter! Stocking feet? Her mind flashed back to her own problems "Oh my!" Babs blushed. "I, I lost my shoes! I think they're in the car!" It wasn't laughter now. Babs looked down at her dirty sandy feet, and started to cry. "My stockings are ruined!"

"Hey, hey! Take it easy, kid! I'm sure Mike will find them. Even if he doesn't, I'll buy you a new pair. Stockings too, ok?"

Babs wiped her eyes. "I'm not a kid! I'm nineteen, so there!" She looked up at his smiling face and felt a tiny smile form on hers. "Thank you, Leon. I'm being silly, aren't I?"

"Not at all Babs." He led her across the lot towards the tall building. "You're scared, with every right to be. I just want you to know that you're safe now. Whatever happens, you're safe. Understand me?"

"Yes Leon. Thank you." When they stepped into the elevator, Babs was surprised to see it was empty. "Where's the operator?" she asked while eyeing the panel full of numbered buttons.

"Would you like to work it?" Leon asked with a grin. "Push the button marked six."

The blonde pressed the proper button and giggled when the car began to rise. "Going up! Haberdashery, sixth floor!" For the first time all day Babs found herself in a good mood. "I always wanted to do that!" She held her hand at the ready. "How do I know where to stop it?"

"It's automatic, Babs." A bell chimed and the doors opened. "See? Floor to floor service at the touch of a button."

"Golly, that's clever!" When they reached a door at the end of the corridor she spotted a lighted button. "Is, um, is that a doorbell, or is it how you open the door?"

"It's just a doorbell." It was obvious he was trying hard not to laugh. "Things haven't been automated that much!"

The curious young woman gave Leon's living room an apprising look. It was clearly a bachelor's home but Leon seemed to make an effort to keep it clean and tidy. She glanced down at the interesting glass topped table before her. "Oh, goodness!" Babs felt her face grow flush. "Sports Illustrated? Leon, what sport requires women to stand around almost naked?" She read on. "Swimsuit issue? That's a swimsuit? Why if I had a swimsuit like that people would see my, um, uh, never mind!"

Leon dove at the magazine and rolled it up like a tube. "I'm very sorry about that. I guess fashions gave changed a bit since your day." He shoved the rolled up publication behind the sofa. "I have something you'll like!" He picked up a small rectangular box, and pointed it at a shiny black featureless window. "Do you know what this is?" he asked, as the nearly five foot wide window lit up.

"That's a television machine!" Babs was astounded to see images of people moving and talking. All in vivid color! It looked so real! Equipment like that most have cost dearly. With a screen that huge, Leon must have paid nearly one hundred dollars! He must be wealthy! "I saw one at the Worlds Fair when I was in New York two years ago!" A sad look briefly crossed her face. "That was just before mommy passed away."

"Oh, I'm sorry Babs." He pressed a button on the rectangle and the screen went dark.

"That's alright, Leon. I like remembering our trip. We had a jolly good time!" She smiled shyly. "You can show me your machine. I'm very interested."

"It's not really the plasma screen I wanted to show you." He manipulated the rectangle again, and the screen turned blue. Babs hardly had time to wonder what the words "INPUT LINE 1" meant, before he picked up a second button-studded rectangle. "I have something you may like watching. Mike gave it to me. He thinks I should get more musicals in my life."

Babs watched Leon insert a shiny disk about five inches across into a box on the base of the television machine. Some kind of warning about the FBI appeared before the young woman finally saw something that truly delighted her. "The Wizard of Oz!" she squealed as she read the title. "That thing is a moving picture phonograph? Can I really watch a picture in your home?"

"Hey, I like that!" Leon laughed. "Moving picture phonographs are quite common these days." The doorbell rang. "Here, you enjoy the film. That's probably Mike. I need to talk with him." He held up his huge hand after starting the picture playing. "One, Mike isn't any kind of a spy. Two, the war you left behind ended decades ago. Before you ask, yes, we won. Lastly three. Please don't go calling Mike a Jap!"

Babs sighed. "It seems I deserved that." She lowered her eyes. "Leon, I'm very sorry I offended you before. Can you ever forgive me?"

"You're a nice girl, Babs." He smiled. "I know you didn't mean any harm." He put his hand on her shoulder, and gave a gentle squeeze. "Consider yourself forgiven."

The startled woman watched quietly as Leon let his friend in. His hand on her shoulder had started her heart pounding! She could sense the sheer strength of him even though the touch was very soft. A tiny shiver ran down her spine. Although she loved the Land of Oz with all her heart, she couldn't keep her mind on the picture. "Hello Michael." She finally said as the smaller man entered the room. Her eyes lit up. "My shoes and purse! Thank you so very much!"

He handed them over with a flourish. "I knew you'd be wanting these, Babs." He watched as she slipped the leather pumps over the dirty damaged toes of her stockings. "You don't find workmanship like that any more."

She smiled kindly. "These are my favorites! I wouldn't want anything to happen to them. They cost twelve whole dollars!" Her eyes narrowed. "Did you peek at my driving license?" she asked softly.

Mike gave a low whistle. "You're quick as ever, I'll give you that! Just checking the name of our lovely guest!" He eyed her feet with a critical eye. "Yes, it's a pleasure to shop with a pretty girl like you!"

She smiled. Complements never hurt! "It's not like I have any money. This morning I had a dollar, but I was almost at empty. Thank goodness I had enough for a fill-up!"

Mike's eyes glowed. "I really do wish I could shop at home with you!"

Leon clapped a hand against his head. "Mike, forget shopping! We have something more important to think about!"

"Just trying to put the lady at ease." Mike laughed. In an instant his face turned serious. "That is the same car, Leon." He sat on the sofa, and took the young woman's hand. "You're the registered owner of the 1940 Studebaker Commander, right? Your fiancé bought it for you as a wedding gift, correct?"

"Why yes, how did you know? I didn't have the registration with me."

Michael fumbled a device from his pocket. It was a camera, but none like any Babs had ever seen before. "Just a very educated guess. Does this look familiar?" He showed her the small screen on the tiny instrument's back. Her face flushed, when she saw the cracked taillight. "These are the file pictures I took of OUR car, Leon." He manipulated the camera's controls. "Now how about this one, Babs? Do you recognize this photograph?"

"You can just paint that over!" she shouted when she saw the heart with Babs plus Robert written inside. How had she ever been so foolish to paint that little symbol on the glove compartment's door? She wrestled the ring from her finger and tossed it onto the table. "When I get back I'm telling that bum the engagement is off! Imagine him wanting me to give back my ring so he could use it to pay off a gaming hall!"

Mike sighed. "I know. Men are such assholes, aren't they?"

Babs was startled out of her anger. "Michael!" she exclaimed, while trying to hide her giggle. "I don't wish to hear language like that!" she giggled again. "Even if it happens to be the truth!" She grinned at the laughing Asian. "Does this mean that you are an, um, what you said, too?"

"Nope, I'm different."

"Mike!" Leon hissed. "What are you doing?"

"Oh! "The Wizard of Oz"!" Mike changed the subject. He seemed to be enjoying Leon's agitated state. "How do you like it?"

"Lovely, thank you!" she answered happily. She'd rather talk about motion pictures, then her own personal mistakes! "I adore musicals! They always make me feel so gay!"

"I know what you mean! They make me feel gay all the time!"

Leon made an odd choking sound. "Maybe that's why I don't watch them! I NEVER feel gay!"

Babs was confused. Leon seemed to be embarrassed, but Michael was nearly bursting with suppressed laughter. "Did I do something wrong?" she finally asked.

"Not in the least, my dear Babs. Leon's just a touch homophobic, that's all."

"Homo-phobic?" Now Babs was really confused! "Is he ill?"

"No, he's in excellent shape. I do mean excellent!"

Leon crossed his arms over his barrel chest. "Mike, keep it up and I'll tell Bryan you were hitting on me!"

"Oh shit! I was just kidding Leon! Don't say things like that! You know how jealous he gets!" He grinned to show he wasn't really concerned. "Besides, you know I love long hair!"

Babs had a sudden feeling and felt her face grow warm. "Michael, is, is Bryan, um, your boyfriend?"

He smiled. "Very good! I would have thought someone from 1941 wouldn't have figured that out!"

"Well I like that!" she exclaimed. "I'm no rube! I've heard of mandrakes. I just never met one before! Do you really like boys better then girls?"

"I can appreciate that you're a lovely woman, but yes. I do like boys better."

"Goodness me!" Babs smiled bashfully. "I hope you and Bryan are, um, happy together!"

"That we are!" He smiled, and the confused woman saw noting but love in his eyes. "Bryan means the world to me!"

"I guess that's all that matters!" She sighed. "The future is so strange! I never dreamed I would be friends with a Jap and a Nigger." Babs froze. She used that word again! She even called the gentle Michael a Jap! "I'm sorry!" The blonde covered her face with her hands. "I'm trying! Honest! That just slipped out! Michael, I'm sorry your country lost the war too!" Her body shook, as she started to cry. "Leon, I don't want you to hate me!"

Michael patted her shoulder. "It's ok, girlfriend. You just went though the shock of your life. You said the wrong words, but that doesn't make you a bad person!"

Leon looked down at her, and smiled. "Babs, I don't hate you. I may not like the society that taught you it was acceptable to call people hate filled words like that, but I couldn't hate you!"

"I'll try harder!" she whispered. "I won't say those words ever again, even after you send me back home!"

Leon just looked at mike. He hardly understood what happened by accident. Would they be able to repeat it intentionally? Mike stood. "I'll be going now. I need to assess the damage to the system before we try anything."

When Leon saw Michael to the door, Babs discovered she wasn't all that interested in Munchkins and Witches any more. "Leon? Do you have anything I could possibly wear?" She looked at her dirty feet and cringed. She hoped against hope it was her imagination, but she was certain she could smell pee-pee on her foot. "I must have a bath!" she blushed. "Please?"

"Of course Babs. You can wear my bathrobe while I run out and find you something more suited." He took her hand again. "Just let me show you to the bathroom."

Babs felt like a child again. Her hand felt so small in his. It was like those long ago walks in the park with daddy. Why couldn't Robert be this gentle and kind? "Goodness!" she exclaimed, when Leon opened the door. "I never saw such a big bathtub!"

Her host smiled. "Could you see me folding up into anything smaller?"

She giggled at the thought but then her mind shied away. To get into the tub, Leon would have to be NAKED! "I, I suppose that would be a problem."

"You just relax and take your time. I'll run out and pick you up some things." He gave her a concerned look. "Babs, don't try to leave before I get back. Ok?"

She thought of the strange world outside the apartment and shuddered. "Yes Leon. I'll stay right here. You can take that to the bank!"

"Would you like me to pick up something special for dinner?"

"Don't go to any trouble, Leon." She thought for a moment. "Something light would be nice. If there is a delicatessen nearby, you could get us some raw chopped beef and onion sandwiches."

Leon gave her a funny look. "Are you kidding?"

"Well, if the beef doesn't look fresh, we could have pickled pigs knuckles."

"Babs, do you like Chinese food?"

"Why yes. I guess Chinese food would be nice, too."

For some reason, Leon looked greatly relieved. "Chinese it is!" He practically ran out the door. "Remember, I have my keys. Don't open the door for anyone!"

After making sure the door was locked, Babs happily went to draw a nice hot bath. She thought of the galvanized tin tub in the house she grew up in and smiled. "Leon must be wealthy!" she giggled, as she unbuttoned her dress. "Giant television machine, motion picture phonograph, and a bathtub big enough for two people!" Once more her overactive imagination made her blush. The image of her and Leon bathing together made her face grow hot. She folded her dress carefully and placed it on the toilet's tank. It looked funny being so low. The tank sat right on the back of the bowl. It was a convenient place to put things though! Babs sighed, as she unhooked her stockings from the garter belt. They were well and truly ruined. Walking around in sand had made holes clear through the silk! The tinkle hadn't helped any either! She slipped off the belt, then her under-panties. Lastly, she undid her brassiere and slipped the straps over her shoulders.

It gave her such a funny fluttery feeling to be standing naked in Leon's bathroom. "Poppycock!" she said sharply. "It's no different then any other bathroom!" Ignoring the feeling, Babs rinsed her underthings out in the sink. Leon was getting her something to wear, but she didn't trust him to buy anything so intimate. Besides, her brassiere was custom made. It was always so difficult to find any that were actually big enough for her! The fluttery feeling came back stronger as she hung her private garments carefully over the bar a towel was hanging from. Would Leon look at her things? Guys liked that sort of thing, didn't they? Babs blushed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Would Leon touch her brassiere? She shivered thinking of his strong dark fingers caressing the padded cups.

"Barbara-Anne Barrister, you stop that!" she scolded herself. "Of course a Negro man wouldn't want to touch your things! Especially after he got so mad over just some words!" she sighed. Words did hurt sometimes. She remembered how the other girls treated her in school just because her stupid bosoms came along and grew so big long before theirs did!

The naked young woman sighed. "Maybe I am just a rube!" she went to the tub and turned the knobs. "Oh my goodness!" Babs forgot her troubles for the time being as a cloud of steam rose. "The water is so hot! I surely hope it doesn't run out before the bath is full!"

It didn't! Babs couldn't help grinning as she pulled the Bobbie pins from her hair. She shook the golden locks free and let them fall down her back. "Thank goodness future people know how to have a proper bath!" Looking around, she didn't see any bars of soap. There was a strange red bottle on the edge of the tub. "Old Spice body wash? Mommy used to like Early American Old Spice powder. I wonder if they made this?"

It felt so heavenly to sink herself into the hot water. "This must be like the Rockefellers live." She murmured softly as she leaned back to soak her long hair. She didn't know why the body wash was called Arctic Blast, but it smelled rather nice as she massaged the thick foamy suds into her hair. Dunking her hair once again, she ran her fingers through and rinsed the foam clear. "Now to just soak!" she announced softly as she slowly laid back. "This IS heaven!"

The nude young lady relaxed that way for some time. The warmth soon had her eyelids drooping. Her firm full breasts began to rise and fall as her breathing increased in pace. Her arm slowly moved. A little whimper passed her lips as her legs spread wider. A hand slowly moved beneath the steaming water. Gentle as the brush of a butterfly's wings, the golden haired beauty stroked her fingers along the pouty petals of her most secret place. Her eyes closed completely as a breathy sigh brought a contented smile to her lips. Fingers grew bolder beneath the surface of the bath. Droplets of water glistened like diamonds on her face and heaving breasts. This tranquil scene changed in an instant as she suddenly sat up. "No! No! No!" she shouted as she climbed from the tub.

The flustered woman actually gave her own right hand a rather sharp slap. "I said never again!" How humiliating! She almost did 'that' again! "In a bath? In someone else's bath! What would Leon think if he knew? "I will never ever do that again!" she whispered, knowing it was probably a lie. She couldn't believe she almost tickled herself in someone's home! Babs felt shame as she toweled her hair. Almost nothing! She very nearly had made herself have one of 'those' fits!

She had discovered just past her tenth birthday that if she tickled herself between her legs it would produce the most marvelous sensations. If she did it long enough her little pink button would soon peek out of its little hood. Then she just couldn't help tickling that little bud! The first time she thought she was going to die as her body shook and convulsed. Her heart had pounded and she had actually cried out! Thank goodness mommy had always been a deep sleeper! Since then she had tickled herself that way nearly every single night before she went to sleep. Since then she swore nearly every single morning she would never do such a disgusting nasty thing again!

"Imagine tickling myself in Leon's beautiful bath!" She vigorously rubbed the towel over her body before wrapping it around her wet hair. "There has to be something wrong with me! Who ever heard of having seizures that feel so good from doing something so terribly nasty to your private place? Never ever again!" she swore as she struggled into the large fluffy white robe that hung on a hook by the door.

Once again she wished she could ask mommy about this strange condition. She had been too frightened to ask when her mother had sat her down and had a long talk. "Mommy told me what a husband would want to do to me once I was married." She muttered as she let the water drain from the tub. "She said it was the price any woman had to pay for the God given privilege of having babies." Babs hugged herself tight and shivered at the thought of such an animalistic act. "Mommy never mentioned anything about 'that place' feeling so good! There just has to be something wrong with me!"

A feeling of relief washed over the flustered girl "I certainly don't have to worry about that now! Robert will never get to do THAT to me! When Leon and Michael send me back, I'll throw that dratted ring right back in his face!"

Babs left the bathing room and felt drawn to the moving picture phonograph. Imagine never having to wait for a revival of a favorite picture! Snuggled warm in Leon's borrowed robe, she felt like a little girl on Christmas morning as she looked through his massive collection of picture phonograph disks. Some titles she recognized. "The Maltese Falcon" she shouted with delight. This is the new one starring Mr. Humphrey Bogart! The papers all say he does a much better job then Ricardo Cortez did ten years ago." The smile left her face at this rude reminder of her predicament.

"No! I will not worry! Leon and Michael will fix things!" She went back to browsing. "Oh! "Dark Victory" Gosh, better not look at this one. Bette Davis made me cry and cry at the end!" Flipping through the growing piles around her, Babs turned her attention to those with glossy full color photography on the celluloid boxes.

"Apollo Thirteen" She looked closer. "It's a true story! Holy smoke! People flew all the way to the moon! How marvelous!" She read the box. "This happened in 1970. Why, I bet people live on the moon right now! Maybe Leon can take me there for a visit before I go home!"

One thing sprang to mind as the young woman amused herself with the many strange titles. "Doctor, my left foot! Anyone would think a doctor could do things properly!" Having worked for several years in a library, the bemused blonde took offence to this obvious miss-deed. "Well Doctor Leon Edwards, I'll just have to alphabetize all of this for you! That will be a good way to thank you for your hospitality, anyway!"

Muttering about how careless even doctors are with simple bits of organization, Babs began pulling all of the films out of the shelving units around the room. Just as she cleared the last shelf, something fluttered to the floor. "What's this?" The robe gaped open as she bent to pick up the white square of paper. Blushing as her bosoms felt the cool air, she hastily closed the robe tighter. "Oh, it's another moving picture phonograph record." She read the hand written title through the clear celluloid window in the square envelope and giggled. "Dogfart files?" She couldn't help grinning. Mommy always grew very cross with daddy when he used 'dogfart', his one and only all-purpose swearword.

"I'll put this one in the phonograph player. With a silly title like that it's just bound to be a comedy!" It took some fiddling and fooling with the button studded control box before the little drawer slid out with a soft mechanical whirring. With another soft whir, the shiny disk disappeared from view. "I wonder. Dogfart." She giggled again at the awful sounding swearword. "Dogfart, Dogfart, Oh! Duck Soup! I just know it's a new Marx Brother's picture!"

The huge screen lit up blue. "Why doesn't the picture start?" She read the text. "File one? File two? Maybe it's all of the Marx Brother's pictures all in one place. I wonder how they managed that?" A little more fiddling led to her pressing the button labeled 'enter'.

The picture finally started and Babs felt a shudder run through her body. It opened with a blond young woman with bosoms nearly as large as her own sitting on a sofa. She wore a pink dress that was so short you could almost see between her legs. Those legs shifted. "No under-panties?" The girl dressed in the tiny pink dress was a harlot! This was worse then that easy girl she saw kissing the Negro man earlier today. "Stop!" she shouted as some unseen person started asking her about how did she like black men. "Go away!" In her frantic haste, the frazzled girl dropped the control unit. The back popped off and two small things that looked almost like skinny little flashlight batteries flew out and rolled under the stand of the television machine! She broke it! She couldn't make it stop now!

The blonde's knees felt like rubber as she suddenly sat heavily on the sofa. "They're talking filthy!" she cried as the on screen conversation turned to how big 'black cock' was. "Cock? They" 'gulp' are they talking about..." Her voice dropped to a soft whisper. "Are they talking about a Negro's thing?"

A large Negro man seemed to answer her question by joining the pink harlot on the screen. Babs felt frozen in place as she watched him unhitch his pants. "Oh heavens!" she gasped as her wrestled out what looked like a tree branch! The pink trollop took that frightening pole in her hand and Babs almost fell faint! She looked at the girl's hands, and then looked at her own. She was a very good judge of sizes due to years of hand sewing her own clothing. "Dear Lord in heaven! F- Fifteen inches? Is, is it supposed to be like that?"

Her mind flew back to an unpleasant memory. Not so long ago she and Robert had been, well, kissing. He had grown entirely too fresh for Babs to handle. Suddenly he was an octopus! Hands groped her body while he somehow managed to tug at his own clothing, "Rub it, Babs!" he had whispered hoarsely as he placed her hand on something warm and hard. He had actually made her touch his privates! That had earned Robert a wicked slap in the face!

"His, his wasn't like that!" The monster on the screen made Robert's look like a tree branch compared to a mighty oak's trunk! "This can't be real!" she squealed as she placed her hands over her eyes.

She couldn't stop peeking between her fingers when something so disturbing happened that her heart nearly skipped a beat! "Oh no!" she moaned as the pink easy girl placed a man's private part between her lips and slipped her mouth over the huge bulbous head! "People do that?" she whimpered. "Mommy never mentioned it! Do people really do that?" It must be true! There it was in glorious living color! A girl was sucking on a man's thing like it was a sweet!

"It's their wedding night." Babs suddenly decided, forgetting about the unseen narrator from the beginning of the picture. Warmth spread throughout her body as the huge man helped the girl out of what passed for her clothing. "Are, are they going to m-make a baby?"

Urges she didn't understand inflamed her body as she watched the Negro push the girl onto her back. As he moved over his 'wife', the young viewer's own hand moved. Once again Babs began to 'tickle' herself. This time her inner self remained silent. She spoke in a husky voice out loud though. "Leon, Leon is much better looking." She gasped as her body wriggled into a more comfortable position. Unknowingly, this increased the primal danger she was in by dislodging the sash that tied her borrowed robe.

"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!" she breathed as she witnessed the huge shaft spread delicate folds to impale the harlot movie starlet. "It, it's going in!" she screamed with the girl as her 'husband' claimed her.

The front door flew open. "What's wrong, Babs?" Leon called as he rushed in. The Chinese food and Babs new clothes fell forgotten from his hands as he took in a sight that stole his breath away. A girl who could be a sister to the gorgeous Veronica Lake sat frantically masturbating on his sofa! Forget about Veronica Lake! The Peek-a boo girl never had breasts like those!

Doctor Leon Drake Edwards was a gifted physicist, electronic engineer, and computer programmer second to none. After Steven Hawking, he was perhaps one of most intelligent men to grace the planet Earth. This man of letters, this genius well on the pathway to forever changing the course of human development, found himself thinking with an organ other then his brain. He couldn't really be blamed. The project had consumed him for four long years. They were four lonely years of work, and occasional jerk-off sessions to Internet pornography. Now he was witnessing the woman of his dreams playing with her stunning body while watching the filthiest porn he owned. Was there a man alive who could resist what appeared to be a sensual gift from the gods themselves?

Babs froze. A tiny squeak escaped her. "L-Leon!" Oh heavens! Oh merciful heavens above! A man was seeing her body! The blond trembled. The first man to see her body was a Negro! "Don't look at me! Please stop looking at me!" In a pose older then time, she put one arm over her heaving breasts, while trying to cover her most secret place with the other hand. "Make the filthy picture stop!"

Food forgotten, Leon paused just long enough to lock the door. "Babs, you're beautiful!" he whispered softly as he slowly walked towards the flushed girl. His nostrils dilated as the scent of her arousal set his soul on fire. "You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!"

"Stay away!" she gasped. Babs was frightened. She wasn't frightened of Leon though. The girl was nearly paralyzed with fear over how her body was reacting! Her heart was racing. She felt so hot that she thought her body was in danger of melting straight away. She shamefully felt how wet it was growing between her quivering legs. "Don't c-come any closer!" she whined as the huge man drew near.

Leon reached down to her. His large hands gently but firmly gripped her just under the arms. It took no effort at all for him to pick up and set her carefully on her feet. "Oh God, do you even know what you're doing to me?"

"I, I'm n-not doing anything!" she gasped. What should she do? She couldn't close the robe unless she moved her arms. If she moved her arms, Leon would see EVERYTHING!

Immensely strong arms encircled her, trapping her. "Babs, you're driving me insane!" Leon felt her body's heat through his clothing and lost the last of his reason. Bending slightly, he put his lips to hers.

"No!" the girl managed to gasp before her lips were claimed. Once again she felt the shimmering power of this huge man's touch. Babs moaned as her body pressed to his. Kissing Robert had been, well, fun. Kissing Leon almost made her soul fly free from her trembling body. "Oh Leon." She whispered softly as their lips finally parted and the borrowed robe fell unnoticed to the floor.

He seemed to notice what was on the television machine's screen for the first time. Babs was shocked when he smiled at the filthy images and simply pressed a stud on the front of the moving picture phonograph. The screen went all blue. "Forgive me for that, Babs." He kissed her again.

"Forgive, um, f-for what?" she asked as the moment claimed her too.

"Come with me now." In one swift motion, he scooped up the gorgeous blond and strode purposefully across the room. "Let me make you more comfortable." He said in a strong commanding voice

It took all of one second for Babs to realize where he was taking her. His bedroom! "Put me down!" she gasped nearly breathlessly. "Not in there! Don't take me in there! I can't go in there with you like this!"

It was too late. Leon gently deposited her in the center of the biggest bed Babs had ever seen. "I've never met a girl like you before, Babs!" He began to unbutton his shirt.

"Wait! Leon, no!" Babs was sure he would hear the drum beat of her heart as she gazed up in awe at his firmly muscled chest. She tried to close her eyes as his hands went to his belt buckle. It sounded like the crack of a whip as he yanked the leather strap from the loops around the waist of his slacks. The slacks dropped to the floor with the soft rustle of fabric.

The shorts underneath weren't long in joining them. The blond gasped in shock as the proud male shaft pointed right at her! Some part of her mind compared Leon to the man on the screen. She whimpered again as she realized Leon was not only more handsome, he was also bigger. Bigger in EVERY way! It was as if some mad genius had carved the figure of a god out of the richest warmest darkest mahogany he could find. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the gentle bounce of the massive staff as he moved closer and closer. Babs felt she knew how a tiny bird would feel, mesmerized by the approach of a deadly snake. "Please?" she whimpered again as this godlike Negro joined her on the bed.

"I'll make you feel so good, Babs." Leon's fingertips softly brushed against the skin of her thigh. "I'll treat you so good!" Her heart was in her throat. "I'm a good girl!" she protested weakly as those maddening fingers slowly moved upwards. "Good girls wait and get married!" Oh heavens! She had to make a choice, and make it fast! There was noting else to do! She cupped both hands over her secret place, baring her bosoms completely to his hungry eyes. Her face burned hot when she felt the warm moisture practically flowing from her center as he stared right at her stupid nipples. Why did they have to be too big too? It was so hard to get a brassiere fitted well enough to hide those thumb tip sized little nubs when the decided to get all firm like this!

"Oh god! You're perfect!" In a move the frantic girl didn't know to be wary of, warm lips closed over one of those firm buds and gently suckled. "Leon! Oh Leon! No!" she gasped as that feeling of electricity raced through her. She couldn't move! Her insides were all fluttering! She was melting. That was it! She was melting under the heat of his kiss!

From one to another, Leon's lips teased and tormented her. His hands felt hot as they caressed the firm flesh of her bosoms. "D-Don't t-touch me there!" she gasped as hands and lips worked together. "St-Stop!" He was squeezing her! His hands on either side of those orbs she found oh so embarrassing, were squeezing them together! She let out a squeak when his plan became clear. They were close enough together now! Babs let out a wail as Leon managed to get both of her pesky hard nips into his mouth!

It shouldn't feel good! Maybe the harlot on the television machine would like it, but a good girl certainly shouldn't! "Stop!" she gasped again. He did! "Oh Leon, thank you!" she sighed, but then something else started! He kissed her bosoms. He kissed them and kissed them, until she thought she would surely grow mad! Part of her was relieved as he drew closer to her throbbing nips again. "Oh?" she gasped almost sadly as he simply let his lips brush lightly against them. "It's over?" Why did she sound so sad? Here voice was hardly more then a soft breeze. "Just, just a tiny bit more?" she breathed hoping for just one more little kiss.

He started again! This time she welcomed his lips on her tummy! The girl quivered with poorly disguised delight as his wonderful lips began teasing anew. Lower and lower the lips traveled.

Who would have ever guessed kisses on the tummy could feel so nice? They weren't as nice as kisses on her bosom, but it somehow felt safer. Sucking and teasing her poor stiff nips had nearly made Babs throw one of her shameful convulsions! Yes, this was much safer. She even giggled softly as Leon's tongue dipped into her belly button. Robert never kissed her like this. His idea of kissing was trying to shove his tongue into her mouth. Was it just Leon, or did all Negroes know how to make a girl feel so fluttery and hot? She couldn't ask because Leon would be cross with her again. She just sighed as the wonderful feelings moved still lower.

She giggled again as the tiny kisses rained all over the backs of her hands. The giggling stopped when something terrible dawned on her! Was he going to kiss her there? He was! He grasped her hands and began to urge them aside. Leon wanted to kiss her between the thighs! "No, no, no!" she whimpered. "Leon! That's dirty!" she said weakly, unable to stop his huge strong hands from moving her small slender ones aside and gently spreading her quivering legs. "Pee-pee comes out there! It's disgusting!"

"It's not dirty, Babs." He whispered, his breath gently stirring the silky golden hair just inches from his lips. "It's called cunnilingus. I promise you it will feel good!"

Babs was nearly in a daze. "Is that French?" she stammered in a vein attempt to distract him.

"Faire la minette!" he said with a laugh.

"To make iron ore?" she was the one distracted now!

"Very good! It was a common euphemism in its day for the more direct cunnilingus. It does sound more beautiful though. Now be a good girl and relax for me." Leon leaned forward, and his lips touched those of her most intimate self!

Babs nearly screamed! It was wrong! "Leon, stop! I, I can't!" His tongue flicked against that pesky firm button that now peeked free. "Oh Leon!" Babs felt her whole body twitch. Tickling there with her fingers never felt like this! Her terrible secret was about to be revealed! That tongue suddenly dipped deep inside her body! Babs found her hips bucking up at Leon's face! No matter how she tried, she just couldn't keep her bottom on the bed! "Stop!" she moaned as her heart leaped. "Leon, d-don't make me do it! Please oh please don't make me go crazy!"

Leon just increased his efforts. Babs was only making incoherent sounds now as the familiar feeling seemed to come charging at her. Her hands finally moved. The aroused girl grabbed at his head. She had meant to push him away! She felt stubble on his sweat-dampened scalp as she ended up trying to push his face even firmer between her legs!

Then, Leon stopped. A sob escaped her lips as Babs was left hanging at the edge of a fit that promised to be so much stronger then any she had ever induced in herself! "More?" she begged, giving his head a little shake. "You can't stop now! Leon! I'll beg! Just a little more! Please?"

He looked up at her and smiled. His face gleamed with the shameful fluid that had flowed out of her traitorous body. "There's more, Babs." He said quietly as he moved up over her body. "There's so much more I want to show you!"

The young woman's eyes grew round as saucers as she looked down between their bodies. "I can't!" she cried as that massive mahogany staff grew ever closer to her womanhood. A clear drop of syrupy fluid dripped from the hole in the tip it's helmet shaped crown. She shuddered as she felt its warmth on her thigh. "I'm not married!" she whined as she attempted to scoot out from under him, but he easily moved with her.

"It's alright, Babs," he soothed as that huge organ inched nearer and nearer. "I won't hurt you."

"I will get hurt!" she cried. "I'm a good girl! Good girls wait for their wedding night!" She tried again to move, but this time nothing happened! He body was ignoring her! She tried to clamp her legs tightly together, but something awful happened! Somehow she ended up spreading them even wider apart! "Leon, please stop! I, I'll never be able to get married!"

Leon grasped his massive erection and gently rubbed the head against the heavenly warmth of the trembling girl's sex. The head soon glistened with her moisture. "I won't hurt you." He repeated as he placed himself right at her opening.

"Leon! We can't do this! I'm not married!" She felt the pressure growing against her. "Oh no!" she whimpered as he attempted to push that huge shaft into her body. "No! I, I never did it!" The frantic girl moaned as the swollen crown began to stretch her. Her virtue! She couldn't do this! Mommy said good girls always kept their virtue intact until their wedding night! Virtue was a girl's most precious possession! Everyone knew decent men only married virtuous girls! "Kissing!" she panted while her slender hands pushed uselessly at his barrel chest. "Go back to kissing! Please Leon! Kissing is nice! I like kissing! Don't put that in me and you can kiss me down there all you want! Please! I'm saving myself for my husband on our wedding bed!"

Leon only pushed harder. The crown of his shaft began to stretch her little opening as it slowly worked itself deeper. The inevitable happened. The helmet moved slowly as Babs was spread wider. Suddenly it just popped the rest of the way inside! Babs squealed as abrupt pain announced her virtue had been forever torn away. "It hurts!" she sobbed more in shame then any real pain. "You ruined me! No nice man will ever want to marry an easy girl!"

"Thousands of men would kill to marry you!" Leon gasped as he fought to hold his body still. In his effort to calm his beautiful lover, he said perhaps a bit more then he should. After all, this driven man didn't really have much experience in the ways of a young woman's heart. "I'd marry you right now if I didn't have to return you to your own time!"

Babs blinked. Leon loved her? He wanted to marry her? "Thousands?" she whispered as she tried not to squirm. "Even you?"

"Hell yes! Babs, men would line up just for a chance to see your beauty!" he couldn't help moving just a little. She squealed again. This only fueled his passions! "I never thought I'd ever meet someone as gorgeous as you! Why, you're even more beautiful then" He thought fast. "Veronica Lake or Myrna Loy!"

He thought she was more beautiful then the brightest starlets in Hollywood? The blond closed her eyes. Leon loved her! She was sure of it now! He must think she could never love a nigger, um, a Negro man in return! Her confused passion clouded mind turned to the tingly almost magical feeling of his hand touching hers. That cleared her confusion! She NEVER felt that with Robert! Robert was nice enough when not taken over by gambling demons, but deep down she didn't love him. He loved her, and Babs couldn't have babies without a husband. That had always seemed like a good enough reason to marry him before!

IN a flash she knew the feelings she felt when near Leon for what they were. She was in love with a Negro man! Poor Leon must have been overwhelmed seeing the woman he loved tickling herself like that. Everyone knows men can't control their animal urges. No wonder he thought he had to force her to do this!

"Leon dear" she whispered. "It, it doesn't hurt very much now." She opened her eyes and smiled shyly up at him. "Mommy told me it would only hurt the first time. She never mentioned it would sort of feel nice too."

Leon gazed down into her lovely blue eyes. "I'll stop right now if you want me too" He smiled. "But then you wouldn't know just how much better it can feel."

She bit her lower lip as she cast her fate. Her voice had a distinct eagerness to it as she finally spoke up. "Will it feel better then, um, when you kissed 'down there'?"

"I'll do my very best!"

"Please be gentle with me, Leon dear." She whispered as her hands stopped pushing his chest and began to caress.

The huge man slowly eased more of his shaft into her. "Are you alright, Babs?"

"It, it's going in me!" she gasped, nearly going cross-eyed as she leaned her head up to watch her own deflowering between their laboring bodies. "How could that all go in there? How will you ever fit?" She shivered as her slow impalement continued. "Oh Leon, I feel so full up in there! I feel so," she gasped. "I feel like I'm starting to really like it!"

Leon grunted as his massive shaft bottomed out in the squirming beauty. "So am I, Babs! I really like this! Oh God baby, you're so tight!"

The pain had indeed faded quite a bit. Babs now felt other sensations flooding her soul. When Leon drove into her, she was almost scared she couldn't take the sheer size of his staff. When he withdrew it, she only longed for it to fill her again! She spread her legs wider and lifted her knees to try and help him. Leon seemed to like that! He grunted and lowered his body completely on hers! He was heavy but she welcomed the warm weight of his body bearing down on hers. She reached around him and was thrilled with the powerful muscles of his back moving beneath her hands!

It didn't take long for the impassioned young woman to learn a little about what was happening to her body. She wasn't just lying still now. Her body moved sinuously along with Leon's, greatly increasing both of their pleasure. A huge strong Negro was taking her with forceful passion and she was just letting it all happen without a fight! No! That was wrong thinking! She wasn't just letting it happen! Babs was willingly sharing her body with the man she loved!

It was a little too soon, but she knew it would be all right. After all, Babs was only performing her wifely duties with the man she was so clearly destined to marry! Besides. Everyone knew that a woman's body wasn't ready to make a baby the first time she lay with her husband. It surely was a good thing she wouldn't have to worry about explaining away a big belly before her and Leon's wedding day. Why, sometimes a couple could be married years before being blessed with a child! Only harlots, easy girls, and streetwalkers had babies out of wedlock! They preformed this blessed duty with just about any man, and did it all the time! Still, daddy would have killed a Negro for doing this to his only daughter. Babs smiled because she knew deep in her heart of hearts that mommy would have understood and helped her calm daddy down.

Leon thrust harder and faster into his gorgeous lover. It had been so long since he had been with a woman. Still, he tried to keep himself under control. He hoped this visitor of a past Dark Age wouldn't be shocked when he pulled out and anointed her stomach breasts and face with the shimmering wet proof of his passion. After all, he didn't dare risk putting his child into the belly of a white woman destined to return to the 'bad old days'! He couldn't let her face that stigma alone!

Babs was shocked, but oddly pleased when she felt that familiar feeling approaching again. Mommy was so wrong! A wife's duty felt wonderful! She hugged him tightly, pressing her breasts even tighter against his broad chest. "Leon!" she gasped. "D-Don't worry about, huh, huh, about me! I, I think I'll do it! I, I think I'll have a convulsion soon if you don't stop!" Babs wrapped her long legs firmly around his. Yes, that was better! It would happen very soon if he didn't stop! "Don't stop!" she wailed as she thrust her hips up towards his. Oh Leon! Please oh please don't stop!"

"Babs, no!" Leon grunted as his eager lover took him by surprise. "I, I'm about to cum!"

"You're here!" the young woman cried, not really knowing what she was saying any more. "Leon, you're here in me! Please keep going!" her voice rose to a scream! "Leon!"

Oh, how it hit her hard! Babs made another discovery. Tickling yourself was only a pleasant way to pass the time compared to being joined to your husband in wedded bliss! Her body convulsed and shook with a violence that made her think she might die! She welcomed it though, and screamed out her joy!

"Oh Babs! Oh Babs, no!" Leon cried as he tried to stop. She was holding him in a grip of astounding strength! He grunted and tried to pull free. That's when his willpower broke! With an almost animal bellow, he thrust deep into the girl! He felt the power deep inside as he exploded!

This onslaught of life giving fluid raced up from deep inside. Sperm rich semen boiled up his urethra. With a massive jerk, his rock hard penis spewed its thick hot ejaculate deep into Babs! His cock danced as volley after volley blasted free. The load was massive! The head of his cock was nestled tightly against her cervix. It went on and on! Leon grunted in announcement of each thick rope of semen being forced directly into her womb. When it was finally over, he had come close to filling the entire volume of the young woman's reproductive system with his potent virile seed!

Millions of sperm raced with one mindless purpose. Within the nurturing environment of the healthy young woman's womb, the frantic little swimmers can and will live up to five whole days. The timing was nearly perfect for this dance of life. They wouldn't even need five hours to achieve their wondrous end. As if sensing the arrival of these welcomed visitors, an ovary was even now expelling an egg! Before Leon even withdrew his penis from her body, that egg was beginning its long lazy journey along one of the quivering girl's fallopian tubes.

Perhaps the egg had some way of knowing its destiny and thrilled at fulfilling it's one and only reason to exist. Before the first rays of the coming sunrise, a swarm thousands strong of frantically wriggling sperms would surround and attack that slowly drifting egg. One healthy virile sperm would be stronger and faster then all the rest. Before long it would pierce the protective protein coat and force it's way in. The protein coat will then thicken into a barrier barring all the lesser sperm from gaining entry. The precious cargo of the sperm's genetic material will then fuse with that being protected within the fertile egg. The brilliant light of a new dawn will see Babs carrying Leon's child!

Leon felt a warm burning of guilt deep in his soul. "Babs, I'm so very sorry!" he whispered as he rolled off of his lover.

Yawning softly, the sated girl smiled. "Sorry for what, Leon dear?" She glanced down and her mouth dropped open. "Oh no! I'm a mess! Leon! I'm leaking your white stuff!" She propped herself up on her elbows and looked closer. "White and pink stuff! Help! I need a towel!"

Pink? Leon's guilt turned up a notch. He had never been with a virgin before. Was there supposed to be that much visible blood? "Oh fuck! Did I hurt you? I really am sorry!"

"There is no reason to use such nasty language!" she took a deep breath. "I apologize. You didn't like the words I used before either. I'm not hurt one little bitty bit." She fibbed. "I'm just making a frightful mess of your bedding."

Oh hell! What was he supposed to do now? He ran for the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and rinsed it under hot water. He snatched a towel from the rack as he raced back. "Hold still Babs. I'll clean you up." Under other circumstances, a beautiful white woman with a massive creamy-pie would have given him another boner in seconds. It was just the kind of image he loved to save to his hard drive for personal private use! Now he just gently and gingerly wiped up between this trusting girl's lovely thighs. "I'm afraid it's still oozing out a bit." He dabbled again with the corner of the hand towel, but still more of his issue oozed on out.

Babs giggled. It felt so nice to be pampered and cared for like this. "That's okay Leon." She reached up and grabbed a big fluffy pillow. "I'll just do this while I take a little nap." She yawned again and wriggled the pillow under her sexy shapely bottom. "There! Now the mess will stay put inside me while I sleep!"

Leon gasped. He couldn't believe his eyes! Was Babs going out of her way to increase the danger of fertilization? He screwed up his courage. "Babs, honey? When was your last period?"

"My period of what?"

"Uh, the time of your last blood flow." He motioned to her glistening vagina. "Down there."

"Oh! My monthly visit?" She blushed prettily. "Leon! Men aren't supposed to talk about such things! If you must know, my last one started exactly two weeks ago. The next one will be in fourteen days." She blushed "Mommy always said I'm as regular as a clock. Since they started, they've always been the same. Exactly twenty-eight days on the dot!"

Fourteen days into a twenty-eight day cycle? Leon groaned. Fuck! He knew enough to know he had just put the young woman in serious danger of growing a nice big round belly! "Babs sweetheart, aren't you worried about, well, having a baby?"

She only giggled softly. "Oh Leon! I thought you were a doctor! Everyone knows THAT can't happen on your very first time!" she patted his hand. "You're very sweet to worry though. Mommy said most men wouldn't care." Her blush deepened. "I will need a sanitary belt and some pads in two more weeks though since you seem to want to know these things."

The now nervous Leon rubbed a hand over his face. It was highly unlikely Babs would need to worry about feminine products for quite some time now. The knot growing in his stomach made him feel certain she would soon be very worried about diapers and formula! The silly girl was fertile as a damn turtle and didn't know it! "Sure Babs. I'll take you shopping, or maybe Mike will. I think he'd love it!"

Her only answer was a cute little snore. It had been a long and eventful day. Babs was sound asleep. Leon sighed deeply. His cock stiffened again just thinking about what was very likely happening within the girl's lovely body. He had caused enough damage. The troubled inventor turned his back on her and returned to the living room to sit and think. Time Push

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